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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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showing up of us showing up in seconds on the bridge. he muster post a lookout on the tower. now much has been said about the ungodly time of constructing this bridge. he was younger here. i think brian the second brian is named ma iron (clapping) . as a lead bridge engineer for
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caltrans he's been the heart and soul of the project. he's been with me every step of the way and i barely got a word in. he's explaining something about the span and i want to know how he stated excited about something for 20 years in a roadway. one thing people get wrong about brian they think the project game his gray but he went gray at an early age. brian number 3 is my cf o person (clapping) he's pictured here in his everyday work attire although we only see him a couple of times a
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week. brian's mother to is spend other folks money first. the foreheads only kicked in 5 peace officers and the state 20 percent the rest was on the toll payers but brian got us the lowest. brian has been at this financial game for a long time. and you know it's coming mr. secretary the last brian is our next speaker transportation brian. (clappin (clapping). brian is a convenient of all the legislature wars figure out over this bridge having worked from bill to mr. burton to daryl
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stein beggar interest to look at the combined contribution if it were not for kelly your tolls would be much higher to pay for this bridge. and thanks to patterson and ma iron there as high as they all right. are are. our last brian has been rescued by governor brown who appointed him our secretary of transportation. he's president this role his whole life. so let's bring brian kelly to the microphone and give a big applause to all our brian's. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> well, thank you steven e steve i'm not sure though how to respond to this picture. i want to commit all brian's on their names. i'm honored to think here. i've been sobered with this project throughout any 18 years as a staff person in the state senate and more recently in the brown administration for the past 15 months. i'll say over the 18 years this project has had an effect on me. it's had time to inspire me and frustrate me and today having seen the final project it expresses me. there are thousands of men and women who gave much of
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themselves to see this project accomplished. it's their work and their resolve and their friendship that i want to spend a moment honoring. first optimistic continue in day you can't let a moment pass without honoring the men and women in the labor community who did the work. i want to acknowledge all of them (clapping) secondly i know owe loves to be acknowledged. the second brian has given me so much guidance i've got to tip my hat to dr. brian ma iron (clapping) dr. ma iron is enthusiastic and passionate about what he does.
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he's a first class public servant. thank you brian (clapping) to my friend steve and his colleague in crime from the toll authority. we've been partners on this project from the beginning. we worked well together over the years and today that work pays off. sieving and randy thank you. (clapping) >> it was men's again in the video that i spent time with state political leaders over the years and there's a few i want to acknowledge base at very crucial movements in the life of this project they came through for the bay area. i want to listen to the folks
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who helped influence me. (calling names). john burton and my former boss senator pro-item and mr. hancock, and, of course, former governor gray davis. there are others but your collective leadership made this possible. there are several heads of the department of transportation who have been sobered with this project. from project selection from the original decision to construct the new bridge thought the management and political challenges in sacramento. (calling names) from the wilson administration
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and my colleague today malcolm. thank you all (clapping) i've learned a thing or two from steve my current boss and i want to thing governor brown. this project hit a bumpy road associated with some bolts in the bridge but during that time the governor speculated first a steady i didn't focus on safety and wisdom to let the engineers make the decision when the bridge is safe and i appreciate that kind of direction from above to thank you governor and monthly i want to thank the people from the bay pr there have been challenges from moving this forward but through it all
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the people of that region have speculated great, great patience and we reward that patience with this great structure. it is true that nothing worth doing it easy but it's certainly worthwhile. it pridz it's travelers with a safe package. we'll think less about the controversies and instead call out the human spirit that built this privilege this is a human triumph thank you very much (clapping) >> it is now my great pleasure
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pleasure to introduce the chairman of the department of transportation. malcolm (clapping) >> thank you secretary kelly or brian. i can't tell you how happy i'm not named brian but there is not a happier person in this room. today is a monumental day a day to look at this tremendous structure that will provide safety black or white from oakland to so far. and this is the world's largest bridge this is a wonderful thing. we're opening this bridge so out last every one of us here and
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those who built the bridge will be able to tell their grandkids and it will survive the biggest quake. that's why we built this bridge and that's where we're opening it on this weekend for seismic safety. today marks the completion of not only this project but the california trance retrofit program. 24 is the last of 9 bridges 7 of which are in the bay area and they've been respected to accumulate safety. we've yupd more than 34 hundred bridges for safety. cancels i can't understand depend upon their bridges. the old bridge has been part of the life in the area for 7 seven
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years but it's time for an upgrade. every bridge has a story the old bring has a story and i believe that the new bridge already has a story a story of beauty and construction safety. we honor those from the great demonstration that built the first bridge and from this day forward we'll honor folks that built this bridge on this labor day. i want to tip my hat to my predecessors and there is one more and i welcome him but i stand on the shoulder of my predecessors. there are so many people who invested in this bridge and i
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couldn't possiblyly name all of those involved but i will at risk try to identify some of the key figures. t y end and dennis changing - (calling names) (clapping) i've got 3 more don mcdonald, herb roth man, and clooif. (clapping). those individuals and a many
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others are responsible for the iconic structure. i'll tip my hat to the contracting forces that built this bridge and 34 are mentioned by mr. flowers but i'll also acknowledge because we're eternal indebted to them the many contractors and subcontractors that made this happen. please give them another round of applause. i'm going to take the risk of naming a few individuals i'll end up leaving some folks out. the toll bridge program is mr. tony
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(clapping) tony your help along the way was much appreciated. brian has been mentioned engineer extraordinaire. the project manager is tim. just one the principle managers is steve (clapping) and i will read off for you names who are heavily involved in the construction effort and i'll ask them to stand. they're here every weekend.
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(calling names) (clapping) if you four could please stand up (clapping) >> those individuals are only a small representation of the amount of effort that went in and the others and i thank them all. i have an enormous amount of respect and others who made a significant contribution. i want to thank other and my cohorts on other committee. and one other person there are a group of people i have to thank is the california highway
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patrol. we couldn't have done this without them (clapping) >> commissioner farrell from top to bottom and skill that we couldn't have done without and i thank you. again personally. i'll name two otherville's the pier review panel we enlisted to help guide us to make sure we were making the best decisions and two of those individuals are here (calling names) i'm eternally grateful to you two (clapping) >> and to the people of the bay area. this is your bridge. this bridge is fitting for this region and this great two cities
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and this great state. congratulations to all this is what we've been working for for many years and i wounl be a happier department director. i've been warned next not to do this but we will open this bridge tonight (clapping) well ahead of the 5:00 a.m. target. sorry i had to do it but we will open this bridge tonight. earlier in the program we heard from the mayor quan and now it's my pleasure to introduce the mayor at the end of the bridge of san francisco mayor ed lee.
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(clapping) >> thank you malcolm. if i may start off by saying i just want to join in everyone else's great presentation and deep presentation for all of the contractors and the men and women who have built and designed this bridge before also want to thank steve because we've grown accustomed to a assuring voice positive face on this promise and i just want to say thank you steve because you helped all of us think as a bay area not just as an individual cities and counties. thank you to steve (clapping) aqua net and i rode over the oops way on the new span and
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marveled at being able to do that. perhaps the only time in our lifetime expect if you're in the custody of the highway patrol. in 193 of the east and west came together to celebrate this largest bridge of its time. and i know while it took a while today wire once again coming together to celebrate this innovative design we know will be an icon around the world. thank you, mayor brown for your push for a that iconic design the the idea of opening at night will see the splendor light. because we shouldn't just have a bridge we should have a symbol
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of resilience, of accomplishment of honor to all the men and women who participated in this and that's what we'll have for generations to come. navigate one thousand 5 hundred years to come. thank you very much willie brown for that. and what an incredible moment in history. that we have both mayors of san francisco and oakland being chinese-americans. we're linked to help build railroads with many of the chinese immigrants coming to san francisco to join in the immigration station just to reach our shores. this new bridge will not be just
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an engineer marvel but carrying 2 hundred and 80 thousand vehicles between san francisco and the east bay each day and hundreds of thousands of bicyclists at the same time. today marks the historic part of our region but it's a long ending of a long chapter after the 1989 earthquake. just 29 years ago it took 63 lives. and we were forced to with & an accepted opportunity to build something better. in my city because of the earthquake the embark freeway is gone. now the service retrofit of today's bay bridge will insure
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that when the next massive earthquake hits our infrastructure will withstand that. it serves as ingenuity and it will help us. as we say thank you to the contractors and the engineers, the men and women in our labor force and their representatives and as they go on to other bridges, other transportation projects like bart extensions as we say goodbye and as their role becomes less visible and as they go into comfortably and maintaining it we say hello again to the california highway patrol to the men and women who work in the san francisco police
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departments who along every single day will work with caltrans to welcome in all of the commuters to make sure they're safe and to certainly make sure that bicyclists are safe as well on our bridge. in closings our heart feel congratulations to everyone. it's an exciting day for san francisco and for oakland and for the bay area as what we celebrate the bay bridge. and now, please allow me to introduce perhaps the coolest guy in the room former mayor lieutenant governor gavin 92 some >> thank you everyone i thought it generous and steve said you
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get to speak as the keynote so long as all the previous speakers combined. i have been standing up for two hours so, i say brace yourself. i'll be brief. i guess the first thoughts that come to mind as a former jesuit in training gods delays are not gods denials. the second thing listening to brian as they went on to appropriately recognize everyone in this room. most of you have been recognized that the old adage or the old sue that plato once thrust if there was any hope for the
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future those with lanterns any pass them on. of the faith and devotion of the project through every consecutively and challenging opposition you guys were able to bring us to where we are today. i want to say a few words but mayor lee and i share the experience. i had a chance to drive out here and many of i have had the expense as you look at the old bridge. it started robbery-murder me of something i read about tom brooke asia book called the greatest generation. he talks about the generation of world war ii. it started making me think about california in the 50s and 70s. no state in america over those
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decades had jobs like that we grew 3.7 percent with the nation hat 2.4 percent. we were building bridges and airports and the like. i think about the book mark of the last thirty years over the 50s and 60s and 70s. we must mash those numbers up. we're no longer the tenth pole of the american committee no longer are we growing at the substantial rate we've gm become average. it's like the american dream. we move from the greatest
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generations to the grasshopper generation eating up everything in sight. no longer save and invest the grasshopper generation they borrow and spend and so it seems like this is the day to think about the future and get back to the future business to start investing in that formula that defined the state of draermz and entrepreneurs and innovativeers who have been on the leading elsewhere. we represent a regeneration of sort. revisit in sustainable values from a long term prospective. not the situational values that define the last if you decades
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where we focused on more what the situation calls for the 24 hour news cycles whatever the election require me to do in order though get ahead to focus on sustainability but investing in the future. so i want to thank all of you for being part of that regeneration. i want to thank all of you for your commitment to the great cause of this state so we can move past the stale debate about solvency as incredibly important as it is but focusing on greatness. that's cancels fate and that will be our future so this the significant part of it. let me close by picking up on what brian said. i saw this great documentsy
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about the building of santa maria are a in italy. it was built in the 15 century about 50 years before columbus set sail. it was a testament not have their proud past there was nothing - it was something new to behold. the architect at that time was renowned brunn less phillip to. he was asked over and over again about his greatness and genus by he said what malcolm was saying he said it was not my genus but