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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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the investment committee is comprised of really 15 professionals in their field. the individuals listed on the committee and he will feel good about those on our side. there is certain elements of private equities and it would be in any sort of portfolio that is over $92 million that we have invested at this time. >> this is more of an endowment approach and a more risky approach. >> this is a typical sort of endowment approach and
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conditions to meet the current liquidity needs. >> thank you very much. >> i very much support we are doing and is about our cities assets right now. >> i need to want to thank the supervisor for this questions. is there a reason why we are a nonvoting member for those committees? what is the distinction?
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>> we need to be able to assign some staff that we would think have expertise which would assist with the device. our interest was bringing people to the table to help advise rather than controlling the votes on the committees. fundamentally, if you would like to call this a hammer, and ability to enforce change on the foundation and the unfortunate circumstance if we need to. we feel the approval was by far the most useful and correct. >> this is not the only
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institutions facing this kind of financial challenge, if you will. there are many more that is the case. -- which are very important institutions. at some point, we need to figure out a strategy for us for city government to deal with these kinds of issues. we had a vested interest to make sure that we help these institutions. whe this is an issue that will e
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with the city government. we will be ensuring the viability of these institutions. i do think that there is a larger question to be addressed. thank you. >> i just wanted to say that i am supportive of the settlement and. i like to thank the -- for their work on this. the city attorney played a large role in that. this is the best that we can do under the circumstances. i want to thank you for your work.
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>> one of the things we talked about and budget committee is where this transaction is where everyone has some skin in the game. we know the foundation is on the hook for raising $20 million. as we think about other organizations, we need to be clear that the asian art museum is an exceptional example of this because of the requirements that we have with the collection. part of the agreement was a commitment to have to display
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that. the difference with this organization and the asian art foundation and others is that whereas we might be giving money to other organizations to provide services, the asian art foundation is helping to relieve our costs towards providing services for the collection. where as our operating costs would have an $11 million hit, we don't have that. the building is city owned and not at risk here. thank you. >> any further discussion? can we take a roll-call vote on this? >> aye. >> aye. >> aye,. >> aye.
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>> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> this resolution is adopted. >> item 8 is an ordinance amending article 4.1 of the public works code to provide pro petitions -- prohibitions, limitations, and requirements for the discharge of fats, oils, and greece. >> this passes on first reading. >> item 9, supporting the assignment of the mental health services act statewide and early prevention allocation totaling $3 million. >> this resolution is adopted. >> ordinance amending the
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environment code to amend the san francisco environment code requiring owners of nonresidential buildings to conduct energy efficiency audits. >> this ordinances passed on the first reading. >> item 11, when ordinance amending the public works code to ban distribution of handbills on private premises unless they are attached to or placed upon and did not damage the premises. >> i will defer to the sponsor. >> this is an item that has passed unanimously by the committee. there has been a number of members of the public that have raised some questions. >> we would like to defer this
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for two weeks. and we would like to answer questions and hopefully there will be any issues. >> that is a motion. >> is there a second? this has been seconded by supervisor avalos. >> i appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further. i know that this is not much of the change between the current ordinance and the other ordinance but maybe it presents the opportunity to decide whether the current ordinance is something that is -- and the political speech to our campaigns. >> supervisor mirkarimi: thank you for the continuance. we also had expressed strong interest in curtailing the practice of handbills and everything else a few years ago.
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with caution by city attorney found out just how limited we really were in our ability to, i think, regulate the practice as much as one would like. also, because of the unintentional or inadvertent check on political speech, too, which i think obviously needs to get rectified. this bill will were of our interest in newspapers, for example, that are thrown all over residents and commercials and sidewalks. all neighborhood newspapers and the freebies because these issues are obviously cousin to the very objective of this ordinance. again, learning from the city attorney and others just what limits we have being able to put the kind of change into effect
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that we would like and not be able to. supervisor wiener: i want to thank president chiu for his leadership on this issue. it is an important one. it is a very important issue, and even within the political realm, i got a lot of feedback, and i'm sure others did as well about the unending volume of paper that people were getting in the mail, and a lot of people approached me and asked me to sponsor all sorts of legislation to deal with that. what i like about this ordinance is it does not have any impact on people's ability to either male or personally deliver pieces of paper. all it does is it requires that
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it be a fixed. it can be defined broadly. it can be in the doorjamb, on the doorknob, in the gate, just to be placed in a way that it is not going to blow away, and friendly, if it is on the ground or in the bushes, people are not going to read it anyway -- frankly, if it is on the ground or in the bushes, people are not going to read it anyway. this is pretty narrowly drawn has an ordinance, and i think it is a move in the right direction, and i hope we will be able to adopt it. supervisor campos: colleagues, we have a motion to continue. can we take that without objection for two weeks? >> item 12 is a resolution authorizing and directing
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execution of a quitclaim deed from the city to the universe it -- the unified school district. supervisor chiu: thank you colleagues. the last item being unanimous, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, the item is adopted. why don't we skip over our 3:00 34:00 orders and go to the committee report, item 17. >> item 17 was considered by the land use and economic committee, was forwarded as recommended with a new title and resolution declaring the intention of the board to vacate portions of the public right of way the law and/or above several streets within the transit center project area and setting the hearing date for march 1, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. here in this
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legislative chamber, room 250, in city hall. supervisor chiu: can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, the resolution is adopted. why don't we proceed to roll call. >> supervisor carmen chu is first. supervisor kim. supervisor wiener. supervisor wiener: thank you. i have several introductions today. the first is i am requesting that the controller conduct an economic impact study with support from the entertainment commission on entertainment and night life in san francisco to determine the size and scope of
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this industry, the number of jobs it creates in san francisco, the taxes that it generates for the city, the rhythm rigid the tourism it brings to the city. there has been a lot of discussion in recent years about entertainment and night life in san francisco, and it often comes up in a very reactive way in terms of policy making. something bad happens. someone gets shot. there is a crowd control situation. something terrible happens, and we then scramble and say, "how do we address this?" what i want to do is take a step back so that in the future when we are making public policy that impacts entertainment and night life, we know exactly what we're dealing with so that we know the
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size, we know the economic contribution so when we are making policy, we can look at the downside and also look at the up side. and this is not just about violence in night clubs. i know that is what makes the papers, and that is what some folks focus on. this really is about something that is part of the cultural life blood of this city and finds so much of what this city is about. whether we're talking about our street fairs and the pride parade or chinese new year or con about, whether we're talking about our neighborhood bars that are such integral parts of our neighborhood community -- chinese new year or carnivale, whether we're talking about the lgbt community and the key role that nightlife has played, particularly for young people, so i'm asking that the
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controller perform the assessment and report back and once we have the report completed, that the present at a hearing before the land use and economic development committee so we can hear what those results are. my second introduction relates to -- it is a resolution relating to the metropolitan and transportation commission. i know my colleagues are very familiar with what the mtc is, but for members of the public who do not know, it is a regional bay area nine-county commission that plays a significant role in distributing transformation -- transportation dollars throughout the bay area. it is a significant project. when we look at san francisco, and has played a key role in funding a lot of different projects, whether we are talking about doyle drive for the central subway or a number of
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different projects. there are currently 19 members. we have two of them. last month, the commission voted, over san francisco's objection, to ask the state legislature to amend state law to expand the mtc from 19 to 21 seats by giving an extra seat to alameda county and to santa clara county, recognizing the significance of oakland. i have no dispute with recognizing the importance of our sister cities, san jose and oakland, but what this will do if enacted is further dilute san francisco's role in the mtc and our ability to obtain adequate transit funding for this city, which is so critical in our regional transportation system. the mtc request ignores the fact that san francisco is the destination for about 500,000
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people every weekday, which is almost the size of the city of oakland, above and beyond our population, and more than half the size of the city of san jose. when you add to that the number of people who come here in the evening, who come here on the weekend for entertainment or to shop, eat is even bigger. transit funding should be allocated based on the number of trips into a city, not just on who is sleeping there at night. san francisco has about 800,000 people, but our daytime population is much larger, placing significant stresses and strains on our already limited transportation system. the structure of the mtc which makes these funding decisions should take that into account, that we are asking the state legislature through this resolution to reject the proposal and that we are going to make changes to make sure that those changes reflect san
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francisco's daytime population. my final -- yes, my final introduction for today is a resolution being co-sponsored by president chiu and supervisor kim to support the janitors of local 87, 1, south, van ness, which was a local 87 property and is owned by the city and county of sanford says, had a contract that was recently awarded to a non-union shop, which will result in job loss for the local 87 members. we want the board to look at that situation, and we would like to go on record supporting the members of local 87 and assuring the janitors in the city get not only good wages, but good benefits, which the union has injured, so i'm submitting that as well, and the
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rest i will submit. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor cohen. supervisor cohen: submit. >> supervisor farrell. supervisor farrell: thanks. today, i have one in memoriam. stuart was the son of sarah and dr. marvin broughtman. he was working with youth and adolescents for over 20 years. after earning his master's in social work, he gained extensive experience their individual family and will work with teams and families, both mental health and educational settings. he was a proud founder of the coyote coast youth and family counseling center. he was most recently working at the child development center in
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a private practice. he was a past board member of can newman in santa rosa and worked as a can newman psychologist during the summer. he also taught at religious school for many years at various congregations. stewart is survived by his loving wife and their daughter and was taken from us way too early in his mid-40's and will be sorely missed by our bay area community. the rest i will submit. thank you. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. i have several in memoriams. first for dr. mildred phyllis prudham. she was the supreme guidance director, mother, an organizer of john coltrane and church. it is right on fillmore. it is cool. she was a teacher and traveled the world as an evangelist, one of the founders of the first
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black the logical seminaries in vegas. she had her own tv and radio program in san francisco in the 1970's. she was the -- she leaves behind her loving family, her four children, 12 grandchildren, and 23 great-grandchildren. one of her grandchildren is the new pastor and director of john coltrane and church. she will be missed by the community and her family. next, an in memoriam for sherriff deputy marla denzer. she died earlier in january. she joined the department in june 1994. after completing the core course, she was assigned to county jail 7. she graduated from the santa rosa trading center and return
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to county jail 7, after which she embarked on a varied career. county jail no. 9 in the transportation unit here at the time of her death, she was assigned to county jail one. she was well respected by her fellow deputies for the team spirit and work ethic, and i know the loss is devastating to many in the department. next is somebody that many of us knew through his tireless activism. it was quite a shock because he was here at the swearing in of board members just recently of his unexpected passing. james howard pi, jr. he lived his life as an engineer in the net states navy and community activist. he was a strong servant of god, to his family, his church, his community, and the city of san francisco. he was a resident of the
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fillmore for over seven years, a member of the uptown church of christ. he is survived by six children. a proud veteran in the u.s. navy, he was often heard quoting president john f. kennedy -- ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country, and he literally kept saying that to me every time he visited my office. he will be laid to rest in tennessee, and i know us in the community will miss him and his incredible activism. next, an ordinance. at the committee hearing on the publication of notice ordinances, which i had submitted so that we would be able to amplify the public's understanding of what occurs with departments and
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commissions and their agendas, we want to make sure that we are putting on our san francisco government website all the notices of all the commission hearings and department actions so that people understand that they have access to information and not have to hunt for it. as it currently stands through committee hearings, the noticing of what those commissions and committees do is publish in the newspaper, at great expense to the board of supervisors and the city and county of san francisco. we wanted the site to modernize it. at the committee hearing on the publication of notice ordinances, the ordinance was amended to require summary of the notice to be published in the official newspaper in order to address the concerns of the newspaper. the idea was to put something brief in the paper that directed people to the full of information on the san francisco government website. in implementing these new procedures, the clerk found that
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she needed clarification of the question of "summary," but thanks to the clerk and city attorney's office by coming up with an elegant amendment that i am submitting to the supple -- as a supplement to the original ordinance. supervisor chiu: colleagues, today, i will be introducing legislation to help save environmental resources, promote green business practices, and save money for san franciscans by reducing unwanted yellow page phone books for residents who do not want them. this is a topic i started thinking about a number of years ago because of an experience in my apartment building where i noticed that every winter, there would be a large pile of phone books, including the book that i have right here back in this bag, that would be left, and abandon, and the pile of phone books would simply sit untouched for many months until someone decided to lug all of them out of the building. i think all of us have seen on
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our city streets, on our sidewalks, doorways and abandon and unwanted yellow page books. so i started the conversation with my friend and my agent began to look at the statistics of how many yellow page books are left in san francisco. san francisco received over 1.5 million unsolicited yellow page phone books every year. the -- if you were to staff up all these yellow page phone books on top of each other, you would have a height of almost 300 transamerica pyramids for over eight mount everest. this is a staggering amount of natural resources. it is estimated that over 5 billion trees a year are needed to make phone books in our country. in addition to the environmental impact, though, this has a real cost to san franciscans. the total cost to dispose of or
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recycle foam books in san francisco is estimated to be over $1 million a year. this is a cost borne by residents and ratepayers. the ordinance i am interested in using would allow all phone book distributors to distribute yellow pages to any san franciscan resident who wants them. it would also allow distributors to contact every resident the it -- via mail, phone, or e-mail so anyone who wants a phone book can have an opportunity to receive it. this ordinance, though, does not allow distributors to leave unwanted yellow pages in front of buildings or doorways without permission. this lot is not a ban on yellow pages. we simply want to make sure that everyone who wants the information can get it, and it is good for business. businesses will know that they businesses will know that they are paying to advertise to