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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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hearing more about that in a little bit. but it's also people like jeff miller who contributed all of the architectural services for this gem pro bono. [cheering and applauding] >> but it's also the passion of our elected officials on the state and local level who you're going to hear from in a little bit including senator leno, assemblyman phil king, our mayor. (applause) >> our recreation and park commissioners megan levitt son is here. our district 2 supervisor mark farrell. [cheering and applauding] >> our district 8 supervisor and park champion, tallest park champion in the city, scott wiener. (applause) >> our district 11 supervisor and another park champion extraordinary narc, john avalos. (applause) >> our city treasurer who does his work to make sure we've actually got the funds to pull
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this off, jose cisneros. (applause) ~ >> but it's the passion of all of us. and i also want to give a big shout out to the entire city family for their role, mohammed nuru and folks at department of public works had a role, lindsay hirsch. (applause) >> with all due respect to dpw and everybody else who is here, the hardest working staff in government is rec and park. gk, construction manager, mary hobson, project manager. [cheering and applauding] >> director of capital planning, don. our great operations staff, zach taylor, judy auberry who is here, and everyone else who has contributed to this incredible project. so, at rec and park, we're encoloneling people to get out and play. that's our tag line, get ready, 1, 2, 3.
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>> get out and play. >> we say that because of the importance of keeping our families active and healthy. this is a real serious issue. according to the center for disease control, childhood obesity has more than doubled in our children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years. in 2010 more than one-third of our children were overweight or obese. it is important that we get our kids outside. our children today average over 7-1/2 hours behind a screen. listen to that. 7-1/2 hours behind a screen, less than 30 minutes a day outside. that has to change. and this playground helps get it done. and i wanted to just offer a quick quote from richard lu who is the author of a book called the nature principle which encourage uz us to reconnect with nature and create a balance between nature and the ever evolving world of technology. ~ he says imagine a world in which all children grow up with
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a deep understanding of the life around them, where obesity is reduced through nature play, where children experience the joy of being in nature before they learn of its loss. where they can lie on the grass on a hillside for hours, and watch clouds become the faces of the future. where every child and every adult has a human right to a connection to the natural world and shares the responsibility for caring for it. that's the community, that's the world, that's the park that all of you have created today. and i want to say that while we're here looking at this amazing playground which, by the way, has the world's -- i'm not kidding -- the world's longest monkey bars. >> woo-hoo! >> and as the father of a daughter who has broken not one, but two arms on monkey bars, i'm extremely fired up about that. (applause) >> but this park is more than just the playground. for those of you who are here with your kids and you're here for the playground opening,
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make sure you take a stroll up the hill. the view corridor that has been created as a result of this incredible park design, lindsay, and this incredible work, mary, it's stunning. you can see all the way -- today you can see all the way into marin. you can see the entire bay. the tennis courts, the area, the amphitheater where the mime troop historically performed, the off-leash dog area, the benches on our hillside. we have created together a park that is truly extraordinary. it is a piece of art. and we are just also proud that we've been able to do this together. so, give yourselves a big, big round of applause. (applause) >> so, i'd like -- i'm going to get back up and introduce some other speakers and we have some gifts we're going to present in a little bit. but i'm going to start -- i'm going to kick the program off by bringing up our state senator.
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everybody here knows mark leno. but what you may not know is how committed and how tireless mark is to fighting for kids and families and parks and open spaces. it's not always on the front page of the paper. he's often doing it behind the scenes in ways that not everybody knows. mark is a true advocate for families. he is a true advocate for parks. a true advocate for green space. and it is my great pleasure to bring him up now. (applause) >> thank you, phil. let's hear it for parks cheer leader and chief phil ginsberg. (applause) >> it is a real pleasure to be with everyone here today. it takes a village and the village is out. it's not often we get to say the words "our tax dollars at work" with a smile on our face. but we're doing it today. because voters really knew what they were doing a few years back when we passed that $185 million parks bond, neighborhood parks bond and the $10 million invested into
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lafayette park. i used to live at hyde and geary my first four years when i moved to san francisco, now 36 years ago, and this was my neighborhood park. and i've loved it ever since. the combination of the palms and the pines and everything in between, this is a jewel of a park. and when i saw the fences go up i got a little nervous because, well, it was going to be closed for a while. and i saw on some of the signs that some trees were going to come down which always makes me a little uncomfortable. but now seeing the result, it is magnificent. and, so, i want to thank all the folks who have invested their time and their efforts to make sure that the tennis courts got their renovation and the pathways were upgraded, the a-d-a improvements, of course, this extraordinary playground for our kids, the improved lighting which will make it all safer. and i'm glad, phil, that you mentioned the fact of this epidemic of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. you know, one in eight of us
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today will experience type 2 diabetes, but a generation from now that means kids here today, if we don't change course, 1 in 3, there are predictions in every californian will have diabetes by 20 50 which will completely overwhelm our already taxed health care system. so, get out and play is more than just some words. it's something we must do. it's for us to make sure that our little ones have the benefit of parks like these all over the city. so, to carina jones who led the fund-raising for the playground and lynn new house seigel who led the fund-raising for the friends of the park, and folks at dpw mohammed nuru, phil, your team. it's a thrill to be with my colleagues on the board of supervisors who lead the charge every day to make san francisco a better place. i've got proclamations for all the folks i just mentioned. thanks again for being here and
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celebrate this beautiful day here at lafayette park. (applause) >> so, mark, we have a little parting gift for you to commemorate this great day. and to encourage you to get out here and take this and play with us. we have a lafayette playground sign and a rec and park picnic blanket for you to enjoy. congratulations. (applause) >> thank you. next time we need a park bond. while you go to the voters, i'm going to call sean parker. [laughter] >> thank you, mark. all right. i mentioned there are a variety of city departments here. i want to give a shout ought to battalion chief williams from station 38. where are you, chief? there she is. (applause) >> and i think we have some activities going on over there. i also want to give a big thank you to fire commissioner and lafayette park champion don. where is don? (applause) >> he's actually playing on the swings. [laughter] >> all right. next does take great
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leadership from our elected leaders and another true example at the state level for us has been phil king. also he's on the state assembly. he's that young dad with two kids and uses our parks and play grounds all the time. he couldn't be here, but i have [speaker not understood] to say a very brief word to present a proclamation. thank you. >> thank you so much, phil. i'm here on behalf of assembly member tang as phil mentioned. this is a wonderful park truly an effort on behalf of the community. we're here on behalf of the state assembly to present proclamations to the friends of lafayette park, rec and park, dpw, and carina as well. thank you so much, bill, and we'll be handing these out. >> thank you all. clap lap (applause) >> all right. ~ next on the line up, batting third, if you l he's the district 2 supervisor. he's a dad, he's a playground lover. he's a half decent athlete and
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he is a true, true, true advocate for our parks. representing the board and mark what i think i'm going to do is give you the mic and have scott and john join you to say a few quick words after you're done. our board of supervisors has been terrific. even in the toughest times they have been working with us and fighting with us to find financial resources for our parks. something i know is going to continue in this budget cycle, mr. budget chair. [laughter] >> we are really, really thrilled with the support we've gotten from the board of supervisors for or parks and play grounds and rec centers. so, mark, come on up. let's give him a big round of applause. (applause) >> how about a huge round of applause for the best recreation and park general manager in our country today, mr. phil ginsberg. (applause) >> i don't think we appreciate how amazing phil is and how lucky we are as a city to have him. but today how lucky are we to be san franciscans standing here today? (applause)
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>> you know, today i have a number of thank yous i want to go through. but first i really want to comment about our parks and our support for our parks not only in city hall, but with the voters of san francisco. you know, we fight that battle every year in city hall with our budget and we're going through it right now to make sure we prioritize our parks for our families, for our children, for our seniors, for everyone. and the voters of san francisco have done it year in and year out. and parks are for everyone. they're for young people and old people. they're for large people and small people. they're for dogs, they're for everyone that we care about here in san francisco. i see a number of seniors here today. i know one month old emma is here today. this is for everybody and my three children are playing somewhere. we lost them twice already today in the playground. but we are so lucky to have a great recreation park system here in s. let's make the commitment every neighborhood in san francisco has a lafayette park in their own neighborhood. (applause)
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>> and, so, for a few thank yous, i mentioned phil ginsberg. i want to thank all our other elected officials, leno, wiener, cisneros, we have so many commissioners here as well. but i want to thank you in particular and i think we need a big round of applause. you realize the people here past 10 o'clock last night cleaning up. our recreation park department staff that made this happen today. (applause) >> these are the unsung heroes that don't get recognized very often, but they are what make our parks work and look the way they do and we are so lucky we have one of the most beautiful parks now right in the middle of pacific heights. but there are two people -- i want to thank a few folks. stefan franz as well, and our friends from prozac that represent our parks department and represent all that we believe in in our neighborhood. thank you for all that you do. and i really in particular today want to single out two
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folks. phil mentioned the friends of lafayette park and we have certificates of honor for them. but this playground behind us would not have happened without one of the best friends of parks groups in our city of san francisco, and that's the friends of lafayette park. they raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. the plaques are around here and all the people that contributed to it, but there are two people that had the biggest leadership in this, and i want to bring them up. so, lynn and carina, come on up. [cheering and applauding] >> these are our neighborhood leaders for lafayette park. (applause) >> and there is not enough applause that we can give them, but we need to give it up in a very big way. thank you so much for all that you've done and please know that all of us are so thankful for your individual efforts. and we wouldn't be here without you. so, thank you so much to both of you.
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(applause) >> we're going to bring lynn and carina up in a brief second. why don't you speak now. that will work, right? but i also wanted on behalf of the department to thank you both of you. lynn, since you've been the lafayette champion a long time, there is your official lafayette park sign and your picnic blankets. carina, you've been our playground champion, lafayette park playground sign. >> thank you. (applause) >> why don't you guys say a few words right now. >> okay. the only thing that i want to do is to thank all of you who have been -- hundreds, it took literally hundreds of people to do this. and i have a couple of names to -- we want to make sure we mention these names. but i'm leaving out hundreds of people and i know it.
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so, and there's plenty more chances. we're going to continue our cleaning and greening days the first saturday of every month, july 13th is our first day but we're not allowed to actually maintain it yet at that point. >> yeah, we are. i already talked to -- >> oh, we are. [laughter] >> this is how we work, very collaborative. [laughter] >> so, okay. i want to thank some of these people are here, and some of them are not. if you are here, try to make your way up towards the front here because we all want to hug each other, okay. kim barnes, our founder of friends of lafayette park. we wouldn't be here today without kim barnes. (applause) >> art persico, a moving force, our second president of friends of lafayette park. our fourth, mi stefan franz, shila clement. (applause) >> our gardeners who have been here throughout helping us on
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our clean and green days, out on saturdays. if you're here, marianne bertacelli. supervisor farrell. phil has been here every step of the way. this started with -- this started with two organizations that have now merged into a really wonderful one organization. those two former organizations were -- brought us two great people to work with. they were isabelle wade and karen kid well. i don't know if either one of them is here today. ~ now we have matt owe grade i speaking to you from the merge park trust. i'm sorry, san francisco parks alliance. ~ we can't forget that, they're doing so much. this is our parks -- citizens parks group. okay, lizy hirsch, please come up. we want to raise hands with you. (applause)
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>> mary hobson. jeff miller. [cheering and applauding] >> okay. and carina bonamo who was -- this incredible playground in the most beautiful park in san francisco, we've already heard that online. it is now officially the most beautiful park in san francisco. [cheering and applauding] >> with the most amazing playground. and this was a dream that carina had. she moved it from a dream. there were splinters in this little wood playground that we had, and carina got a group together, did this in the most democratic way possible, and just has done a fabulous job. thank god. i hope you have many more projects ahead of you. >> thanks, lynn. and i just want to make sure that everyone knows this is not my thing, it was a big group of
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us. dee-dee cramer and stacey scott and ann simon and debby kay were with me the whole time. we got together. [speaker not understood] goes out to jeff miller for being so amazing and having such a great vision after all those community meetings. (applause) >> and i remember one meeting someone said they didn't want the playground redone because they knew everyone that was here already and it was so intimate. well, i hope you all get to know all your neighbors because there's a lot more of them that are going to be here now. thank you for everything. (applause) >> thanks, carina, thanks, lynn. >> this is something we all wanted to do.
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>> wait, i'm going to add to your certificates of honor to lynn and carina. from the entire board of supervisors we have certificates for all of you. so, thank you for all of your hard work. (applause) >> i want to bring up my colleagues, i have two great colleagues from the board of supervisors here today, supervisor scott wiener and supervisor john avalos. if you guys want to come up and say a few words. but before i hand the mic over, just real quick, nobody say a word for a second. that's the best sound in san francisco right now, families playing in our parks. (applause) >> and my little boy jack wanted to wave hi to everyone. hi, jack. all right. supervisor wiener. >> thank you. hi, everyone. i'm scott wiener from district 8 and i'm really just thrilled to be here today. this is just amazing. we dot a brand-new playground in dolores park and this is right in the same claytionthv. so, it's a new generation of active recreation for our kids.
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~ got and i just want to say thank you to the voters of san francisco for repeatedly investing in our parks in an off the charts way. and you know, last year we had another parks bond and there were some people who got a little grump pi about it ask started campaigning against it. guess what? we got a higher percentage of the vote in 2012 than in 2008. [cheering and applauding] ~ grump py >> that's because this parks department is like the little engine that could. over the years city hall has cut and cut and cut from the budget of this department and the department keeps finding new ways to move our park system forward. and now the voters, you've done your job. it is now our turn to do our job and make sure that we're investing in the maintenance of our parks, so that we have enough gardeners and park patrol officers and rec directors and making sure we're doing our part of the job. and, so, i look forward to working with supervisor farrell and phil and everyone else to get that dub. ~ done. so, congratulations, everyone.
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(applause) >> thank you, scott. it's really great to be here. i actually have three kids. they're playing in the playground. they're having a blast. what a gorgeous design this playground put together, this entire park. thank you for supporting our parks. thank you for supporting our bond. thank you for the partnership you created to actually help this park. it's a great example for the rest of san francisco how we pulled together to support the best of this city. so, congratulations. i'm going to go find my kids. this is a wonderful asset we have here in san francisco. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor. and, mr. treasurer, come on up for a brief second. he's been sitting there very patiently. come on up. >> thank you, phil. hello, everyone. in the treasurer's office we bring in the money that make all the city departments able to do their work. we also keep the bond proceeds safe. for all the good work the city departments do, we can't do it without communities. so, i'm honored to come here and give my respect to the
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friends of lafayette park and all the community groups around the city to make places like this beautiful place possible. thank you very much, everyone. (applause) >> thank you, jose. all right. we're moving through. we are almost done. next up i want to bring up the rec and park commission is made up of 7 people, citizens, volunteers like yourselves, who support our park system, make very tough policy decisions, listen for hours and hours and hours and hours of public input and they do that because they love their parks. so i'd like to welcome up the vice-chair of the commission alan lowe and megan levinson to say hello. you look surprised. >> the last thing you need on a glorious day like this is yet another speech. so, just congratulations to this tremendous community and to everybody that's been mentioned already. i have a child somewhere in that playground and i have got to go find her. so, congrats. (applause) >> commissioner, it's good to see that you can go left and use your left hand. maybe do it more often, right, supervisor avalos?
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anyway, it's great to see everybody here. it's a great showing of what can happen when everybody comes together. and under the 2012 bond, there's more to come, but you've heard enough speeches so let's shut up and get out and play. [cheering and applauding] >> thank you, commissioners. all right. just a couple more speakers then we're going to cut that ribbon. but they're playing anyway so it doesn't -- we're good. all right. so, this is a team effort, right. it's the community, it's government, it's park avenue katz, it's everyone. but our capital bond program is a success because of our partnership with the department of public works, plain and simple. we have a really, really super partnership. we work together on improving our communities and improving our neighborhoods. and we have a man at the top right now, we call him mr. clean, mohammed nuru, mr. park. he's mr. clean, that's our road show, who is so, so, so committed to making this city park sparkle. i want to bring him up so he
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can say thank you and let him say a few words. talk a little about our joint giants sweet program. once this event is over we're going to work together to keep this place sparkling. so, mr. clean, come on up. (applause) >> thank you, mr. parks. what a beautiful day. (applause) >> so, i'm very happy on the partnership that we have with the recreation and parks department, from the department of public works, all these bond projects. thanks to the voters, thanks to the community. we've been all working together and this is the result, what you see is a beautiful park. from dpw, lizy hirsch, our project manager making sure all the details, all the visions of the community had when the park was being built, the benches, all the nice stone work, all the plants, that they all came together to make this beautiful space. a big hand for lizy, please, and her leadership. (applause) >> on the construction side, i was making sure we met all the goals that were set by the board of supervisors.
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one of the things that the bond has done for san francisco is it's allowed local residents to actually get jobs and work. and that is the leadership of the board and the mayor and we made sure that we fulfilled and exceeded all those goals. and, so, i'm very happy to report that we are having a good day today and as we go on to further parks, we'll continue to do our best to make sure it's great. phil talked about the giant sweep. you might have seen some of these ads on some of the buses or billboards. it's our latest campaign to instill pride back into our city. we're going into our schools, working with neighborhood groups -- there you go, phil. we're working together to make sure that san francisco continue to be clean and green. we have the park it in, park it out campaign in the parks. we have the pick it up on the street. and next week we'll be bringing in new buses into san francisco and we're working with the mta to make sure that when you ride the bus that the buses are clean. so, we have a booth over there.
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please visit our booth. we have lots of information, a bare minimum, sign the pledge that you want to see san francisco be a cleaner city. thank you for this event. congratulations, and i know we're all going to see many more of these parks all across san francisco as nice and beautiful as this one. thank you. (applause) >> thank you. when i say pack it in, you say... pack it in. pack it in. >> pack it in. >> if you pack it in >> pack it out. >> thank you. all right. our final speaker before we cut the ribbon is matt o'grady, the parks alliance. it is our nonprofit partner. they are with us every step of the way advocating for better open space, for more funding for open space, for better play grounds, for more parks, and we can't do it without them. so, i want to welcome matt. i also want to call out kelly knight who is a vice president of the parks alliance board who
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has joined us today. i don't know if there are any other park board members here. thank you for being here. matt come on up and say a few words. >> thank you, phil. (applause) >> bear with me a second. if you're sitting, stand up. everybody do a quick 360. turn around very quickly and just look at the view from this park. just walk around and look at this view. we live in the most beautiful city in the world. today this city becomes just a little bit more beautiful. thanks to the incredible hard work that has made this new renovation a reality. the parks alliance is the independent partner to the entire city for everything having to do with parks, recreation, and open space. we have more than 100 different community groups called park partners all across the city. each of them working in their own way to make our park system a little better, a little more beautiful, a little more usable.
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today this is the day for one of those groups, the friends of lafayette park. this is a shining example of how a few neighbors can come together, bring together their friends, and make an incredibly beautiful thing happen in a public open space. this park was renovated with bond dollars, but friends of lafayette park brought in hours and hours of hard work over four years to do visioning and imagining what this park could really look like. they raised over half a million dollars of private fund to augment the bond dollars so that this kind of a playground could be added to this park. it's been that kind of selfless generosity, and hours of giving to the city that is just an incredible humbling experience for us at the parks alliance. let's have another round of applause for carina and lynn
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and all of the volunteers who have made such an incredible contribution to this effort. (applause) >> and now i think phil, ready to go ahead and do the ribbon cutting. >> thank you, matt. all right, we're getting there. so, a couple things. i want to give a big shout out, ron davis is here, the founder of the lafayette park or san francisco mime troop, right, ron? give a big shout out for ron. [cheering and applauding] >> that's for you. >> i have the honor of being arrested in this park in 1965. [laughter] cheer cheers >> under different management, i can say, had we performed for this guy we would not have been arrested. >> i'd be in it. >> he'd be in it, right. he's almost as good as we were. 1965, it was a very different commission and they took away our permit. we had done three shows. they didn't like the play. it was an aclu issue, it was called free speech. so, we've declared that the
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little park over there where i was arrested is going to be a free speech area called the mime troop area. (applause) >> free speech, you can come and do anything you want. >> awesome. >> no fees. >> thank you, ron. the interesting thing about a free speech area for mime, it's pretty quiet. [laughter] >> all right. hey, a big shout out, one last shout out to the rec and park staff that really pulled this together. (applause) >> i want to start with the people that organized the event, jamie hopper, alex randolph, [speaker not understood], they worked hours and hours to make this event today very, very special. but one big final shout out and thank you to our project manager, mary hobson who worked tirelessly to pull this off. [cheering and applauding] >> and, mary, you get your very own lafayette park sign. congratulations. (applause) >> all right.