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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2010 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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i made a number of amendments. from my perspective, we have a solid thing in front of us, in my intention was to make it better. it dealt with a number of areas, including the clean-up, requiring the city to take a much more active role in enforcing federal government cleanup. secondly, i had the amendments dealing with the bridge over yosemite sleuths, focusing attention on a bridge that was half the size originally proposed, and third, i had amendments regarding the need to ensure health-care access for residents and the southeast part of the city, and in particular, articulating a plan to move forward with expanding the health center. fourthly, i had some amendments with regard to work force development, to ensure that not just those residents but the employable, low-income residents from throughout the city would be able to benefit from what we are doing here. during the hearing, two weeks
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ago, i believe, on june 13, there were a number of issues raised by a number of our colleagues, but chetry supervisor mirkarimi and supervisor campos, and i wanted to address those issues with the proposed amendments i have made, so, colleagues, i have circulated the language, first of all with the amendments i made for parcel pit e2. there was a discussion about whether to ask them to not expect profit 8 vote or the was a distinction koran language that supervisor campos raised, and i am confident that we have the strongest language there, which says that the redevelopment agency shall not accept, i.e., the parcel e2, unless the highest level of
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cleanup is provided, as stated in the cooperative agreement between the region of an agency and the city, so that is my first amendment. -- between the korea develop an agency. -- the redevelopment agency. the second language i have concerns the southeast health center. it was raised during the debate to the release ago. we have done numerous studies for the need of an expanded health center in those neighborhoods in our city, so i want to amend the language to essentially eliminate the need to do a need assessments study. this language provided that the developer would contribute accordingly to do pre- development expenses associated with the expansion of the southeast health center, and i want to clarify we do not need that study, but we do need programmatic needs for the
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center so that we ensure that what we are doing dovetails with other resources better in that part of the city, assuming we move forward with that. it is conflict -- contemplated in the language from a few weeks ago that the capital costs would be funded through increments generated by the redevelopment project. but a portion of the $2 million contribution provided by the developer, and, thirdly, through the city's ability to finance savings that our department of public health would accrue by moving from leased space to owned space, so my amendment specifically fis that money that the developer is going to be contributing would go to prevent and expenses. supervisor campos: we have the amendment by a supervisor chiu and seconded by supervisor mar.
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president chiu: that concludes my remarks. supervisor dailly? supervisor cook daly: -- supervisor daily: -- supervisor daly: this is about the proposed capping of e2 2 other parcels within the project. purchased -- proposed be it resolved laws to amend the findings, item 27 on the calendar, page 5, lines 9 through 25, the following, which
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would be for the result to be concerned about the navy's final cleanup strategy for the project, workers, visitors, and wildlife, the board of supervisors -- it hit show not in any way imply support for a cap for parcel e2 4 and 850 uses for housing to be built -- or any final uses for housing to be built. adopted by the voters in 2000, wrote the informal code -- in 2000, the informal code. the san francisco board of
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supervisors, legally binding regarding the clean yard -- clean up to transfer the shipyard. proposition p. the epa, the california protection agency, and the navy shoppers to the highest level of cleanup. organic food growing standards. a shot except such property unless it be satisfied. -- except such property be satisfied. the dangers posed by the sea level rise of one to four meters. by the national academy of sciences, haute potential
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complex interactions between sea level rise hazards in urges that the epa and the navy -- regarding potential cleanup strategies before final remedies are selected. there shall be a separate hearing prior. the san francisco region of an agency. president chiu: supervise daly has made a motion, seconded by supervisor mirkarimi. e2 and all of the other parcels. supervisor daly, i would also ask if you could soon -- circulate that information to us. >> yes, my staff, copies. one other amendment to item 27,
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adding an additional further resolved clause, page 5, but before the resolve for a fossil fuel -- be it further resolved for fossil fuel. achieving things at comparable costs. no such fossil fuel power plant, district heating and cooling system should be included. i believe that is one reflected in the document. president chiu: so supervise daly has made a motion dealing with keating including in fossil fuels. seconded by supervisor mirkarimi -- dealing with keynote and cooling and fossil fuels.
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supervisor mirkarimi: colleagues, i have an amendment which i think is rather benign. it is on for the result that the board of supervisors recommends that the eir study -- it is further resolved. air quality impacts, the city of san francisco would like to be further studied. this is only asking, the report would be complete by 2013, as it begins the early stages of implementation of this project in the eastern area of san francisco. in the line of questioning, two weeks ago, when the eir was before us, we have articulating
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these particular concerns, but and we did not see what any recourse was not well documented in terms of air quality impacts. this is requires that in the findings in the clause. president chiu: is there a second? colleagues, at this time, i can eight amendments from supervisor mirkarimi, two from myself, and supervisors daly and campos. we have a number of people who have been waiting for our commendations. if anyone has amendments, if you can please get them to mr. cohen, and, hopefully, they will have time. i suggest we move to our commendations, and if at that time we are ready to proceed, we
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will. we obviously have a lot of business on our calendar, so if not, we will come back to this business as soon as the mayor's office can give us their feedback. at this time, why do we not move to our special accommodations for 3:30? this is going to be, i think, the most favorite part of the meeting note for me today. i want to thank supervisor cook dufty, so, supervisor dufty. supervisor dufty: we are welcoming people to the board. if they could come up to the roster here? i want to take a moment just to think a summer intern with me, and she helped to play in today's ceremony and drafted in the resolution. hopefully, she is catching up
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on sfgtv. both mike and dwane. i am proud the border supervisors is recommending them. thank goodness they are not doing the play-by-play they a been broadcasting for the past 20 years, and over that time, they have brought a tremendous amount of history and knowledge of the game, a pure joy of the game to each of their broadcasts, whether on a tv comedy radio, or on the post- game show with their colleagues. they have been awarded a mes for the broadcasting work -- they have been awarded an mes -- emmys.
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they provide something new on a nightly basis. i have to thank my staff member, who is truly a baseball aficionada, and i would say that this is probably his best day working at the board of supervisors. if i did not say how much she expanded our lexicon, wearing dodger blue, or calling a person a gamer, and without the epic home run calls, giants baseball would not be the same, so on behalf of the board, we want to thank you for being here, part of what we get to do a lot here, and there are certainly big issues today, but this is something all of us look forward to. we are very exciting to have you do tonight's game and hopefully for the next 20 years and beyond, so i would like to call of my colleague, supervisor
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elsbernd, who is wearing a great tie today. supervisor elsbernd: i was reluctant to sign on to this resolution, particularly with you and another, because there is something here that said, "to sean, a future giant." they got the autograph, and they have been waiting and waiting, and i am still waiting. it is great to have you here. for so many giants fans. i hope you are around for another two decades. think you for all you do for the city and for all of our giants fans -- thank you. [applause] >> we would like to bring our families up, if we could?
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my wife, my son, and his son. [applause] first of all, supervisor dufty, thank you for your support, and all supervisors, i thank you for your votes. you have your colors on today. i appreciate that. this is a great honor for my partner and i because we of all been as players first and broadcasters for the last 20 years together. this really is not a job. it is a gift. i think a lot of you and politics feel the same way. we truly are honored by this. it is not often than i am without words, but this is one of those times, so, partner, once again. >> i know a lot of people were behind this, but the gentleman that we have spent the most time with what everybody here was
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taking care of some very important matters, is bo, so this is bo. he hits a high note. he hit it deep. and he hits this one out of here. that is for you, bo. [applause] we had one for the mayor, but the ball was just going to fall of the short of the offense. so being as he is not here, we can handle that -- fall short of the fence. we never know where our fans are coming from, and people come up to was all of the time, and they tell us stories about the giants and the history in their family of what it was like, but this is
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such an unusual place for us to come to to see that it is filled with giants fans, it is just unusual, ekg's think this is being the place where major decisions are made, and they are, you just do not expect to see all the hard core giants fans here, and we really do appreciate it. our families appreciate it. there is nothing more we like to do that come into your homes every night and tell a great story and to know that you are watching, know that you are listening. we are very, very thankful for that. keep watching, i keep listening. this year is going to be a great story to tell. the last 2.5 months are going to be a lot of fun. >> and, sean, you have become a giant, a giant supervisor. >> we only have one supervisor
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to take a picture, but all of the convicts, if you can join us, with all of the members of the board, which would like to take a picture with you if you could come inside. -- we would like to take a picture. i do wanted knowledge the clerk of the board, who is a huge fan of yours and the giants. i would not get my votes counted the rest of the day. clerk: thank you, supervisor dufty.
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[applause] supervisor mirkarimi: congratulations. >> thank you. thanks again. thanks for having us.
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>> what a treat. president chiu: thank you, supervisor dufty, and go, giants. supervisor alioto-pier has a accommodation, and if you would like to do that? supervisor alioto-pier? supervisor alioto-pier: thank you, supervisor chiu. if i could ask upp doug.
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the anniversary of the americans with disabilities act, i want to commend the two organizations to do so much for people living with disabilities, the independent resource center and disabled usa. let me begin with the independent resource center of san francisco. it is a disability rights advocacy and support organization. our mission is to ensure that people disabilities are social and economic partners within their families and within a fully accessible community. ilrcsf mission is achieved by system change, community education, a partnership businesses, community organizations and government, and consumer-direct services. we work to empower individuals and communities of the people disabilities have a full, productive, and independent
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life. i would like to thank mr. levine, who, unfortunately, had to leave, but i want to thank him. now, we have doug with us. this was founded in 1967. disabled sports usa is dedicated to provide an environment with positive and therapeutic and psychological outcomes. individuals are in power to reach their full potential. a programs allow individuals of all abilities to discover their own strengths and interests. with emphasis on safety, fun, and learning, a disabled sports and kyrgyzstan dissipation by individuals of all ages and disabilities, including those with orthopaedic, spinal cord, neuromuscular, visual, in hearing impairment. included, too, those with cognitive and developmental disabilities. i want to also add the disabled sports continue to do a lot of work with our veterans from iraq
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and afghanistan wars, through the wounded warrior sports project. i would like to welcome him, a graduate of our very own galileo high school. >> thank you very much. it is a pleasure. i graduated from galileo in 1962. i was in the service and lost a leg in vietnam, and when i came home, the world war ii vets took me up and taught me how to ski on one leg, and it changed my life. it convinced me that i was going to be all right, and disabled sports usa became my life's work. we now have 100 chapters around the country, and we provide year-round sports and recreation for people with disabilities. the main thing we are trying to tell them or teach them is that you are all right. get on with life. be an achiever. and participation in vigorous,
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challenging sports is a powerful catalyst in the development of an achieving attitude. those things are important to the success it, critical for someone with a disability, and that is really the message. and the other thing we have tried to do over the years, we have always felt that those olympic and paralympic champions are will models, much like yourself, et and other people with disabilities can look up to them and say, "you know what? if i set goals and work hard, i can be on the board of supervisors." org paralympic champion. or whatever else i want to be. so i want to thank you for being such a great role model for people disabilities in your community and for all of your hard work. supervisor alioto-pier: thank
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you, mr. sprinkel. i broke my back when i was 13, and i went to one of your schools. -- mr. pringle. when i started skiing at 16, i ran into a guy i got to know as dan, and when i got on to the board, i realized it was dan kelly from the school board. he taught people with visual impairment have to ski for years. i am not sure if he is still doing it. -- how to ski for years. coming down the face of the mountain, it will scare the heck out of you, and there is no doubt that able-bodied people would not be able to do some of what they're able to accomplish, so a person want to thank you for what you have done for the disabled community and for the non disabled community, because
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i think it is just as important for people without disabilities to see how able-bodied the disabled community really is, so thank you very much for all that you have done. >> thank you. [applause] president chiu: colleagues, if we can get back to our regularly scheduled items, what i would like to suggest is that we proceed to additional items on our calendar. although i am waiting for our clerk. colleagues, if we could call item 15 and 16, please. the reports related to blighted properties and sidewalk repairs from the department of public works. clerk: item 15 is a resolution approving a report of an
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assessment of costs submitted by the director of public works for sidewalks and curbs repairs, an item 16 is a resolution approving report of assessment costs submitted by the director of public works for inspection and/or repair of blighted property located at 1232 noriega street. president chiu: seeing that there are not, it is my understanding that the department was planning on making amendments. so, colleagues, you were circulated an amended report of the costs of sidewalk repairs and improvements. i understand, let me ask you, madam clerk, do we need to do these? clerk: this was made last tuesday, two takoma that the board could accept these
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changes, make a motion to accept the changes. president chiu: before we do that, do you have any comments, supervise chu? we initially started to address item 15. item 16, it is-understanding that the department has worked something out with the property owner, and are you going to offer something? supervisor chu: yes, i will make a motion to table items 16. there is an agreement with the property owners. president chiu: with regard to item 15, if we could take a roll-call vote on the resolution on the amended report? madam clerk? clerk: roll call, mr. president? president chiu: yes. madam clerk: [reading roll]
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there are 11 ayes. president chiu: that is adopted, and in relationship to item 16, supervise chu has made a motion to table it. item 17. madam clerk: item 17 is a resolution adopting findings under the california public utilities commission, the san andreas transmission upgrade project. president chiu: colleagues, a discussion? this item is