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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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perhaps the first donation to our care and present you with a check to get the ball rolling. >> because i know that the arts commission is very sincere about this, i'm going to make a personal commitment of $10,000. [applause] >> what is significant about the program is the way it is set out allows us to treat the artworks that have the most need, the ones that our conservative have pointed out as the most vulnerable as opposed to ones that might be the most popular were the most miserable -- the most visible. >> it is an opportunity for the public to get involved with these art works located in their backyard and ultimately belong to them. >> i want to do something for the community, just giving back what the community has done for me. it is corny to say, but it is true. it really is what it is. that i would be able to see more
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pieces cleanup. >>" will check back in the future and see the fruits of conservation and revitalization efforts. if you would find out more or donate to the art carethe donate to the art carethe
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president chiu: good afternoon. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting for this tuesday, september 21, 2010. madam clerk, would you please read the roll? clerk calvillo: [reading roll]
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mr. president, there is a quorum. president chiu: thank you. colleagues, it could we excuse supervisor votavalos? without objection, he is excused. ladies and gentlemen, would you join me in the pledge of allegiance? ladies and gentlemen, before we proceed to the rest of our business, it gives me great honor to officially introduce and welcome one visitor from one of our sister cities, in the ivory coast. this city is san francisco is only african sister city, which is a relationship that began in 1985 by mayor feinstein.
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there is the largest city in the french speaking of west africa with a population of 4 million individuals, and we are honored to welcome today in the mayor of one area. [applause] welcome, mr. mayor. we hope you have a wonderful visit here in san francisco. with that, madam clerk, do we have any? clerk calvillo: no, we do not. president chiu: and we have something in case mayor newsom wants to appear before the board. thank you. if we can move to our consent agenda, -- clerk calvillo: these items of
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the consent calendar will be acted upon by a single roll call vote. president chiu: colleagues, would anyone like to sever any of these items? madam clerk, could you call the roll on these items? clerk calvillo: [reading roll] there are 10 ayes. president chiu: these items are passed and finally adopted. i ms 13. clerk calvillo: will property -- item 13. clerk calvillo: real property.
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supervisor daly: i appreciate the budget and finance effort to look at it closely, but i think i have had all of my questions answered, and i am planning to support it. president chiu: supervisor daly? supervisor daly: i just wanted to say that i will be voting against this item. it is not against the family. i do believe that there is a situation that has not been handled as well as it should be, so we will announce a protest vote over that situation. president chiu: colleagues, unless there is additional discussion, if we could have a roll-call vote? clerk calvillo: on item 13 --
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[reading roll] there are 9 ayes, one no. president chiu: this resolution is adopted. next item, please. clerk calvillo: this is to establish an alcohol cost recovery fee. president chiu: i understand that supervisor alioto-pier wants to be recused. if we could come and take a roll-call vote, please? clerk calvillo: [roll call]
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there are 6 ayes and 3 noes. president chiu: this ordinance is finally passed. item 15? clerk calvillo: item 15 is an ordinance authorizing the department of public works to implement an alternative bid process for construction trade packages and for the renovation and construction for the georgia as mosconi convention center. president chiu: we will take a roll-call vote on this item. clerk calvillo: [roll call]
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there are 10 ayes. president chiu: this ordinance is passed on the first reading. item 16. clerk calvillo: item 16, the timing in standards for the comptroller to review and adjust the cigarette litter abatement fee. president chiu: colleagues, any discussion? we can take a roll call on this item. clerk calvillo: [roll call]
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there are 10 ayes/ president chiu: this item is passed. item 17. clerk calvillo: item 17, a management agreement for the harding park golf course. president chiu: colleagues, can we take this same house, call? this item is adopted. item 18. clerk calvillo: authorizing the department of public health to enter into contracts for out of county behavioral health services in the foster care system. president chiu: colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? it is passed. i 19. -- item 19. clerk calvillo: the planning
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code, rehabilitation and maintenance of transfer lots after the sale of transferral rights. president chiu: if we can proceed to item 20? clerk calvillo: mr. president, and 19th? -- item 19? president chiu: if we could continue that. clerk calvillo: ok. this is to eliminate the exemptions for grocery store and in box stores from the ban on the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies. president chiu: supervisor mar.
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supervisor mar: mr. president, colleagues, this will remove the exemption of grocery and big box stores. as i stated before, i wanted to thank my co-author supervisor bevan dufty but also supervisor maxwell, as well. cigarettes in pharmacies do not mix. pharmacies should promote healing and protect our health, not sell cigarettes, the number one cause of preventable death in the united states. some of you also may know that in the united states, it is the only place in gallaraga allows pharmacies to sell cigarettes, and with our promotion in the inner cities and our values, it really is a contradiction in most ways. smoking in cigarettes kill, and also secondhand smoke exposure as well has a detrimental impact to many of the residents in the city. there are some that allow
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pharmacies to continue to sell cigarettes. also, the contradiction of pharmacies and drug stores selling cigarettes and tobacco products is a clear conflict of interest. the purpose of the pharmacy even in their code of ethics is to prevent diseases and promote health. the selling of cigarettes, which causes 440,000 deaths per year which are preventable, and there is no safe level of exposure to cigarettes, as well, in the last point that i wanted to make, the number one cause of death in the united states is caused by cigarettes. tobacco is the only product that will use -- that when used will kill a least half of the users, and on average, smoking takes 10 years away from your life. my father could have lived years longer if he had not smoke, and i think this is a measure that
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strongly protect public health, and i urge you for your support. thank you. president chiu, i forgot to think many groups and individuals who heads spin years helping to fight this for public health, including someone from the department of public health, dr. katz, and i also want to think many of the community organizations, including one with the lgbt groups, which has provided education for me and many activists and health advocates. i also want to thank a researcher and the many public health advocates that are in the crowd today, so, colleagues, please support this ordinance for a public health. thank you. president chiu: thank you. any additional discussion? if we could take a roll-call vote on this item. clerk calvillo: [reading roll]
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there are 7 ayes and 3 noes. president chiu: this item is passed on the first reading. item 21. clerk calvillo: item 21, and the ability to except a gift to build two bocce courts at justin herman plaza. president chiu: madam clerk, could you call the roll? clerk calvillo: [roll call vote]
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there is 9 ayes and one no. president chiu: this resolution is adopted. colleagues, we had scheduled today at 4:00 p.m., special order, but as you have seen with the notice that has been provided, the project sponsor is actually rescinding the categorical resumption from the informant to review, so this is tabled by operation of law, which means we do not have to come back at 4:00 p.m., and this notice will be provided in front of the clerk's office, so with that, madam clerk, if we could go now to the roll call? clerk calvillo: roll call for introductions. president chiu? president chiu: thank you.
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party promoters. there have been too many public safety incidents around nightclubs. while we have some regulatory authority around nightclubs, we have had no oversight over the number of fly by night party promoters, whose activities and events have, unfortunately, led to unavoidable tragedy. over the past year, 80% of the entertainment permits that have been suspended as a result of public safety incidences as well as 80% of the permits that have seen additional security requirements imposed on them by the city imposed after incidents involve those at party promoters have thrown. -- involve those that party promoters have thrown. clubs would only be able to work with those party promoters who have registered. since the vast majority -- at
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this time, i am not going to propose additional initial requirements from online legislation. however, if there is an event where there has been an actual or a significant injury, property damage, safety problems, or native of disturbances, the entertainment commission vote -- or neighborhood disturbances, the entertainer commission could put more restrictions on that party promoter, including additional security and background checks. the intent of my legislation is to have as minimal impact as possible on a good party promoters while ensuring that the city regulates party promoters that have issues. at the end of the day, we all share the goal of one to have a city of san francisco, a city of wonderfully vibrant healthy and safe and nightlife. i want to thank the representatives from the entertainment industry, the entertainment commission, and the san francisco police
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department and others for their feedback on my proposal legislation as well as for supervisor maxwell's cosponsoring this, and i want to think supervisor maxwell for her work in this area in years past -- i want to thank her. there are a number of issues related to several new technologies. first, the recent transition to the clipper card. i think everyone agrees on the benefits of having one that can be used to write several transit systems, but the transition to this has been extremely challenging -- one that can be used to ride several transit systems. i have heard about a lot of confusion from the constituents, and i hope that we can work with the mta to better get the word out about this new tool. i along with others have also been concerned about the so-
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called 25 cent surcharge that has been imposed on individuals to use to pay cash to ride muni and now have to buy cards from vending machines. i think we need to discuss why this was imposed. i would also like to have a conversation with the mta about allowing opening of the gates with a wave of the hand. i think we can all appreciate new technologies, but they need to work, and i would like emt tune in to questions in that regard. the rest of the items i will submit. and i would like the mta -- and i would like the mta to answer questions in that regard. clerk calvillo: thank you, mr. president. supervisor elsbernd: this would
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cover our graffiti laws, and in district 11, the number of vehicles attached to some commercial stores have been sitting out in front of their warehouse space, collecting lots and lots of tags come in yet, there is nothing on the books that requires them to clean up their vehicles and to cause blood to accumulate in certain areas. one establishment in particular is a market on the corner of main and mission streets, and this legislation, if enacted, would help to assure that we had recourse, that they were improving the conditions around their buildings, especially around the trucks that they use for their business. that is my one item. thank you. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor avalos.
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supervisor daly? supervisor daly: thank you. about building the bocce ball courts. , i thank them for setting it up. it is with some mixed emotion. the recreational activities that we should be thinking about.
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i appreciate some of my constituent leaders and neighborhood leaders in the area south of the site for bringing up the issue of lack of children's play areas, so, hopefully, and that would hopefully bring some logjam in that community. -- breaks the logjam. -- break some logjam. there are issues in the planning code, and this is in my capacity as a supervisor.
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urging relevance city agencies. in terms of the system of distribution, and in folks of the medical cannabis sector, there are dispensaries that have gone through significant processes in order to get in those areas.
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without the ability of amending the planning code, and to be there to pick this up and carried it ford and deal with what -- carry it forward, what i think is a threat for a delicate balance for the medical canada's dispensaries. that is my roll call introduction -- for the medical cannabis dispensaries. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor daly. supervisor alioto-pier. supervisor alioto-pier: sexual assault and rape cases must be a priority in san francisco, in the current situation is inaccurate.
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-- and the current situation is inaccurate korea, while i command chief -- is an accurate. while i commend chief gascon and mr. hammer, i have the following recommendations to establish a timeline for testing dna evidence based on best practices, which we also do not denote -- do not do. coordination between providers requires the police department to report on testing in prosecution rates before the board of supervisors, and a look forward to working with all the stakeholders to see this through as soon as possible. i also wanted to vote make it aware of the amendments in my legislation -- i also wanted to make aware of the amendments in
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my legislation. this is set for land use next week, and i wanted to make sure that these amendments were available prior to the hearing. colleagues, i would like to close the meeting today in honor of an attorney whose work transformed not only the physical look of san francisco but also the political and cultural heritage. his influence stretched far beyond the legal world. from 1964 to 1980, he pressed against apartheid in south africa and upheld the right of a communist professor to teach at ucla. during more than 55 years at the law firm, he and his partners did a lot of work, including on mission bay. he was born in san francisco in
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1922. he received his undergraduate degree from uc berkeley and his law degree from yale. in the early 1950's, he worked as an attorney general -- he worked for an attorney general. in the late 1960's, he was one of the men who got together with my grandfather and convinced him to run for mayor back in 1968. he was also one of dianne feinstein's advisers, and he served for 16 years. the boarding area at the terminal is slated to be renamed in his honor. he is survived by his wife, a sister, his daughter, his son, and four grandchildren.
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a memorial service will be held on october 18 in san francisco, and i would like to extend i think it would be nice if we could send it from the entire building. clerk calvillo: thank you supervisor alioto-pier. supervisor? supervisor: there were a lot of rock bands, and that was very interesting.