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tv   [untitled]    August 9, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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supervisor maxwell: i am chair, supervisor sophie maxwell, joined by david campos -- eric mar and david chiu. madam clerk, are there any comments? >> please make sure to turn off all cell phones and speakers. items acted upon today will appear on the september 7 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. supervisor maxwell: thank you. madam clerk, we can't recognize
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you until public comment. madam clerk, the first item -- items one through four. >> item number one, resolution authorizing the office of economic and work force document to extend a grant for $750,000 from lowe's hiw, inc.. item number 2, resolution authorizing the office of economic and work force development to retroactively to expand a grant from $400,000 from the wal-mart foundation. item three, resolution authorizing the office of economic and work force development for $100,000 for implementation of california low income energy efficiency program. item number four, resolution authorizing theout of economic and work force development to accept and expend a grant for
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$200,000 to support the citybuild program. supervisor maxwell: thank you, these items will be sent forward as a committee report. any comment from staff? >> thank you. my name is amy wallace. i am director for economic and work force development. i am happy to answer any particular questions that the committee has about any of these four items. i can speak breafl to each of them and then take questions or comments you might have? supervisor maxwell: why don't you do that? >> the first is an accept and expend asking the committee to allow us authorization to continue contracts we have with young community developers to provide retail skills training and recruitment for the lowe's facility in bayview hunter's
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point. the second item is a grant with san francisco works commrks is the non-profit arm of the chamber of commerce through the wal-mart foundation to fund our new green skills academy, which is a training program for back office jobs as well as fuller installation and energy efficiency that we have begun this past summer. supervisor maxwell: back office jobs? >> this is actually a new area for us. in conversations with many of the solar installers and energy efficiency providers in the city, they have told us that they have actually -- the city has done a good job of training folks for the hard skills, construction-related positions. what they really have a lack of are folks who can help with the sales and administrative infrastructure around incentives and things like that.
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so we will be working with city college to provide a green-related essentially office skills training for up to 40 people in this next year. supervisor maxwell: great. >> the third item is a small grant of $100,000 to support an energy efficiency curriculum and training which we are adding to our citybuild program. we started in the last cycle, adding two weeks of energy efficiency training through the city college program that we run for citybuild academy, and have trained and placed seven additional graduates just through that program. we will be continuing that with our new program starting in the next two weeks. and finally, the last item that we have before the committee, item number four, is authority to expend a small grant from the haas junior foundation. it is a grant that was continued from the -- the supervisors may remember the
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private industry council. they previously administered this grant about four years ago . the foundation has continued to generously provide support for the citybuild program, particularly our community organizations and their wrap-around services this. is a continuation of that funding that began about four years ago through the private industry council. supervisor maxwell: supervisor mar? supervisor mar: i was talking to supervisor maxwell about this. i nouth there is a career investment fund to provide stipend for people in the programs. i wonder have we have provided stipends? i strongly support some kind of economic support for people who work 14 weeks in these programs? >> we don't provide stipends per se. what we do provide are what we call income support or other
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support is hises for folks. through the citybuild program and other areas, we provide things like child care assistance, growth card and assistance, gas cards and or transportation vouchers depending on the mode of transport that folks use. we shy away from actually paying for -- you know, sort of a cash payment while folks are in training. but we do recognize that is a hardship, particularly when folks are out of work. some folks in our training programs are working part-time, but recognize they need some additional income support. so we try to provide those through the supportive services which we know they will utilize effectively, and which frankly, our students and clients have told us those are the areas
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where they need additional income support. the one exception to that which is not actually affected by any of the items before the supervisors today is the ramp program, which is a program for at-risk unadults ages 18-24. in that program we provide a small incentive on a weekly basis for young people who attend and meet certain milestones in the training, and that does come in the form of a gift card that they can use on a variety of things. it is sort of a generic gift card or incentive card. supervisor maxwell: thank you. any further comments from colleagues or questions? seeing none, any public comment on this item? >> thank you very much. espinola jackson from bay view
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hunter's point. i would like to agree with supervisor mar. when we had solar put on our church, they worked in training two days, and then they worked four days putting everything on top of the roof. these young people, the people that are there, they don't even have lunch money. what we did, the church, we had to feed those people because they were there working free. i think there should be a stipend for these people at least to eat while they are in training and have bus fare to go back and forth for the training. i am not saying how much that stipend should be, but i think it would be very good for the young people. some people are saying i am not going to do this for free. they don't know if they are going to get a job later on after the program is over with a contractor. so i think it would behoove you all if you talked about having a stipend for these young people. they definitely need it. thank you.
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>> any further public comment? seeing none, would you speak to that, please, the transportation part? >> absolutely. i apologize, i am not familiar with exactly the program that this woman was kevin garnet to, but i would be happy to chat with her afterward as well. we do have need for additional services, support services like transportation and food vouchers and, like that. it is one of the things that is more challenging to fund through some of our federal sources. actually, the funds that the board is looking at today do provide some of those more flexible dollars. i would be happy to speak to thatoff line as well. >> what you are saying is you would be able to use some of that money for food vouchers and transportation? >> absolutely. >> i agree. i have been working on that for a long time.
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i think we should provide something to people. it is a lot of time out of your life, and you are not getting anything for it. great. thank you. did i close public comment? let me close public comment at this point. supervisor mar? >> mrs. wallace, i had a question about the first grant of $750,000 from lowe's. it looks like it is sort of transferring from the previous -- let me try to think about this. was this a previous enrichment through home depot and now threw lowe's? >> right. >> on the grant, i see their act be c.e.o. is cedina holmes. there were some concerns when
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the previous director, derrick tolliver, was let go abruptly. what is the status of that? >> i am not able to speak to that, only in general. i know they are searching for a new executive director. i can speak to this grant, however. their spending rate and status has remained very consistent, inline with their performance. in fact, as they have moved through this process, working with lowe's -- as you said, it previously was an agreement with home depot -- that y.c.d. had that, and it was transferred to lowe's as the facility actually changed. they have actually exceeded their hiring goals with regard to retail employment both for folks in the main targeted neighborhood as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. i know they are actively working on seeking new leadership. supervisor maxwell: thank you
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very much. anyway, as you heard, they are doing that. thank you for that. any further public comment on this? thank you. then, colleagues, items one through four as a committee report without objection. so moved. thank you. item number five, please? >> item number five, resolution authorizing the port commission to accept and expend a grant for $1 million to assist if a shoreside power facility. >> i can speak to that. there has been a discussion for some time now about the development of a new cruise ship terminal at pier 27. part of that development would involve the installation of a shoreside power facility so
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that we can have green and clean power to help power up the crudes ships that are going through that. this is a resolution that would authorize our port commission to accept and expend a grant from our federal e.p.a. of $1 million under the emissions reduction act. it is something i strongly support. supervisor maxwell: thank you. public comment on this item? do you have any questions for him on this item? >> i was just going to say it looks like this is $1.9 million from the air quality management ten, $1 million from e.p.a., another from the port. >> yes. supervisor maxwell: public comment on this item. seeing none, then public comment is closed. colleagues, without objection? so moved. item number six.
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>> madam chair, can we refer to the committee report? maxwell yes. >> item number six, ordinance designating the redwood tree at 46 stillings avenue as. >> we are exciting that the property owner is here today to talk about the tree as well as another from the department of environment, who is the urban force coordinator, who can provide you some background on how we got here today and pictures of the tree. thank you very much. supervisor maxwell: bring the tree on. >> good afternoon. i have a picture of the tree right here. thanks for hearing this legislation before you today. i staff the forestry council as
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mentioned. i want to thank you for hearing this legislation. the urban forestry council has determine that the tree meets the landmark process. it is a very beautiful tee. it has great form, healthy and growing well in the place where it is located. supervisor maxwell: where is it located? >> as a redwood tree located at 46 stillings. supervisor maxwell: in what district? >> that one is in district 8. supervisor dufty's district. it is providing some significant environmental benefits to the city and neighborhood where it is located, and the urban council strongly supports the tree becoming a landmark and urges
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the adopt it. supervisor maxwell: the tree is in someone's backyard? >> yes. the home owner is here to speak. she nominated the tree. supervisor maxwell: let her speak to the tree. >> supervisors, it is great to see all of you again. i am a native san francisco resident, second generation. i have lived in glen park for 52 years. we bought our house there when my daughter was about to be born, sarah, who is also going to speak if there is time. i've always wanted to have the tree landmarked, and i didn't do it. i finally decided i am getting older. my daughter is going to live in that house. it's a beautiful tree. i have a great garden. my son is a gardener and landscaper. so i just ask for your support.
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it is a beautiful tree. it will be going for me, the neighborhood and the city, and it would be a wonderful honor to give the tree. supervisor maxwell: thank you. any more public comment on this item? >> one more thing to show you. it wasn't submitted in the pictureses, but it may be hard to see from here -- supervisor maxwell: put it there on the screen. ma'am, help her. >> this is a picture of my granddaughter who is older now, standing on my deck. supervisor maxwell: would somebody save that picture, please? take the picture, put it back where it was. >> do we have an overhead. >> sftv, if you could show the projector?
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supervisor maxwell: it will come up in one second. we have to tell the folks downstairs to show the picture, and come up. >> there is rachel blowing bubbles under my tree. she spoke at the first urban forestry meeting and said she has had birthday parties under that tree, and played under that tree. anyway, i thought it was such a great picture, i wanted to share it with you. supervisor maxwell: thank you. that is what this is all about. >> thank you. supervisor maxwell: why don't you come up next? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am sarah, rube stein thomas. my mother said most of what i would have said. i think the other thing that i noticeded in the papers that you have in the file is the
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tree is unique in a backyard setting. it is veble -- visible from other areas. my mother has in some ways compromising the land value by designating the tree a landmark. it's a win-win for the city. i heard a program on the radio that talked about the impact of trees in an urban setting on young, low income kids and just the general population and the sort of soothing effect that the greening of a city can have on its population. we have always lived in the city and are city slickers through and through. but living in a green environment does bring a little bit of the country to all of us. i appreciate your intelligence, and any questions you have,
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direct them at us. supervisor maxwell: thank you all for bringing it to us. we appreciate your commitment. any further public comment on this item? please come forward. >> good afternoon, my name is terry mill, and i am a member of the urban forestry council. we had a meeting about this several weeks ago, and the council has endorsed this for a landmark tree. i would just like to say to the supervisors now i know that supervisor maxwell has several landmark trees in her district, but i would invite all the supervisors. we need more. this is only the 22nd landmark designation after 25 or 30 years. we could should use a lot more in other districts. thank you very much. supervisor maxwell: thank you. >> walter paulson.
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♪ he was born in the summer of the city-city year commissioner newlin: coming home to a play he had never been before commissioner newlin: he left yesterday, and you saw the trees commissioner newlin: and you might say he was born again commissioner newlin: you might say he found a tree for every door. ♪ and the city on high. and i know you would be so glad to see it go high. and i know he would be a poor guy if he never saw a tree grow high. see the trees all-around in the city. see the trees around and it sure looked pretty ♪ maxwell shrank you. any further public comment.
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seeing none, public comment is closed. well move this forth. supervisor mar? supervisor mar: i was just going to ask are different species of redwood trees rare? i like the redwood growth, but are they rare, and are they looked at with more attention than other trees? >> redwood aren't necessarily rare in san francisco. there are some pockets of them in the park areas. they are definitely not common for backyard areas in san francisco. they are big. >> and her tree can be seen from the street. >> yes. supervisor mar: how old do you think the tree is? >> it is hard to say. the tree is not going to grow as tall as they might grow in the woods because it is starting alone.
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the trees protect each other from the wind. a building is protecting this tree from the wind, and vice versa, but that is going to keep the tree from growing much higher than the build. it is hard to tell without doing a coring sample, and we don't want to do that. supervisor mar: thank you supervisor maxwell: did i close public comment -- >> in response to his question. i am 51. the trees were large when i was a kid. so they are at least 51 years old. in terms of the rarity, i will note from the urban forestry council, and it has been indicated it is rare for a redwood tree of that size to be in a backyard setting in the city, for what it's worth.
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supervisor maxwell: let me close public comment. colleagues, without objection, we will move this forward. item number seven? >> ordinance approving exceptions to requirements of the seismic safety loan program to allow for a $15 million loan to the arlington residents at 480 ellis street. supervisor maxwell: staff? >> good afternoon, chair maxwell and supervisors. joel lip ski from the mayor's office of housing. in this item we are asking for an exception to the existing requirement associated with the seismic safety loan program to relieve one project of the requirement to mean the loan to value ratio of 95%. the current requirement indicates that in order to make