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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (clapping) >> good evening, everyone. >> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping) >> (speaking spanish.) >> mayor ed lee. good evening. i'm is do
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director of violence prevention services and i'll have my mc introduce himself >> (speaking spanish.) >> it's on honor for me to be here this afternoon with you. >> welcome to the 2012 latino heritage celebration and awards (clapping) we would like to start off with thaik you the band for playing.
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they have clooz classes on monday evening from 6 to 7. we want to honor all our leaders. our theme about be honoring the latino community and the tremendous work that happens in san francisco. we know that the latino community has great contributions through economics but culture and every aspect of the cities life (clapping) >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> (speaking spanish.)
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>> (clapping). >> more many years we've seen latino impact san francisco for so many ways. we've seen san francisco grow and it's amazing celebrations alongside with impacting policies with the city of san francisco. this year once again, we're honoring young people and showing the excellence on and he impact our lives and families. this year we've identified many
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community based organizations and have highlighted a pitcher with the san francisco school district to highlight the services we have here in san francisco >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> (speaking spanish.)
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>> we would like to thank all the parents and the community members and the dignitaries that are celebrated the lives of young people here, no san francisco. >> (speaking spanish.) >>
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(clapping). >> and now it's my honor to introduce a special guest our mayor edwin lee. he's worked horde or hard to keep the economy on track. mayor lee keeps us focused on keeping san francisco a city that celebs education and health care and the environment for our future generations (clapping) >> (speaking spanish.) >>
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(clapping). >> thank you. i had no idea what you that but it sounded pretty good. everyone welcome to the city hall our people's hall in san francisco. and i am here to join i in celebrated latino heritage month. i want to thank a number of dignitaries that i know who have worked with me. we have the council general of japan and the mongol council and
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counsel generalizes representing nick away wag and others countries our friends (clapping) >> i see our colleagues on the board president chiu. thank you david chu for being here (clapping) i might not see them immediately but i know that supervisor john avalos and george will be here shortly. and then i also see jeff our public defenders public defender for being here that you are ladies and gentlemen, we're also very rich with latino leaders in our department and to name some of them on behalf of the whole
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city people like lou our librarian and our director of public health and rich the superintendent of our school district. yes (clapping) and i i know i'm going to miss a few but i want to single out those i've worked with closely and we have so many things going on that i'm proud of. we have a lot to celebrate. this year has been a year of success and there's so much it's going on. you may already know who important chiropractics of our california latino community it's one of the most faster growing populations if the state of california.
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its also a very young population. and i'm looking around the countryside you're all younger than manufacture me. tonight is a special occasion to celebrate our youth in san francisco because you represent the 1 hundred percent of our city. so i'm glad to be here tonight. guess what we've been able to celebrate our unemployment rate is 5.6 percent. a lot of people are working. and you know why we're the third lowest that but san mateo we hire all those people. we won't be satisfied until everybody has a job because i know that's what we all want (clapping) >> and i see a lot of friends in labor people working
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contracts business and construction all are helping us out we've got lee good leaders as well. in this year's city budget we have investment in our school budget. guess what they are comfortably as we go on in dramatic dramatic form and this year for the first time in our cities history nearly $50 million is going to our public schools and $25 million in universal preschools that's another great accomplished. we launched yes say thank you to the people that came up with the money. and it's going to end up not no bureaucracy by with the kids. we launched programs that started forging our relationship
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with this technology companies because we want them to be part of what we need to get done if the city not who we blame to be the rich folks they're going to share their wealth so tech sf. anybody know how many jobs we treated e created this summer? 6 thousand 2 hundred jobs for our youth yes, that's a lot to be celebrated. i told you will tech well, mr. tech and a us worked really, really hard to get our technical companies to recognize the challenge in our schools. guess what we did we got $3 million informing into our school initiatives and all kids are working on ipads they're
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going to get the high paying jobs because we're starting them at the age they need to have the skill set. we're seeing the results already. i know amongst the honor resolution we're going to note today we have one no particular he participate in our summers job he made an example of himself we traveled to washington, d.c. to invest president obama and abraham received the champions of chances award. congratulations abraham and we're proud of him. but someone who gets to go to the washington, d.c. they get special recognition here as well. as you know, we announced the
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initiative i heard from principles k there 8 they want their share too. we're going to have the wealth there because we need kids to be successful. and today, i met with bryce hayes the chance cellar of the city colleges in the state of california and we talked about our own citycologist college and i assure you we're trying to save city college and we are doing that. i assure you we're going to get that done. and then with your treasurer leading the way, you know, we're one thought thof the - every ch
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enrolls in school gets an account. that's an investment that's such a valuable investment to thank you jose he's working to make sure that financial literacy becomes part of everything we do so kids it's not just about getting the check. sometimes, people don't make a whole a lot of the money it's how you use and save it that's financial literacy and that b will get you to the millions of dollars you want. we're working with the city and school district and community partners like meta and guess what we get millions of dollars from the government because their our partners that will bring in $30 million in the mission area to connect to skill
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sets and communities. so that's a great accomplishment so thank you meta (clapping) and then you heard yesterday, i joined supervisor john avalos and all of the supervisors and we signed the due process for all owners in san francisco base we don't want grgs immigration to create fear so, now i announce you to everybody in our immigrant community it's absolutely save to confront with our police department you will not get picked up for cooperating (clapping) feinstein, finally after 20 years of struggle you're going to be provide of this because we kicked off this year we're going
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to have a mexican museum in san francisco. (clapping). that is incredible right in the heart of our your bay appoint a district. when you look at everything we're building community and putting faith in our kids and creating the companies for families that's the best investment i'll ever, ever see in the city it's not just foreign that investment from china or other countries the best investment anybody what make is start their families in san francisco. because when you start a family as i know you know you've told us which is important schools and safety and business and a small businesses and all the krordz you've already told you
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you would say. so keep on growing our families in san francisco. i'm glad to celebrate latino community. i want to recognize all our honorries and present to you as youth of the next generations that will take my job and avalos job and campos you inherit the city (clapping) >> and we will try to make as few mistakes as possible because we need to leave a city that i will enjoy living and working in. and with that let me call upon all the youth as i present the proclamation 2013 latino heritage day in san francisco
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(clapping) >> i'll make quick and translate what you said. >> (speaking spanish.) >> your children learn spanish correct. >> (speaking spanish.) >> repeat after me. >> (speaking spanish.) >> all right. (clapping)
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(laughter). >> you just gave city hall to the people (laughter) >> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping) >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> (speaking spanish.)
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>> >> (speaking spanish.)
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>> so, now we would like to
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moved with the program we want to thank the young people and mayor ed lee. we want to thank all the people for their leadership. thank you (clapping) so, now we would like to quickly encourage all the protected officials i see many, many elected persons and the
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supervisor richard. i'd like to a encourage everyone supervisor david chu if you would come up to the front. we definitely needed the elected involved so please come and join us in the front. and any seniors in the room we would like to encourage you to take those seats >> (speaking spanish.) >> we are going to go forward and move with the program and which i know that a bit slightly in order to introduce another group that expresses culture and
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mexican hip hop and modern dance. we want to introduce this group that's been structural in expressing their art through dance. >> (speaking spanish.) >> let's give them a round of applause (clapping)