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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2010 1:00am-1:30am PST

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umne, there are things we can do and that we can not. the hardest thing for us is to contribute water. the easier thing is to invest in either streambed operations or repairing a corridor. this is consistent with that kind of thinking process. is there a recent annual report on the program? >> we do annual postings on our public website. for the summaries, and we hope to provide a more detailed report for the fiscal year and bring it to the commission, a think we are scheduled to do that before the end of the calendar year. i am not sure when. commissioner moran: one thing i would be interested in looking at when that does come forward is the anticipated allocation of money and effort into types of
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acquisitions. this is not really a watershed acquisition. it is not part of our watershed. it is impact area. but i would be interested in seeing how much is of this nature and how much of it would be in various watershed areas as far as what we are planning going forward. >> we are happy to provide that information, and we do have it. i want to thank you for your comments about the past investments that were made by the puc and want to echo this very quickly. it is really important to acknowledge the benefits. 16 years ago, that decision was made, and it is still providing benefits. it takes that long for the community and landowners to see something like this go forward, to see they can do it. we have been very fortunate overtime to have this whole area explode with opportunities.
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we are hoping to tell stories just like that on the lme the side. -- the alameda side. v>:it hask,+ to this point, but i am excited. presidenta&ñiñçóñi crowley: thal for answering our questions. there is a motion on the floor that has been item 15. all those in favor? ayes have it. [applause] >> item 16, discussion and possible action to authorize the general manager to approve the extension of the term that certain easement and license agreements related to the 66 inch sewage force may not relocation between the city and county of san francisco, colp, and locil-d focil-mb to exercisn
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option to extend the term of that is meant. we have no speaker cards. president crowley: there is a motion to adopt 16. all those in favor? the ayes have it. >> item 17, discussion and possible action to approve the plans and specifications and award water enterprise, water system improvement program wd- 2601 in the amount of $99 million to the lowest qualified responsive and responsible bidder, kiewit infrastructure
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west company, to provide construction contract work for seismic and hydraulic upgrades t]ñ%3 sprinn andreas transmission system. president crowley: we move to adopt. all those in favor? the ayes have it. >> item 18 -- >> is only a $100 billion contract, but thank you for your action on that. commission president to execute an employment contract with ed harrington as general manager on behalf of the city and county of san9%m5+v#3ñrñi francisco. president crowley: item 18? vice president vietor: second.
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[laughter] commissioner caen: i will take my second back. vice president vietor: we can share it. >> we have no public speaker cards. president crowley: let us move to adopt a team. all those in favor? çó+++r"=
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possible action authorizing the general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission to execute an employment contract with harlan kelly, assistant general manager for infrastructure, on behalf of the city and county of san francisco. documents have been and are on file. president crowley: item 19, we have no speaker cards. any questions from anybody before we go? properly moved and properly seconded. all those in favor, please signify by saying aye. the ayes have it. >> the next session is hour closed session item. if you would assert a motion to attorney-client privilege, i will read the items and then we can go into closed session. president crowley: any public
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comment on anything in closed session? hearing and seeing none, a motion is before us. it has been moved and seconded. the ayes have it. >> item 22 -- threat to public services and facilities pursuant to5ió the california government code. item 23 -- the conference with legal counsel with regard to a clai
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supervisor alioto-pier: captioned by the national captioning institute supervisor dufty: i would like
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to call this meeting to order as a member. the first item is collecting a chair pro tem. supervisor elsbernd? supervisor elsbernd: i will nominate our former chair. supervisor dufty: commissioner david chiu is nominated. are there any other nominations? seeing no one, nominations are closed. madam clerk? >> [roll calroll call]
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the item passes. supervisor chiu: please call item no. 2. >> item #2, approval of the minutes of the july 2010 meeting. supervisor chiu: without objection, those meeting minutes are approved. public comment? is there any public comment on this item of the approval of minutes? seeing no one, public comment is closed. we should rescind that vote, motion to rescind. without objection, the prior motion is rescinded. now, could we take a motion to
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approve the minutes without objection? the meeting minutes are approved. item number three, please. >> the chairs report, information item. supervisor chiu: our chair is not here today, he will deliver the report at the next meeting. item #4. >> item #4 is executive director's report. >> -- supervisor chiu: mr. executive director. >> thank you. several things that i would like to comment on. birds of all, a final roundup of sp83. there are seven counties that have voted to put the measure on the ballot. if it passes, they would raise a combined $62 million per year for projects around the region.
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from a quick survey, $30 million per year would go to rehabilitation and the balance would be designated for programs like transit, bicycle, pedestrian projects, technology, and pollution reduction. on the parkway i have some good news. we have received notice that the department of transportation has awarded a $3.8 million grant under the highway discretionary program. excellent news for creating -- completing the funding plan. particularly in the wrong part of the second phase of the
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project, making the park where one of four projects in the entire nation that applied for these loans, the second project from san francisco on the southeast waterfronts, of very lucky that two in the running. we have had significant activity with high-speed issues in san francisco to include alternatives that are of interest and much more closely aligned with a line of investigation that the city would like to pursue. the fourth cycle working
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through caltrans local assistance has now been issued for local agencies interested in applying, grants up to $9 million for safety related projects. the bicycle plant injunction has been lifted in 2006, we will continue to work together with the mta to make sure, as has been our goal for the past year, that there is a steady stream of projects ready to implement. at this point, up 21 bicycle projects will be completed by the nba next year -- mta next
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year with a bike schedule of the end of your packet including the names and locations of the project that are fca funded, many of them using crop k. we kick off the san francisco transportation plan with additional members for the community advisory committee and applications that are due on october 1 and anyone interested should check the web site, or call 522-4800. on the transportation plan. we are actively working on the
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sustainability efforts strategy, thursday we will be hosting a leadership roundtable with participation from several members of this board looking at the big issues that are coming up related to greenhouse gas reduction in the air resources board approving targets on thursday for sb375 a capital reduction target for 2015 of 15% per capita by 2035, which are ambitious targets keenly interested in the counterparts to these goals. that is what we are tracking
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seven street resurfacing project amounting to about $2.2 million, which is an unusual piece of news, pulling the money down to the next project, last so they can get done. the department of public works has been able to advance the initial projects in the program, reconstruction projects, which is essentially 29% of the program amount. bonds of timber 17th, the city marked the street project and i was not able to attend, i was out of town.
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a really great celebration of a wonderful project including lots of trees, 30 accessible programs, 45 light fixtures, street art, street furniture as well. it was a collaboration of a number of city departments. the authority provided $1.7 million in grant funds to match $2 million from the regional. we also put in $300,000 in crop k funds. a great partnership between prop k programs that work, generating the neighborhood. i would like to recognize fran
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martin, a tremendously important in pushing this project forward. we have good news on the better market street project. we received a $250,000 grant, matching the $790,000 in crop k. getting the project fully funded for the study phase. i believe that this afternoon the complete interviews for the short list of consultants we will bring back the recommendation before the end of october. we have had significant activity on the boulevard study with an open house yesterday that was very well attended and quite successful. we are pursuing a three-pronged strategy there that includes it
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network development and strategy is to encourage sustainable roads and projects to improve the walk ability of the city center area. the project is much more far reaching than the civic center area as the circulation it ramifications in other parts of the city are west of sunset. on october 5 we will be hosting a community meeting to present and receive feedback on pedestrian improvement of three south of market alleys. ministry, tomah street, and -- mina, toma, and ringo streets. part of a follow-through to the screening process that took place during the western meeting planned. people interested in that can also visit our web site. very good news, almost done
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with my report, very good news on the van ness ave transportation project. we received notice from the state historic preservation officer. i agree with the assessment of the classification of the old light poles. the office essentially agrees that because of lack of integrity to convey significance, the polls, although historically significant, are not an item that will be listed. so, that has removed a potentially interesting obstacle to moving the project forward in an expedited manner. we are now at the point where we have read designated the project managers and engineers to staff the engineering effort. so, we are boys to have capital
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programs and construction division initiate 30% engineering on the project. we are moving this forward and i am delighted that we have achieved that major milestone. my last item is simply to welcome major markets, our new senior transportation planner. richard has a bachelor's degree in sociology and urban planning, 12 years of transportation planning experience, has worked for metro north in new york city, for the orange county transportation authority and the association of government and is in the private sector, he will be one of the experts covering a number of topics related to transportation, like the regional transportation plan, expansion plan, and funding strategy for brought kay. i will be happy to answer any questions. supervisor chiu: any discussion? any public comment on the
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report? seeing no one, public comment is closed. item #5. >> item #5, approve a budget amendment to add $100,000 in prop k funds to the authority's adopted fiscal year 2010/11 budget for the purpose of partially defraying the cost of a management performance audit of the municipal transportation agency (mta); award a consultant contract to cgr management consultants llc, in an amount not to exceed $200,000, for audit services for a limited scope management performance audit of the mta, phase ii; and authorize the executive director to negotiate contract terms and conditions. colleagues -- supervisor chiu: colleagues, any discussion? any public comment? c. non -- seeing no one, will call. >> [roll call] 9 ayes, the item passes.
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supervisor chiu: next item. >> item #6, amend the authority administrative code. supervisor chiu: any discussion from the public? seeing no one, this amendment is adopted. item number 7? >> adopt positions on state legislation. supervisor chiu: any discussion? any public comment? public comment is closed. this item is adopted. item #8. >> item #8,allocate up to $594,076 in prop k funds, with conditions, for five requests, subject to the enclosed fiscal year cash flow distribution schedules, and amend the bicycle circulation and safety 5-year prioritization. supervisor chiu: any discussion? any public comment? seeing no one, the item is closed. item number nine? >> item #9, appropriate $100,000 in prop k funds, with conditions, for the purpose of
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partially defraying the cost of a management performance audit of the municipal transportation agency, in a total amount not to exceed $200,000. supervisor chiu: discussion? public comment? seeing no public comment, this item is adopted. item number 10? >> introduction of new items. supervisor chiu: would anyone like to introduce items? seeing no one, with no public comment, the item is closed. supervisor chiu: item number 11. >> public comment. supervisor chiu: is there any general public comment? seeing no one, public comment is closed. item number 12? >> adjournment. supervisor chiu: we are adjourned for the day.