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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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final design from bark? or there is still more steps to go before lamentation? >> the design and layout have been approved in concept. the steps that need to be taken for it to forward is agreement with various stakeholders. after that it will go to the board of supervisors. and then it will go for the executive director's signature. great. all those in favor? any opposed? ok, resolution 10-71 is approved. >> 11a, requesting approval of a short-term lease for office space located at 541 cesar chavez, pier 80, and a portion
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of 366. with the mothballed -- modified direct schedule for the combined value of market rate rent. >> of good afternoon, commissioners. i am here to give you a brief presentation on what the item as read by the commission secretary. followed by a brief presentation from the director of the mayor's film office. and tricia harkins, the producer for whom productions my favorite location for filming. in recent years there has been a steady decline in san francisco and generally in california in the fuel industry. based on the wanted them to come to their locations. the net result is that the city
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has specifically lost the money usually generated in to the local economy. fortunately, hbo, doing business on multiple productions has committed to film in san francisco. the film is entitled hemingway and kill warned the residents -- still filmed in san francisco. production is currently a tentative. they are an office tenant in good standing. engaging in several leases, several locations at a modified
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rent schedule, the networks that would result would be the port. these are proximate depending on the start date and end date. the port will receive about $57,000 per month, or $230,000 for the term of the lease. plus, service valued at $350,000, the total would be called would not be expanding any of its own resources the benefit from these leases because of with awareness of its public opinion with local
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production persons and i think that those numbers are fairly impressive. in the there were two dollars in there, 50 cents kovac to a, -- into the local economy. home productions is wrapping up to this point, $500,000 locally on local labor. prosing in kind services for the discounted rates i noted.
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at this time i would like to introduce susanna robins to make a brief presentation. >> the port has been working with the production company to find space for them. a great office space and potential for using the building, just when a production company needs. it would help to draw other productions here in the future. they do not even need to shoot this in san francisco. the film takes place in the past. all over the world. what he can do with these
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buildings issued the world in san francisco. this takes place in idaho, spain, and other european countries. he is shooting the whole thing here. much of it will be built into the production stages on the set. a big draw for other productions to come see, to come to a similar thing. we're also very excited about the local jobs. we want to provide more jobs for local residents in san francisco. it should bring 230 local jobs to an industry that has seen diminishing productions over the past five years, rejecting a significant amount of money into the local economy. the cooperation of the port in revitalizing green jobs and revenue to the city is really
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appreciated. it will also shine a light on san francisco and the port as partners to those that want to make films here. we are hoping for other productions to see how the city agencies of san francisco help us go smoothly, drawing more productions hopefully to the city. it is my understanding that phil kaufman has multiple projects lined up with hbo and if this goes smoothly and he has a successful production, he will bring the other productions here. he has expressed an interest in doing that and that is why we are asking for this today. >> thank you. >> the to have any questions for me? >> we will have another speaker. thank you. >> thank you. so, on behalf of philip kaufman,
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peter kaufman, an hbo, i would like to thank the president and the commissioner here today for allowing us to be here and take this item on the agenda. i am thrilled to report that we will be feet -- shooting our feature film here. it stars nicole kidman and clive owen. we are shooting the world in san francisco. it has such distinction, not many places in the country can beat finland, key west, china. it is the whole world. our plan is to shoot entirely in seven to skill. 95% to 98% will be from san francisco in terms of casting crew. labor and residents. we have already hired many of the people in preproduction work is already in a way.
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speaking in terms of services, we are looking forward to partnering with the port for various promotional opportunities. some of the things i can tell you i have been working with, things that we can do, in addition to certain film credits and thank you credits in the movie, which has a very long life, hbo has a viewership of approximately 30 million. the average for a feature film is 10 million. right there you will get lots of coverage. in addition to that, we are going to work with the court to produce various, celebratory behind-the-scenes footage of the port of san francisco. there is a program called hbo
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buzz, it will start being on other films coming out where they highlight the behind-the- scenes for a feature movie. in addition to that, we have professional still photographers that will take photographs of the port, which we will provide for you, as well as moving footage of the port. opportunities to have links to various web sites. the average viewer hit on the hbo web site as 10 million for a feature of this size. there are many promotional opportunities there. the campaign would start in 2011. i am here to answer any questions might have. >> commissioners, can i answer
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any questions you might have? i have a couple of thoughts. there may be more suggestions that some of our properties undergoing development might be featured, using some of his credit as a public relations, so i want to offer that comment. i know that we will hear some public comment first. >> very good. >> i have one card. >> thank you, commissioners. thank you, staff, for allowing me to speak this afternoon. in the executive vice president
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and chief marketing officer for the visitors bureau. working on behalf of the destination of stamford cisco, as the chairman notes often, if given the chance to speak for three minutes, i will often go for three hours. instead of me doing my own speaking, i have reached out to some of my colleagues and counterparts in other cities and i will let their words speak for me. before that i want to invite each of you to take a copy of today's usa today, which might be up there are ready for you. specifically the front of the life section, which relates the important role the city plays as the key character in the film, for you to read it for leisure. an interesting look at the focus on the economic impact of a film made in a city. at the seattle convention
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visitors bureau, you may know that sleepless in seattle was filmed there 18 years ago. do you see or track any quantifiable impact from sleepless in seattle? here was his answer, he had no quantifiable he could tell us it was huge for seattle. 18 years later we still get plenty of travel stories with the word sleepless. the impact has less than in foreign markets particularly. notably in china. it is still a huge driver of interest in the region. they're working with chinese tore operators to update packages for 2011. we are very grateful that the producers did not go with
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sleepless in san francisco. [laughter] michael bloomberg, the name of new york city, had this comment about filling in new york city. the entertainment industry's greatest contribution to the city is to make the image of an idea of new york a living, thrilling presence in the minds of people grumble world. few cities have been celebrated as widely and memorably on screen as new york. in that the industry can be seen as a priceless marketing tool for the city. further propelling its economy, prosperity, and vitality. from the visitors' bureau prospective, we think that moving ahead will not just be a short-term boom during production, but a long-term boon. >> thank you. any other public comment on this
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item? any others? all right. i kind of wanted to echo thoughts on the ability is for the deerow port and commission to try to attract more business in a measurable way. and the economy. to the real-estate department, twice per year at the next program perhaps looking to see if we are of pricing ourselves, looking at more competitive cities to see where we stand. it is a great opportunity. not just for the rent, but for all the things that go along with being on television. i know that i have heard that
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the original hawaii 5-0 television show was stimulated by the chamber of commerce, as well as they watch -- baywatch. i think we are all familiar with hawaii tourism. san francisco still has that opportunity. i am in support of this short- term lease. any other questions, commissioners? >> thank you for bringing this opportunity to san francisco and stimulating our local economy. and if you need any extras, we are available. [laughter] >> extra commissioners. all of those in favor? any opposed? resolution 10-72 is approved. >> item number 12, new business.
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>> commissioners, anything that i can bring back to monique when she gets back? >> i want to clarify. are we officially cancelling the official tentative meeting in november? >> yes. >> amy knows better than i do. >> we were supposed to do it on november 18. but the room was not available. that special meeting is not going happen. >> we have nothing major? >> nothing so far. unless something comes up. >> ok. next item. >> public comment. >> any public comment? >> ok. >> ok. >> move to adjourn. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> meeting adjourned.
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we have to make sure we are accurate here. i am grateful so many folks came
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out for the swearing in. in particular, i want to thank -- you seem so lonely over there. supervisor dufty by himself representing the board of supervisors. the round of applause for him for being here. we are grateful. [applause] i am thankful that a number of department heads live -- are here at their peril. let me not recognize them. [laughter] but recognize their leader, about to be appointed cao of the city, the chief administrative officer of the city. ed lee is here. [applause] thank you, ed. we appreciate it. we are appointing people to various boards and commissions. you are familiar, i am sure of
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the good work at the asian arts commission and how proud we are to have this remarkable institution that has not yet gotten the recognition it deserves. it is remarkable around the rest of the world people talk about it but not around our neighborhoods. we need to promote this extraordinary institution which has the most comprehensive collection of asian artifacts of any museum of its type in the u.s. it is right there in your backyard, right there next to the migrant building. please talk about it, not just members of the commission. please encourage our students and families to celebrate the remarkable contribution of the asian community which really built this city, in many ways.
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i am proud that we will be appointing some familiar faces that have done a lot to promote the asian art museum but have never formally been on the commission. i am pleased to be reappointing anthony sun and lesley tan shilling. they have done a great job and have been enthusiastically presented to me for reappointment. i am honored youtube? let me thank everyone for the opportunity for being here. it has been an honor to serve as your mayor for seven years.
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thank you. please ask for permission next time? [laughter] we are proud and honored that we are continuing in the formal advocacy of the asian art museum. there you are. we are blessed to have you. you have been a steadfast supporter of the museum. we are grateful for you taking upon this opportunity and serving in a formal capacity. you may not know these folks, but they are an impressive group. the housing authority. everyone could have, should
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have would have, on the sidelines -- we all know how it works. supervisor brown, reverend, dr., leader reverend brown. he is very enthusiastic that veronica honeycutt will be serving. i have been a huge supporter of hers. i am grateful that you will be serving on this commission. is that why all the purple shirts are here? labor? either you are protesting me, or it is something. all of our friends at a local 87. i am grateful that you are here. a lot of labor leaders are here. obviously, my great friend, a seamstress -- teamsters are
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here. they are here in formal capacity. we have the leader of our labor movement, here in san francisco, all here to celebrate asha coming on board. i am happy that you are serving on the housing authority commission. mare's disability council, roland wong, christine and james, we are grateful that you will be serving. we are grateful for the work you do with the american disabilities act. we just celebrated an anniversary of the ada. you all are leading by example. thank you for your willingness to continue on and serve on this council. i appreciate the board of supervisors tried to right some wrongs at the chamber by making
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accessible our own chambers, which is remarkable in 2010. i told bart, i do not know why, and i know it is sort of patronizing, but why would anyone want to serve? literally, why would anyone want to serve on the bart board? those of you on the red board know what i mean. god bless you as well. they have held the line. there is not this friction between tenants and landlords like we have experienced in the past. tim, you remember those days. we have avoided all of that. barbara, you were around as well. do not act like you do not remember those years. it is good that we are holding the line. bob patterson, i have known him
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for ever. thank you for your willingness to sit on the small business commission. he is someone who worked for many years on behalf of small businesses. he was approaching retirement but wanted to give back, and he is a great advocate. i am pleased that you took my call and said yes. thank you. on the ti, when i appointed larry, i said, trust me, this will be one of the most exciting boards in the city. we finally got conveyance from the navy on this private participation -- private-partner ship. that work will start next year. it will be one of the most exciting developments in history.
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it will be one of the greatest developments in the nation -- greenest developments in the nation. this is one of the most dynamic and exciting developments that this country has ever been afforded. the folks that i will mention, those that will be reappointed, claudine, and john paul, you have been doing the drudgery work. now you get to enjoy the actual work, rebuilding and revitalizing the neighborhoods. it is a really exciting time. i thought we would have linder richardson join you. she has always been fighting for our diverse communities. she will put a human face on the development. i am blessed, linda, that you said yes. three great reappointment, a new appointee that will get us to the next level. i knew that i was losing the
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audience. talking too much. seven months old. it is always tough to keep any audience. thank you all very much for taking the time to be here. i want to thank my chief of staff as well. [applause] he has got some friends. i want to thank matthew for organizing all of this, getting you all here. thank you. with that, why don't we get to the formal part of the program. you can stand, you can sit, but all you have to do -- you have a choice -- is raise your right hand and repeat after me. what i will do is i will say i
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then everyone will state their name. and then during such time as you hold the position of -- and then we would just go down the line. each one of you will let us know what you will be doing in a more public manner. you will all be serving longer than i will be serving here, so all i ask is that you return my phone calls. do not forget who i am. [laughter] ok, i have some alternatives. this is a good group of people. vote your conscience. do what you think is right. and remember, not everyone in the city is represented by the people in front of you. so do not forget, just because you are