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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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they can contribute to society crime goes down and school performs get better before they actually save money in the long run for taxpayers. so alice will be the next one >> we've been so inspired by examples like we've seen here, the president of the state of the union addressed announced we would be taking all the work choices neighborhoods to the next level throughout promise zones effort. not only are we going to bring housing and the education pieces bus the criminal justice efforts and health and human services with clinics and bring all the
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pieces together and transportation mayor we heard about this today. all the pieces are coming together when this fall 20 neighborhoods will bespectacled as promise zones. that will be the culmination of our effort to build on this credible model we're seeing happen before our eyes. the mission district is an inspiration. i can't thank you enough mr. mayor and louis the entire village to create what i see in front of me today. you are an inspiration and i'll go back to washington and talk to the president and make sure that this example lives up to
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the expectation because no child should grew up because of the zip code they were born in arrest thanks for hosting this today. let's take some questions >> questions? >> as you know we're not out of a housing authority sites and are you saying we should get away from the housing authority model and it's innovate truly a private-public partnership but a nonprofit partnership so this is not the way to go. >> so first of all, this is a housing site. ; right? this is what public housing used to be still owned by the housing authority with a
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strong partner it guarantees affordable housing and we had a young girl this morning to say what's the challenges and some housing is getting more expensive. look my job is not to come into cities and say this is the only model that can work. in some cities around the country preserving public housing is traditional funding form has worked well, but in lots of places examples like this but the mayor has started to do is bring in other partners. we want to support whatever the local vision is and we'll provide the tools. choice neighborhoods is one of the tools for distressed housing. our rental housing has helped
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bring in almost a billions of capital with no added monies to the tape recorder. so that's another partnership effort but wherever the mayor says they need the tools. i've been impressed and we're going to do everything we can to support that >> you know part of that we've looked very detailed at the best talent in the city and i must tell you your nonprofit managers are the best talent in the whole country. if you mentioned bridge or chinese development corporation or mission housing development. all of those are strong based nonprofits are star developments that their managing managing for all different incomes and we're
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going to use that talent. that's certainly the direction i'm heading towards. the way we've run the poverty housing in the past didn't work. people lost the vision of what they're doing and they didn't integrate the needs of the resints to the rest of the community. we stopped investing in the very people we were housing. and to me if you keep that in mind, i think we find new solutions. that's why promise and choice are to invaluable to us how you invest in the people and make the connections for them to succeed >> (inaudible). >> the housing authority
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capital budgets has been cut and cut again and might happen again on october 1st so if you can't provide the money that we need does it come from capital? >> what i believe and this president buildings is that sequestration is wrong it dramatically under funds programs and we have a lot of homeless folks going to be homeless again. we have homeless veterans that will be coming back on our streets. so public housing is one example of the defendant stat effects of
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sequestration and if we as a nation can get our priorities right and ask everyone those who have done well over the decades to contributor their fair share. unfortunately that's what sequestration has done. so have we tried to find ways to insure that public housing doesn't suffer given the bad choices by some in congress >> absolutely. it's not about just bringing up in private capital but whether you can have a grocery store or about creating a partnership that opens up public housing housing to be part of the community as the mayor said. yes part of it is getting new
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and creative source of capital but? not a neither nor. the federal government should be doing their fair share and with the cuts we've seen we need to do more. and the president has a budget that would significantly increase housing i hope congress funds that budget. but we're not going to depend upon on congress we're going to continue with the great leaders to save public housing >> last question. secretary (inaudible). mr. secretary can you tell us >> the first thing the
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president said his greatest education was on the south side of chicago. he learned a lot of lessons and he has asked the entire constant to travel around the country and learn the lessons from the community that have not just envisioned but create revitalizations. he told us to learn but the other message he wanted to make sure i got out if we're going to continue to live up to the ideals of our founders in america if this is a country no matter where you come from or what you look like if you work hard and play by the rules he can get ahead. we need to live up to those ideals
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and that means in neighborhoods where traditionally kids have had a tough time getting ahead and even though their lifespan was determined by their zip code we can't allow that. for promise zones his promise is to quadruple our budget and all those investments will help what the community of admission has become >> anyone else? okay. thank you >> thank you.
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>> so today's a very special day and i welcome you all of you and on behalf of the mexican museum this has been a dream and sometimes a dream becomes a nightmare because you have to work to make that dream come true and muffling king said i
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have a dream. >> now our dream has come through it's been a realtor now after 20 years of struggling (clapping). >> and it's historical in nature because we got the board of supervisors vote 11 to zero. which is historical in nature because a lot of times they don't agree; right? which is loophole right but they all agree on this one. we thank the board of supervisors for that 11 zero vote and ed lee for preventing the project going forward. but that's today and i want to go back 20 years because prior to 20 years there was a map with a vision pete rodriguez which
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we'll hear more about later and he started the mexican museum in the district of san francisco. but 20 years ago it was an elected official who i have had the pleasure of working with on many occasions on doing many things in our community who at the time was the supervisor jim gonzales who was here today who at that time, made sure we got this piece of land to build the mexican museum and thank you, mr. gonzales and at the time there was unfortunately, he couldn't be here - the bells are ringing but we had manual gonzales and he was the president of the commission so i want to honor him bike like i
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honored mr. gonzales two years ago to make sure we got this land and you know what you talk about a mexican museum. well, let me tell you there has been (speaking spanish). people from 'coz restrict and people from venezuela and all of latin america who came together to unit to get in museum built (clapping) >> and that was the most beautiful thing about having all latinos come together by the way, we came together all because we knew what the mexican
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museum would do. i want to thank our agency our african-american brothers and sisters and our earn pan brothers and sisters they helped get in mexican museum built. and with that i'd like to introduce our president of the festival my deep friend give him a hand (clapping) >> you have to help me, you support me on the mexican day. i'm proud to be chair for the nonprofit that actually provides the festival who was here for
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leila detains yesterday (clapping) >> you, you know we've become the community hearts for san francisco so we've been waiting to welcome the mexican museum for a long, long time. it fulfills the original violation in the district as a culture hub that would super economic growth for the region and the many travelers that are so important for this economy. the mexican museum joins the large institutions on say west coast including right here the jewish contemporary museum for the arts and the xoorlg museum and so many other great institutions. let's have a hand for our wonderful cultural institution.
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i would be a miss if i didn't say a few words in spanish >> (speaking spanish). i'm very proud to be able to welcome the mexican museum hereto the gardens. (speaking spanish). today, we welcome the mexican community as part of the center as well of the representing the best of what is the human creativity. (speaking spanish). mexico is today represented here at the gardens as well. (speaking spanish).
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thank you for purring that dream and never letting it go. (speaking spanish). we'll be further enriched by your presence. today you are proof of that famous line i didn't we can (clapping) >> talking about legions talking about people who helped get this piece of land please give a big round of applause for our former mayor (clapping). >> my brother.
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(speaking spanish). please welcome the mexico carlos felix (clapping) >> (speaking spanish). good afternoon. it's an honor as would you be able up general of mexico to participate in this ceremony which is now the mexican museum. i want to recognize the efforts of all the people who are worked are tirelessly 0 through all those years to make in circular project a realtor for the san
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francisco bay area. i know there is a long list of people like elected officials but also the leaders of our community and we're very grateful for your work. this began with the mission of mr. rodriguez and was continued with various work for the people who dedicated themselves to make n this a realtor. congratulations to all of you. i want to recognize the dedicated support from mayor ed lee and the board of supervisors especially david campos and supervisor avalos and kim. thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment. and this is a rich and vast collection of the mexican museum.
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this projects are only done with the participation of the elected officials and the community working hand in hand for the same goal. san francisco is the rich cultural heritage. the presence of - i mention a few examples felt mexican enrichment belongs to all the san franciscans who proudly celebrate one of the most important assets. the mexican museums new home is a culture site that is made of various privileges that together represent one of the most complexities in this country. today mexicans all over the
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world proudly celebrate the independence of mexico which also marks the or begins of california. mexico and california work together and mexican california started the contrast of a very important relationship two hundred years ago. a few minutes ago the office of mayor lee the officials and diminished members of our community met with a long-standing transmission of friendship with the mexican community to raise the mexican flag on the mayor's office to join the celebrations. therefore (clapping) therefore it's a of a special significance that on this day we
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celebrate the new home of the mexican museum as consult it's been an you honor to support this cure all project. we will continue to work with all of you with the composition e consolidation of the mexican museum. it's not just for mexicans and latinos at any time for all the people in san francisco that are very important of their multiple diversity) speaking spanish) (clapping) >> it's my pleasure to introduce to you the chair of the board of directors of
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mexican museum that served four years on the board and it's andy. (clapping) >> my job today actually is to introduce also honor some of the people who were very important players in the development of the 3450u78 so ladies and gentlemen, mayor lee and distinguished members of the board of supervisors and distinguished city commissioners and fellow members of the board of mexican members and past and present staff. in addition i want to thank our volunteers former supervisor jim gonzales and former mayor willie brown. and christina and assistant
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district attorney. 20 years ago in san francisco with support of the mayor's office and the board of supervisors and the redevelopment agency we dedicated this land to be able to share this great land to be fully realized but us by 20 fourteen. and today with the hard work of many, many people over the last decades we have a dream. our future homes here at the justice department i jury the jewish museum to the right and the museum to my right the other museums and we have a center of the arts and to the west the filipino center and the san francisco museum.
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together we have per certified and this will soon be complete with the edition of the mexican museum. i hope i don't forget remember in weddings the only people that don't forget with are the people who didn't get viefltd. thank you to the many supporters throughout the years were a very special thanks to the many artists who's art is in the museum and to the teachers who bring their students interest also a special thanks to the inspection a first recognition sorry of unwaving support and to
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ann robert for her support as well. it's our job as trustees to guard and protect the art of the mexican museum. it's for you, we have guarded this for over 20 years. many of you came to testify to provide mental support over 14 approved hearings in the past 9 months. a huge thanks to each of you. i want to thank and give a shout out on the addition and the local architects of record. our project manager greg johnson and a thank for the location to richard hill. now bear with me i have to identify people. there have long been numerous
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folks that need to be thanked. i'll ask i all to stand up at once. (calling names) current trustees (calling names) past trustees tom peter's and martha ma listens (calling names) past directors (calling names) william moreen, our current director david and others and our consultants. those are all portfolio to our project. i want to ask those people to stand so we can thank them all
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(clapping) thank you very much. in addition i have a very special thanks to the 11 members of the board of supervisors who unanimously approved the museum and their represented by kim and cowen and mary and avalos and campos. thank you without your unanimously support we couldn't have done that. and i want to thank other including willie brown and a tremendous thanks to marry ed lee for his tremendous support. i would also be remiss not to thank the staff agency steve and
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director john of the planning department and to all city commissioners respective of their office. today, there are several former commissioners my good friend christina and others who are great supporters of us (clapping) we also have to thank a huge thank you your development partner jeffries and his family for they're truly amazing support for bringing about the mexican museum. in closings i want to acknowledge peter rodriguez the founder