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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2010 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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supervisor avalos will be speaking about her in roll call. after a great 85 years, she was born in august of 1925. she was raised in san francisco her entire life. she studied psychology at city college. she loved her family and made that her life's priority. she joins her mother that struggled to give her family a better life. her sister and her brother -- she leaves behind her sister marie and her children denise. sorry. ok. and edward, she worked hard to help raise until her last days. she will be missed, he and i
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have had the privilege of knowing antonio for almost 10 years from the time that i met him as a student government leader. going on to his career in city government and then in turn -- an intern working with me, a ga and at -- a student at gateway high school. denise, antonio's mom, has been very active through her work and her advocacy. it is a tremendous family that both supervisor avalos and i have had the privilege of knowing. after a lifetime of dedication, children and grandchildren are continuing to give so much to the city. it is a comfort, i hope, as her
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lust is irreplaceable. i also want -- loss is irreplaceable. i also want an in memoriam, his family of 10 has given some much toussaint prince it is -- toso much to san francisco. the airport police bureau -- their father was born in 1927. henry pengle traveled to the united states, they raised their family in saint cecilia's parish. he joined the police department in 1950 and served for 29 years. he was proud of all of his
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children, and certainly lead the way for his four daughters -- led the way for his four daughters. and i also wanted to submit an in memoriam for miss potter, julian continues to be a great leader at the airport. patricia potter passed away after an illness, and i wanted to submit this on behalf of the board. she was 80, and her loss was commented on by senate majority leader harry reid. she was a strong advocate for change and fought for a greater and more progressive nevada.
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she was involved in many organizations. she joined the daughters of the american revolution in 1972 to advocate for the inclusion of african-americans for the organization. she was a den mother for cub scouts and involved in other organizations. she served the democratic leadership position. a great role model to her family. lastly, an in memoriam for matthew, he was born in 1972 and entered the san francisco police
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academy in 1995 and the department in december. he was awarded the golden badge for an act of heroism and in 2006 was awarded the american legion officer of the year award. he has had many outstanding acts of bravery and has been recognized by many organizations. he is survived by his wife christy, his children, and he will be greatly missed. i have the number of resolutions for consideration. supervisor maxwell: i am calling for a hearing on the findings of the budget analysts audit. the farmer's market is the oldest such farmers market in
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the state of california. it provides healthy food options, small business opportunities, and a sense of community. it is the only market that is publicly owned and operated. even though it is successful, there is much room for improvement. the market is in need of facilities, management, and better compliance with city and state regulation. at the end of the day, i think we can be proud to have the best farmers market possible. i look forward to the conversation later this month. i would also like to and today's meeting in memory of gladys jones jupert, who passed away on october 15. she moved to san francisco and
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worked at the general hospital as head nurse for over 16 years. she was active in the emergency care service program and appeared before the united states senate committee advocating training for nurses. she retired after 19 years of service and worked an additional 12 years at various clinics in the southeast sector of the city. she served the catholic church, the community in various capacities. she was a member of the institute. she was dedicated to her family and the family of san francisco. she will be missed by all. supervisor alioto-pier: i have an in memoriam for gladys, too.
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i would like to be added to that as well. i think it would be nice if it came from the entire board. president chiu: without objection. supervisor alioto-pier: i would like to adjourn today is not onlauren of marie nelson -- today's meeting in honor of lauren marie nelson whose life was taken. she attended school and received a degree in communications from the university of colorado in 2004. after pursuing a career in marketing, she worked for notable firms in san francisco.
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besides being passionate about her work, she took on new challenges. she taught herself graphic and web design, and excelled at music mixing, and was never without an art project. she led an active outdoor lifestyle and will be remembered as a thoughtful and joyous spirit. they have babysat for me and a number of us. when you have little kids, you have a group of girls that you go to. i wanted to say how sorry we are. supervisor chu: i would also like to adjourn in memory of nick, who lived here almost all
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of his 94 years. he graduated from balboa high school. in 1947, they opened a lumber mill, a cornerstone of the corridor. he will be missed by his children, brothers, sisters, and all of his grandchildren and friends. i would like to submit a letter of inquiry to the office of economic and work-force development with regard to the use of tax increment financing in various city areas. i know the redevelopment agency currently uses it, but we are using it as a mechanism to bridge the gap. the inquiry would be, what are the existing tax increment financing obligations we have?
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and what are those values? think you very much -- thank you very much. supervisor mirkarimi: madame, clerk. i am introducing substitute legislation to my electronic documents letter -- a measure to comply with the proposed ordinance. the economies of scale can be sending money through a reduced implication of effort and streamline purchasing of paper and printing supplies. this is to make sure that we are in compliance with the sunshine laws. she is not from san francisco, but her voice touched many who lived in california, especially the ira from thenia -- those
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from the iranian persian community. her style, sitting express' of interpretation of love songs. reheat city -- singing expressive interpretation of love songs. after the revolution, and the new theocracy inimical to the new order, she was banned. she was doubly marginalized. she became i highly public supporter of the resistance at the age of 86, and there was a sizable venture in new york times. she will be mourned by many. president chiu: thank you. i just want to give a quick update. is up cisco 2 -- san francisco
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is up 2-0. [applause] i am asking of the city and county to adopt a goal of trips to be by bicycle by the year 2020. the mayor set a goal for the city of 10% of all trips by bicycle to be done by the year 2010. the last time that we were able to track where we were, we were at 6%. it is likely that we are between 7% and 8%. we are at a crossroads. our biking junction -- bike injuction was recently lifted. we know what we will be doing to move forward this vision. there are decisions we will have to make to see some long-term goals. i understand that a 20% goal
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will be a stretch, but it is something that has been accomplished in a number of cities in europe. there are a number of cities that are in front of us at this time. there are numerous codes that we will have to move this and the right direction. from a transit standpoint, from a health standpoint, from an environmental standpoint, for cost effectiveness providing urban transportation in the perspective of being able to increase traffic to themerch -- to the merchant corridors, in 2020, we will be in a place where our bicycles and pedestrians will be co existing with car drivers and public transit. i want to thank supervisors
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maxwell, dufty, and mirkarimi. supervisor mar: thank you. i am introducing a resolution to reinstate funding for stage three child care. the resolution is in response to the draconian cut by the governor that gutted child welfare and impacted many low- income families. due to his recent draconian cuts, over 1000 families in san francisco and 81,000 families statewide will lose their child- care. thousands of family will lose their child care on november 1 with no opportunity to appeal. it will cost san francisco millions in lost jobs and investment. the governor has $256 million
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that has not been put back into the rainy day fund. it is still available under a rock -- prop 98. we urge the governor to reinstate the funding and address the needs of low-income working families both in san francisco and threw out the state. t --hroughout the state. some of you might have seen a ghost bicycle between the kaiser french hospital campus. the bis der toek, -- the bicycle belonged to derek. the accident occurred on october 7. he was on his way to get dim sum n for his family.
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he loved to skateboard, spent time with his dog, and his art. he graduated in 2006 from the visual arts academy where his amazing artistic talent became obvious. a memorial fund has been set up in his name to benefit the high school program. he is survived by his mom and his father. is an -- his uaaunt wroette an article, a great source for transit issues. since he was broke, he made us hand-drawn carts with deep thoughts that only a 22-year- old can have. christmas will never be the same
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for our family without you, dear. -- derek. supervisor avalos: i will be joining supervisor dufty in adjourning in memoriam of pauline. her daughter and her grandson are with us in the board chambers today. i have gotten to know them both over the last couple of years and i admire their contributions to san francisco. i know that your heart for the city ultimately comes from your grandmother and your mother. i know that it is hard, what you're facing. but we had hoped for lasting memories. colleagues, i am proud to announce introduction today of the san francisco local hiring
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construction ordinance. this is legislation that my office has been working on for the past year or year and a half. we have been looking at the issue of local hiring and finding mandatory levels that we can establish in san francisco. specifically, supervisor maxwell and ross mirkarimi. i do believe that i would love to have your support moving forward on this legislation. supervisor mirkarimi has already indicated his boss a share as well as-- sponsorship as well as supervisor campos. currently, we have the hiring program that is the lot of san francisco, we hire people locally for construction
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projects. the only requirement is that contractors are required to show a good-faith effort to meeting a 50% local hiring kolkhoz -- goal. the new requirement would be that we have a mandate to reach particular goals that we have phased in over the years to 50% as it is currently written. i do want to hold out that this is the starting point. this is a very complex piece of legislation that is going to take a lot of dialogue, a lot of conversation to move forward through the committee process. in terms of the stakeholders, there are contractors, community members, and a city on how we build our pipeline of workers. these different stakeholders --
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i want to make sure that everyone knows that we have the dialogue that continues. we have a really robust dialogue to get to this point in production today. a san francisco foundation has convened all of these stakeholders together over the summer to make sure that we had, on the table, all of the concerns that they had as we were introducing. we took those conversations and we had those in mind when we crafted legislation. when it comes to making local investments for dublin -- for building public infrastructure, we have as much as we can at the local level. we know that in the next 10 years, over $25 billion plans to
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be invested. we will be creating jobs. how do we make sure that san franciscans have the greatest benefit? the city currently, we have a hiring goal of 50%. we are only achieving about 20% if we look at the report from the economic work force development agency. we want to make sure that we are reaching a much higher goal. in the construction industry to build the public-works project, we know that when they go home and spend money, it is recycled into the economy and it goes back to local businesses, it is good to have a large benefit to san francisco.
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we also know that when san franciscans are working on projects that are causing emissions from cars, it is reduced and it has a benefit to the environment as well. i want to thank the many people that helped work on this legislation. we would not have gotten anywhere without the help of the office of economic work force development. rhonda simmons, guillermo, and members of the administration. we also had a lot of members of the community to help us with support through advocacy, looking at the job market and the amount of hiring that currently occurs. i want to thank vincent pan
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from affirmative action, cpo's, helping us to get this far. contractors, they came out today for our press conference. we have both local and small business enterprises that are supportive of this ordinance. we have had many conversations in crafting this ordinance with the labor unions, and there is still a lot of uncertainty how we will move forward. i am committed. i hope that you are also committed to make the best of this so that we can move forward to a real requirement for residents to get a shot at the drugs that will be created here
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-- at the jobs that will be created here. i want to thank the iintern -- my inerntern, and those that lid and slept local hiring the last few months. thank you so much. ccolleagues, i expect this to be under the three-year rule, -- under the 30 day rule. midway through november, we can hear a lot of concerns that will be raised about legislation and how we might be able to build greater policy changes to find that sweet spot to get the support across the room and in room 200 as well.
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so -- they are separate matters. i don't have any legislation relating to this, but it is important to a knowledge a warm welcome. -- acknowledge a warm welcome. we would not be here. they are fighting the phillies, so thank you so much, brooke. you are always welcome in san francisco in my buck. [applause] >> that concludes will call for introductions. president chiu: giants are up 3-0. [applause] we can now go to public comment. >> an opportunity for the public to address the board on items with the subject matter jurisdiction of the board
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including items on the adoption without the committee reference and excluding items that have been considered by the committee. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time. please clearly states such and remove the document when the screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. president chiu: if you could limit your comments up to 2 minutes unless you are translating. first speaker. >> [speaking foreign language]
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the reason gentlemen, i am very proud to be here today. i can say, barack obama, welcome to my city. that gentleman, he decided to be with me, with everyone in this city. mr. president, as you are happy and you make us happy for what has happened today. for the giants, 5 like you to make my city happy when i stand
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with my sister and brother to give welcome to barack obama. ladies and gentlemen, i strive to do my best, and i strive to make the city for him look like this one. that someone, he tried to love his brethren. his name is abdullah, and i want to let him know, as he knows, as he is concerned about my heart, he said, "take care for him." mr. president, from san francisco to the white house, i would like to tell you, and i tell your people, thank you very much for calling to me. i am still here.


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