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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2010 3:33pm-4:03pm PST

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take a picture with you if you could come inside. -- we would like to take a picture. i do wanted knowledge the clerk of the board, who is a huge fan of yours and the giants. i would not get my votes counted the rest of the day. clerk: thank you, supervisor dufty.
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[applause] supervisor mirkarimi: congratulations. >> thank you. thanks again. thanks for having us.
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>> what a treat. president chiu: thank you, supervisor dufty, and go, giants. supervisor alioto-pier has a accommodation, and if you would like to do that? supervisor alioto-pier? supervisor alioto-pier: thank you, supervisor chiu. if i could ask upp doug. the anniversary of the americans with disabilities act, i want to
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commend the two organizations to do so much for people living with disabilities, the independent resource center and disabled usa. let me begin with the independent resource center of san francisco. it is a disability rights advocacy and support organization. our mission is to ensure that people disabilities are social and economic partners within their families and within a fully accessible community. ilrcsf mission is achieved by system change, community education, a partnership businesses, community organizations and government, and consumer-direct services. we work to empower individuals and communities of the people disabilities have a full, productive, and independent life. i would like to thank mr. levine, who, unfortunately, had to leave, but i want to thank him.
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now, we have doug with us. this was founded in 1967. disabled sports usa is dedicated to provide an environment with positive and therapeutic and psychological outcomes. individuals are in power to reach their full potential. a programs allow individuals of all abilities to discover their own strengths and interests. with emphasis on safety, fun, and learning, a disabled sports and kyrgyzstan dissipation by individuals of all ages and disabilities, including those with orthopaedic, spinal cord, neuromuscular, visual, in hearing impairment. included, too, those with cognitive and developmental disabilities. i want to also add the disabled sports continue to do a lot of work with our veterans from iraq and afghanistan wars, through the wounded warrior sports project. i would like to welcome him, a
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graduate of our very own galileo high school. >> thank you very much. it is a pleasure. i graduated from galileo in 1962. i was in the service and lost a leg in vietnam, and when i came home, the world war ii vets took me up and taught me how to ski on one leg, and it changed my life. it convinced me that i was going to be all right, and disabled sports usa became my life's work. we now have 100 chapters around the country, and we provide year-round sports and recreation for people with disabilities. the main thing we are trying to tell them or teach them is that you are all right. get on with life. be an achiever. and participation in vigorous, challenging sports is a powerful catalyst in the development of
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an achieving attitude. those things are important to the success it, critical for someone with a disability, and that is really the message. and the other thing we have tried to do over the years, we have always felt that those olympic and paralympic champions are will models, much like yourself, et and other people with disabilities can look up to them and say, "you know what? if i set goals and work hard, i can be on the board of supervisors." org paralympic champion. or whatever else i want to be. so i want to thank you for being such a great role model for people disabilities in your community and for all of your hard work. supervisor alioto-pier: thank you, mr. sprinkel. i broke my back when i was 13,
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and i went to one of your schools. -- mr. pringle. when i started skiing at 16, i ran into a guy i got to know as dan, and when i got on to the board, i realized it was dan kelly from the school board. he taught people with visual impairment have to ski for years. i am not sure if he is still doing it. -- how to ski for years. coming down the face of the mountain, it will scare the heck out of you, and there is no doubt that able-bodied people would not be able to do some of what they're able to accomplish, so a person want to thank you for what you have done for the disabled community and for the non disabled community, because i think it is just as important for people without disabilities to see how able-bodied the
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disabled community really is, so thank you very much for all that you have done. >> thank you. [applause] president chiu: colleagues, if we can get back to our regularly scheduled items, what i would like to suggest is that we proceed to additional items on our calendar. although i am waiting for our clerk. colleagues, if we could call item 15 and 16, please. the reports related to blighted properties and sidewalk repairs from the department of public works. clerk: item 15 is a resolution approving a report of an assessment of costs submitted by the director of public works for sidewalks and curbs repairs, an
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item 16 is a resolution approving report of assessment costs submitted by the director of public works for inspection and/or repair of blighted property located at 1232 noriega street. president chiu: seeing that there are not, it is my understanding that the department was planning on making amendments. so, colleagues, you were circulated an amended report of the costs of sidewalk repairs and improvements. i understand, let me ask you, madam clerk, do we need to do these? clerk: this was made last tuesday, two takoma that the board could accept these changes, make a motion to accept the changes. president chiu: before we do
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that, do you have any comments, supervise chu? we initially started to address item 15. item 16, it is-understanding that the department has worked something out with the property owner, and are you going to offer something? supervisor chu: yes, i will make a motion to table items 16. there is an agreement with the property owners. president chiu: with regard to item 15, if we could take a roll-call vote on the resolution on the amended report? madam clerk? clerk: roll call, mr. president? president chiu: yes. madam clerk: [reading roll]
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there are 11 ayes. president chiu: that is adopted, and in relationship to item 16, supervise chu has made a motion to table it. item 17. madam clerk: item 17 is a resolution adopting findings under the california public utilities commission, the san andreas transmission upgrade project. president chiu: colleagues, a discussion? this item is adopted. i in 18. madam clerk: this is a
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resolution approving an amendment to the contract between the treasure and the department authority and another. president chiu: this item is adopted. i 19. madam clerk: i 19 is a resolution authorizing and directing the port executive director. presenident chiu: this is adopted. madam clerk: item 20 is an ordinance, and 21 is an ordinance, and item 22 is an ordinance during that -- dedicating a portion of the state trust parcel five. president chiu: these items are
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passed on the first reading. item 23. madam clerk: this is an agreement with the san francisco museum of modern art and its affiliate for the proposed future conveyance by the city and county of san francisco for real property located on howard street in exchange for the conveyance of real property located at 935 folsom st.. president chiu: supervisor alioto-pier? supervisor alioto-pier: i want to thank the people involved in this project, including the museum of modern art for their generosity and the work that mr. fisher has been done. we are going to have a truly unique and wonderful museum of modern art.
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this collection will bring so much to the city, and i think we have so much to be grateful for, and i am also very appreciative of the fact that this helps us petco to deal with the fire station upgrade, so i just want to say thank you for all of those involved. president chiu: a quick question for the city attorney. is there anything we need to do to adopt the amendment in the agreement? this is just for our reference? >> mr. chairman, a new copy discussed in committee has been submitted to the board. if it is not in the file, it should be on the way. i have a copy for myself korean there is no need for the board to take action. president chiu: can we take the same house, same call? this item is passed.
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item 24. madam clerk: this is an ordinance amending the san francisco police code and the business and tax regulations code and fire code. president chiu: this item is passed on the first reading. next item. item 25. madam clerk: item 25 is an ordinance amending a section map. president chiu: this is passed. item 26. madam clerk: item 26 is a resolution imposing in terms zoning controls. president chiu: supervise alio to-pier? supervisor alioto-pier: there
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are no zoning protections for child care facilities. along with supervisors dufty, daly, mar, and others, this will include an authorization. if they replace child care on off-site, no cu would be needed. bringing this is planning commission -- i wanted to note -- i want to thank everyone who was involved in this, and i appreciate your support. president chiu: supervisor daly? supervisor daly: one of the
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largest child care centers was faced with closure. it has been very difficult, i know, for families who have children there, trying to find out what the future is in terms of education. for their families, and then, more generally, in the south of market, so i want to think supervisor alito-pier. i am happy to co-sponsor. president chiu: any further comment, colleagues? a roll-call vote on this item, please. madam clerk: [reading roll]
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there are nine ayes and two no's. presidentchiu: if we can skip over to item 37. madam clerk: establishing programs for the unified school district. president chiu: supervisor mirkarimi, do you have the amendments to this item? supervisor mirkarimi: fake you, mr. president. yes.
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allowing for extracurricular events -- thank you, mr. president. learning from that experience and debate, i asked why we do not have a service academy, and the unified school district for the fire department and the sheriff's department -- i have been working with the police department, and supervisor maxwell has, too. this is considered to be an ad hoc program already in place. for those interested in a public
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safety career. these discussions are underway. potentially, a particular applicant to, in the police department, becomes an applicant in the department. this is an all-time low in san francisco. well over 75% of our officers are outside san francisco. when you look at the recruitment budget and what they are able to cultivate it is considerably lower. when we talk about implementing strategies, we also reach out
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to communities, also the disadvantaged communities, that may help benefit. learning a particular trade or an interest in learning the process and potentially working with the city and county of san francisco. i make very simple amendments. the converse is dcyf, responsible for developing the plan, and oed would consult, and another would assist in developing the curriculum. this was submitted some time ago. present chiu: supervisor mirkarimi has made an amendment -- president chiu: supervisor
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mirkarimi has made an amendment. coveys, can we take this? a roll call -- colleagues. madam clerk: [reading roll] there are 11 ayes. supervisor campos: that item passes on the first reading. supervisor chiu? item 38. madam clerk, if you could please call item 38. madam clerk: item 38 is an
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ordinance amending sections 1060.20.4 and 1070.20 of the san francisco police code. president chiu: violence and violence around certain night clubs in san francisco. at this point, almost monthly, we have a homicide or a significant issue occurring in or around nightclubs, and the need for additional powers on the part of the city to suspend licenses is something that we legislative last year. several months ago, after the shooting that occurred at club suede, which is in my district, shots fired, one person killed, others injured, it was
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discovered that they did not have the authority to revoke permanently the license of a club that had a long history of violence and public safety issues. this was introduced really to deal with the fact that the city attorney had to spend hundreds of hours to shut the club down, and we want to provide the city with powers to make it easier to revoke a license in which a club has a history of public safety issues and public nuisance issues, so, colleagues, i would like to ask your support. i have one amendment. according to the deputy city attorney, there are references to the civil code section from the state code, 3840. from the california civil code for the definition of nuisance. the correct number should be 3480. those changes should be made on page two line 19 and on page
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four line 16. supervisor campos: we have a motion from supervised chiu and a second from supervisor maxwell. now, on the underlying ordinance, can we take that on the same call? without objection. president chiu: we will now call item 39. madam clerk: irresolution approving the san francisco child and family services review improvement plan. president chiu: this resolution is adopted. next item. madam clerk: item 40, a resolution authorizing the airport commission to accept
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approximately $800,000. president chiu: same house, same call, colleagues? this item is adopted. next item. madam clerk: item 41, appointing carol kingsley to the san francisco police commission. president chiu: colleagues, same call? this item is passed. next two items. madam clerk: item 42, emotional quarter raincoat voters of an ordinance, and item 43, establishing the community policing policy.
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supervisor mirkarimi├▒ in implementing what i think is a community policing strategy that is often well talked about but not well implemented. you asked a hundred people in this room what you think community policing is and you'll get a hundred different answers. there's nothing institutionalized. when you look at the department orders of the san francisco police department, there is very little that describes anything except references that were memorialized back in 1994. community policing has involved considerably as we have learned from cities like new york, boston, chicago, seattle, many others. and overed years we've addressed the problems that have been spot fires and of chronic distress throughout
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many of our districts and throughout the city to be able to require that the police department be more engaged. not that they're not and not that community policing v.i.a. a slice of that feature being foot patrols isn't happening but i believe it's time that the voters also have an opportunity to weigh in as to how important the strategy is. and i know that the police department realizes it's an important strategy but as debate often has revealed, this is a strategy that is quote, unquote, seen as a luxury in the police department's menu of how to deploy forces and it's often a reactive strategy. i believe there have been perfect candidates where we have foot patrols. it's something i've been talking about since coming into elected office and it's highly irregular and highly inconsistent.
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that would stem a lot of concerns and distress and aggravation people were feeling by periods of either neglect or confusion. that's why law enforcement and/or city was not more effective. we have seen when foot patrols have been applied, they work. the correlations really go, i think, unchallenged as it was studied by the controller in 2008 when they commissioned an independent study that saw, i think, the true benefits of what community policing is v.i.a. so it is worthy of extending those lessons learned into what may, some people feel that the legislative what was unconventional and orthodox back in 2006 when we