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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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more choice to educate my dollar. -- my daughter. i would agree mcdonald's with the happy meals and the toy is. because i think if this is the owner, especially in the difficult economy. i think it makes it hard to explore the business. i think we limit the ability to
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return to society. also, i do a lot of social work in the chinese community. i knew they could -- they do good things such as support scholarship. again, i propose -- i oppose this proposal. >> i work in downtown san francisco. my daughter is very healthy.
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we need to do something about, the unfairness of the legislation. why do we have to cost single out the restaurant of the house of a lawyer -- the restaurant that has a toy. they tried to do something good for society, and if we penalize them, they will go to another place that will be much worse. >> to you lived in san francisco? >> i am speaking of personal experience. >> thank you the reagan >> i
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want to -- thank you. >> i want to point out the relationship with the toy, because how often do you go to mcdonald's sued by a soaring -- mcdonald to buy a toy? the second thing is, when they offer you the toy -- compared to other things, the proportion of the happy meal may not have such a huge impact and. having an alternative choice is more important compared to other restaurants they do not have another choice.
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any restaurant provides the toys for the kids. that is my point. >> thank you. >> i am from indonesia. fathoming donald's in antony sher, they do not have any -- the mcdonald's in indonesia, they do not have any problems, and no one set a rule to ban the toy is.
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it is so much fun for my niece and my nephew to come, and it brings happiness to my family. a i strongly object to this ordinance. >> how did you find out about the hearing today? >> if you will get your phone and check that they are off, we would appreciate it. >> i am just wondering how you heard about the hearing today. i appreciate it.
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>> her friend told her about it. >> do you know if they have been funded by fast-food companies? >> china news. >> i am opposed to this resolution. the main reason is i am a proud father of kids. my house has regulations. the government needs to stay out of my house by dictating what i can feed my kids my kids are allowed to have fast food once a
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month. they are my responsibility. the part of the world i came from, they dictated what we could eat and what we could wear. i am trying to raise a family to stay out of the dictatorship. thank you very much. >> thank you syria -- thank you. >> i am opposing the ordinance. i am speaking as a mother of three children and grandchildren of six children. i think the ordinance is wrong because it takes away people's responsibilities for themselves and for the children.
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today we have numerous people speaking. there is no doubt we do have an epidemic. thank you for pointing out an occasion for people to solve this issue. this is getting worse. we can work together. the scope of the problem is serious. we eat at fast-food, but most of the time we eat at home, so when you eat at a restaurant, it is easy to point a finger at a restaurant, and if they are the
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ones causing the problem, they provide food people want to eat. we do have a standard to guide us as to how to eat, and i think most of the restaurant industry does try to comply. i think consumers have plenty of choices including mcdonald's to reagan -- including mcdonald's the reagan we need to work together. >> what city did you live in? >> i have a mcdonald's if business in the city appear reagan >> how did you find out about the hearing? >> i read about it in the paper.
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>> next speaker please. yea>> i am talking about a fast- food restaurant. [speaking cantonese] >> i do not speak cantonese. >> i am working in san francisco.
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>> it is in the restaurant.
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>> the kids go outside. >> somebody says they use too much sugar. my kids go to mcdonald's to eat.
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the kids go out to eat at the restaurant. this is ok.
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>> one day maybe he says i like mcdonald's food. >> thank you so much for coming out. thank you fear reagan -- thank you. >> if you need translation, others can help. [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language] >> through the afternoon, supervisors i am a grandparent of six grandchildren. i have four grandchildren in middle school, and every and we
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can they ask for a happy meal. it is the kids that want to go to mcdonald's. there is no longer a mcdonald's in chinatown, so now i have to take them to ocean street for fisherman's wharf. >> ocean street has a good play area. thank you for being a good grandfather as well. >> the last thing he said is the kids do not want to see the dim
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sum. they want to go to mcdonald's. >> i think i have already called jenny down. if there is anyone else who wishes to speak, come forward. we are going to close public comment soon. >> might speak reaching my speech may be a little rougher. -- my speech may be a little rougher. typically i consider myself a libertarian. i am not a big believer of the nanny state, but when i use to argue about helmet laws, we can have an abstract decision if you want.
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if you want to put a helmet on your head, that is your choice. i do not want government telling me what to do. as a father, i want the helmet on my kids, and i think about this as two concepts. fairness and leadership. in the words of my 5-year-old, this is not fair. they have a tool, and i would not save the children are completely defensive but are highly exposed to it -- completely defenseless, but are highly exposed to it. i would like to make it a more level playing field so if a parent wants to bring their child for fast-food, fine.
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my 3-year-old with say, there is my proud sponsor. children are always looking at this. i want them to disassociate foy is from food, and that will get healthier -- is associate toy i food and healthier children. i will not go to statistics. [bell] please take a leadership position in helping their children have happier lives. supervisor mar: thank you. so people should come forward. last chance. >> good afternoon, members of the committee. my name is -- and i am with the california restaurant association, an item here to oppose this legislation before you. first and foremost, implementing this ordinance does nothing really to accomplish the intended goal of reducing
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childhood obesity. we as an industry and even as parents understand that this child did obesity is a serious concern and one that requires an really deserves a comprehensive approach that addresses the various factors that actually contribute to childhood obesity. according to a recent report, as much as 40% of a child's daily caloric intake -- further, more than 75% of all meals are eaten at home. the statistics say that this issue is not really about an incentive item or a toy offered but a much, much broader issue. parents say they want healthier options, i think it real solution would be to promote or focus on promoting physical activity, moderation, and educating these parents on the healthy items that are on the menu and helsing -- helping parents make informed choices.
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honthere is a lot in san francio that provides parents with these choices. -- there is a lot vote -- a law. we opposed it at the local level. supervisor mar: all right, thank you. >> a san francisco parent was quoted in "the chronicle" this week saying that her child may wanta toy, but it is ultimately her decision of what her family eats. we have heard this from numerous families in san francisco, and we just completed a survey of san francisco registered voters, and a strong majority believe that restaurants should be allowed to include toys koran and the overwhelming majority once parents to make those decisions, not politicians --
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should be allowed to include toys. and the overwhelming majority wants parents to make those decisions, not politicians. our survey will officially be released tomorrow. supervisor mar: ok, could we get the research questions that were asked? >> yes. chair maxwell: thank you. supervisor mar: thank you. please come forward. >> my name is -- and i am speaking mandarin chinese. supervisor mar: someone from my office can help. >> more than 30 years.
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[speaking foreign language] >> i have lived in the bay area for 30 years, and i do not understand the purpose of today's legislation. >> [speaking foreign language] >> he is asking if he can ask you that question. i am going to tell him that this is public comment. supervisor mar: we would really appreciate your comments. >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> as a worker, i have eaten a lot of fast food over the past 20 years. i had eaten at jack in the box and mcdonald's. when i was working, there was no other three options. -- food options. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> no matter what kind of food you eat, whether it is japanese food or chinese food, it is responsibility to exercise. -- it is your responsibility to exercise. >> [speaking foreign language] >> so the children who are eating these meals should be able to have their toys while they eat their meals so the toys can also be used as an
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educational item. >> [speaking foreign language] >> i am 80 years old, and i am in very good health, and i have eaten a lot of fast food over the course of my life, and i have exercised. >> [speaking foreign language] >> i also have a lot of grandchildren who are also eating fast food, but they are in good health, and i and educate them about exercise -- and i educate them. supervisor mar: thank you.
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any last speakers at, please, we are going to cut it off after that person standing up there. >> thank you. i am marty martinez. i work with a statewide policy organization, and we represent communities of color across california, and we really applaud this legislation in support it. -- and support it. communities of color are disproportionately consuming fast food in neighborhoods that are disproportionately close to fast-food and are suffering from greater rates of diabetes and obesity, and its current projections continue, we are going to get to the point where basically every other latino is going to have diabetes. that is going to be our future that is going to be our future unless we take action.