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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2010 5:00am-5:30am PST

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ok. >> good luck toy ou. -- to you. >> i will turn the chair over to commissioner joseph. >> we have to adjourn. >> there are no action items left. it is just discussion. >> i have to leave no later than 9:15. we have to -- the remaining items will have to go rather quickly. >> that ok with you? there is nothing to vote on. >> i know that we have i
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adjourned the meeting. >> that is not my understanding. we are almost there. by the time we talk about, it will be done. next item? police department comment and questions. ok. >> good evening, commissioners. real quick, the last couple of weeks have not been too bad. a couple of minor fights broke out. various locations along the broadway corridor, this was caused by security that was ejecting them. the sergeant made a point to say that security is not a problem. i think we just have to deal with problems with people and a couple outside. there were a couple of minor
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fights and a drunk or rest. as far as police reports, there was an aggravated assault at lot 46. the customer was hit in the face with a bottle, and there was a lady that was rendering a, and her purse was taken as she was rendering a. i did notice in the report, the officer was unable to get the victim's statement because he was unconscious due to his level of intoxication. a couple of reports i am seeing is over serving creating a problem, it segues into the next problem. the victim was passing by the entrance where he was approached by the patrons and they got in a fight.
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he actually stabbed him in the arm with the leg of the a-frame. i would like to see security work more in the front, i don't think we have a call for that. another situation at the parlor, it appears intoxication was causing major problems in sight of the venue. they started to fight the staff. when patrons got there, they admitted they were drinking all day. i will talk to the establishment about that.
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that was my bridged summary. >> awesome. >> if there is a continual pattern, you give them fair warning, but if it continues to go on -- >> reports were forwarded for alcohol and beverage control. >> just that? >> any public comment >?
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>> along with cmac, they held a supervisor candidate forum. i think district 6, 8, and 10 pander to the entertainment community. it was great to see them support the community and talk to the entertainment. it was nice to see it.
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and to help orchestrate that. good job. >> we are on commissioner comment and questions. pass? public comment? we will go to item 8, future agenda items. you already have info on it? there's not enough to get into it. we're just talking about at some point in time scheduling -- we had talked about this before, finding out what is on the market. we'll just wait until you have more information. i don't know where the technology kid -- is.
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i don't want to put a financial burden on them, it is unrealistic. that concludes tuesday, september 28, 2010 meeting of the entertainment commission. thank you.
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>> please stand for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> roll call. >> will someone take roll call? joe marshall? vice president mazzucco: present. >> turn the lights on. commissioner chan: present. commissioner hammer: present. commisser kingsley: present. >> commissioner, you have a
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quorum. president marshall: this is a regular meeting of the san francisco police department -- police commission for september 28 -- september 29, 2010. >> the first item is public comment. the public may address the chair for matters that are within our jurisdiction but not on the agenda. >> my name is jimmy whitaker. i live in the south of market district. i am a member of the neighborhood association. the reason i am at public comment this evening is a couple of issues have come to my attention where i am afraid that neighborhoods are being dismissed as far as the input for concerns that greatly affect our quality of life. i just wanted to mention that to the commission tonight. the first is the patrol of
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special police. it is my understanding there has been a report issued -- up at least my understanding is it did not have much input from those of us who use special police to provide safety services in our area. rincon hill is very happy with the services they provide. i hope if any decisions are made to remove patrol special police, we can go through the process of involving neighborhood input. there is certainly graffiti, smashed windows, and other relatively low priority issues for the s.f. pd -- sfpd compared to violent and other crimes. but these things are very important to the residence in our neighborhood. the other thing that came to my attention yesterday while i was watching the entertainment commission meeting -- there was some legislation being worked on.
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there was a new police recommendation for all permits issued by the entertainment commissioned for the news and events with eight anticipated occupancy over 100 people. our nighttime entertainment industry is important to our economy. it is very present in south of market. one commissioner is specifically there to represent neighborhood interests, and he was not involved in the process of writing this legislation, only commissioner joseph and the president of the commission, who i believe represents sfpd. just observing the meeting, the commander who was presenting it seemed very dismissive of the importance of neighborhood input. i would hope that the sfpd values neighborhood input in the
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riding of legislation rather than just giving us peanuts at the end of the process. -- in the writing of legislation rather than just giving peanuts at the end of the process. thank you for your time. >> my name is lee. i am a longtime veteran of the community. as a reporter and activist, i am here today. most of the time i come up here to talk about an issue that concerns me personally, but this is a broader situation. i see the chief is not here, but i wanted to display some things. when he first came here and was appointed, i was there at the swearing in. i was there with the exit of the previous chief. but what i want to say is i got arrested in my community on the issue that forces us to revisit again community policing. there is nothing wrong with the
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captain at my station, but some of the officers. these guys are in my community frequently, and most of the time they do not know who the community people are. i had officers arrest me, saying i had trespassed because of what some of the people in yoshi said. that is coming from not community policing. the captain knew i was doing work in the community. know my name. we will talk about it. there was a sergeant coming in with some hot dogs of police officers. they have known who i am four years. they should know. they should have said, "what is the problem here?" there are times when an officer is misspeaking things that do not know about community politics. they said that it was a private placement it was not private. they said i could not use the
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sidewalk when i can. we need you in the west edition. we have issues. your police station is a block away. there is new ownership there. we need alternatives. i know i am going off of this. my issue is the way i was treated, but i am there to talk about the community. we need you to come back out to the western addition. come back out, very soon. visit and hear some of those people, not me, about what we have experienced of -- urban renewal. some of us call it negro renewal. we have been pushed from one side of the street all the way down to lower golden gate street. i want the young people to know that the police manhandle people who are trying to help.
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when they see the disrespect the police do, and what you to come and show respect and show that you care about our community. i have six minutes left. commissioner marshall, i hope you can help that happen. thank you. [inaudible] >> my name is but hastings. i have a fairly specific and brief issue. i want to know how come the san francisco police department is not ticketing bicycle riders for riding at night with no lights. that is a constant and increasing problem that, frankly, for a city that is dying for revenue i should think is a plum ripe for picking.
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you should understand that i love my bike. i do not come here with a chip on my shoulder about bicycles. i love my bike. but this thing is a constant search for anybody driving a car at night. in some cases, people have a red light, but they do not have different light. when you are making a left turn are turning into a driveway, you stand the risk of plowing into them. the amazing thing is that you see hordes of bike riders every night -- every night writing past the mission police station. -- every night riding past the mission police station.
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nothing is being done. nobody blinks. i was standing on the corner and saw two cups dried passed on their bikes. -- coups drive past ops drive pr bikes. they were black bikes. there were dark uniforms at night. i said to them, "what are you doing? that is illegal." do you know what they said? >> not when we do "not when we " you could put a roadblock in front of the police station and it would discourage people from doing it. that is my 2 cents. i am just astonished there is nothing being done. nobody is saying anything to these guys who are constantly flaunting the law and creating a
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danger. thanks. >> good evening. my name is judy sacker. you have all seen me before. this is a three page testimonial of what i have been going through since 1985 the you all have copies of that i submitted to you in august. i am going to select two paragraphs to read to you right now that are appropriate here. i have been attacked physically, psychologically, and also with defamation of character since 1985, when i took a woman to court for stealing from me. there are punctures on my body,
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abusive, illegal treatment by professionals including dentists, doctors, and police, monitoring in various ways, damaged personal belongings, defamation of character, gangs stalking wherever i am. i am selecting these couple paragraphs. i went to the fbi to inquire some years ago about how to put a stop to the abuse. the person at the window went into the back office to check the records and reappeared with a face white and hollowed like he had seen a ghost. someone really hates you was his exclamation. i told him i knew this. i need to know how to get off this list, whatever the list is, and stop the targeting against me. just as he was about to be forthcoming verbally, two agents came out and whisked him away before he could answer me. i need to be taken off this list
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or lists, whatever they are or what ever they are called. the targeting needs to stop. other innocent human beings need to be taken off this list. it is not ok to target innocent people and ruined their health, reputation, and take away their lives. i have a master of fine arts and an excellent teaching background. students at the college level will testify to my teaching ability. i am not allowed to defamation of character to get any kind of a job. people are being tortured to death slowly over time. it is supposed to be on notice, unacknowledged, and allowed to expand. it is an international problem. protesters in european countries are protesting the use of electromagnetic weaponry and the forms of attacks on i am still experiencing. weaponry is used on targeted
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innocent people. i know you have seen photographs before, but it would be nice to show it again for people that are watching on the television. but the punctures that i receive daily are done by people i have never seen before, generally young people. and basically it just needs to stop. i thank you for whatever efforts you can put in this way to help. thank you. >> hello, ladies and gentleman. i am christina harris. police brutality. i have been stalked, tract, monitored, and my vital organs microwaved by my old property managers husband in the privacy
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of my own home. officer james ramsay contacts the indian guy to say i was on this list to be raped. i do not believe other police officers would cover for a file criminal police officer. those at the police department have tried to murder me and stock meet since exposing the terrorist, his wife, and others. i have never seen so many police officers around me than i have in the last two years. there have been motorcycles, motorbikes, and undercover police cars. the san francisco police department may have a blue coat of silence. police officers are out all day, criticizing others. when it happens to them, they take revenge and destroy lives. i have never done anything to anyone except have opinions.
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for this, my life and well- being have been destroyed. don't you think our tax money would be better spent on seeking terrorists instead of sto alking and microwaving innocent victims' vital organs? >> barry toronto. i have not appeared before you in a long time. i want to welcome the new members i have not seen before. i welcome you. i do watch the meetings online and sometimes live online to keep myself up to date on what is happening with the commission. i do not have any conspiracy theories. no one is out to get me. i do not have any problems with the police at this point. but i do have an issue that i come before you once and awhile and i would love to ask you. i have to get on my eggs to beg
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you to do that if you ask me. i do not want to do that. i want to welcome the new secretary. i hope he does as well as lieutenant reilly, who is a friend of the public and has provided me with as much information as i needed. i also have a lot of respect for jim hammer, who will be the next district attorney, and for commissioner dejesus, who had wonderful questions during the presentation on the medical marijuana issue. it was a very interesting presentation and i learned a lot from it. i appreciate all participation including the police staff. i am concerned about the taxi detail. it was decimated and is gone. with the number of taxis out there and the amount of illegal activity that goes on in limousines that try to steal the
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cab fares in the evening and the day, parked around the major hotels, and also when dealing with the baseball games and the illegal cabs that pain themselves as if they are san francisco cabs. there is a public safety issue involved not only for cabdrivers but for the passengers they serve. this was -- allegedly, i think this was because some people hated -- excuse me -- sgt reynolds. you disbanded this particular organization and said mta would handle it. they do not have police powers. they cannot do certain things. police can tell the vehicles. they can issue citations and misdemeanors. -- they can tow the vehicles. the only thing mta can do is administrative fines. i am concerned about where the
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enforcement is. there is money on the budget from mta. the cab drivers and others pay into the budget for this for the overtime, for the training of the officers, and for having a full-time officer be a point person to handle these type of enforcement issues. i beg you to ask the question. please. i cannot afford to come back all the time. thank you for hearing me out. >> i see the motorcycle cops have the cattle cars pulled over all the time, giving them citations. on sunday at 11:26, i got a frantic phone call from a woman who lives in a motel in the presedio. she said there was a woman in her building who shot somebody. i got out and ran up down the
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street and said, "what is going on? there was an officer-related shooting about 15 minutes ago?" he said, "how do you know that? he gave me an overview. i found out the names of everybody from this lieutenant. the press were lost. was it a male officer or a female officer involved in the shooting? there were not sure. it was a female officer. how many shots were fired? five. was there a gun involved? yes. the san francisco media came back and recanted that statement in the press. the chronicle got it and that story kept changing. it has been 75 hours since an officer shooting and there are no facts out there. we have had three officer
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shooting so far. the chief handled the guy with the machete prickly. he held a press conference and got the information out there. the woman who tried to run over an officer -- you got the news out there. the rumors are running crazy on this. i think the media needs to get out there and let the public feel safe that something is not wrong. i pray that it is not. have a great evening. >> any more speakers for general public comment? >> i am a san francisco transportation worker. i do not know if that is relevant. i would like to bring your attention to what i consider a sick joke called "date car." this is a tv show the san francisco police department is operating on. the car is driven to a certain point. the driver and passenger have a fight, vacate the car, and leave
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the keys in the ignition and the car opened in the middle of the street. this should motivate a potential car thief. why i have issue with that is it is exploiting a crime for entertainment's sake for one. we are praying -- we are paying to create crime for entertainment while exacerbating the conditions that cause crime. you are not even sure if you are catching a criminal since it is left in the middle of the street. this is in a context where much needed social services that help poverty and desperation are being cut back. i will make this brief. if the concern is to stem crime, it is necessary to address the causes -- poverty and desperation. that car will not do this. it will only contribute to an opposi