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tv   [untitled]    August 6, 2010 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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>> good morning. welcome to the budget and finance committee. i am john avalos, the chair of the committee. i am joined by supervisor mirkarimi and supervisor elsbernd. madam clerk, can you share any announcements? >> all persons attending this meeting are asked to turn off all cell phones or pages. if you wish to submit speaker cards, please turn them in at the real to your left.
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if you submit any documents to the committee, please submit an extra copy to the file. nebraska items recommended out of committee will be discussed at the board of supervisors meeting later this week unless another date is indicated. chairperson avalos: before we start, i would like to say happy birthday to supervisor ross mirkarimi. [laughter] call item one, please. >> resolution approving the issuance of tax-exempt revenue obligations by the california enterprise development authority in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $11.50 million among other things to refinance various capital facilities owned by brandeis hillel day school and other matters related thei
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reto. >> good morning. i am with the controller's office. the item is an approval to issue $11.50 million by california enterprise development authority for brandeis hillel school. there is no fiscal impact to the city and the city is not responsible. chairperson avalos: thank you. any comments or questions? we will have public comment on item one. seeing no one come forward, we will close public comment. a motion from supervisor mirkarimi without objection. it will go to the full board with recommendation. >> item 2, approving the issuance of tax-exempt revenue obligations by the california enterprise development authority not to exceed $8 million among
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other things to refinance various capital facilities owned by the urban school of san francisco. supervisor mirkarimi: i brought this item forward. it is a straightforward matter. for the urban school revenue organizations it will be used to refinance, construct, and equip the urban school. they requested that the california enterprise development authority issue these revenue obligations. the city and county as an associate member is required to approve the revenue obligation. chairperson avalos: ok. let us open up item number 24 public comment. -- and let us open up item number two to public comment. we will take that without objection. madam clerk, please call item 3.
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>> item 3, resolution accepting and expanding a gift valued at not less than $1.50 million from the friends of dolores park playground and the mercer fund to the recreation and park department for the renovation of the children's playground. chairperson avalos: do we have a representative from the rec and park department? let us go ahead and open it up for public comment. seeing no one come forward, we will close public comment. a motion to approve. we will take them without objection and move to the full board with recommendation. an >> item 4, resolution authorizing the san francisco department of public health to accept and expand retroactively
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a grant from the centers of disease control and prevention in the amount of $166,666 to fund the stop study for june 15, 2010 throughout june 14, 2011. chairperson avalos: any representative from the department of public health? >> i am from the department of public health. the purpose of this study is to look at the feasibility, cost effectiveness, and yield for a new training for acute hiv. chairperson avalos: public comment on item number four? we will close public comment. thank you for your presentation. supervisor mirkarimi: motion to approve. >chairperson avalos: without objection, to the full board
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with recommendation. >> item 5, resolution authorizing the san francisco department of public health to accept a grant from the california office of traffic safety in the amount of $200,000 to fund the san francisco pedestrian safety project for october 1, 2010 through september 30, 2011. >> i work with the department of public health. this is from the office of traffic safety to help develop a city-wide pedestrian network, which will help us prioritize spending on infrastructure projects in the city regarding pedestrian safety. this is a collaborative grant with the planning department and the mta. chairperson avalos: very good. we can open this one up for public comment as well, for item number five. we will close public comment. supervisor mirkarimi: motion to approve. chairperson avalos: we will
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take that without objection. please call item six. >> resolution authorizing the sheriff's department to enter into a third amendment to the agreement between the city and county of san francisco and a remark -- and aramark correctional services to increase the contract from $24 million to an amount not to exceed $30.50 million and to extend the contract term to june 30, 2010. >> i am from the sheriff's department. we are requesting approval on the extension of our contract. we have renegotiated with our provider, achieving some significant savings. we are asking for a two-year extension on the food service contract. chairperson avalos: mr. rose, please share with us the report from your office.
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>> mr. chairman and members of the committee, as shown in table 5 -- this is on page 6 of our report -- depending on whether or not the contingency is expended, you will note in table 5 there would be an estimated savings, if you approve this third amendment as appeared to be -- as compared to the existing agreement, you would achieve a savings. furthermore, we note on the top of page 7 of our report that the cost per meal pricing model -- that is what this would be. that is new. it could cause total cost to exceed the current cost provided under the fixed cost pricing model under the current provisions. according to the cost per meal pricing schedule provided, it
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would require 665 inmate increases of the inmate population. that is a 36% increase. that has never happened in the past 10 years. the highest in the population was 2157. we think it was a great idea to do this on a cost per meal pricing model. we also point out the reasons why the department is asking you to exercise or amend the existing agreement rather than go out for competitive bid. this contractor has been doing this work for a long time for the sheriff's department, since 1980. we concur with that conclusion
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also. on page 8 of our report, i would point out to you that there was a prior third amendment, which the budget analyst had concerns with. as a result, the sheriff's department withdrew that amendment and has submitted this amendment that is before you. if you compare the initial amendment that came before the board, it was never heard. this proposed amendment you are now hearing -- the estimated savings per year is approximately $52,191 to $356,393. we recommend you amend the resolution to reflect the correct not to exceed amount. there is an error in the resolution. the correct amount is
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$22,885,000. we recommend that you amend the resolution to reflect that the third amendment is retroactive to july 1, 2010, and recommend you approve the resolution as amended. chairperson avalos: thank you, mr. rose. supervisor elsbernd: mr. rose, if you could just verify this contract. i remember a couple of years ago an issue came up. i want to make sure it is not included. there had been an executive order issued that food purchased had to be purchased locally, and as a result the contract costs were significantly more expensive. that provision went away in this contract. i want to make sure that provision is not in this contract. >> that is correct. >> that is my understanding, supervisor. supervisor elsbernd: good.
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chairperson avalos: i want to thank you for the work of a department on finding cost savings and negotiating contracts for the city, and mr. rose for the work of your office to help us achieve even more cost savings. it is important that we are able to make these changes with the way our deficit is running. my question is related to the census and the inmate population of the jails. how is that? i know a lot of inmates were released after the problem with the crime lab. "since that time, is that remaining stable? is that fluctuating up or down? >> the census is starting to come up somewhat. we are still at a 24% decrease from prior year. we are at 1685 today and we
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normally would run about 1800. it is starting to creep up. the sheriff anticipates we will be near 1800 by the end of the calendar year. chairperson avalos: colleagues, any other comments or questions? if we could open this up for public comment? it is for item six. we will close public comment. supervisor mirkarimi: motion to approve, as amended. chairperson avalos: we will accept the budget analyst's recommendations without objection. to the full board with recommendation. madam clerk, if you could please call 7 through 9. >> item 7, resolution adopting findings under the california environmental quality act guidelines and sentences go
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administrative code chapter 31, including the adoption of a mitigation monitoring program, related to the funding of the cesar chaviez source system improvement, directing the clerk of the board of supervisors to notify the controller, and authorizing the public utilities commission to expand a grant in the amount of $477,900 from the u.s. environmental protection agency. chairperson avalos: that was separate from the other items? >> yes. chairperson avalos: great. a representative from puc? >> my name is betsy tan. this resolution adopts ceqa
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findings. we came to you in 2006 asking approval to accept the grant. at that time, you did approve of us to do that. that was with the exception of having us come back after we completed the environmental review. we are here today because we have completed the ceqa approval for the project and are back to ask for your approval to extend this grant. we are excited to move forward with this project which would minimize future flooding in the caesar chavis -- caesesar chave area. >> this resolution would simply approve an expenditure you authorized of $477,900 in grant funds from the u.s. epa.