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tv   [untitled]    September 9, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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liens. i will not bore you with it. it is a step to the screen economy. it is up to the folks running fannie and freddie. we need to see something change quickly. our attorney general filed suit, to his credit. mayors across the country are ready to voice, as well as governors, when we have a sympathetic ear from the administration and the department. we just need some folks there to right this wrong. >> any other questions? thank you all for being here. we appreciate it.
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director ford: i would like to call to order the september 9 meeting of the tjpa. madam secretary, please call the roll. >> [inaudible] mr. chairman, you do have a quorum. item three is communications. director ford: are you aware of any communications? no communications. ok, with that, what is our next item? >> next item is four, board of
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director's new and old business. director's new and old business. director6",o: á0xp
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link electronics, inc. model number: pdr-885 software version: 2.0a link electronics, inc. model number: pdr-885 software version: 2.0a
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and taking the muni bonds down. they work through that and were able to analyze some pictures of how that went. they completed the removal of both the howard street and field street overpass as well as the rest of structures across the temporary terminal after the first couple of weeks, and we expect to be able to get the
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temporary terminal contractor, who has already received a notice to come back, finish of last third of their starting september 20. just a reminder on how the demolition phasing goes, the pink areas -- the southern pink area is the work behind the schwab building, and that is the work that is almost completed. we're starting to progress of northward across veal street. they are doing the abatement right now, and we will start taking the deal street crossing down a week after next. this is where it all began the night of the 13th with the hammering on the top of the debt 40 howard street crossing. they were ready to cut the dean's list by saturday morning. sunday, the street was reopened ahead of schedule in the late afternoon. if we can, the deal street cross
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-- the next weekend, the bill street crossing, as you know, that ralph was put in 10 or 15 years ago. both of those overpasses came down over that weekend. there was a removal of the overpass. by the end of the second week in, the notice to proceed, they have cleared the temporary terminal site as well as the two crossings. here they are working about two weeks ago. that work will be completed. as far as a time line, to give you an idea of what is coming next, the fremontó[ street, wee
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working northwest across veal street, so that will be the next street crossing. in two weeks, we will close that. about three weeks' worth of work. and then into the tempore terminal, starting at the east end and working across fremont by the end of october. utility relocation work, we hope to release that contract in october at the next board meeting, which will allow them to get started, and demolition will proceed through of the terminal. having to take any questions if there are any. >> i have a question. they may be covering it in the next couple killed leave. [inaudible] it was my understanding of those had been taken care of and those are fine now. >> if we will be giving an update on what we have been doing with public outrage, but
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steve can address what we did. >> there were complaints of the first weekend with the start of the camera, the large equipment in the hours of saturday morning -- the start of the equipment, the start of the hammering. the solution was to limit the use of heavy equipment between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., and we have been following that the last four weeks, and there has been basically a moratorium on that unless there is a safety issue or emergency situation. we will try to maintain that brought the rest of the project. we have not received any complaints since that first weekend. >> the second item, we met briefly yesterday and talked about the jobs that were being created and some of the can it go counters you had with some of the workers and how everyone is happy to be back at work in this
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economy. how many of these beliefs that are working on the job for our local hires? do we have any sense of that? >> we can get that information from the prevailing wage report. i would be happy to pass that along to read shortly. some of their flight thursday brought in for a fringes of work. their crew sizes -- tend to 15 -- some of their crews they brought in for apprentice work. their crew sizes, at 10 to 15. >> as you correctly pointed out, public out -- is an important component of construction or demolition activity, and we have been working closely with the community. >> good morning, directors.
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here we go. as the executive director, we have been ramping up our demolition support that transition into the construction phase -- our demolition outreach to support the transition into the construction phase. we are on the ground daily. we have ongoing communications with all the property managers. we have held community meetings each month on the debt militiamen -- we have. we do those meetings tjpa.
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we talk about street or later " if some people have an idea of what they cannot expect they feel very well involve -- to give some people an idea of what they could expect, and people have said that they feel very informed. >> there were some issues about the lack of restroom facilities at the temporary terminal. is there anything you for thinking about doing about that, or do you just think it works the way it is laid out? >> currently, the restaurants have been closed. in the post-9/11 world, they have decided to close the restrooms. the world we live in and out, post-9/11, so until we find
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providing that, we do not offer restroom facilities at this time -- until we find a way of providing that. thank you, directors. that concludes my report. >> thank you very much. >> public comment is an opportunity to address the authority on the items not on today's calendar. we have not received any indication that any member of the public wishes to address you. >> if a member of the public wishes to address the board. with that, public comment is closed. >> we will go ahead and move into your consent calendar work all the items are -- considered to be routine and will be acted upon by a single vote. mr. chairman, directors, i have not received any indication that any director or member of the public wish to have an eye and severed. director ford: i will entertain
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a motion. moved and properly second. all those in favor? opposed? motion carries. >> with that, your consent calendar is approved, and we can move into your regular calendar. item 8 is of a rise in the executive director to execute a special services agreement for legal services with a law firm for five years with an option to extend the term for an additional three years at a cost not to exceed $1 million. -- not to exceed $4 million. >> the selection committee report is included with your item. we received nine proposals and short list the two firms that were most responsive to what we were looking for. he held interviews, and shute mihaly and qeinberger was ranked
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highest. they have been providing services for five years, and staff is comfortable that the contract is beneficial, very reasonable rates to what we saw across other proposals, and a very well-rounded for that is responsive to our needs. director ortiz: this question does not have anything to do with the selection of shute, mihaly & weinberger. this is about the next paragraph where you said you had it was the -- you havenñ selected a proposal. please no i did not have left but the content of this firm. they are really well respected. it is the process. i was looking at the value wave of life, and those firms did not score as high as villains. of what is the process for selecting those two of five
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benefit as novelist -- the ... -- . >> i will move the i did. >> of and second hit ... >> department this is our first
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allocation. >> i'm happy to second. >> this is good news. >> item ten is of the life of the executive director to execute a professional services agreement for level advocacy services. >> sarah will also report on the selection process for these items. >> we also received nine proposals for this rfp, and the selection committee matched and rank the two current firms providing services. they were ranked the highest. their proposals were most
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responsive, showed the most familiarity with our project and the best action projects moving forward for advocacy. hat actually are less in total amount than the current contract because both firms have agreed to reduce their retainer moving forward. i can answer any questions you may have. director ford: who will be the lead advocates for each of these groups? >> the lead for holland and knight will be julie minerva, who has been the lead to date, and for chambers,,, and hard, also the lead to date -- for chambers, conrad, and hart. >> motion to approve. director ford: moved and properly seconded.
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all those in favor? opposed? motion carries. thank you. next item. >> that does conclude your regular calendar. you are set to build a closed session at this time. we have not received any indication that a member of the public wishes to address you on items set for discussion in closed session, but we will give them an opportunity to do so now. director director ford: ok, we are back in open session. let's have our report out on the closed session. >> as to item 3.1, negotiation in terms of payment for tjpa's property interest, the board unanimously authorized the executive director to execute an amendment to the february 11,
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2010 agreement providing for compensation of up to an additional $194,000 in allocation expenses, for a total compensation of eligible relocation expenses in an amount not to exceed $435,435, and compensation of additional $10,500 in settlement of claims relating to goodwill loss in the amount of $341,000. further, that the tjpa shall not provide additional compensation under the amendment of the agreement unless the business provides sufficient documentation to indicate satisfaction of eligible claims satisfaction. as to item 3.2, payment for tjpa's acquisition of property interests, the board unanimously authorizes the
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executive director to execute a purchase and sale agreement for $1,250,000, conditioned on san mateo county transportation authority approval of funding. as to item 3.3, in terms of payment for tjpa's acquisition of property interest, the board unanimously authorizes the executive director to execute purchase and sale agreement for 850,000 [inaudible] conditioned on approval of funding for the acquisition. as to item 3.4, terms of the exclusive negotiating agreement and in terms of payment for purchase of the property from tjpa, there is no action to report. director ford: with that, i think the business of the tjpa board of directors


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