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tv   [untitled]    August 6, 2010 4:00am-4:30am PST

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impact of that reduction. we believe that all of those issues have to be considered when looking at specific projects. and we need more information about the needs of all san franciscans. we need to do a better job of assessing and equitable way the distribution of health care services in the city. this legislation would provide that legislation. it would create process for taking those needs into consideration. again, i want to think the co- sponsors of this legislation, my colleagues on the board of supervisors. i also want to think a number of individuals for their input in putting together this legislation, for their suggestions and their critical thoughts throughout this process, and those includes the neighborhood center, the
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chinese progressive association, the coalition for planning, san francisco, the hospital council, the clinic consortium. i also want to note think the input of dr. mitch katz, the director of public health, and also want to thank other members, including other commissioners and i want to thank others, including one from the planning department. this is legislation like any legislation. this is a work in progress. i look forward to meeting with all of you and members of the public that care about this issue in a discussion about what this should ultimately look like. again, i welcome the input, and
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a look forward to the dialogue that will be taking place in the next few weeks. lastly, i want to think hillary and my staff for their tremendous work that they have been doing on this piece of legislation. all of the hours that have been spent thinking and working on this the rest i submit. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor dufty? supervisor dufty: i have two in memoriams, and one is john, a firefighter, and i reached out to him. he was always right on any situation and help to calm things and make the public safe. he was highly respected by his
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colleagues and members of the public. he had suffered ill health in recent years, and the only retired on july 1 at the young age of 50 and then suffered a massive heart attack in july, so for his sister and other family members, we offer our thoughts, and i am submitting and in memorial \ -- memoriam for a 30- year member of the fire department. of his children, wrote one is a member of the sheriff's department, and one is a member of the fire department, and another note is a son-in-law who is also a public safety officer. we want to express our sentiment
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for their loss. i am also declaring august 18 as hiv planning council day in san francisco with supervisor campos recognizing those who serve on the h.o.v. planning council and organizing the expenditure of the act in making a very important decisions related to hiv and aids health services. and then, lastly, i introducing three pieces of legislation that deal with local food vendors with current laws and regulations that need to be modernized. the current laws are two laborious. their cost prohibitive, and the rules are preventing entrepreneurs from opening. mobile food vendors, pushcarts,
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stands, ice cream sellers, mobile food vendors, and private property, so in the coming weeks, i look forward to working with people on these three pieces of legislation, and certainly, to continue this process, i would be seeking input from the community to make sure that their input and their concerns of those who want to see vibrancy in their food choices be part of our products. clerk calvillo: : thank you, supervisor dufty. supervisor chu. supervisor chu: thank you. my colleagues have made mention of other people that i would like to recognize, so i asked that i be added to them.
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clerk calvillo: supervisor maxwell? supervisor maxwell: a resolution naming august 6 a certain day. >> thank you, supervisor maxwell. -- clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor maxwell. supervisor alioto-pier? supervisor alioto-pier: the rec an park -- and park will get money to help save the palace of fine arts. they have raised more than $19 million privately funded to restore the rotunda, colonnades, and lagoon, creating a beautiful park for san francisco residents to enjoy. as the economy softens and it
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became more difficult to raise funds, they persevered. this five and zero thousand is one of the final parts of ensuring the revival of one of the great landmarks. i have a resolution for the imperative agenda today, demanding the american bar association, which is holding its annual meeting here in san francisco, and also wanted to note to the appointments, the first of one person to rec and parks. he is an active member of the friends of the parked and a founder of an independent music company. the second is the reappointment of one to the san francisco youth commission. we all fight over lillie. this will be her third year on the commission. that concludes my roll call. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor alioto-pier.
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mr. president, that concludes this roll call. president chiu: thank you. why do we not go to public comment? clerk calvillo: this is a time for the public to talk to the board members about items not on the agenda. if you would like to have things displayed on the overhead objector, please remove the document when the screen is return to live coverage of the meeting. president chiu: all speakers sholokhov up to two tenths to speak unless someone is translating -- shall have up to two minutes to speak. >> [speaking foreign language]
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good afternoon, my name is -- i am here today to ask you and to ask everyone of you one
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question that everyone of us with like to ask you. why are we not asking the mayor gavin newsom to be here with us? is he afraid to be coming? if you are mayor, you must understand that you are responsible. to be honest with us, you must be honest with us.
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[unintelligible] .to give him -- [unintelligible] i am one of the people he refused to go back to my country. why? because [unintelligible] [bell] you are all around the mayor.
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president chiu: thank you. thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. ridiculing people. that they can get to be supervisors without understanding that. if all you care about is money, the public library is doing very well. the budget is up this year. benefits are upper staff costs are up. the first on the note is up. the library fund will be set down. .the library is taking $1.60
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million. they are reducing the budget by a full 15%. did they ever say of those expenditures that it would be protected? that this was not in the budget? clearly, it was the board of supervisors voted to put it back in the budget, and the library always wanted guaranteed funding. because they need the money for their public-private partnerships. the board of supervisors has endorsed this. you are getting your wish.
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i always say that the.-- more than the money. [bell] president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hello, my name is -- and i write down a short story and i do not know what would require people to be a politician. i could never see myself doing that. seeing that campos is involved in immigration reform and other things, this will help us up,
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and i was brought to america by my mother. we have all worked hard and try to do our best to be good citizens in arizona. i came here about five years ago. i found out that in california you have the opportunity to make it here. this is a great thing because this is different in the way people are seeing the
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immigrants. a woman who crosses the border to work as a maid, she worked for several years and could not get enough money. [bell] president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. president -- >> president chiu, supervisors, i am the president of 8 coalition. -- a coalition. and latin phrase is literally translated to who will guard the
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guards themselves? each and every time i have heard an individual speaker being interrupted or shouted down or disagree with in ways that were totally inappropriate. the reason i do that is because i really do believe in the constitution of the united states, and it is a constitution that each and everyone of you to an oath to support and defend when you took a position on this board, and each and every time that we see a member of the public get up during public comment and see them shouted down or left out, seeing microphones turned off or in the extreme, -- i watch you violate not only the law and the constitution but your own on oath of office. and it does not just happen here. it happens at other boards and commissions around here.
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the perfect society is described as socrates that relies on labor and tradesmen. they protect the city. the question was put to socrates, who will guard the guardians, or who will protect us from the protectors? the answer byplay to buy this is that they will guard themselves against themselves. we must tell the guard in the noble lie, and that will assure them that they are better, and it is therefore their responsibilities to guard and protect those lesser than themselves. we will instill this taste for power and privilege. [bell] president chiu: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors, president chiu.
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♪ you might have been blown round by the wind you might have been thrown down in a civic center wind but i hope you aim high and i hope that you, you made it through i hope that you really try and you will reach the sky and you are really going to fly your dreams gonna be sky high you're gonna fly really high and you're gonna reach the city skies and everything's gonna be really fine it's and you might have
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been thrown down in a bin and thrown around by the city wind but still i know you're gonna do good it's and i know you're gonna aim high and you're gonna reach the city sky and all your dreams are gonna really fly and you're really really gonna go sky high ♪ president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. these are just some of our other san francisco values. the beautiful location on the bay and the general mild weather and the cooling breeze. the different cull -- culture when you can visit china, south america, japan, italy, and other
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countries without taking a plane flight. golden gate park, where you can pretend you're lost in the wilderness. the many museums, symphony, opera, where you can be an elitist, or the free street entertainment where you can feel like a commoner. the many coffee shops, where you can sip strong coffee for over an hour, recite bad poetry, and smell bad. the board of supervisors' public comment, where you get two minutes to give us your two cents worth of enlightenment. the city streets, where you can eventually find a discarded item that you've been look for for years, many farmers markets, where real farmers can't afford
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to shop. fisherman's wharf, pier 39, and the cable cars. what a strange -- where the strange looking tourists come to visit, and the social services that fight each other to help the unfortunate. the beautiful and wondrous engineering feat of golden gate and bay bridge, and the emporium shopping centers where the rich come to shop and we come to watch. and of course, gay liberation, st. francis church, and north beach, u.c. medical center, and the tenderloin that help the homeless. made it. thank you. president chiu: thank you. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. madam clerk, could you read the adoption without committee reference calendar? clerk calvillo: items 38 through
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47 are being considered for adoption without committee reference. these items will be acted upon by a single roll call vote, unless a member would like to request discussion of an item, it shall be removed and called separately. president chiu: colleagues, why don't i suggest -- i know that we should sever out items 38, 39, and 40. are there any other items that we want to sever? supervisor alioto-pier? i severed 38, 39, and 40. if we could take a roll call vote on the balance of the agenda. madam clerk? clerk calvillo: i believe those are items 31 through 37. call]
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call] clerk calvillo: there are 11 ayes. president chiu: those motions are approved. if we could now call item 38. clerk calvillo: motion authorizing preparation of written proponent and opponent battle arguments and rebuttal ballot arguments for sub my tall to the november 2, 2010 election. president chiu: our clerk circulated a new cleanup motion based on various decisions that have been made to place items on the november ballot. and so what i'd like to ask is
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are there any changes that you would like to make. supervisor daly? supervisor daly: on page 7, line 9, i talked to supervisor mar, and we can just scratch his name and i'll take that one as the chief opponent. president chiu: i'm sorry, which page? supervisor daly: page 7, line 9. just to strike mar. line number nine. supervisor daly: i'm looking at the 8/3 version. page 7, line 9. it's the charter amendment. on a one-time basis. president chiu: ok. if folks could make suggestions, and then we'll take it as one amendment. so supervisor daly has made that suggestion. any other suggestions, colleagues?
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ok. why don't we take that one amendment. supervisor daly has made a motion. seconded by supervisor mar. any objections? without objection, that amendment shall be made. and then if we could, colleagues, can we take this motion as amended to be approved without action? without objection that should be the case. madam clerk, could you please call item 39? clerk calvillo: item 39, resolution approving the fair schedule for golden gate pedi cab. supervisor campos: colleagues, this is a resolution that would help set the rate for a permanent pedi cab company, which is something we are required to do, which i recently learned through the board of supervisors. we need to do this for a company being established in san francisco, doing its business in my district, district three. this is something we're doing in conjunction with the port,
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because many of these pedi cab ports are on port property. i need to make a couple technical amendments because there were several rates and routes that i just became aware of through discussions between the company and the port. so i'd like to first make that motion to amend. supervisor campos: colleagues, can we take that without objection? on the underlined item, can we take that without objection? president chiu: item 40? clerk calvillo: a resolution supporting the golden gate state warriors -- the golden state warriors return to san francisco. president chiu: i do understand we have to change the golden gate warriors to the golden state warriors. alabama alabama i think -- supervisor alioto-pier: i think it was a freudian slip. we were renaming the team before
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we've actually gotten them here. if we could, golden gate warriors needs to be changed to golden state warriors and needs to be reflected through legislation as well. president chiu: supervisor alioto-pier has made a great amendment. without objection -- >> real quickly in. their new logo, the it's the bay bridge design, not the new golden gate bridge in the logo. they're on their way. president chiu: point well-taken. unless there's any other discussion, can we adopt this resolution? the resolution is adopted as amended. we do have one more imperative item, as i understand. lerk clerk we have two, mr. president. on behalf of supervisor alioto-pier, a commendation recognizing the american bar association on the occasion of its 2010 annual meeting in san francisco. president chiu: supervisor alioto-pier, do you have anything you would like to add to that? alabama alabama they're -- supervisor alioto-pier: they're going to be in town this weekend. hundreds of attorneys in the
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town of san francisco and we'd like to give them an accommodation. we'd like to thank them for their business. president chiu: i'd like to be a co-sponsor of that as well. great to have all those attorneys in town. colleagues, we have a resolution that has the requisite finding, supervisor alioto-pier has made a resolution to adopt this motion. seconded by supervisor els bernard. is there any public comment on this imperative item? colleagues, if we could take this same house, same call, this resolution will be adopted. clerk calvillo: on behalf of supervisor maxwell, a resolution commending katie king on her 100th birthday and declaring august 6, 2010 katie king day in san francisco. president chiu: anything else you would like to add? we have a resolution from supervisor maxwell with the finding as well as the requisite finding. supervisor maxwell has made a motion to adopt the resolution, seconded by supervisor motion to adopt the resolution, seconded by supervisor


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