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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2010 3:00am-3:30am PST

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presented the listings of the total capacity. there is the capacity of 1084. the number is rather fluid, because in the information that we have, they will change lounges, the faculty housing, and they may return them to residential usage which soon may also do from time to time. and they may turn some of these into this but this is based on demand. this is implied from the previous information that you have. this is a little bit different. none of these figures are going to match up. this is the latest information. this is different from the information that was submitted in march 2010.
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the academy of art has the housing in the third party. campus living villages, this is a management company. this specializes in residential properties on campus. they happen to offer full-time students -- nine units with a grad students, and they offer the housing to these full-time students. they provide housing to 1638 students, which is about 9.5% of the total enrollment. and this is about 15% of the hybrid students. i have been told by professionals, that this is quite a bit lower than most universities. most post-secondary schools
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offer this housing and this is the demand, anyway. however, the academy of our university housing director -- academy of art university housing director said that they were able to offer campus housing to all the full-time students who were requesting this, with 21 students moving into housing that was in local hotels and motels. as those students drop out, the students are moved into the normal campus housing. this ranges from 3600 per semester, to a dorm room -- with $7,000 for the student apartments -- studio apartments. there are others still living in
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these buildings with 19 tenants in six of the buildings. the academy of our university has said that they have not given evictions to any of the previous tenants of these buildings. for the enrollment, and from the information that we have on the academy of art, we find that the online enrollment is significantly increasing. leon my enrollment in 2010 grew 36%. and although this does reduce the need for the housing, for student housing, if this enrollment continues, there will be an increased demand on the housing. it is clear that the academy of our university needs to have more student housing.
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our conversations the director and her testimony in january before the economic development community -- committee shows that they have been treating this as rent control. but the students in the anniversary are not advised if a student housing -- if student housing is subject to rent control. and there is no legal obligation to disclose this. last month, the planning commission reviewed an ordinance hit something student housing from the inclusion in housing requirement, and is contained several modifications that would convert these residential properties to student housing. but not all of these were incorporated into the final legislation.
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we will have to return to you after the first of the year for the amendments in the planning code to select some of the problems -- to fix some of the problems we have had in the past. we will need to explore and review as well if the commission with light, for further regulation. changes to chapter 41 to prohibit conversion of residential hotels, to student housing. at this time, this is allowed if this is returned to another residential use suggested housing. and this can also be amended or other usage, for the conditional use authorization. we'll be coming back to you at the first of the year, for these amendments.
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in terms of the process with the general employment, we finished the inspections of all 36 properties at the end of july. what we found is that in many of these buildings, they had safety violations. and at this time, we have been working with the representative from the academy of art. about 180 permits have been filed, to correct these violations that were included with these issues, the need for sprinklers and fire alarms. and many other improvements to the disabilities, and we are in the process of reviewing and additional two dozen of these. there is still work that needs to be done, and there are also
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more permits that are being prepared by the university architect. and much of the word has been scheduled during the winter break, as well as in the summer break as well. there are some safety problems that still remain. and since we have received most of this information from the academy of art, the environmental review has been accomplished. the notice of preparation, this was september 29. the planning department also held a scoping meeting, and if you have further questions on that -- in terms of silage, the planning department has been working with the academy of art, and we have a survey where we have worked with the signs
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that can never be approved, so that these are in compliance and they will not come back. we're working to remove further signs. and we have not yet received the institutional master plan. the zoning administrator has reported on these decisions, at the board of appeals last night, and this is for 60,000, to uphold the violation. i am prepared to answer any questions you may have. thank you. >> we have a number of speaker cards. sarah, gale roberts, fransisco de costa, -- >> good afternoon. i am gale roberts.
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i am a representative of the lgbt center. this is one of of our strongest supporters, and a financial investor in the organization. we have volunteer arrangements with the students and many of the committee members attend the school. we provide services to some of the most abominable individuals in the community, and this is providing job opportunities, for the unemployed adults in this community. the volunteer programs we are involved in include graduate students, to rebuild the website, and some of the may have heard about the unfortunate
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suicides that warhol and taking place this fall. ad hoc how others have responded to this, how about helping the youth with these responses that are going on. hamas tempore only, many of the committee members are going to school there. a trans gentleman from florida -- she traveled to san francisco to make a better world for herself. she was unable to find employment that she was able to return to school on scholarship at the academy of arts. when i came here 10 years ago i went to the art school. there are a lot of creative people in lgbt community. this is one reason they sponsor my organization. we're very grateful for the support that the academy has given us.
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thank you so very much. >> i am francisco de costa. this is the 30th time i have spoken about this issue. what i would like to bring to your attention, the issue is very simple. this university deprived people of san francisco of rental units. i believe that they have. the only way to address this is for the planning department and the zoning administrator, and
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the department of building inspection to address these issues and have mandatory regulations to take back the adverse impact. we all know that san francisco, this is difficult to get rental units. i will not go into this deeply but i can if you give me a couple of hours. we gave housing to the students but we did not change the way of the buildings. if you go through this building, that the planning
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department was saying to you, they have changed the inside of the building. they have broken the law. and the planning department and the department of building inspection, they knew nothing about this. the commissioners know, for example, that i testified and others testified. we have to have standards. this university, from the many people i have spoken, the convoluted way to acquire certain buildings, so that they will be able to profit. to make a billion dollars and
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give this for charity, we know nothing about this. this is not the issue. this university, with intent, using convolute ways, defies the people of san francisco from rental units. now, commissioners, we have some people on board that i hope will do the right thing. to address these issues. this money has to be used for the rental units. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i am a graduate student at the
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university. i also worked as a graduate assistant at one of the residence halls. being a student staff member and living in campus housing has benefited my career and my success as a student. this has given me a safe and successful environment, and the facilities are well maintained. and as a graduate student, i have had previous experience of being a freshman in college and being away from home for the first time. having the campus housing provided is important for the first time college student and any student at the academy of art. thank you. randall, linda chapman, --
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>> good afternoon. i am brenda keaton-randall, the coordinator of k-12 operations at costa school district in richmond, california. we cover san pablo, hercules, and richmond. my intention is to give you a picture of the impact that the academy has had in this district. last year and the year before, many students receive scholarships, and the students went, i believe six weeks with
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95% attendance rates. this is 20 miles to san francisco. and 20 miles back every day. and using these cards -- this was 95%. they took everything from home video games, to the computer games, and for the first time many of them told me that they connected art with a viable career. and each student brought three or four of their parents to the exhibit this was at the end of the term, the six-week period. when i look at the faces of
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their parents, and how proud that they were, i felt very satisfied with what we had accomplished. and that is my story to you about the affects of this program, and the generosity. thank you. >> i am living at the heart of the campus for about 70 years -- 17 years, and so many people who came out for the never see said that they are natives. my sister acute -- my sister attended the academy. and i think that this is a great institution, but this makes it not an educational institution. with golden gate and so forth.
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i attended their with graduate school. the issue of doing things in violation of the planning code -- you are dealing with the institutional master plan and this is very important. you are also dealing with the planning issue. this is on one hand with the other. i went to san francisco state, and they had the dormitory that nobody was wanting to live in. but things changed. it was no longer the ability to go out to the apartment, and everybody has little room and everything like that. san francisco state purchased a rental development. maybe, we cannot allow this. i am not coming before you to do this.
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those students should be here, i believe. there will be getting housing one way or the other. whether the university should be purchasing housing for them or not. this is something that needs to be dealt with. ad hoc how are violations of the planning code, when you have recommendations of the planning department. ad hoc which cannot allow a good institution to just violate the planning code. we have done this for years and years, and now we say, we are doing this. we're going to say that this is ok. we're going to live with horrible consequences happening -- they violated the planning code. they violated the terms of their condition.
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who thereby letting the term misheard for someone household we cannot make this when you have before you today has to go with what the planning department has recommended. and a later time we will be dealing with the issues of the master plan, and whether or not you can use what is before you. but what is before you is very clear. >> and is there additional public comment? >> sue hester. i was at the eir. i think the commission has the opportunity to give some feedback, that you should be telling us, the academy of art,
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where this is going. bohol -- >> they are doing this wherever they want to purchase a building. and they have had very serious impact in the areas of knob hill. this happened at the scoping meeting as people were talking about the dramatic changes in their buildings. and the problems that were caused by the concentration of students preparing ad hoc yahoo! basically, of the students and these activities, of students home reexport -- of students. basically, of the students and these activities. they have to provide housing for a significant portion of these
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students that they have built. and they cannot take over all of these apartments. we will have nothing left for the people who are now in the academy of art. -- not in the academy of art. the second thing that they need to be told about is you have to concentrate on academics, in areas that make sense, such as transit so there is not some shuttle bus going everywhere. you have to make things work as a campus. the idea as the city being the campus, this is what we have heard repeatedly. usf as a place and we know where this is. san francisco state has an area. and they have to the below
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campuses. -- two hong -- two campuses. we know where these are at. this is the only institution that has the ability of the planning department to have the filing of the institutional master plan. and just doing things and after the fact when you catch them, you say that this is the mission in the city. put this on the calendar, with some of the revocations. if you have applications --2295, this is disapproved as withdrawal. >> is there extra public comment?
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>> my name is david and i am here for the academy of art university. i want to begin, i do want to begin to apologize for dr. stephens, who was not here. and as it was reported to you, has been actively meeting with the department and the staff. having communication several times a month with the director. i want to compliment ms. ha on her report. it was exceptional. the things i want to emphasize today, there was a lot of progress.
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particularly in the -- draft impact report. a lot of the bay studies are done, 79 intersections were reviewed with the level of service. 79 intersections. the result of that analysis, is the improvement into the shuttle service. we have shaved off several months that we believe, from the original time, things have improved. i want to point out the work that has been done, as it was reported. millions of dollars has been
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spent. a considerable amount of progress has been made. and with the comment ms. hester has made. there is feedback over where to locate. part of this is in the study areas. we incorporate these in the draft eir. the master plan is going to be addressing those. the one comment i disagree with is there was a statement that there was going to be a need to have more student housing. we are still doing the master plan. we were supportive of the
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legislation that didn't allow students to go forward without the inclusionary housing. >> may i have a minute more? >> sorry, david. public comment is closed. i would like to state to ms. roberts, and randall, we appreciate what any institution does for citizens and visitors in this city. we do not underestimate that. that is not what we sit here for. we sit here for different situations. your comments are interesting, but they are not pertiment to the situation where the planning
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code is violated. we do not evaluate the -- how good is the institution, how good this is in the educational operations or in their benefits to the community. what we do concerns the planning code. this is the sole reason this is in front of us. we appreciate your comments, but they are not pertiment to what is before this body. he is correct. i know there are ongoing discussions. hopefully to consider certain areas of the city and a consolidation of where t