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tv   [untitled]    August 7, 2010 10:30pm-11:00pm PST

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standing up, and raising your right hand. when i say i, you state your name. why don't we go down here? larry will go back, and we will end with you. during such time, we hold the position of -- and then you will mention your respective commission board or body. is that easy? all right. you have your right hand up. i -- [inaudible]
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i do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states, and the constitution of the state of california, that i bear trap, faith, and allegiance to the state, that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i am about to enter. and during such time, as i hold the position, as a member --
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[inaudible] for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations, everybody. [applause] i appreciate how effective that was. [applause]
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what we are doing something that many cities in california and across the country are doing. that is celebrating the budget and is on time that protect social services for the most vulnerable citizens. it protect public safety and preserves the values that make this city such a great place. we did it without significant borrowing or raising taxes. we did it without a lot of support from the state partners and the federal government. we did it because we put aside our differences. we got creative.
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we got to work. the budget did not just begin 60 days ago. the budget process began almost a year ago today when we signed last year's balanced budget. we made it clear that we needed to get to work, that we had a structural problem. we've had it for well over a decade in the city. we would have to work through that based upon the previous years and our previous success, we have a pathway to doing that. the path we began -- the pathway began with the public unions. if there's a story that deserves to be told about the budget, the story begins with our leadership within the labor community. labor has been under attack in this state and country. they have become the convenient excuse for a lack of leadership
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by our elected officials in sacramento and elected officials across the country. i was just putting together the math, as an aside. i just think it is interesting. i was putting it together in my mind is of is driving over here. you would think with all the discussion about pensions that we could solve all the world's problems if we could just solve the pension problem. i did the mathematics in terms of the $19.1 billion problem in the state of california. if you take every dollar that the state contributes to its pension, general fund dollars, if you assume you did not have to write a check to solve any of the pension, just off the books,
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if you would think that would solve half of the budget deficit based on the rhetoric in sacramento. some would say it would solve all that. it would solve barely 10% of the state budget crisis. that is suggested of the hyperbole around this issue. when folks talk about the bloated bureaucracy and government and nhow it has grown out of proportion because of pensions, they should take time to seek the facts. it is a major issue if we leave it unaddressed. in this city, we have not left it unaddressed. this connects to my point about labor. labor came to the table two years ago. it did something no other county in california did. they supported what became proposition b. it says that all new employees would contribute to% of their
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salary to deal with the unfunded help liability. it was shown to be about $4 billion. no other county had done that. people forgot that. the press has forgotten that. then labor came back again last year for around two. police and fire at said they would control -- contribute 9% to the pension. we worked together with labor and the elected officials behind me. we said we would deal with the issue of spiking and the final year of spiked salary. we made progress. we committed in subsequent years to setting aside money when times are good to deal with the unfunded corpus on the health
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care liability. that happened with overwhelming support from 77% of voters in the city. labor agreed to those banks. it was rather remarkable -- labor agreed to those things. it was rather remarkable when we asked them if they would agree to wage concessions that they said that they were open to a collective bargaining process, working with and not imposing upon, that they were happy to dialogue. they said they needed the facts about the magnitude of the deficit. we said that we would give you everything we have. there is nothing hidden. there are no games. this is not a game of leverage. here are the facts. they concluded what we have concluded, that we have a big shortfall. the only way to get out of it and to preserve the social service network of the city and maintain our values is for everyone to participate and step
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up. that is exactly what the public employees did. almost a quarter of a billion dollars of labor contributed. that is for this year and next year. that is an important part of the story. that will help us through this budget shortfall. there were still layoffs. they agreed to layoffs. they wanted to cap appropriately. as bait submitted those concessions to their members, as base of courted. it supported -- as they submitted those concessions to the members, submitted the pension reforms, and supported their mayor on doing things differently, that is an extraordinary story that needs to be told. i would not be standing here and
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everyone else would not be standing here if they had not stepped up to the plate. i want to give a big round of applause to almost every public employee but stepped up to the plate this year -- at step up to the plate this year. this is a celebration of their contributions and leadership. they deserve it. [laughter] -- [applause] that help us. that is the predicate to get where we want to go. today i will be signing the budget. it is a budget continues our efforts to expand universal health care to those that are uninsured. expands and complete the five- year promise we made to do universal access. it included millions of dollars
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to help out cuts at the school district. $49 million from the rainy day fund has been sent to the school districts. that is amazing. [applause] that invests $345 million into capital. that is more money to repave our streets than ever. over $50 million, if you are wondering. that allows the city to maintain its hours at the library branches. it allows the recreation and park system to potentially add 20,000 hours of new programming time that did not exist one year ago. it allows us to maintain the number of sworn personnel in the police department, maintain the
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pressure -- the infrastructure of fire stations throughout our diverse community. that is a pretty remarkable thing. we did not have to raise taxes to do it. we balanced the budget without raising taxes. i do not believe he should raise taxes when you do not need to. some people may disagree. i am really proud of that. i will condense my comments and conclude by thanking books. we worked for 364 days to get here. we reduced overtime by 16.2%. because of good management by all department heads here, we are able to pull back $64 million in savings from last year's budget that helped us offset this deficit this year. that is because of their leadership throughout the year.
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[applause] we invested in new programs. that is remarkable. we're putting another $5.9 billion into the crime lab. that is long overdue. the board was spectacular in this. no politics at play there. no differences were ever publicly expressed in a way that they should not have been. we got that done. we're doing something remarkable. i was with the administrators of the school district. no other school districts in america is doing this. you supervisor -- thank-you supervisor camps for this. we're giving kids a chance to the college with a trust fund. we're setting aside money in a savings account. i believe that once a mind
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stretches, it never goes back to its original form. these kids and their parents will bank thin -- think differently about their future. they will now have something that others take for granted. half of latinos and african americans in san francisco do not have access to bank accounts. this is a big deal. it is in the budget. it is something to be proud of. [applause] i could go on and on. you know me. i could go on and on. these numbers are indelible. i live and breathe this for many months. at the end of the day, it comes down to leadership, storage, collaboration, partnership. that is the final point i wanted to make. this was a remarkable collaboration. it was led by the chair of the finance committee. it hurt him politically and i
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know it. it is so unfair. he did such a good job last year with the budget. he got more bad backs a -- add backs in history than any of the chair. i got him in a little trouble. i should say terrible things about him to elevate his status with the bloggers. i cannot because i would be lying. he did an extraordinary job. that is john avalos. he deserves a tremendous amount of praise. [applause] thank you, john. thank you to president chu for appointing him to that decision. that was the best early decision you made a year ago. [applause] i also want to express thanks to the president of the board
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worked very hard on this budget for a long time trying to stored things back and forth and work with his colleagues and the budget committee and finance chair. i want to thank him for taking some heat as well. leadership is not always easy. dogs do not bark at parked cars. folks who actually do things take a little heat. people can sit on the sideline and talk about the world all they want. but what had begun to manifest the ideals? david understands that sometimes you have to take some heat. i want to thank president david chiu for his willingness to take leadership on this to help us get to a balanced budget and
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this point today. thank you for your leadership through this process. [applause] to all of the other members of the board, i think some of you have just got here and some of you have been here. i think you are all here. this could be a 1 hour presentation. thank you. i mentioned david. supervisor maxwell, thank you for your leadership. she is great because she says it will all work out for everyone. thank you for tempering us on all sides of this. thank you to carmen chu and to all the members of the board to work hard to solve the problems in their district. we did not see the type of parochial policies we have seen in the past. the add backs predominantly
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citywide. it was not just about the district or constituent. it was about the city. they all sure that in common. to all the members of the board, thank you very much. it was a unanimous budget. [applause] you can read between the lines. [laughter] some of us got it. from labor to the elected family, to all the department heads, if only the meetings were recorded, to the incredible leadership of steve caba. [applause]
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i think dufty created a facebook fan club. steve has been the constant, the one that held all this together and kept as all the same page when we were starting to get off the script. he is someone who does not need to be lauded cuts he has been lauded appropriately before. thank you for your work, the long hours with the team and the committees, all the work you did with the department heads to help get us here. finally, where is the budget director? [applause] he is looking a little haggard
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for good reason. the grace of god for anyone who wants that job. he did another outstanding job. i think the board will agree that you need to have trust in a controller and a budget director. if you do not have those things, trustha in harvey and deborah. thank you for all the hard work. those are the anchors to get the technical work done. when they all agree, we tend to agree. when they think it is the right thing to do, we tend to i cannot impress upon you how proud i am of their work and
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their stewardship and greg's sacrifice in some ways to do the job that he did this year and to all of his teammates that worked so hard through long nights and long weekends to get us to this point. so if i forgot the sheriff, it was not intentional. thank you for your willingness to try new things in this budget and to help steward us through this process. to all of the enterprise department head that are here, for your creativity to help us through this general fund shortfall. i will not go into detail because there is no reason, but thank you. and to the spirit that brought all of you here. welcome. thank you. if i have not forgotten anything or anybody -- i did mention ben. ben's got a baby. monique is here. [applause] they are the best.
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they are the best. thank you. she carried as. we were at the 90-yard, and we could get through that final 10 yards, and monique carried us over. thank you for that. we are ready. who? i know avalos is coming. \ [laughter] he and i are going to be back, and i want to thank the chief, and everybody else. room so why don't we sign this budget? [applause] everyone, try to gather around. nuveeyou guys are all standing .
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balanced budget on time. [applause] from the city and county of san francisco. [applause] do mayor newsom: we were finishi,
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but i did not tell you all to hold on a second. >> is this on? i'm starting to get a collection of these pens. this is a proud day for san francisco where many municipalities and counties are struggling across the state of california. here in san francisco, we are able to balance our budget, and i'm very proud of the work all across this city from the mayor's administration, the
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budget director, greg wagner, who has spent a year working on this budget, to my colleagues working on the budget committee, supervisors mirkarimi, elsebernd, maxwell. we had a lot of work that involve months of work on the city budget. we worked closely with community advocates to make sure we were well aware of what changes were being proposed or coming down in this budget. we wanted to work very closely because this budget document is the most important document that comes out of the city and county of san francisco. every aspect of our service, every aspect about how government is run is embedded in this document, and the public expects us to do our best and to have the best work come out of this committee, and i'm very proud of that work and very proud of everything we have achieved. closing cuts to senior services to make sure the seniors have
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meals when they need them, cut to the children, youth, and families services have been restored. our safety net is intact. we still have our public protection agencies, the police and fire department during their important work that serves all of san francisco. all of this is because of the great work and collaboration and cooperation across the city and county of san francisco. this is a proud day, and i want to thank everyone for their hard work. labor unions have given back a tremendous amount, have made great sacrifices. i know that our department heads have done the same as well. just looking at the police budget, how the overtime of the police budget has come down dramatically where it was. about $24 million is now about $7 million in overtime, and that is about the tremendous leadership that chief gascon has implemented through his apartment to make sure we have accountability about how our hours are run there. this is typical work that all
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our department heads are doing, despite the deficit we are facing. proud day for san francisco. thank you, everyone, for your hard work. let's get on to the next year. i hope that we can have cooperation across the state to make that happen. thank you very much. [applause] >> president david chiu. supervisor chiu: i'm going to be brief, but i want to echo the thanks of the mayor's chief of staff, the budget director, all the wonderful budget analysts who spent many hours on this. the department heads, everyone here i can see almost to a person was incredibly involved in getting this done. of course, my colleagues. supervisor john avalos, thank you for allowing me to convince you to step up again for a
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second year. you did tremendous work, as did all of my colleagues on the budget committee and on our board. there are some folks who are not here who i want to really extend a warm thanks to. everyone who represented all of the different and important constituencies that were affected in so many ways -- i want to thank you for the late nights you spent with us at the board of supervisors helping us winnowed down the budget priorities with the few dollars that we have. this is not a perfect budget, but i think it is a good budget. it is a budget that protect course city services in public health, in public safety, and services for it the most memorable san franciscans we have in our midst -- the most vulnerable. we have continuing challenges. we have budget deficits for the years to come. we have decisions that could come down from washington, d.c., from sacramento that would require us in a few short months to be back at the negotiation
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table, and the thing that i ask is that with the same spirit that brought us here today, we will bring that spirit to ensure we make the right decisions for san francisco for today and for the future. thank you for being part of this process. [applause] >> thank you. i think all of us can take a moment to really appreciate the fact that we have done something that really distinguishes our city from other cities that the mayor has mentioned and counties in california. there really is a tremendous achievement because of the way we all work together because we were created. we listened carefully to each other. i want to point out that city employees ratified every one of these agreements by over 90% voting in favor, so this clearly represents the sentiment of all city employees. the truth of the matter is that the truth of the matter is that city employees want nothing more