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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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november 14, 2013. please be advised the commission does not allow any sdrumgsz and please 125ur78 when speaking for the commission. i'd like to take roll at this
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time (calling names) commissioner hillis is expected and commissioner borden is expected to be absent. first are consideration for items to be for continuance for the ground water has been for continuance and case 2013 amendments to the planning to rent rooms for homeless veterans without abandoning the classification is for january twrerd 2014. mr. advisement we're announcing that the case an appeal of the
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preliminary share parks is improvement inhabitant enhancement project should have been on our calendar for continuance for april 5th and it will be proposed for december 5th >> any public comment on the items for the continuance for the consent calendar. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> moved to continue the items as stated. >> second. >> second. >> on that motion inform continue items one and two (calling names) so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and and places you under your regular calendar. all matters under the consent calendar maybe acted upon any
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abby a single roll call driver's license will not be any separation of items unless asked for by the public or staff. the next case 136 bullying la street subdivision and item 4 the case at the 1865 clay street asked for conversion >> any public comment on the two items under the consent calendar. seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner moore >> i move to approve. >> second. >> on that motion to approve (calling names) so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places you under
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commissioner comments or questions. >> just a few thoughts we're unfortunately beginning to here some inaccurate rhetoric southern people saying we shouldn't blt build any marketable housing only affordable housing. it only comes from government funding from nonprofits or inclusionary housing requirements and all those sources have their origin in the private sector. and they've been arguments, you know, people's whose incomes likewise ism to buy housing housing in san francisco that come from somewhere else don't
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have the right to live here. new citizens bring in that new tax revenues and provide housing funds. if you look at the statistics that shows the amount of housing built there's a distributor correlation. when the revision was here and we were not having any affordable housing built as you've notice in the last few years up to 35 percent has been proposed for affordable housing but there's a direct correlation and the other thing there's concern about the exiting stock and people being displayed from their homes the more new housing takes pressure off the housing stock. i want to throw in any feelings.
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in the last few years we've definitely understood the connection between accident two and have approved several projects to make the city better >> commissioner wu. >> a commission comment is not the right place but there are diverse issues on that. >> i would second that comment in addition to this morning there was an encouraging article that mayor lee supervisors kim, avalos, campos and count ii all are trying to find ways to mitigate the crisis we're obviously in. >> if there's nothing further department service directors announcements and a good
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afternoon, commissioners just a couple of items that. >> i thought i'll talk about my trip to detroit. i went for a symposium on cities. it's postindustrial cities that are suffering severe population loss. it was a very interesting symposium in the cities from that part of the country postindustrial cities were represented 14 of those cities. on the other hand, it's discouraging to see for example, detroit 40 percent of the parcels are vacant land but the streets are in the morning used 50 percent of the city is not vacant and the medium appraise price of that house is $8,000 in
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the city. having said that detroit is an extreme example of cities like cleveland and buffalo and st. louis and parts of the philadelphia. many other cities are experiencing this as well like gary, indiana. those dire statistics i left with a fair amount of optimism about the passion that was represented around the table on how to make a difference in fact how these cities could be new models for american cities. we vivid a neighborhood that is ready to establish a one hundred unit sheep farm.
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it's very interesting to have those discussions and to see the possibilities. in terms of the physical aspects felt cities the primary issue was what to do with the land it has negative value because of the cost of maintaining and paying for the taxes is higher than the land. there are a lot of communities across the country w that have label land used for stormwater management and architectural and forestry it's interesting where people are grappling with different issues. i left with a fair amount u amount of optimism. i'm happy to talk about it more.
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>> thank you. >> commissioners item 7 review of past be events from the board of appeals there was no issue and the board didn't meet on monday. one item i want to report on it is a hearing of a government audit that was called by supervisor cowen on the topic of the infrastructure needs in eastern neighborhood and how we were going to make up the gap between with what was proposed and funded through impact fees. there was a number of departments that presented. i made the 234ish8 presentation to talk about the pipeline and the plan the representative of the neighborhood made a presentation the controller's
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office and dwp all presented aspects of the projects we're moving. the bottom line for us is that the impact fees were never intended to fund all those projects but were intended to be used for grant like in following sum park. because of the increased development project the impact revenues are increasing daufk especially in 2018. in addition the biggest capital need in the eastern neighborhoods as in much of the city is around transportation. there's a presentation to talk about the proposals on the table to fund mount mta improvements. i had to leave to get to this
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meeting but we'll report more next week >> thank you. good afternoon, president fong and commissioners. there was a board of appeals meeting and there were 3 cases that maybe interesting to the commission. the first was an appeal of a permit for a third story edition on 555 rock daily drive and the department determined it to be a modest edition the appellant choose not to file a discretionary review and it was 4 to zero to uphold the permit. the second was a permit at a rear deck on brightening neighborhood they operate a home
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daycare and were concerned about the issues that you are the board voted 4 to zero to uphold the condition that the person added bamboo that was a compromises from the appellant and the petitioner. on hill street the commission took two actions one was the approval of 309 and an office allocation but after the site was rezoned after the district plan and the force was brought on board they requested an additional up to 6 floors and an additional 80 thousand psychiatrist of office space. there were two appeals filed and the first appeal was withdrawn.
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and there was an agreement made to reduce the size of the additional office story from 6 to 3 floors but there was one appeal that remained from sue hester that was specifically for the office allocation and the only issue that was raised in the appeal the demonstration impact fees that were deferred through dbi for the whole project the project sponsor agreed to the 3 floors to go ahead and pay all the impact fees up front but not willing to take the other impact fee and pull them out of the deferral the appellant felt they should but in the end of the board of appeals voted 4 to nothing to uphold the permit
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>> thank you. >> commissioner. >> i just had a question on that last item in regards to permit of appeals. well, i guess even though we had thirty 9 approvals the appellant felt on the appeals to permit the appeals i guess that's the routing of this >> correct there were two separate appeals one was the thirty 9. and the other appeal that was withdrawn. the appeal from sighing hester was the office appeal and both were to the office of appeals >> the other thing that seems it was heard and, of course, the appeal was not accepted but it seems like on the question of the impact fees being paid
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there's a legal position they either have to or not pay it seemed it will have to be ruled on by the city attorney's office. it was something that come up and the consolidation of the impact fees was appealable. the appeal was basically stating that it's within the planning commissions discrepancy whether or not to approve on allocation it's not on a entitlement per say. the planning commission should have for the good or to offset the impact development would have the commission had within its power and should have required the project to pull the entire project out of deferral and pay all the impact fees and
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the planning commission was not correct in position of the impact fees >> thank you for your explanation. >> commissioners that will place you on item 8 for 535 an phenomenal presentation on art. >> good afternoon. i'm kevin guy with planning staff. the item is an it possible item and the public art proposal that's intended to satisfy the section 29. the prestige itself is a 27 office space building with public space adjacent to the alley. it's currently under construction. i won't go into a lot of specifics i'll let the project sponsor talk about those. those are immediately adjacent
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and will be highly viable from shaw alley it will be close to travel and upgraded to a traffic corridor between the transit center. those pieces are intended in terms of physical proximity and the relationship to shaw do a good job of inliving that space. thank you very much >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm a design director of hk architects in inform. we design and architects of reader and would like to introduce the art program on behalf of the project sponsor. with me today are two artists who will briefly describe their
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project >> i apologize we have a little bit of technical difficult. sorry no, it's okay. >> it's on. >> oh, it's on. okay. just some viblz of the project that kevin mentioned this is under construction currently and the projectile captures the corner of admission street shaw alley and the street. the public open space public arts program is located along th
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the wall of the building spanning all the way from admission street. public open space is located at the plaza and partially within the building lobby. we have two art pieces that represent our art program. one is glass white wall made up of mirror glass and second piece is art sculpture that is positions at the corner of minute street and shaw alley. so i would let the artists introduce their artwork. the main intent of the artwork is to capita vat and engage in
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delight the public with the plazas and shaw would be the major intersection at the positioning of the arts and the ability of the public to view the art directly is really important as they transverse from admission street. i'd like to introduce first gordon who's the artist to talk about glass white wall sculpture >> good afternoon. i'm gordon. i'm from napa california but i'm the proud product of the school systems. i think she laid it out what i was trying to do bridge mission street to anyone street and the
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whole journey on that you don't have is to enter the building when you walk down shaw since that lobby is a glass box. i'm not sure you're familiar with that glass but it's a light sensitive glass i believe it will be a successful installation. do you have any questions or may i be dismissed >> (laughter). >> it looks great. >> our second artist is a sculptor artists. i'll let tony >> good day everybody e
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everybody i'm tony i was born and raised in skwau california. in the last few years we've seen a rival of the arts and the crown achievement is this sculpture piece it's called a ban and it's abstract and the main emphasis of the design is every person who looked it they can make up their own music. thanks for your time >> thank you. that concludes my presentation. >> i'll take any public comment if there's any. seeing none, public comment is clos closed. commissioners >> yeah. i watched to building almost every night when i walked
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in that area it's a very attractive building and it will be appealing for all. >> it looks appealing and hopefully, we'll see it full of people enjoying coffee twovrp work. >> commissioners that place you under your comment calendar and the public may talk about the jurisdiction of the commission expect agenda items. your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. however, for items where the public comment is closed for item 9 for the 1111 california
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street of the certification of the environmental report this is your chance to address us. i have several cards >> (calling names). >> thank you for having - allowing me to talk i'm david i'm a native san franciscan. i live with my family in effort hills a i have a b.a. from pennsylvania. my father was a ph.d. chemist and i helped to build the two family business in navel