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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2010 10:30pm-11:00pm PST

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let me also call up francisco da costa and danielle landry and if anyone else wants to comment on the close process for the appointment of a successor meier, please come up. >> supervisors, this is an opportunity for all san franciscanss to participate -- for all san franciscans to participate in this process, and we cannot unless you are united. i'm here to tell you as the director of environmental justice advocacy that today, san francisco needs to be united because we are facing many issues that mostly affect those
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that cannot defend themselves and our poor. you all may wait until our mayor, who is in room 200, leaves, but as one of you who hates the budget and finance has explained to you, the earlier you are united, the early you -- the earlier you take the leadership to show the people of sad and cisco, the better. i have heard you try to come to some resolution and give some guidance with outside counsel, but as you know if you read the charter, if you have for dissipated and read robert's rules, if you know something of the fair political lacked, you
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could have those of you who are in the majority could have through osmosis come to some type of resolution, so i'm encouraging you in this process to leave aside your egotistical concerns and work hard and focus on the people of san francisco. mind you very much. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> mr. president, 1984, i'd ask -- i asked willie brown in sentences go to come here and run for mayor, and a couple of years later, he took my advice and became mayor. before he left, he found someone to cover his mistakes and anything wrong he did. he could not have found anyone
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weekly more than gavin newsom. we still have more homeless in the city. if we need to have a mayor, a new mayor for my city, he must show us what brand he makes to clean the city. we need another new tourist to come in. the tourists give $30 million if you do not remember every year to the city. now, the tourists coming make big trouble for the homeless who sleep outside city hall. ladies and gentlemen, we need to be strong. man or woman, does not matter who is going to be our mayor, but i agree with many of our supervisors that the city still
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has homeless, and many of them come from other states, other cities. we need jobs and taurus and to clean our -- we need jobs and tourists and to clean our city, and we need someone who has the courage to clean the mess that gavin newsom and willie brown left behind. thank you. supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> walter paulson. ♪ when you pick a successor meier, no board could do it better -- when you pick a successor major -- when you pick
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a successor mayor all i ask you, son of francisco board, all i ask you, pick the best mayor no board could do it better makes me feel better all i ask of you won't you please pick the successor mayor pick the best please pick the best ♪ [applause] supervisor chiu: next speaker please. i should just remind members of
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the board -- members of the public that in the board chambers, we have a rule that does not permit any applause or support of the speaker or any disagreement with the speaker. >> i'm a single mom and disabled person in the city on the verge of being kicked out of my house and lose my section 8 vouchers because the housing authority is not doing their job, and i'm telling you the clue is the mayor is really important because the mayor appoints the housing board and also appoints the director of the housing authority. there is very little oversight over what is going on there, and that is just one issue. i want to basically echo supervisor daly's, is because i believe the most important thing you can do is make sure that this current board needs to make
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sure as many members as possible our present to vote and choose a mayor in the next year while we wait for election -- i want to basically echo supervisor daly's comments. we do not need an egotistical career politician. we need a person that is knowledgeable, willing to work hard, and willing to listen to the public. right now, you all sitting here are supposedly representing the public who elected this current mayor, and for the next year were supposed to be the mayor, so if the next board elects the mayor, that is not quite right. they do not have the experience. they were not supposed to be in charge of working in that capacity to appoint a mayor. please take mr. daly's comments to heart. thank you. [applause]
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supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, supervisors. first of all, just wanted to commend the process you guys are going through in terms of trying to come up with a fair, open, transparent method of choosing the next mayor of san francisco. having listened to you describe some of the possible ways that this could unfold, i wanted to echo some of the comments made by a supervisor daly, in that it seems to me in a representative democracy, when representatives file out of the chamber, the public suffers. any -- i wanted to just express support for the idea that the
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maximum number of supervisors at any time are voting on new should be the interim mayor of san francisco. it is a weighty decision with a lot of consequences. the legal issues with the california political reform act of somebody coming back into the room after potentially not receiving votes are ones that you will obviously debate and discuss as to what is allowable and what is not and what should be allowable and should not be because a lot of this is probably new and has not been done, so i urge you to rely on whatever legal advice you can get. again, my main concern is that we do not adopt a process where multiple supervisors leave because of the concerns raised by a supervisor -- by supervisor daly. thank you. >> supervisors, believe it or
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not, i voted for gavin newsom years back, and that was one of the worst mistakes i have made in my life. just to echo what supervisor daly put before us, whatever happens, we need a fair process, and it is obvious in san francisco politics, things get lost that are important to the people, but we elect you to represent our interests. i'm still wondering why we do not have an assistant mayor anyway because we could save a lot of time. we knew gavin newsom was going to run for governor about a year-and-a-half ago, and unfortunately, he won as lieutenant governor, but what i want to make clear -- if we continue to elect rubberstamp mayors that have the authority to appoint and put people in positions that can continue to make people feel they are not
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being represented correctly, then we are on the brink of a total out right anarchy, and i studied the rise and falls of nations and cities and states, and to me, it seems like san francisco is becoming -- coming very close to becoming self- serving, so in this process, there has got to be some clear thinking, and i think outside counsel is the key. i think we need to take it for what it is worth, but definitely, the process of this body is very important because again, you are going to have everybody beating the drums for the next four years. supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> seems like a lot of complications.
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i will tell you what you probably should do is either get some straws and make one short one, or what you do is get a hat and put everyone's name in the hat. it seems kind of simple, but it is not important who is going to be the mayor. what is important is it is not newsom anymore. supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon. eric brooks, representing the grassroots organizations in our city. just coming up to really strongly support many of the comments of supervisor daly. i looked over this legislation pretty carefully. once i figured it out, after the third or fourth time of looking it over, it became pretty clear that it would pretty much be impossible for us to select a mayor under this process, and we need to use a completely different and much more simple
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process. i know there is an ad hoc coalition that you guys know about. i think the way we should do this is actually to throw out anywhere between 11th and 22 nominations, one or two each, and have every supervisor be required to thank all of those choices on a piece of paper. not positive that that will work perfectly, but i would recommend at least carefully looking at that because it would remove a lot of the game-playing and the tenacity and people not wanting to make each other angry and make a much more simple process. another thing i would recommend, if there is a way to fast track, and maybe there is not, but even if we cannot get it down for this particular process, and part of the reason this is all
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gummed up is that the mayor makes more money than you guys do. let's, lickety-split, pass a measure to -- tough budget times anyway. let's cut the mayor's budget down to the size of yours. cut benefits so that they are the same, and then everybody can vote. those are my personal recommendations, but definitely, please vote against the current proposal because it will just high as in knots. thanks. >> good afternoon, everyone. i have lived in san francisco for 58 years. my opinion must be worth at least 1 cent. i feel the two most important qualifications for the next mayor, whatever added you want to use in front of the word, must be integrity and local experience. if we go by that, i have a
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feeling many people will be disqualified. especially many people sitting in this very room. my only statements in regards to qualified candidates -- i have given this a little bit of thought, and i have come up with three names based on their integrity and local experience. the first person no one will object to would be the rev. cecil williams. anyone that objects to him should be questioned seriously. the second choice is obviously unquestionable also. that would be ex-police chief had their -- heather fong. i think she has proven what she is made out of. the third one might be controversial from both my experience dealing with him and from his survival of local smear
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campaigns. i thinktj proven. thank you. president buchiu: are there any other members of the public? great, we have at least one more. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is jose morales, and you know me because i have been complaining all of the time. there is a new idea to first question that those who will be
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a candidate for mayor do see if they will work with, a new supervisors notice very well supervisor avalos, campos, and supervisor daly. he was going to become the first supervisor. there was the process of public hearing. i still cannot get them pop.
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what i am asking is about san jose avenue. may i say one more minute? president chiu: unfortunately, sir, your time is up. a key for your comments. next speaker, please.
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>> i am here to raise a question. we have people who have no experience and are appointed for various reasons and are not expert trained. i'm speaking, for instance, of the historic preservation commission. paul and this does not pleased the developers or the landlords for their malfeasance.
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they have eagerly, disgracefully, and one-sided late done this, recognizing a commission, like the library commission, and would not be great to have a librarian on the library commission? that would really be a wonderful thing to have. a commission that is honest and professional to have a vote on the backward commission. i do not believe they belong in the seat of maicer or other seats. [bell] president chiu: thank you.
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next speaker. >> i do not care much about the process and how you people elect the mayor. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i did not care about how we appoint the mayor. president chiu: think you. next? >> i did not have an opinion on this until hearing this. but each supervisor take one month to keep the power of the
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mayor in the board of supervisors and the public functions and that sort of thing. president chiu: next speaker. >> i am from the tender morning -- tenderloin. i normally do not talk too much. i tried to let you live by your own counsel. i think i have been going to these meetings for 10, 11, 12 years now, in this is the first time i've heard these comments, and it is powered me to get up here. there is something that is far more important.
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hovel -- it is very difficult. there were a number of candidates that got $40,000, several of them. this is like $100,000 per vote. this seems a little excessive. president chiu: are there any
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more members of the public who wish to speak? >> one more thing -- president chiu: are there any more members of the public knew what to make public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. why do not go back to supervisor daly? supervisor avalos? >> this seems to be the crux of the proposal. once the nomination is made, nominations are closed. we refer to roberts roles. they talk about them being closed. this is a proposal to change
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that. president chiu: ok, if i get asked a clerk to comment on that? -- if i could ask the clerk to comment on that? >> 3 the supervisor, -- through the supervisor, as it may consider necessary for the
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conduct or consideration for any business. the committee as a whole is a committee, so i believe that will applies to -- that rule applies to it. i think the question you're asking is because roberts will specifically states that you're going to force close nominations, it is not in order. therefore, the parliamentary for the board is the board rules, and in my opinion, mr. president and members of the board, that would be external to the board roles -- rules and roberts rules of order, and you may consider that. president chiu: further discussion on this item? supervisor daly?
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supervisor daly: there are some board rules that they are not silent about. the proposal is laid out in front of us. would that not also require the supermajority threshold? sean and i, colleagues, we have been around awhile, and we can go back and forth on procedural points. i win some of them, and he wins some of them, but the question here is not a detail of the board rules or robert's rules. it is about moving forward to
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hopefully have a discussion. we can either have sean and i go back and forth and pick apart proposals, or we can try to come up, the eight of us, with rules that make the most sense to come up with the best possible results. president chiu: further discussion? supervisor elsbernd: i would very much like to discuss this, but i think it is important that we understand. president chiu: i think based on
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the presentation, i would move that this would be an 8-vote time. we are, as the clerk suggested, as supervisor daly suggested, with 80 votes. -- 8 votes. >> it would require six votes. president chiu: it would require six votes -- in a >> no, no, the motion to amend. the amended version. six votes. >> this would require the eight votes.


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