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tv   [untitled]    September 22, 2010 10:00am-10:30am PST

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captioned by the national captioning institute supervisor avalos: mr. clerk, do we have any announcements? >> please turn off all cell phones and pagers. if you wish to speak during the proceedings, please present cards to myself and if your presenting documents, please include copies for the file. items presented here will appear september 28, 2010, unless otherwise stated. supervisor avalos: great, thank you. please call item no. 1. >> item #1, resolution
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retroactively approving the grant agreementsan francisco and the non-profit institute on aging to provide case management, linkages program services to seniors and adults with disabilities during the period of july 1, 2010, to june 30, 2014, for a total not to exceed amount of $16,144,866. supervisor avalos: thank you, victor. last week, colleagues, before us we had a technical amendment to make sure that the resolution language that the total amount for the contract. it was done this week pursuant to that amendment. is there anything else that we need to know about? >> no, chairman. supervisor avalos: let's open this up to public comment. seeing no one, let's close public comment. we will send out forward with it full support of the committee.
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item number two, please. >> item #2, resolution authorizing the administration to enter in the first amendment between the city and xtech (part of the technology store procurement vehicle), in which the amendment shall increase the contractto $41,000,000 and update clauses. supervisor avalos: thank you. welcome. >> good morning. i am here on behalf of naomi kelly. we think that the report was very thorough and we thank him for that and i would just like to give a few points of background regarding the proposed amendment. the original technology store contract from the board in 2008 commenced on january 1, 2009 and it is a requirements contract, which means that there is no set scope of work in that city
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departments order on an as needed basis for many of the vendors. funding is provided by individual department budgets, which is approved by the board in the annual budget process. because the orders can be placed with any of the vendors, monthly expenditures may vary, making it difficult to estimate contract spending on an individual contract basis. the four cats were made within the technology store and distributed evenly amongst vendors to come up with the present contract amount. we did not want to imply any favoritism in awarding the contracts. we find ourselves before the board with a proposed increase based on actual performance over the first 18 months of the contract. by way of background i am pleased to say that this is a
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joint venture comprised of local vendors, a minority-owned business, and a local women's own business. through their success with the previous computer store contracts, they will be graduating soon from the prram. the good thing is that the money spent to this project stays with the city and employs people within the city, also. xtech presently approaches their task similarly throughout the city, notable projects being the oak street traffic light project at $300,000, the core networking project for the data center and $1.2 million, as well
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as the city wide consolidated purchase of hewlett-packard desktops at half of a million dollars. respectfully their request approval to the resolution to increase the contract amount so that they might compete for additional projects as they arise around data consolidation and expansion of city-wide e- mail projects. i am here to answer any additional questions you might have. supervisor avalos: thank you for the presentation. before we go to questions, let's hear from mr. rose on the budget analysts report. >> based on projected expenditures, we concur that this request is justified, going from $24 million to $34 million, but none of these funds can be approved without the board of
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supervisors and and we do recommend approval. supervisor avalos: thank you. colleagues, comments or questions? we can open this up for public comments. anyone that would like to comment on item number two, please come forward. seeing no one, we will close public comments. the motion is seconded, we are sending a forward with full recommendation to the committee. thank you. mr. young, if you could please call item no. 3 ella -- no. 3? >> item #3, resolution approving amendment no. 3 to the clear channel outdoor, inc. lease agreement, for the airport advertising program at san francisco international airport lease no. 00-0408 between clear channel outdoor, inc., dba clear channel airports,
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and the city and county of san francisco, acting by and through its airport commission. supervisor avalos: thank you. there has been a request from the airport to have this item table. i think that there is an effort to go back to table all looking at other ways of doing revenue through advertising. colleagues, are we ok with that? supervisor? supervisor mirkarimi: do we have representative from the airport? >> yes, [unintelligible] of the san francisco airport. supervisor mirkarimi: it ties into a very contemporary discussion we're having in the board of supervisors, but we do have it passed law that for habits city departments from of -- advertising alcohol and i was
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wondering how that is not factored into this particular deal. >> i believe that the clear channel contract at the airport prohibits alcohol advertising. if it is not specific, all advertisements must be approved by the airport design review committee and they would not approve an advertisement that had alcohol in it. in these cases i know we have looked at this issue regarding our duty-free shops. i cannot remember at the moment, right now, how it was settled. if we asked them not to do it or if they had an exemption. supervisor mirkarimi: maybe i can help, it is an alcohol ad ban that specifically says that
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the ban is to be applied to all new or permanent advertising contracts in -- contracts. as entered into or materially amended before or after the effective date of the ordinance, which as late january, 2009. >> you are saying that it was not improved? >> that was our interpretation, but that it was somehow just forgotten. >> if we decide to pursue a different version of claudication no. 3, i will make a note to make sure that that is included. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. supervisor avalos: supervisor elsbernd? actually, did you have anything you wanted to discuss, mr. rose?
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however, whenever your pleasure is. supervisor avalos: i think we will just go on to public comment. the intent is to table the contract. i have a card representing peter fortune? >> i just want to remind you that it is in the resolution itself. three times your constituents have voted. there was no new general advertising sign. they did it again in 2007 and
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2009, flying in the face of your constituents in voters every time. it's crazy to see if you can get around what your constituents because every time we have asked to vote on it, we say no new general advertisers. just stop. supervisor avalos: public comments? seeing no one come forward, public comment is close. captioned by the national captioning institute
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supervisor elsbernd: as is the case when these come before the voters, there's no documentation to give the voters the true facts. voting one way will lose billions of dollars, just generally. frankly, when these numbers go before the ballot, they're done in a way that is a bit of a sham. voters are not told that they will lose out on these dollars. in the future we should finally have some actual did it one more advertising? supervisor avalos: i think they
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do one more advertising. supervisor elsbernd: in the future i hope that the electorate is given the complete package of information and not just advertising. supervisor avalos: ok, we will take that without objection. so, that item is tabled. it will not be discussed any further today. mr. young, please call items four and five. >> item #4, resolution adopting california environmental quality act findings related to the courtyard 2 air traffic control tower replacement project and integrated facilities project at san francisco international airport.
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item number five, resolution authorizing the airport commission to execute an other transaction agreement with the federal aviation administration (faa) for the replacement airport traffic control tower and faa offices in the amount not to exceed $79,982,500 and federal funds. supervisor avalos: thank you. colleagues, we had item no. 5 before us last week and mrs. wagner is here today to talk about it. welcome. >> thank you. thank you very much for holding the item from last week until this week so that the legislation required to be heard before was passed back for agreement. the air force is seeking approval of transaction agreements with the federal aviation administration for replacement air traffic control towers.
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as well as the adoption of the findings related to the tower project. the effort prepares to enter into the scheduled aviation administration 100% reimbursement of the environmental assessment, design, and reconstruction for the replacement tower and faa offices. the item before you today is the funding mechanism that will allow the airport to be reimbursed for all the agreed upon costs, ultimately to be owned and operated by the faa. any contract meeting the approval threshold set forth would ultimately need to be approved by the board. today, simply is that the funding mechanism allows for reimbursement on the project 100%. the department of city planning
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has determined that the project is within the scope of the master plan for ram and that no further environmental analysis is needed. i have with me today the air for deputy director, the project manager on this. he can answer any questions you have about the tower replacement project. supervisor avalos: great, thank you very much. let's just hear about the timeline for construction. >> i will introduce mr. fax borough to tell you that. >> good morning, good morning. it is a pleasure to be introduced to you this morning. the timeline for the project is that we are proceeding with the procurement of architectural services through an rfp that is down the street now and the intent is to have an architect on board by the end of november,
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developing and setting up design documents for approximately 10 months. at that point we will then appear design and build services through the end of 2011. constructions are in early 2012. it is a 30 month construction schedule. at that point we turn the facility over to the faa and they spend one year of outfitting their commission equipment. for the intent is to have it opened in the latter part of 2015. supervisor avalos: what is the plan for the current tower? >> the existing tower will obviously remain operational up to that point. there is a. within 60 days of opening the new tower where they will demolish the old tower.
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there is an office block associated with that power, we will take that off as well as offer force, it will be completely removed and a building on will be reestablished. supervisor avalos: that building will be emptied and reconstructed? >> all of the office block in the tower are located directly above terminal to. -- terminal two. it will continue to operate as it opens next year. the operation will continue as a terminal facility, no office facilities. supervisor avalos: very good, thank you. we can open it up for public comment. when any member of the public like to comment on these items? please come forward. we will close public comment.
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motion for the supervisor to except with recommendation the two items, their move forward without exception. please call item no. 6. >> item #6, resolution (1) declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to establish a property-based business improvement district (community benefit district) to be known as the "ocean avenue community benefits district," and levy a multi-year assessment on identified parcels in the district; (2) approving the management district plan and engineer's report and proposed boundaries map for the district; (3) ordering and setting a time and place for a public hearing thereon; (4) approving the form of the notice of public hearing and assessment ballots; and (5) directing the clerk of the board of supervisors to give notice of the public hearing and balloting as required by law. supervisor avalos: thank you, mr. young. colleagues, this is an item