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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2010 5:30am-6:00am PST

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minutes. one is on political, and one is on the great johnny john. i meet people from around the world from australia, turkey, why do america not want to have health care for its people? i do not understand that. people need to come out to the
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library convention because you were voting is going to be very important in districts 6, 8, and 10, and we also have the connected mode ion 6, 8, and 10, so there is 105 h.i.v.-positive registered voters. we're going to need houses, we are going to need jobs, we are going to need health care to stay in this city as we go through gentrification and gender-fication. now, so you will know who i am, this is the hat that you guys like to see me in. go out and vote on tuesday -- >> as i have said before, we cannot get engaged in any politicking here in the board chambers or city hall. eat you have other comments you would like to make, you are free to make them. >> yes, sir. thank you. michelle obama, i got to wave at
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her last month. and we are in the world series. every home run is a home run for the homeless people coming out of this world series, and this is a great time, and it is important that we do keep america in the right direction. we want good politicians and good people to do the work. 8, 6, and 10 is very important. i do not know where two and four is that -- i'm sorry, that is politics again. i'm sorry. make sure you go out and vote. thank you. go, giants. >> i want to speak on this latest ruling that was handed down by governor schwarzenegger that is going to deliver a very adverse effect for families pertaining to child care. there are a lot of both males
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and females going to college in position to support themselves where they can care for their kids fully by learning and occupation, and some of them are just beginning the child care system, but that system being eliminated delivers a very adverse effect and puts a glass ceiling on their success and securing their families. we have a situation where the mayor put together a trust fund for kindergarten students, which is an ideal thing to do, but we also have a major problem with the public school system where every year, we have teachers always facing layoffs. a lot of teachers leaving the county and the public school system because of the negative cash flow and budget cuts and other for supervision of the taxpayers' money. it does not make sense to put a multimillion-dollar trust fund for kids, and by the same response, when his kids become of age, we will not have
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teachers teaching with the way the system is set up, so i think that as a future topic that is going to come up in the delivering of very strong impact move to families and little kids. thanks. supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> and treasonous anthony brown -- supervisor chiu: i just want to make sure you do not engage in political campaigning. >> i am not campaigning. "you want californians to help, but you are the attorney general at states, and treasonous lee ebit in certain cases to fix it in 2008 and 2010. are you a fraud? are there no better than human misery exploiter, mass murderer,
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moneymaker? what is wrong with california and every single state in its bankrupt country is that the congress of our union of states since fascist agenda. in 2008 and 2009, the office until mid by giving enemies to the state to maintain mass murder for profit and constitutional wars, never a necessity. the deputy attorney general treasonous lee e. david certain petitions -- treasonously evaded cases that could have ended congress serving fascist and in an organized crime. these filed petitions against
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the secretary of state in sonoma county superior court to seek extraordinary relief under section 13 of article 6 and the constitution owes $136 billion rob a $19 billion dysfunctional state of california to stop the murder of 599 californians. instead of honoring your oath of office and public employment contract to support and assess -- [bell rings] supervisor chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> instead of honoring your oath of office and public employment contract to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, by allowing this democracy and
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economy saving these petitions to have their days in fort by the constitutional law, there were no further court hearings. you apparently conspired with supreme court chief justice ronald george, who certainly conspired with supreme court judges in sonoma county, to treat these common good petitions like torts and declare jon jenkel to be in litigant theory to this day, i cannot file in civil court in state of california, so i come here today to talk to this legislative body to consider an emergency resolution urging the attorney general of the state of california to file treason complaints against 15 members of
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the 111th congress, including dianne feinstein, all of whom voted for the use of force in october 2002, which authorized the president to use force against me or anybody he wants as he determines necessary and created a dictatorship in the white house. you are all under oath to prevent the mass murder of people without due process, which is what an undeclared war is. you are under oath to defend the fifth amendment. you are under oath to prevent unreasonable seizures without due process. supervisor chiu: thank you very much. let me ask if there are any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment. seeing none, at this time, general public comment is closed. if we could now move to our 3:30
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special commendation. the first will be offered by supervisor daly. supervisor daly: thank you. bruce has called his team a group of characters, podcasts, and misfits, and i think that is part of the appeal and part of why san franciscans have rallied around our giants -- characters, outcasts, adnd misfits. but today, i want to take time to honor one of my favorite characters, walter paulson. he has been honored by this board before for his efforts as a 42-times special olympian. of course, we know will to better for his work here with the bay guardian winner for best
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city hall crooner, and this may be the only way for me to honor him today. can you hear that out there? ♪ there is. i'm going to sing, sophie. i'm excited. it's 2:00 on tuesday the regular crowd shuffles in campos and avalos are standing next to me, hoping their legislation will win
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[inaudible] we are all in the mood for a melody you got us feeling all right ♪
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>> ♪ we're both superstars and we've got a run of this place ♪ >> ♪ say hello to your local celebrities ♪ >> ♪ as the smiles build up each day "watler, you'lter, you're a local celebrity but we've got a bitter staggerg. ♪ >> ♪ sean is a real estate apologist but he's talking with someone
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whose campaign ain't revving and probably will be for life david chiu is testing the politics as the process winds on eric mar is posting to facebook multitasking is better than none. ♪ help us out with the refrain. >> ♪ send us a song. you are public comment man sing us a song tonight we are all in the mood for a melody and you have as feeling alright -- and you've got us feeling all
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right ♪ >> ♪ and the clerk, she gives me a smile, 'cuasause you know it's me they've been waiting to see forget about the meeting for a while the jesus guy smells up the place and fills up the place. ♪ >> walter, thank goodness you're here. i think we need help, everyone. ♪ send us a song, you're public
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comment man sing us a song tonight w'eree're all in the mood for a melody, and you've got us feeling all right ♪ [applause] president chiu: i am honored to deliver the next commendation, which will be a little more traditional. i would like to ask tom hennes
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sy from st. francis. i do have a little bit of a multimedia presentation. last wednesday, at 5:00 in the morning, there was a for alarm residential fire in the district which required 30 fire trucks and 110 firefighters. i want to thank all our city workers who showed up, particularly our san francisco fire fighters, or police departments, representatives from hsa, my stuff, and many others from the city who came onto the scene. it was a horrific scene. there were hundreds of individuals who were sent fleeing into the dark, many of them with nothing, and certainly not their belongings. i have a couple of pictures i want to show to set the scene. this is a picture of the fire. it should be that one.
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let me continue to talk while my aide is figuring out the power point. during this time of amazing crisis, there were many individuals that stepped up, but there is one organization that really was befitting of its name. that is the hospital in my district known as the st. francis. there were so many heroes from the st. francis that stepped up during this fire. there were individuals that dispatched security officers from the hospital but were among the first on the scene to try to bring kong, who brought blankets to the dozens of individuals who were immediately homeless. the st. francis set up an evacuation center within a short time. t