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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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documents for approximately 10 months. at that point we will then appear design and build services through the end of 2011. constructions are in early 2012. it is a 30 month construction schedule. at that point we turn the facility over to the faa and they spend one year of outfitting their commission equipment. for the intent is to have it opened in the latter part of 2015. supervisor avalos: what is the plan for the current tower? >> the existing tower will obviously remain operational up to that point. there is a. within 60 days of opening the new tower where they will demolish the old tower. there is an office block
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associated with that power, we will take that off as well as offer force, it will be completely removed and a building on will be reestablished. supervisor avalos: that building will be emptied and reconstructed? >> all of the office block in the tower are located directly above terminal to. -- terminal two. it will continue to operate as it opens next year. the operation will continue as a terminal facility, no office facilities. supervisor avalos: very good, thank you. we can open it up for public comment. when any member of the public like to comment on these items? please come forward. we will close public comment. motion for the supervisor to
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except with recommendation the two items, their move forward without exception. please call item no. 6. >> item #6, resolution (1) declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to establish a property-based business improvement district (community benefit district) to be known as the "ocean avenue community benefits district," and levy a multi-year assessment on identified parcels in the district; (2) approving the management district plan and engineer's report and proposed boundaries map for the district; (3) ordering and setting a time and place for a public hearing thereon; (4) approving the form of the notice of public hearing and assessment ballots; and (5) directing the clerk of the board of supervisors to give notice of the public hearing and balloting as required by law. supervisor avalos: thank you, mr. young. colleagues, this is an item that has been a long time in the development towards the camp --
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creation of a community district along ocean avenue, on the border between districts 11 and 7. it has been hard to get to the threshold, i think, to get to the petition level designed by committee, but we finally made it there. i know that there is a lot of concern on both sides of the issue whether to move forward or not, but i would like to acknowledge the work that has been done in working in reaching out to merchants over the past few years to help get support for this and the merchants there, we got to this threshold
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and i have not heard from the people in opposition and some have expressed concern the -- concerns about the economic climate and the difficulty of proving a new assessment. but i also see a great benefit that can come forward with having the community benefits district established, including business attraction and retention that is so important to our commercial court orders. it is important to note that there will be grade investments going into it in terms of commercial property and housing over the past 10 years. we have also seen great pedestrian landscaping over the past 10 years, undergrounding, great sidewalks and streets for
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getting around the area. i think that today is an important day for all of the work that has been done and making improvements to the corridor, seeing if we can move to the next step for service that can lead to future improvements to line. i know that we have a new management plan and amendment. mr. gunn is here, i have him listed to summarize those for us. that would be great. >> good morning, supervisors. thank you very much. the office has been working with the community and ocean avenue since 2007. we are here today to present to you the resolution of intention to form the ocean avenue
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community benefit district and amendments for review. specifically the amendments have to do with updated management plans and engineers' reports. over the past few months there has been extensive outreach to the community and a lot of input during the commission face on how to improve the plan. additionally, the funding for the loop developments has come through this summer. some of the entitlements for the project for that area have been approved and we know much more than they did before. reflecting what will be in the area that is not currently there today. some of the property owners also have data corrections given to
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proponents. sullivan has been reflected in updated plans. mostly administrative -- some of it has been reflected in the plans. mostly administrative on page three, line 8, the amendment plan submitted for your review and amended engineer's report. that is noted on page 3, line 13. proposed district is 13 years
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and the ballot has been changed based on the time line requiring 45 days for the ballot vote process. line 23 and 24, the final hearing date has been changed. that is the proposed hearing from november 9. on page 7 of the revolution -- resolution, there are updated and more detailed services included in the updated and amended plans. it just goes into much more detail about the services to be provided. on page 9, there is a slight
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reduction in the assessment to be collected based on the change regarding property measurements that were incorrect previously. so, the assessment revenue has been estimated to be collected in the first year, changed to $239,578. supervisor avalos: [inaudible] the actual changes that you were proposing were not in the proper form. but we could accept the amendment as a whole and it should be fine. >> ok. if you have any questions, i would be happy to answer. supervisor avalos: i think that it would be great if you could summarize the services that will be performed and what is currently being done, as well as
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what will be done in addition as it is established. what will the services be compared to what is there now? >> the office of economic and workforce development has had a relationship with the collaborative since its inception, helping to fund with our partner the planning process on mission ave in 2005, was led to the establishment of this collaboration, including property owners and residents in the area approving the ocean avenue commercial district. since 2007 they have looked at the concept of performing as a way to enhance services to the district. currently they do volunteer cleanup every once in a while, but not regularly or daily cleaning, for example. currently there is a part-time staff, but they would like to
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also do much more marketing, promotion, and special events in the district. more public safety services. collaborating with police, open spaces in the plaza after it is developed. these are the kinds of things that they would like to do in a much more intensive way than they can do now as a volunteer organization that is dependent on grants. it will be much more enhanced services than what they are normally able to provide. the details of the services are definitely very detailed in the management plan. basically the organization has been able to bring together the community, but they have a lot more work to do. new developments proposed in the community will bring more foot traffic. business attractions to ease
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living spaces is going to be very important, keeping the existing businesses there and doing better will be very important in the coming years. supervisor avalos: on ocean avenue there is a great deal in place, such as a library and events being program every year. december we had tremendous success, about 300 people. i know that the oarc was instrumental in making that happen. in these elements we are able to bring people down to the commercial corridor and see the diversity in the businesses, spending money to help them grow and develop. this is one great way that we could continue that effort to make sure that these kinds of
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damage services have been. i am a supporter. let's open it up for public comment. >> thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. i have a number of cards. and what else would like to come forward to speak as well, i will call the names. [reads names] >> in no particular order? hello, my name is henry [unintelligible] thank you for having this hearing today, i am a resident of west would park. i lived on east would drive for 20 years. i wrote a letter to this committee. i will not repeat the comments in a letter, but i would like to echo your remarks, supervisor,
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about the changes that have happened recently. it is important to note when ocean avenues on the cost of shutting the reputation it has had over the years before being dirty, unkempt, hit or miss in terms of local business. with a new library and the avalon bay project in the master plan, now is the time the ocean avenue can become one of the premier streets in the city. in fact one other thing that i should mention is the corridor project that has been a particular help and i appreciate the city focusing on that. my only feeling, the reason i support cbd, residents have made an investment in the ocean
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avenue corridor. the city has made an investment there. in these times of sharing, it is time for the business owners and property owners to reciprocate. i think it is very important that we all share the commitment to making it the premier street that it can be. this is the last piece of the puzzle in my view. i wholeheartedly support it and recommend moving forward. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please? >> supervisors, i am a 32 year resident of wedgewood park and a lifelong resident of the area. i am here to strongly supporting cbd as i look at it as the exciting opportunity to knit
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together our diverse communities on a central ocean avenue corridor that will enhance our lives in a positive way. i am very proud of what we have done. we are resident property owners and merchants that have proved together to improve the corridor and i am looking forward to more events that will help our neighborhoods all around. i also want to read a statement from the monument. one positive activity is the effort of the oarc, the city has produced results. as a merchant i work 90 hours per week and i cannot take extra time to organize in research, but i can get involved with someone else was doing that work and creates an effective opportunity for me. as changes, but over the next
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couple of years i believe that this will be an important tool to create positive results. we need to link the new and the old and bring more consumers to the area. this is an exciting time for the ocean avenue corridor. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. thank you so much. in the project manager for the oarc. the goal of this, as everyone said, for the property owners, residents, and merchants to get involved. for everyone to create a vibrant and thriving neighborhood commercial corridor. but providing services like save the, marketing activities, that are consistent and professional maintenance programs. since we have conducted this our
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reach since 2007, we were able to garner more interest and support, especially after the petitions were sent out. back when many of the properties were more interested in learning about how they could help and how we could give property owners involved in the community. i have a letter here from a man that could not be here today, but he has been a property owner of ocean avenue for 13 years. saying that many dedicated individuals have sacrificed their time to make a corridor vibrant and attractive. they will continue to market the corridor to attract aid averse and mixed pool of businesses to create foot traffic, increased decency, and improvements to generally enhance the business district. that is just one of the letters that we got. we have a lot more from merchants and other property orders in the quarter as well. thank you so much.
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supervisor avalos: next speaker, please. i have more cards. [reeadads names] the microphone to your right is the one that will be working. can you hear me? >> back in 1997, the ocean avenue lost the bank of america and safeway. in the papers there were stories about how desperate they were and so forth. i have some association with ocean avenue. at that time we started talking. mark, who is going to speak to you in a moment, we talked about a number of things. something that was coming that no one knew about was that they were planning to replace the streetcar tracks on ocean avenue. they had replaced them up on board street.
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they closed down the business and it took them two years to do it. we inquired, what are your plans for ocean avenue? we said -- they said -- well, we will replace the streetcar tracks over the next three years. so, we proposed to the railway that they do ocean avenue in segments of four blocks each. money aside, as well as the parking lanes. they refused to do it. we collected about 3000 signatures and distributed them to the board of supervisors. we were holed up and a meeting was arranged between us and some of the people from muni. there were 12 merchants there, as well as three people from the muni. they replace the streetcar track
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segments in four blocks and not a single merchant went out of business life on board street. bridget went out of business like onboard street. when we started there were six small stores on ocean avenue. [tone] is that my time? supervisor avalos: that is your time. we can grant to another moment. >> i will be great -- i will be brief. the judge over the courthouse was talking and talking, i had to come in late. anyways, the property owners that i represent along ocean avenue, for example this morning we did not know about this meeting until three days ago.
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i do not mean to be contentious with the people promoting this, but they could do a lot better job at sending out notices and tending -- telling us all. we did not know which you doing this morning except to come here. i think that they need to do a better job of sending out notices and conferring with us. we are listening to what they say but this is basically about proposition 218, where you have to follow certain procedures. we are watching. if the other side does not meet and talk with us to follow the required procedures, we will do what we can to shut them down. supervisor avalos: there's a vote coming up on november 17. the mayor's office has informed the property owners that this hearing was going happen. definitely, that will happen on
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the 17th, which is where there will have the ability to express willingness to go forward. >> we are willing to talk, listen, evaluate and so forth. there are two sides to this. it is not the board of supervisors that opposes this tax, it is the property owners. we are willing to talk. these give us proper notice and a chance for an hon. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. next speaker, please? anyone else that would like to comment and fees come forward. -- anyone else that would like to comment can please come forward. >> good morning. in the president of the property owners association. so far we have about 78 petitions that say no. i have yet to hear anything from
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the ocean avenue district committee or send me anything as a property owner. the last meeting i went to, they have their own business over there to try to decide how to spend the money. yet i have not seen the 30% proof required to go forward with the fund. end of this project goes forward it will be duplicated service for the city, sweeping the sidewalks and keeping the place clean, up hiring people for security. i think that the only person i can do that is the city.
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so, this is a duplicate service. if these things go through, we get a tough break. also, when they mentioned bringing more business to the corridor, that does not have a direct effect on the property owners. all of the service that they are doing is a duplicate service. there is low or no value to the property owners. all of the meetings that i have, i went to three of them. every single one was just talking. [tone] talking the business. so. as this town right here, nine blocks and one year. i have been in business for 20 years on ocean avenue. thank you supervisor avalos:
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thank you very -- thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. we did meet, ourselves, at one point. mr. weaver? >> i would like to point out a few quick things about ocean avenue and the proposal. very frugal in three ways. we aim to get a 25 ft. storefront on the ocean assessed at less than $25,000 each year. we achieve that goal by establishing a linear footage assessment of less than $30 per foot. the second way is that we did not, unlike other districts, we do not assess the linear footage for the quarter buildings on the side streets -- for the corner buildings on the
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side streets. third, we have committed to no increase assessments for inflation of call -- or cost of living. second, i would like to point out that this is a great opportunity for merchants and property owners to come together. in discussing this item we have come to the realization that the big issue that we need to work on is not something as simple as sleeping every day -- sweeping every day, but complicated like what happens when there is a graffiti attack on the entire street. big property owners, tiny property owners, they all agree that that is something that we should work on and tried to resolve in a better way. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you.
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i also want to thank you for a lot of the work in developing it. i know you have worked for years, decades on the corridor. i wanted to a knowledge of that. mr. harris? >> it is still mourning. thank you. i have been a 34 year resident of the neighborhood and all of my neighbors are in action. as a community member of cbd we have done a lot of work in trying to get this together and letting it would be good for the streets. -- getting it would be good for the street. paying for the cleanup, we have done a lot of things to try to enhance the corridor. i think that at this particular point, cbd would be excellent. mr. chung, a property owner,
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could not be here today, but he asked me to read about these dedicated individuals who have put their time in attempting to make the corridor vibrant and attractive to attract the diverse and complementary pool of businesses to create foot traffic, safety, improved cleaning and maintenance to enhanced business districts. i ask that you please approve this. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. i would also like to of knowledge a lot of your work on the corridor in your volunteerism on the neighborhood clean-up days. probably with your wife, mary. thank you for all of your support. any other members of the public that would like to comment? please come forward.