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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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it no doubt takes a village to raise children. so desmond is a bright and promising young man. his community involvement includes the annual desmond bishop football camp at his high school alma mater, fairfield high, and he has also participated in a celebrity softball games, the celebrity bowling event, and united way's nfl home town huddle. he has also worked with the boys and girls clubs and how program. this young man has not forgotten where he has come from. [applause] i am humbled by his service to our community and to his achievements. today, i am so proud to award desmond visit the black history month certificate of honor. [applause]
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i would also like to acknowledge that our great mayor has also acknowledged this as desmond bishop day in san francisco. [applause] before we close out this joyous event, i would like to speak to the members that have come here from the friends and families from near and far, just to acknowledge that we must continue to support each other, and i wish you, desmond, only the best and future success. thank you. [applause]
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>> first of all, i just want to say god is good. secondly, i just want to thank my family and friends and everyone for coming out and supporting me. i think this is bigger than me as a person. i'm just glad i am in this position where i could potentially inspire someone to do great things. i'm just blessed that i got this opportunity, and i just want to say thank you. [applause]
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>> my name is shelly tatum, and i have been reading in the "chronicle" and beyond about different issues, and when you talk about the black community in san francisco, they say that we are down to about 4%. i think the bishop family make up 3.8% of that 4%. this gives -- let's give the bishop family a big round of applause. congratulations. [applause] >> my motto is if you believe, you can achieve. >> thank you. congratulations, and i know i probably speak for more than one of my colleagues in thinking we need to pass a resolution asking the san francisco 49ers to bring
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him home to san francisco. [applause] thank you very much. i know there are a lot of folks that probably want to take pictures with our home town hero. what i would like to do is if we can proceed to our next commendation, that would be great, and i would like to ask our supervisor from district 9, campos,, it -- from district 9, david campos, to present the next commendation. supervisor campos: luckily, it is pretty easy to follow that. hard act to follow, and congratulations to district 10 and the bishop family. it is my honor today to honor two amazing people who have been doing tremendous work in the community.
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i know that what is amazing about these kinds of presentations is that you get to see the tremendous talent that the city and county of san francisco has. not only in one district but throughout the 11 districts, and it is my honor to recognize the work of two individuals -- steve williams and felicia -- and alicia garza, and i know that steve could not be here -- [applause] let me say a little bit about both of them. they truly are in great company. alicia is someone who has been co-director of the people organized to implement women's rights power which is an organization that builds to people by bringing the boys, strategy, and vision of low-
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income communities of color to the forefront. she is someone who in her role in the movement for racial and economic justice has truly made a difference. she has always provided dependable, incisive, appropriate, and helpful contributions to whatever she decides to work on, and this certificate of honor, we recognize her for making progressive values look so good and for being so eloquent in her advocacy, for also having -- as a gay man, i certainly appreciate this -- a great sense of style. and just the contributions she has made in the community are ongoing, so on behalf of the board of supervisors, it is truly an honor for me to recognize you today, so let's
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give her a big round, please. [applause] before i turn it over to her, also want to recognize the work of steve williams, also for his leadership, the director and co- founder of people organized to win employment rights power, an organization that tries to bring the boys of low-income communities of color to the forefront. to steve williams, who could not be here today, we want to recognize him for decades of working, for articulating a vision and strategy, for inspiring communities into action, and for continuing to take the legacy of so many people who have worked for change over the years, for trying to make this into a city that -- turn this into a city that we can continue to be
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proud. for trying to make sure that every san franciscan has the opportunities to be successful. for that reason, it is also my honor to recognize steve williams. thank you. [applause] >> we want to thank you very much for this recognition. for 14 years, we have fought hard and tirelessly for justice, both in your companionship and sometimes without. for this black history month, we just want to acknowledge that black history month is every month, right? and that we are committed and dedicated to continuing to fight for the future of african- americans in this city, particularly in a context where our population has dropped below
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4%, but we are over represented in in the shelter system, in the incarceration system, so we are encouraged by the opportunity to continue a critical dialogue, not just about our history, but also about our future, particularly here in the city and county of san francisco. thank you. [applause] [applause] supervisor chiu: before we hear our next commendation, which will be offered by our new
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supervisor from district 8, i want to simply acknowledge our previous supervisor from district 8, bevan dufty. i know you are here somewhere in the chamber. thank you, supervisor. with that, i would like to turn it over to scott wiener. supervisor wiener: thank you. the supervisor is here for my nominee. please come up. [applause]
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-- annie is the best kind of neighbor that anyone could hope for, one who puts the needs of her neighborhood before her own constantly every day. as a manager of diamond view apartments, she has taken strong and sometimes difficult stands to make the streets of her neighborhood safer, whether through crime prevention, traffic safety, or disaster various -- prepared this. no neighborhood concern is too small for her, no challenge to difficult. here are just a few of her many accomplishments, and i cannot list them all today because there are too many. in terms of neighborhood crime prevention, whenever there are shootings or criminal activity that disrupt the safety of diamond heights, she has helped
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her community by regularly meeting and conversing with captains at single site station and holding them accountable and making sure that they are paying attention to diamond heights and making sure that they are keeping our communities safe. she is not afraid to stand up and speak out about crime, and thanks to her efforts working with sfpd, her neighborhood has obtained a period of calm from criminal activity. she says that even as diamond heights benefits, her commitment to neighborhood safety remains firm. i mentioned that supervisor ddufty and commander lazar are here, and they can attest to her commitment and how she holds as accountable as leaders to make
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sure we are keeping this community safe, but it is not just about crime. to increase pedestrian safety, she works with the sfmta to reduce speeding. the efforts included installing two speed cushions on her street and working on the advisory committee to design and install the landscape circle at addison and digby, a significant contribution to the community that will last a very long time. in terms of neighborhood disaster planning, she serves on the diamond heights emergency preparedness work group to help prepare individuals, businesses, and the community for tomorrow's emergencies, not just today's. she is working on an emergency preparedness plan for diamond heights to provide shelter, food, and resources in the wake of an upcoming disaster. hopefully not too soon. she has been an integral member of the committee that has put
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on three health and safety fares at the diamond heights shopping center. she serves on the board of the association of the diamond heights community association, and is a key member working with me to continue crime prevention and traffic safety measures in the community. it is rare to find people who are not just committed in terms of time and energy to their community, but people who have the ability to work in so many different areas, and you are truly one of those people, and you are an absolute treasure for diamond heights, and i am still looking forward to working with you over the coming years. i remember after i was elected at the first meeting, i went up to you to say hello, and you congratulated me, and you immediately said that bevan dufty has always been there for
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you, so i had better be there for you as well, so i always take that to heart. it is my absolute honor to provide you with this commendation. it has just really been an honor, so congratulations. [applause] p
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[applause] >> i would also like to it knowledge adam from dpt. i've briefly want to say thank you to supervisor wiener for nominating annie for this award. all the things you describe when we talk about what the definition of community policing really is -- you just described it in perfect form. this partnership that we have created with annie, and yes, i
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was one of those station captains held accountable for the things taking place in diamond heights, and it was really the partnership of annie and i working together to identify and solve problems and work together and figure out ways to make the community better was how things worked out. so wonderfully there. i could not think of a better person to work with, and the san francisco police department is a better department because of the work that she does today and the work we do together, and the community is much better because of her work, so thank you for selecting her. [applause] >> i just want to say thanks to everyone. my family, my friends, my community that came out to see me receive this award, and i would also like to welcome
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thank you so much. thank you. [applause] >> congratulations. >> i just want to recognize and a bit of a surprise. i would like to bring up the longtime coach of --. thank you for all of the things you have done for all of the students at st. ignatius. think you. -- thank you. my honoree is someone who is a
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very well-known to any of you that have spent any time at city hall and this would be alice -- we all know her as supervisor maxwell's 8 and a long-term volunteer and certainly for all of us who work on this floor as someone that we can work on -- count on for a smile. beyond all of the work that was done for supervisor maxwell, what struck me was her commitment to her neighborhood.
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she lives in district 7. she lives right across the street from sunnyside elementary. what really stands out for me is that in the archdiocese, everyone talks about st. stephen's, st. brandon's. -- goes under the radar. alex is constantly -- the way that you are on me to support this is any indication, i can only imagine what you do with anyone else. they are very lucky to have an ambassador like you. that is in your heart and convictions to be a neighbor and a supporter. the neighborhood is lucky to have you. over the past few years, the
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city of san francisco is lucky to have you as a legislative aide. [applause] >> thank you. when i received a call, i was shocked. i was totally surprised that he would call and autonomy for black history month. i am truly blessed. it is a privileged to live and work in san francisco.
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i work a very tirelessly. i would like to thank all of you for recognizing black history month. the contributions that made african-americans part of -- the cut to beaches that african- americans have made are very important to the city. -- the contributions that africans and americans have made are very important to the city. i would like to think mike's sonmy grandson, my children.
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-- and i noticed that carol is in the house. all of these people were strong supporters of me when i was working for supervisor maxwell. thank you. [applause] >> congratulations, alice. don't be a stranger. our next commendation will be offered by a our supervisor from district 6. >> we wanted to recognized two advocates in district 6.
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the importance of recognizing a black history month. i recognize the position that i am in and the honor of serving our city and i would not be here if it was not for the work of many who have come before me, particularly in our civil-rights movement, in the community. many leaders men toward others and the day mentored me. i was mentored by an african- american woman who taught me the importance of making a difference. we wanted to recognize two leaders in district 6. victor nelson and -- collins. many know both of them because they come often to us to the board of supervisors meeting and we see them in a neighborhood
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and doing tremendous efficacy for our residents. victor nelson has based his work around the concept of love. he first became educated about social compassion in 1997. he obtained his master's of social work degree from the school of social work and later went on to become a respected leader at the -- collaborative. he was known for working for increased participation in government.
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he has become a in asset to our office and continues to advocate for african-american residents. i am honored to recognize you today. thank you. [applause] i also want to recognize -- collins to many of us know. many of us know her? the active years of activism. she has worked as a tenant rights activist in the mission with the action network, the tenderloin housing clinic. most recently, she has been active in the -- community as an
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action network committee member and a member of the harvey milk democratic club. i am honored to recognize these leaders who have done so much on behalf of the residents of district 6. thank you. >> supervisors, everyone in this room, i am honored and humbled and i pledge to my continued
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word towards the advocacy and support of those who are in places that they don't want to be. with black history month, i pledge to work with others so that we can all go forward. thank you. i appreciate this. >> this is also for those on scene activists in district 6. there are many of them out there. [applause] >> i would say to all of my chinese neighbors, happy lunar new year to each and every one of you. i will dedicate a wall in my small apartment to hold this.