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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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within park merced were key to this. i have a question about their developing expansion plan. i know in this initial expansion plans, they had a conference center and hotel on the park where jonestown is, and they have potential buildings that would be on the edge of the park merced development, but i am wondering what movement there is with park merced and san francisco state planners. >> we've been working with -- discussing this. keel keeping this up to speed. we have had open dialogues with them and really engaged with operational, whether it is
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related to division. it has brought and fostered such community in a lot of ways. with san francisco state we sat and talked with them about the goals throughout the area. certainly san francisco state's proposal is separate from ours, but we are trying to make sure the two don't conflict in anyway, that they work together for transportation goals and all those aspects. we are looking for family housing. i did want to clarify one point, though, earlier on. it is our intend of all the units there, rent control today, that when this prize is complete, there will be the same number. whether it moves with the rezzdepent, it will stay record in that new unit. thank you. >> in terms of the city's perspective, i would want to emphasize the earlier statement,
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that this required multi agency effort to look at that potential growth. to the best of our knowledge, jonestown, there is no project moving forward currently, but it is nice, we anticipated that growth as if it were occurring, which gives us an envelope, a planning envelope rvings if you will to work on if. and if you remember, that tier 5, that was referenced, which is the city's vision beyond park merced, what is nice is we actually have a document in place if stonestown comes back in five years, which we hope the economy is doing better, with the project. we noah head of time what mitigations you have comprensively as opposed to dealing with that in a piecemeal fashion. >> i know some of the residents had problems with the child care, and we're worried that
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different families serving in community entities like that would be displayed. so that's a question, in towns like the project's proposal, there is do good planning for family-sized units and a school and child care. but the other fuzzy area is the site that's been the school yard, that's been boarded up, that the school district was in negotiations with san francisco state and others. but what's the status of that, because that's on the edge of the play field and a major area of the development as well? what's happening with the font street site that used to be school for the arts? >> park miller sethsed investors doesn't have control of that site, just to clarify that. >> we have had a hearing on that, and i talked to the head of property over at the school district. they own the property there. the -- san francisco state made
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a bid and they maintain ownership until they get what they feel is an appropriate number. chair maxwell: thank you. any further public comment or comments? then i would like to open this up to public comment, and i will give -- what i would like to start with is have our canine friend and his partner, did you want to have public comment? why don't you come up and do your public comment so we won't keep him muzzled. some people we want to muzzle, but him we won't mind coming up. >> as far as the park merced plan, i think this is a very good plan.
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and also, i like that they said the place would be animal friendly, because san francisco is an animal-friendly city. >> i think daniel fill yips has done a good job with park merced, dealing with management, getting this together, and getting it handy cap friendly? -- handicap friendly? i have known them for years. something needs to be done with park merced. a lot of the buildings are in very bad shape. they need to be fixed up. yes, i am concerned with the traffic. also, i guess you could say there are jobs, people need jobs, and of course i would hope
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that a lot of people from the neighborhoods would be hired. i think there are a lot of people sometimes in park merced, if they really want park merced to be something different, they should buy park merced, but they don't own park merced.
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and i think that the management and the people that have owned park merced have really reached out to the tenants and really tried to get all the input that they have been asking for. and they have done an excellent job as far as that's concerned. i even wrote daniel phillips a letter several years ago that i support it. that i understand, that he's doing the best he can. i think -- like i said, i think he's done a good job for pelochi and a lot of the different people, the management in park merced. they fix things in our apartment when they need to be fixed. and they need to -- when they need to be fixed and they come by. sure, there may not be -- people always complain about everything, but really, they have done a an all-around good job. chair maxwell: thank you
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investment thank you. mark christianson? jim cook? jeannie scott? >> hi, i'm president of the neighborhood triangle neighborhood association. before you start the timing, i want to let you notice, i was not noticed on this meeting. i represent a community, and i think in fairness in anything that has to do with park merced, our community right across the street, we would like to be noticed, and from here on in both with the planning department, board of supervisors and the other, we need to be informed. so thank you. the triangle home owners association are not opposed to the ideas by park merced. however we are opposed to the amendments to the planning code height and bulk map.
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we further state we want mitigation measures in place to address any significant environmental impacts. we are not supportive of many of the planning department's findings in the draft d.i.r. as many of their conclusions state "significant and unavoidable." we have met with the developers on numerous occasions. they have listened, but as of yet, have not been willing to compromise on the number of units, the number of bedrooms, and thus the skies and scope of the projects. as a strong neighborhood association located directly across from park merced and brotherhood way, we hope to eventually reach a mutual compromise with respect to the size and scope, prior to any resolutions passed by the board of supervisors and any committees. just to note, this project will be three to four times denser than the hundred -- denser than
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the hunters point project just passed. eye ron click, -- ironically, the planning department did not use the miller sed project in its draft d.i.r. it did not include neighborhoods to the east including the proposal of the 28 units at 1 capital which came before your committee last week. in conclusion, i just want to state that we are supportive of a project that would be scaled down in size. we thri the scope and size of the project currently is not good for the neighborhood. i have the miller sed association -- i have the merced association news and articles. i would like to leave that with you.
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chair maxwell: ok. thank you. sara? >> i live at park merced. i live in a carden apartment. i have -- i live in a garden apartment. i have been there six years. i am very much in favor of their vision plan. i see that park merced really needs to move into the future. i am concerned about the environmental issues that we're probably going to be facing, if not even now, and that's water conservation, energy use, and i'm really serious about the -- i'm real enenthused about the organic farm, and i would be really enenthused about having one of those energy efficiency apartments, because the one i have now, i have to call them in about leaking roof, there are hot water issues that don't really neat my needs, and as far
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as installation, it is not very good. in fact, it is nonexistant. there is quite a few issues with that property if i had owned it, it would probably be a lot of money for me to fix. i would probably never have bought it. so park merced has to move into the future. we all have to move into the future. the visions is doing that. i am looking forward to that. i am enjoying living there with the thought of this. thank you very much. >> jim cook. laura. >> good afternoon. thank you for then't opportunity to come here and speak in support of the long-range vision of the park merced community. i have been a resident of park merced since moving. and i am a member of the sustainability community. i have attended the meetings put
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on by the planners of the park merced community and i have zint consistently listened to all the comminets and surrounding neighborhoods and organizations. so the surprise of myself as well as residents, the new park merced management has acted on our suggestions. i atend aid first community event in march of 2006. it was put on by the ownership and the planners of the new park merced. it was a fee day, which was exciting for those of us who would like to go skiing, and they brought in snow and some other things to the benefit of people who actually live at park merced. to me, it gave me an idea, that this was going to be a different organization from the prior ownership that had not made many changes or improvements over the years. from the beginning, they offered various community oriented events, including farmer's market. they offered us opportunities as
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residents to clean the neighborhood, through neighborhood project. and management has made a significant difference in our community. the vision called for a smart new community, protection of residents in the rent-controlled housing, and to make this the model of sustainability. the new owners have accomplished what they promised, living in a tower apartment. we have a new fitness center, office lobby. the building is a safer, cleaner, greener more efficient home than i moved into in 1997 under the then owner leona helmsly. they have acted on these to create a better eek owe responsibility. what are they expected? approved transportation, a
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shuttle to bart, better transit, improved transit circulation in and around our community. retail shopping, coffee shops, restaurants. playgrounds. we want sustainable sveltement. open spaces, recreational facilities, efficient use of water and energy t -- energy. solar power. i would suggest that the board listen to the plans for the new park merced community which will be a beacon of innovation in our world. [bell]
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thank you. chair maxwell: jacqueline and john wenot. fill yips and then saunders. >> good afternoon, supervisor maxwell. i'm here to raise my voice in protest of the park merced expansion plan, so-called vision plan. this very weller's greedy plan would destroy the 16-acre site that now constitutes park merced. it would destroy 1,683 rental apartments teering down those apartments to make smaller ones. in the massive residential
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towers. then they would tear down apartments in what are now townhouse yesms in every one of those buildings are human beings who call their residences their home. someone caucus -- someone talked about children not being there in park merced. it is too expensive. someone talked about tier 1, and is tier 1 the 30-year plan or does tear 1 through 5 constitute 35 years? that was very unclear. i am 75 years old, and i have been in my apartment at home since 1986. my mother game in 1974. she referred to the beautiful city of park merced as -- i must carry on. sean eldrand has left the tenants high and dry.
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his words are empty and his acks are worse. showing that he is 100% in the hands of the developers. we elected you. chair maxwell: excuse me. if you could keep your comments general. >> the developers talk about replacing town homes and apartments, but they do not talk about the increased density of the proposed project. their plan for bringing in muni could be done now without destroying an entire community. the phrase the developers use to describe park merced is that it is an auto sen trick -- autocentric design from the past. their description covers the new one, which should be the manhattanization of park merced.
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greedy developers should not destroy this beautiful city of zion. thank you. chair maxwell: thank you, and next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is jacqueline. when the park merced project was first introduced was of great concern what would become of the present retail space of park merced and the small business owners that very recently opened their doors in the park merced community. oufer, the present owners of park merced have shown extreme amount of support and cooperation to keep the retail space co-existent within the project. the small business owners are greatly aappreciative of all the concerns and attention that have been displayed by the park merced ownership. we look forward to the changes that will be made in the community and are exsided to be part of the new and improved park merced. the park rerstedsed project will
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be a positive step forward into the future for san francisco and its residents. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. any name is john guina. i'm the owner of the retail center. we just recently retenanted the center, and we had concerns about the future of the retail center. our center is below grade off 19th avenue, but we have been assured by park merced ownership that they are going to work with us, that they are going to add a -- an entrance from 19th avenue to help the center survive from a massive center.
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with that and the signs of direction to our center, we support them because they are also in return supporting us. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is mary beth, and i'm speaking on behalf of s.p.u.r. s.p.u.r. has reviewed the project. i am a co-chair. with each generation they have responded to our comments. because we reviewed it a couple times and our project review committee considered it a favorable project, we referred it to the organization as a whole. the endorsement committee is made up of committee chairs of several of our different
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committees within s.p.u.r., and we have reviewed the projects according to their land use, their public relevant many interface, building design, and environmental affect. in all cases, we were seeking a combination of design that will ensure positive contribution of each project to a safe, visually appealing, and vibrant urban setting for the people that live and work in san francisco. as we reviewed the project, we were very happy to see the project sponsor's commitment to residential community and their policy toward rent control and affordable units. we agreed with the plans and he we are impressed with the eelaborate plans for an environmently sustainable community. we are impressed with efforts that project sponsors have made
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to engage the m.t.a. as it relates to moving the muni lines into a safer and more sustainable position within the site. in sort, we are pleased to endorse this complex and significant community plans, and i sfr cop yiies of our endorsement letters here for you. >> thank you. chair maxwell: kathy lents,, kevin drew. >> del are 200 more residents there. in mitch omemberg's letter, he stadse 1,500 rent control apartments will be destroyed. no matter what the developer's
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promise, they cannot under the costa-hawkins act -- i'm sorry, i can't read so quickly, promise us rent-controlled apartments. i studied the 2,000-page e.i.r. which was a task in itself. the thing the e.r. says in itself, the best alternative for the environment is no development. as one of the speakers says, many of things are unsustainable and unmitigable, being toxic levels of construction, noise levels are unmitigable. wind and shadow, traffic in spite of all the crecks is still unavoidable and unmitigable. we were never told about 300,000
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square feed feet development of commercial space, and we do have a coffee shop, a brand new coffee shop that sells blue bottled coffee. we also say park merced is in financial problems, and the problems they have repaired have been supervision. winter -- i would like to submit a wrin written statement. we only find out about this meeting on saturday. i feel we should be notified much earlier than we are.
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it seems to me, the offers developing the -- it seems to me their developing the city seems to me a bribe. i've lived here 57 years. i love this place. i think it is in relation to the environment. [bell] chair maxwell: daniel phillips, kevin drew. if you hear your name, please come on up.
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>> i want to thank you for allowing me to speak. i endured the helsmsly fascist regime. i endured the carmel contemptuous disdain for residents at park merced. i was skepped skeptical when he took over and i did not believe the promises he made. he has been a person of his word. we have not only new lobbies, they are not just glitzy, they are brightly lit, they are safer, they have windows into other rooms. we have improved speed elevators. we have done everything that can be done for the safety of these
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elevators, short of putting in a third elevator, which building code did not permit. every time i have made a suggestion or a request of park merced since the rosania regime took over, it has been met with blower than my expectations. i have have difficulty opening doors. i suggest that the door to my tower building be played automatic. within two weeks that automatic door was in place. all of the towers have been made wheelchair accessible. many of the towers had stairways. they now all have wheelchair accessible ramps. every time i have heard a promise from park merced, i have seen if kept.
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i have understood skeptcally -- skeptically at times what they are promoting. i of course have this sentiment at times for san francisco. i am here. i don't want more people in. i believe that's a selfish, selfish attitude, and i have a feeling that many of the people, if not all who are opposed to this development, are only doing so from selfish reasons. thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors, madame chair. i want to speak in support of our department's commitment to park merced and the strong wor