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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2010 10:00am-10:30am PST

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>> will be introducing todd and randolph in a moment. i will wait for that opportunity.
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>> right behind me. i'm ready. good morning, everyone. good morning, good morning. thank you for coming to appear 27, one of the best ports if not the best appear in all the world. it is great to have you here as testimony of this amazing feat
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that we are doing. so i just want to call out a few people in addition to the dignitaries on the stage with me, and mayor gavin newsom, ed harrington, jared bloomingfeld, dean brown, and board of supervisors president david chiu as well as the port commission president, rodney fong, megan miller from senator boxer's office, the captain of this fantastic ship, a representative from metro ports, among many colleagues, many from the iowu, will travis, bruce
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wolfe from the regional quality control board, michele from the quality association of port authorities, captain strode from the u.s. coast guard, welcome. and many more that i'm sure did not make it onto my little card, so thank you very much for coming today. [applause] thank you. thank you. on behalf of all of us at the port of san francisco, we are honored by your presence and your demonstration of partnership. today marks a great achievement for the port. it gives us great pride but it also gives as testimony the wonderful things can happen when leaders come together and great minds work on innovative projects. the port, as i mentioned, is over 100 years old.
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it is a place of great history. these appears you are standing on were built many years ago and have stood the incredible test of time, thanks to the amazing workmanship with which they were built. tremendous ingenuity has been demonstrated over and over again, and we are doing it again today. today, we get to celebrate our collective ingenuity, so it is with great pride that i introduce our leader, mayor gavin newsom, who, frankly needs no introduction, but i will say one thing -- his accomplishments, particularly in leading local government's response to the environment are too much for me to go into today. i'm here to tell you that this would not have happened without his leadership and support. i want to thank you for prioritizing this project and for making sure that once again we are leading the way here in
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california, and i know that you will take this message on to all of the other 11 courts in california. with that, thank you, mayor. mayor newsom: 90 for being here. welcome to san francisco. why are you not out shopping? -- thank you for being here. it is always great to see these big ships come in. fills me with a sense of pride because of the adventures i know people will have when they make it into our diverse neighborhoods. it is a city that continues to be the no. 1 tourist destination in the united states of america for a reason -- the number one tourist destination. thank you to our friends at the epa and bay area quality management district, the pub, and -- the puc,óa%
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named jared bloomfeld who just will not go away. jared used to be our director of environment. he left us for a better job. it was sharon and money back on in 2005 the first came into office -- jerry and monique in 2005 who first came into my office to talk about this. i want to make this point -- we are not just celebrating a $5.2 million contraction you see behind me. we are celebrating a new approach to shoreside electrical management that allows us to do something remarkable, and that is a source of our electricity from hydro electric sources from the sierra nevada, so you are truly getting green, completely clean energy that is power in the shift you see to your left
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and my right. that is a big deal. at least one person thinks it is. i do not know. [applause] exactly. we talk about green howard, we are not kidding. we are the only for -- the only port remarkably in the state of california that has done this. one of only four in the world. we are going to see this done in l.a., we hope soon, but we aren't the only one in the state of california, and that fills us with pride. we put up about $1 million. epa put up about $1.2 million. they area quality put of $1.6 million or 11 $9 million, and we cobble the resources together to get to this point. we are proud to be the first.
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it is appropriate that san francisco be the first. we have always taken pride on being at the cutting edge of green technology. these are green collar jobs, and that is something that is important. if you believe in the environment, you believe in jobs, or if you believe in promoting jobs, you better believe in promoting environmental stewardship, and that is the spirit that brings me here. congratulations. job well done. let's keep leading by example, and let's get the job done completely rebuilding this pier, which hopefully, will get done very soon. thank you all for being here. >> thank you again for your leadership. as the mayor mentioned, we have not done this alone. it has taken a virtual army of folks, and another of our important leaders is the
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president of the board of supervisors, the district we stand in here, district 3. mr. david chiu. >> and i want to start by saying something that i do not get to say of my other colleagues are here, but i want to welcome you to the most beautiful district in the city and county of san francisco. this is an example of the beauty of what happens, this very place, we need to meet demand, with the best and most beautiful of what nature is about meets what we have been able to create as a city behind us. this announcement today is also about the best of what man has been able to create to protect that which is the best of what nature is about, and i want to thank all of you who have been working together in partnership on this, our partners who helped to bring some of the most
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amazing cruise ships from around the world feared to this space. what is exciting about today's announcement from my perspective, though -- it is an important step in the future of what san francisco is going to be as part of being an international destination. we already are the no. 1 tourist destination on the west coast, but the plans we have to rebuild and rethink the entire waterfront, from what we did yesterday with the leadership of our major and many folks here moving for the america's cup, we want to continue to make sure that san francisco is the 21st century destination for folks that want to see, again, the beauty of where man needs see -- man meets sea. we look forward to future announcements, and we also, i think every single one of us -- the mayor and i were joking that
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unfortunately, we do not have time to get on this cruise ship, but maybe i a couple of years, 30 years from now, we will get on this ship, so thank you for being here. [applause] >> thank you very much. the mayor has already mentioned our former colleague and now our current one of many regulators, i guess, who is here to help support our mission with his enthusiasm and creativity and most importantly, his million dollars, so please welcome chaired -- jared blumenfeld from epa. >> unlike other countries, the port commissions have huge authority and power in the united states. thinking about the ports of long beach, oakland, and l.a., 60% of all container traffic of the united states comes in through
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those fourth, and yet, they are run by local officials doing their best to really make things work, and this is another great example of that. the money that the epa secured to give to the port of san francisco came from the diesel reductions act, which would not have been possible without senators feinstein and boxer. we have representatives from those two offices, so i want to say a big thanks to them, and of course, to speaker pelosi for securing that money. this is where the money goes, and it is tangible and easy to work out what the money is doing. the mayor and board president worked tirelessly with some of the advocates here to close down the power plant, and then, they worked tirelessly to close down the next power plant, which is thatpotrt -- is at potrero.
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now, we can have more tourists and cleaner air, and that is really a remarkable success story. 9000 people a year die in the state of california from air pollution. 9000 people a year. it is really one of those things that kills people, and we need to find out innovative solutions to help reduce that death toll and clean up the air in california, and this is one of them. california and e-mail have often been first when it comes to the environment. this is another one of those great firsts for the united states. this is the first time in the history of the united states that we will be cold ironing. i always thought that was when my shirts came out briefly, but it actually refers to plugging in the shore power and allowing the power from hetch hetchy to fuel this rather than duty diesel bunker fuel -- of dirty
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diesel bunker fuel. the dirtiest grade of oil used by these ships. you have to feed it to be able to get it to burn, and now, they will be able to go for one of the dirtiest fuels' to cleaner fuel. they had some great numbers. the 30-year lifetime of this device, we will save 81 tons of particular matter, that fine matter that causes asthma and respiratory disease. about 100 tons of co2, and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions. the mayor is getting us on target to meeting those goals, and finally, to emissions from nitrous oxide, reducing about 2,200 tons, so this is a great success for the environment. on behalf of the administrator,
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lee said jackson, and president obama, i want to thank everyone involved for making this happen, and i cannot wait to see how it works. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much, and thank you for calling up the health risks. i suffer from asthma myself. i have a child who does, and it is important for us and for generations to come. next, i would like to introduce one of the port's long term partners, and that is princess cruises, who has been calling here for now 40 years. we have now the executive vice president. as many of you know, he has helped us to have a competitive edge with our ship repair facilities and now have a competitive edge with shore power. princess cruises is on like the port of san francisco, a veteran now in the short side how're carina, and with their help,
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this has been made possible today, so thank you. [applause] >> thank you. good morning, everyone. i'm thrilled to be here. thank you, and i live in los angeles, so you can imagine how thrilled i am to come to san francisco. i really enjoy every opportunity, just as i know our passengers are in joining it as well. our road here started about 10 years ago when we were responding to some community concerns in, of all places, juneau, alaska. we first installed a shore power facility there. it was not air quality is so much as it was visible emissions that was the challenge there. five years ago, that extended to seattle washington as we were growing our exposure and our use at seattle at that time, we referred to before to add shore power facilities, and seattle
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has expanded that to two facilities. in the last few years, we also were able to create a facility with the help of the port and electrical company and everybody in vancouver, canada, so it is with great pride that we are able to continue that road and come to san francisco, it would we have been able to come to for over 40 years, so we are thrilled to be here and be part of this today. the future of shore power again, there are facilities now being developed by a los angeles, long beach, san diego. we are working with ford's from the world, including new york. it is really a process that is extending around the world as more and more for its become familiar with what this can do for the community. for us, it is part of us working with community for us to be able to grow the marine commerce -- this is a for after all, so it is nice to be able to grow that
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commerce and do it while minimizing the impact on the local environment. for princess, we have installed shore power facilities on 10 ships. it is a commitment from the cruise line because that is about $1 million per ship. also following us, american lines have added this to six of their ships. it is not an easy thing to do. we have done this many times, and as most of the people of here know, you need all the stars to a line, and need everybody pulling on the same for to get this done -- the same oar to get this done. i would like to thank our partners working with us. the air quality management people helped push this forward. the epa, of course, and a couple
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of other people that really filled -- pulled this off. copper and electric -- they are the guys that came up with the engineering that really refine the product and refine the standards, and they are developing this now, possibly around the world. mike wants this year from kaufman. i would like to give him some recognition for what he has done. [applause] -- mike cochrane is here. thank you, tom, for all of your efforts. thank you, monique, and we look forward to a long future. >> thank you, again, very much to princess cruises and conable corporation. next, i would like to introduce the man who really made this possible. he was our first investor in this great project, $1.9
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million, which at the outset seemed to be plenty of money, so i would very much like to introduce jack, and i realized i skipped over ed, so i will come right back to him, but jack, if you would not mind stepping forward. thank you very much to the day air quality district. [applause] >> good morning. the port of san francisco is the first to install clean electric shoreside power for the bay area and indeed california. i'm here on behalf of the bay area air quality management district, and we want to recognize and applaud the leadership and commitment of protecting our air quality in health. that is due to the leadership of the mayor, jared at the time you were with the city, monique. they deserve the credit. we are proud to partner with them to be able to help provide this funding, but the leadership
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and commitment and drive to make this happen -- it has been a five-year effort. this has been incredible because i remember when we first started this effort. we put together just shy of $2 million to help move this forward. why do we do this? because diesel emissions represent a major health concern here in the bay area. toxic soot from diesel lodges in our lungs, causes a number of respiratory problems, and oceangoing vessels represent a fraction of that. this is something we have an undertaking in the bay area, to clean of diesel soot from a variety of sources. we put together a comprehensive program we continue to implement to clean up all the trucks in the port of oakland. we are also doing that with regard to the locomotive traffic in the bay area, and this project represents another example of our efforts working with partners in the city and county of san francisco to make
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sure we keep it been here in the bay area. [applause] thank you. let me hand it back over to monday. we are glad we could partner with the city and county of san for cisco, and again, i want to recognize their leadership. >> thank you very much, and thank you for your belief in this project and your willingness to help us get it going. that really is the difference- maker for us, and we appreciate that. last but not least is our general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission, ed harrington, who came along and help with the investment when we needed it. we are grateful to him and all his staff for making this possible. >> thank you. thank you for your leadership. happy to be here with the bay area quality people and others. you are all aware that we have
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the best water in the world with hetch hetchy water, and you are probably not aware that it has a very nice by product -- clean, renewable power, and that will be powering this shift. you may say, but " big deal." this is the equivalent in terms of energy use as if you fold city hall into this slit. the amount of hall -- of power this should uses is equivalent to the amount of power used by city hall. this is a place where princess wanted to do this. we wanted to be partners in that, so this is the cheap power -- hetch hetchy power. if pg&e had done this, they would be charging about $25,000. we wanted to make it beneficial to the ship to use clean power and not diesel power, so we will be charging about $16,000. we will be cheaper than pg&e, and we will be cheaper than
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diesel. it is a win for all of us to have a good, clean power at a reasonable price, and i'm happy to be here. [applause] . >> the mayor is checking his math. i would like to recognize the individuals who made this possible. first and foremost has to be the port staff. also, our engineering, real estate, planning and development, and maintenance divisions, not to mention finance division. i would like to thank the cruise terminal environmental advisory committee for bringing this topic of many years ago and seeing it through to fruition. that was very much a blessing for all of us. i would like to thank the men and women of the longshore union working behind you. this is probably your one and only opportunity to see them at work. we could not be here without it. i would like to thank the