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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2010 9:30am-10:00am PST

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, different groups, i worked i achieved one of the remarkable persons in the city. she has great strength, great highly respect, and i think the city is very lláv to have her in this position. thank you very much. supervisor alioto-pier: you. any other public comment? closed. i just want to say i have received such positive ouril reach -- outreach from) all over the community. i have had a number of phone calls andj+ñ letters from admirs of ms. anaya 2xzin my neighborh. i think the mayor did a wonderful job. this is a greatw]y appointment,d i'm thrilled to be able to support you, so i wish you all the best.óv÷
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thank you for stepping forward and helping san francisco 9wñ this capacity. colleagues, may we move this forward with recommendation to the full board? tha. congratulations. madam clerk, pleasehy÷ read ite. >> items 6, hearing to consider appointis2o two members terms ending january 15, 2012 l8ñand january 15, 2013, to the san francisco health authority. applicants. supervisor alioto-pier:," thank you. please come on up. >> and in ther regulatory service and compliance at the san francisco health plan. i'm here to randall low, whomq-jt f presented for real women to our board, as well as maria de torre -- maria luzkpz torre, wh
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may appear while i am>-js item 7, hearing to considr
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appointing two members for a+oñ definite terms to the treasure island development authority citizen advisory board. therexjr are two seats and three applicants. supervisor alioto-pier: thank you. ?&do we have anyone from treasue island citizens advisory board if not, why don't we begin with mr. james heid, forqñp seat numr -- supervisor mar:+5 i did recee a communication that one of the three applicants is o?r surgery. what is the typical practice when an individual is unable to come? q/doh, you were able to make it. ok, great. supervisor alioto-pier:f5 grea, we do not have to worry about it. >> good morning, supervisors. v this commission based on myd
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knowledge of the treasure island project. just as a brief backgroundbo i am a planner and urban designer with three years of experience. 's in real estate and finance. i have beenív involved in the sustainable community %ei through the urban institute, where i have written a number of publications for them, lead theirh5ñ workshops and training, and speak frequently at their industry conference on the complex challengesqúm that go wh implementing sustainable community. i currently work as1 and strategist for sustainable development for real estate wcompanies, devt agencies, and if the capital markets, so i'm very interested in the sexesñ between how we actually implement the theory of sustainable development in) the community forum. i currently live in south beach, which is probably the neighbor to treasure island if there is a neighbor. we moved in when it was just an
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we have raised my 11-year-old daughter now, so we1#ñ understad experiences and realities of what policies and zoning and urban designgmñ challenges government agencies face in making real neighborhoods wopev and livable for families in the city. my interest is in for really gain firsthand knowledge. i think we have reached a point in th©s industry with the theory of sustainable community development is very well get things bill is yet to be realized. i'm very interested inwoa how we bring the vision of treasure island forward recognizing the real challengesúr of economiesd market forces. supervisor alioto-plpier: thank you. 7 mr.. >> thanky8ñ you for the invitat.
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i apologize for the confusion. it was my first time in the[> i guess i'm here as myself, representing a small consulting firm of myselfgw÷ with 10 yearsf architectural background in variousdcb capacities. 8lxfrom a project management standpoint in a general contract and other
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wear off, and you come to see v,the a flat file and$ bit barren out here in the middle of the dayg theuc bay. it is great to see1ky that something is moving. today, i would like toybu addres the infrastructure whs there and how that works its way into what it[ livability of the citizens who do reside there in the future. inñ think there is quite a bit off an incredibleo0ñ opportunity for experimentation with sustainability,)á development,d the utilization of for example,  facility that was there. it was always an odd dichotomy
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between usñé being residents -e are all using public transportation, and neither one of things. i think it would be very important to begin to integrate fthis job corps facility and upcoming development of the project, to work with them and allow them toh=ñ understand this process, how it works, how it affects them, how they put .jtthemselves into it, so that their pride and community begins k4to equal and overlapped the pride of the people so t9.÷ on thet?ñ streets, the community is what it is intended in expected to beí>. thank you. supervisor mar: thanku2ñ you. i thank you for coming here  surgery as well. i just wanted to ask a couple of
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questionsówq -- besides the 10 years of professional experience, you mentioned you were a÷ resident on treasure island for how long? >> two years. >> thatpd5 seeing what it is now and what it could be. i see1çñ your educational background is in architecture and urban planning and that you have&. also worked on school fktdesign. i'm curious, there are two schools@ school, and then there is the charter -- school thatt development, but i'm just wondering what visions you have, but i wonderv8ç what visions you have four fairly rigid family- --t visions you have for family
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oriented development. rñ i think it is very impor. once you bring a family into the community and start1uk -- they become your grassroots basis for development. for example, while development is happening, you willy crews and staff and people and all kinds of population growth !zeon eight timbrel basis fluctuating that is going to be visiting and working with the ?:kisland, and i think you can t some kind of infrastructure in place$j -- all kinds of populan growth on a tempore -- temporal basis. ñpier: just onet question for you, if you would not mind. 9ayou are applying for two vacancies. thereudñ are certain requiremens that must be met -- actually,
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just one, any of thezi÷ followi. i'm assuming you have read through this. land use and urban planning and architecture.[@y'm trying to fiw exactly you fit qualifications. ó more about that? the reason i'm asking is3 because your letter states that you are a#dz small business ownr committed to growing into an architectural practice. so 1z you are not currently in architecture? >> it has been a very busy summer. [inaudible] eeñby law, and i'mqvm not allowo call myself an architect. for all intents and(9y purposesi have had eight years solid, so that is what i have done. very large project [inaudible] ] which project is
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that? >> [inaudible] fqgsupervisor alioto-pier: if yu did speak into the microphone, >> i do a lot of documentation for municipal contractorsr. we do a study for a facility of 8yanother associate, who is not employed by any, but we work together. supervisor alioto-pier:íny ok, l right, supervisor chiu. wcbpervisor chiu: i'm looking at your resume, on the flip[ your cover letter. it appears you have beenv#nejt at a variety of architecture firms since 2007. fduis that correct? >> correct. supervisor chiu: supervisor alioto-pier: thank you, mr.céy vedro.
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mr.dg÷ chamberlain, would you le to come up? cjzgood morning. >> good morning,-m supervisors, and had the giants date. supervisor alioto-pier: -- happy í supervisor alioto-pier: yes, ani we love the orange. >> i'm here out of a desire to contribute to the city. -- contribute to the city. the city. i áqp&ly take td by the rains and to be involved and to bewf÷ engaged. i thought that was someplace where i could make a ó con. i am not directly tied to treasure island, but i think there is a lot%u of tangential qualifications i could bring to
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the table. first and foremost is previous speakers, not outreach and community engagement, and i think a lot of you may even know me from that.c i have been working in politics communitydqo organizing, for political campaigns, for neighborhood organizations, for corporate entities, forjax municipal projects for well over 10 years going back to here in the city>rñ to the care not cash campaign in 2002 and sev times since then. i have always done out reach to nd i think that is where i could bring the best contribution to this. there will be a lot(9y of stakeholders involved, and you have already heard a lot of different opinions. to be able to+ñç do that out --d get everyone on board and have a good flow of communication --rj that is what i'm best at. more specifically, i worked onz claudine cheng's campaign.
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strong campaign. x>q>> you all know what claudine has brought, and very familiar with it through that relationship with her, knowingó# the groundbreaking change that is going to be done here. i'm fascinated with it, and i have a lot of second hand knowled. i also have pretty good knowledge with whatvnx is theren the past, again from campaign work and running the district 6 mññcampaign, and right down to e precinct level, the building level, a lotpg of the residents there and what is on their plate, on their mind, what their opinions are. pihi think that is probably the gamut. if ina-uz to pull in one more for me in the day, i am on russian hill now, but for of the first six years that i
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live in the city, itpvy was telegraph hill. treasure island does not live in a vacuum. cqythey have a lot of opinions n what they see outside their relationships with the people in that community as well. y3i think that is what i'm hero offer today, just a commitment to community inc? general and o make a contribution to the city. direct ties to a lot of2 people involved and an ability -- a long term, proven ability toé!d bring everyone to the tabe can get stakeholders to get theird=÷ opinions met and heardd to organize, that hurting of cats that comes withàu$ousands of people who all have an opinion and will all be affected by something --i@u herding of cats. supervisor chiu:azn to follow-un a question that our chair had asked of the previous applicant, could]-ñ you talk about the
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specific qualifications of around land use,s=ñ transportatn planning? >> there is one in there that i can claim a5#x bonafide expertise i, athletic opportunities and programs for about the last eight years. 'xñanother project i have always been involved in and i work with ÷ called project sports. it is a triathlon, other sports and exerciseke fitness events. half marathon, cycling events, and-z÷ things of that nature. in fact, supervisor alioto-pier, i call your office all the time. we justc,v did a major event on marina green about three oreñ r weeks ago. it is also community-based because itnsv requires shutting down traffic, rerouting of us,
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getting extra sfpd o:vpeople involved. even though it is a good/2ñ cau, neighbors are not always happy with it. that is what i can actually claim?6÷ i have gotten paid professionally to do. some of these other things, i have done a lot59ijt land use campaigns, particularly, striking aá>é"l project sports.
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i did community outreach and communications andr i did a lot of day-of:m event management. athletes, which was a benefit ñ lost limbs, andas a benefit the organization helps them by the really expensivei prosthetics. sp, and we put on two cycling races. supervisor alioto-gc÷pier: ok, great. thank you. supervisor mar:t=d i just wanteo also just asked -- you mentioned a few thingsgo that might be connected with land use and urban planning and] but again, trying to find how
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your expertise fits withiní the advisory board. i fail to see that would bar of fritos consulting:fl there has been some work with walmart. --t that. that7%uju goes. i contacted with them for about sixkgú months, and people of the work i was doing was not in land use. only9
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get them organized. they had just gone through a pretty disruptive mergerj e with america west, so you had two so there were some conflicts we were trying to bridge communication for. supervisor alioto- you, mr. chamberlain. >> thank you very much.2 any public comment on any ofy te three candidates we just heard from? all right, seeing none,g%j publc comment is closed. colleagues, i will tell you what i'm thinking, andféç perhaps you can jump in and give me your thoughts as well. i would like toñj move the nomination of mr. james heid. i felt he was veryvñ qualifiedr this particular position and had a lot to offer. then,s chamberlain had to say, particularly about d recreationl
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and athletic opportunities and programs on treasure island. personally, iqlç have spent a lt of time on treasure island. we have a boat over there and weekends over there, and i think that taking into account,zñ the recreational and sporting opportunities that are out there as well as+u÷ the nexus into the other facilities out there is a good fit, so i would like to also support mr. chamberlain. i would like to thank mr.:wq ve. i thought comments were great as well, but looking at what we need at treasure island, i think we+wz need a lie bit more diversity in thought, and that is just where i'm but i am certay willing and open to hear my colleagues'óh fox on the matte. supervisorojs chiu: i think we e
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three very good candidates, and i think any'óq you would be able to serve this body well. i agreey)x with our share of ard shareheid -- with ourçáx chair around mr. heid. io4q actually like mr. vedro's  background. his architectural and planning as his small business background and the fact that he has been a resident on treasure island will helpów she the perspectives on the citizens those are the two individuals that i would support, but obviously, loo the board as well. >>mqx i am in agreement with my am planning agreement with my colleague, president chiu8g.
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clearly, mr. heid has thenvf knowledge and experience and a very clear, sustainable vision foryat the island and a balance with the economic interest as well, and i guess for mr vedro and mr.njtspr', i do see value in both their applications. i feel that mr. vedro'sr1n residency on the island and some experience( work and urban planning make him more qualified than mr. chamberlain,j4x though i do appreciate mr. chamberlain's application and hope thateo he continues to volunteer for different positions as well, but it seems like seemsvedro t seems like mr. vedro ,çxis more suited to this advisory role, so we appoint james heid and scott vedro to seatsgjj 2 and 11.
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igzsupervisor alioto-pier: mr. d igzstñto seat 2 and mr. vedro tt 11? shall we takex objection? all right. thank you, mr. chamberlain, and heid and mr. vedro. k to item 6? >>x!÷ item 6, hearing to considr appointing two members, terms january 15, 2012, and january 15, 2013,6!ñ to the san francisco health authority. there are two seats and two applicants.]ít>> good morning. my name is maria luz torre, and
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member advisory committee for two years, and we are probably state of california. my co-chair7kñ is tracy faulkneñ and i was recently appointed to the health care reform task force to representqat the member advisory committee. we just had our first meeting last week. :ófi was appointedw advocate, and i thinkq@n i am bg reappointed to the sea. sat in the state of california healthy families advisory panel. a$ymy children, when i was a fu- time mom, were they are a member of san
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francisco health plan, and thy are healthy families. dot personally, i get health through my employer, but the cost is so high that it qualifies me and my children to qhbbe members of the san francio health plan. many of community and the parents i work but the the mey committee and san francisco health plan itself is not only á0dical. san francisco-funded healthxñ plan and health insurance, and healthy families, of which my supervisor alioto-pier: ok, thankcm you, ms. torre. supervisor mar:ñ#g i will say tt i am familiar with maria's
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i thank you for stepping up and agreeing to serve. you have servedw our community very well in the past, and many of us look forward to seeing you continue the service future. supervisor chiu: i wanted to add to that. iiyv think there's no better pat organizer in our city, and i also noticed thatpe÷ it is sucha great health authoriú.ñ with tracy faulkner as well and her butler. what a great committee you work with, and thanks2>ç on the authority. supervisor alioto-pier: all right. dis there any public comment on items six? seeing none,xq public comment s closed. shall we move forward the requirements of both mr. low to seathj 7 and ms. torre to seat(? so moved.
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congratulations. please read item 9. >>u item 9, ordinance administrating -- amending the administrative codeníñ to provie for the establishment andmainted publicly accessible online database of information ade by appointing authorities to city and county of san francisco advisory bodies. joined today by the sponsor of supervisor chiu. supervisor chiu: this egislation is simple, to address the fact that we have many task forces and boards on whichp in fact, we have dozens of these. in many ofj%e our colleagues hae heard that it is often difficult to get information about exactly which of73q those positions are vacant and available at certain times toát ensure that these advisory bodies