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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2010 12:00am-12:30am PST

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that. >> why don't we move to public comment? first speaker please. >> thank you. a crucial aspect for the public library is an understanding of how little the public-private partnership actually contributes. if the friends do not raise $16 million, the public will be sitting on the floor. does this mean it will be contributed. -- does this mean it will be contributed? it has increased to $188 million. for nine years, 60% have been completed, and it has expanded to 69.3% of the total.
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but the friends of the foundation has expanded -- expanded 6.1% of the pledge. how does this compare to the finances? the salaries of the directors total of 1.493 more than what went to the executive salaries. the entire income of the friends foundation was for 31.7 million. the portion that demonstrates directly was 0.3%. if you ever went to one, it
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would be three quarters of 1/10. >> next speaker. >> supervisors, thank you for your hard work of the years, and thanks for all your work. thanks for your work, and ♪ chigoe bells, jingle bells -- jindal bells, jingle bells -♪ jindal bells, union square ♪ ♪ what a swell time to rock the
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city time away ♪ ♪ it is a swell time to be writing in the horse in polo fields of yesterday ♪ ♪ jindal bells, light on your feet ♪ ♪ do not ever stop, that is the city hall and jingle bell civic center rock ♪ goodbye, and thank you. >> next speaker. >> my name is jamie allison. i am a producer of the morning show, here to speak in favor of
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the resolution that urges the foundation and staff members to work together in good faith with the community workers of america said represent the workers. it is an independent media source that has been covering local issues, many that you cover every day, that are key concern to your constituents, and the morning show is one of the few places that give in- depth coverage to the issues from communities members that would not otherwise have an outlet. the morning show has been very valuable in terms of educating the community about issues and providing an so for those of you who are sponsoring this resolution, i
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thank you and ask the rest of the board of supervisors to vote in favor of this to protect kpfa in a time of great crisis, local coverage means that the work you do here in san francisco in city hall gets to your constituents and engages the community, and this is the time for everyone to come together to find solutions. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors, peter warfield, library users association. several weeks ago at a library meeting the program manager was giving a report and referenced a quarterly report. this was not listed on the library's agenda and to my
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knowledge has not been listed. however, there were copies available for the public at the back of the room. so there was something very interesting in this report, i think its previous speaker has mentioned some of the figures. as many of you know, ever since the branch library improvement bond which passed in 2000, we have heard repeatedly over the years that the friends of san francisco public library planned to raise $16 million for the library for furniture fixtures and equipment. what we find in this report on the second page is that the budget is shown as $16 million, but that the actual expenditures through september 30, 2010 for this portion are less than $1 million, less than 1/16 of the total that was
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projected in the meantime the library completed 60% of the scheduled projects. there are a number of questions here, is $70,000 per average for branch, what the friends spent for the completed branches or that several were nearing completion? how much of the $16 million did they actually raise and what percentage was turned over to the library? and finally, in terms of a city having budget difficulties, how much of what was raised -- >> for who so ever >> for who so ever shall keep the whole law and yet offend at one point is guilty of all, for he who said do not commit adultery shall not kill.
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if thou commit adultery and kill, thou becomes a transgressor of the law. i think of the j.f.k. assassination, jesse ventura conspiracy theory j.f.k. and how he has the testimony of the c.i.a. agent e.e. howard hunt saying he killed j.f.k. the statute for limitations of murder never runs out. and it's amazing. it's absolutely amazing. but, you know, jesus is going to get them, all the wicked, all of the unsaved on the last day and he's going to raise e. howard hunt up and he's going to get him. he's going to get obama who is a baby killer and when he's on the senate floor he said if a baby lives through an abortion, let it die. that's what he said when he was senator. but, you know, the thing is this, j.f.k. of course was an adulterer, like bill clinton.
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so he's going to be raised from the dead and punished, along with bill clinton all of the wicked. the amazing thing is that the assassination of the king of babylon was dated to the precise year and the assassination of the lord jesus christ was dated to the precise year. did you know that? the angel gabriel himself said it would be the 487th year and the messiah would be cut off, killed. think about that, in the dead sea scrolls 200 years before jesus, i said in the dead sea scrolls, 200 years before jesus, they talk about the fact that the messiah would come in 10 jubilees and quote the angel gabriel who said it would be 70 sevens or 490 years, i see i have five seconds. it should be february 9, next year, judgment day. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, my name is antonio ortiz
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and i'm a union steward at c.w.a. local 1495 over at kpfa and in regards to the resolution you have on number 60 and i hope that it passes. there have been layoffs at kpfa and according to our contract, it's a breach of our contract from the union's perspective and we want to have negotiations with management to talk about those issues. unfortunately we're at this point where we have to have done some grievances have been filed against management and that's where we're at and they've all been denied and now we have to go to arbitration and the union wants to work with managers to have a solution that works for everyone. unfortunately, there aren't any -- we're in good faith negotiations with the union at the moment. most of everything happening is via email and the responses we get from pacifica management is speak to our lawyers. when we have had meetings, there's been lawyers present on their end, and to our understanding that is not
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negotiating in good faith. that's all i have to say as a union steward. one thing i want to say, too, is actually our news directors gave me this to say to you and i want to just read it. dear san francisco supervisors a as a long time news directors of kfpa f.m. we urge you to support avalos, campos, marr asking pacific radio to enter in good faith negotiation with our union, the local of 9145 and reinstate the morning show. we've served as union stewards at points in the past and are extremely disturbed by the actions of pacifica. she went over managers, refused to bargain in good faith and violated our contract provisions in carrying out the layoffs of the hosts of the kpfa morning show and suspending the program. pacifica has disregarded thousands of listener emails and phone calls, union grievances and appeals to reason by staff. we hope -- staff members to
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rescind the layoff and bring back the morning show. we hope a firmly stated resolution -- >> thank you. next speaker. >> ace washington, i'm not here to sing, i've got two minutes but am flabbergasted, appalled of the procedures going on here at city hall. i've been around city hall 25 years, longer than anybody up here except for some of the clerks. i've never seen city hall in a position that it is right now. now, this is supposed to be a process that supervisors and you all put together. is this a process when we come, spend many hours passing all kinds of legislations but one important thing that y'all are supposed to be getting together is the process. the only process i've been seeing here, witnesses that people come up here and speak and y'all get up here and look at each other and somebody make a motion to delay it another week. daly was saying let's have some debate, talk about it. most of y'all come up here talking saying you have your backdoor debates already and
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made your deals. i know politics just as much as y'all do and my only strength is you all don't recognize me so that's good. that's my strength. right now what's going on at city hall, the whole world is watching and i'm sure the big cameras are going to be here in two weeks because that's going to be down to the final count. now, i'm asking y'all responsibly, who's in control? who's going to take the lead? chris dailey, i take my hat off to him. he challenged the person that got up to delay it but no one wants to even say anything up here. now, when the news board supervisors come on, you think you've got problems now, you've got a bunch of rookies that are going to come on here. how the hell are they going to make -- y'all are seniors. y'all should make the decisions and have the credibility and accountability to come forth. all say you your hands are tied because the mayor done told you what to do. this is really despicable. i'm really embarrassed with san francisco, i really am. i can say it because i've been
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here 20 something years. i have been here when y'all wasn't involved in politics. you're full of tricks, making everybody turn to a lunatic. p >> next speaker. >> i saw the process as being a possible creative one where you could maybe possible creative one where you could maybe have something like -- i'm sorry, i can't think at all today. the repercussions of my speech last week meant i slept in the cold and was injured. so i'm not well. i'm not thinking very clearly. but i saw that we could have, you know, like the trump meeting of, you know, like seeing who's qualified, i can't even remember what his program is called, "apprentice" or where people want to invest, say, in inventions where they
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say oh, we'll all come in on this. where you people who have experience p could lend your expertise or could be open, and what i'm seeing is there's some significance in the fact that nobody will say anything. this is a dangerous city. maybe y'all know it. maybe you know -- you don't know the maulings i experienced, the judge, jury and execution that goes unended and the percent execution of the -- p purse execution of the -- persecution of the poor. let's give the people out of jail a job that's unqualified to run the shelters. i see the shelters, like i said, no need to reinvent the wheel. pull in what's working in india or what's working in a spiritual community where people eastern their way to be there.
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they go to meditation and learn meditation and get education, education where they -- their lifestyle skills, prepare the place and contribute to the environment around them. learning that it's not, you know, like a lower thing to do janitorial work. waxing on, waxing off. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm ed malary. i'm coming here today, edmond larry jucy. i'm retiring from activism and is something i need to get out. medical marijuana and christmas and then kwanzaa. medical marijuana people, if you're listening today, remember the meaning of tonight as tuesday the 14th at bowser pizza, 371 11th street.
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don't forget at task force, the third friday for those people that have been coming on wednesday night, to come friday to the meeting at 9:30 for our compassionate youth. and i want to throw out some things, compassionate tom jones , and i have the green pastor rainbows, underground medical marijuana, section 8 cannibus. come on out. this will be my last year. for 10 years i've been giving cannibus -- sharing cannibus with christmas people, 2595 market cross from safeway, 2020. also you need to listen to the radio for the kwanzaa event coming up the day after christmas. and also, this is the -- if you can get a picture, the a.c. emergency dinner will be on the 24th and 25th at the war memorial. come out for cecil williams
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give away on that day, the prime rib day and just think, you know, martin luther king is coming up in january and we want the kwanzaa people to get in touch with the martin luther king celebration that will be at the civic center again returning after a one-year delay, get in touch with them
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