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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2011 5:30am-6:00am PST

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item 31. >> a motion approving supervisor's elsbernd, chu, campos, avalos to the board directors, golden gate bridge, highway and transportation district. >> do we have a motion to skews our colleagues? can we take a roll call vote on this item? >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye.
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>> this motion is approved. item 32. >> a charter amendment second draft to amend the charter to increase the compensation for members of the board of education from a monthly stipend of $500 to one half the salary of a first-year teacher in the san francisco unified school district. >> as members of this board know, this has gone through a couple of different forms. amendments have been made as are articulated in the version that everyone has received. i would like to make some further amendments. we are under a time line given that this would be moving forward to the june ballot. i am proposing some amendments. our board of education currently serves with the statement that
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was said by the city charter. an actual cash value is set at $500 a month with more stipulations for cost-of-living adjustments or anything of that sort. some of us have served on the board of education including supervisor mar and myself. we know that they have some -- have spent many many hours serving their community. this does not spend time spent talking to community members. i excited to bring this forward.
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this is not to exceed first year's salary -- half of a first-year salary. the maximum salary would be half of the teacher's salary. the amendments i would like to make, the school district would like this to come out of their own budget and so i am asking to strike subsection b. >> do you have copies that you can circulate? no, i don't have copies. >> why don't i suggest if your staff could bring some copies and once they have, we can come back to this item. >> ok, thank you. >> can we go to item 33. >> these items were considered
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-- item 33 is a resolution determine that the issuance of an on sale beer and wine license will serve the necessity and to be is to the people of san francisco. >> can we take a roll-call vote? >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye.
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>> this resolution is adopted. >> item 34 is a resolution urging the san francisco municipal transportation agency to adopt changes to the use fleiss line discount fast as program for low-income youth. -- for youth lifeline discount fast-pass program. >> i would like to thank the agencies responsible for supporting this, the department of children, youth, their families. i would like to thank america for his support of this item. for those of you who are watching the hearing at the -- committee the other day, we had a pretty impressive turnout. -- i would like to think the
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mayor up for his support. we are try to make transportation free and accessible to students and to the youth in general. i would like to thank the groups that worked so hard to make this happen. many of the commissioners were here to testify. the student advisory council, the chinese progressive association, and here local -- and thank you very much and look forward to your support of this item today. >> is there any further discussion? i would be happy to be added as a co-sponsor. can we do this same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted. >> >> today, i am asking that we
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adjourned power meeting in memory of carolyn marks. it is my duty to report of the passing of a truly legendary figure in san francisco politics. she passed away yesterday morning and she was 90 years old. she is someone who actually saw several times that i would often campaigned on the same cycle as her son. she's the wife of milton marks jr.. she was a trailblazer in politics and in civic organizations. she has been in a host of organizations. she was born in providence rhode island and she attended bryn
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mawr college after the outbreak of world war ii. she took the place of a man who got drafted, as she puts it, in the state department. she moved to be a part of the staff of the united nations. the secretary of state was your supervisor. in 1954, she met milton -- and a married one-year later. she was a dynamo behind her husband's career and she -- to spend time as a state senator. it was a political fear that she shined. she was a fixture of san francisco politics for decades. she also served our city as a former president of the commission on the status of women and was active in our city's jewish community, serving
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as the board of directors, and as the vice president of -- her intellect, tenacity, warmth, humor, will be greatly missed. i ask that all of my colleagues sponsored this and that we send the deepest condolences to her family, particularly her children. may her memory be a blessing. >> can we take this without objection? >> thank you. the rest i submit. >> thank you to the clerk for my new gigantic microphone.
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>> today, i am calling for a hearing, i am joined by supervisor chu. relating to the golden gate national recreation areas proposed off leash dog restrictions and the various properties including -- and some other locations, i know this has got a lot of press lately and there is a lot of concern and opinions about it. specifically, i would like the hearing had to address the impact on these restrictions on dog owners and dog recreation in san francisco. there are many areas that
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provide significant off leashed dog space. there is the impact of these proposed restrictions on city- owned parks. if we restrict the dog space in this location, will there be a corresponding increase in our parks which will cause tension problems both for dogs who use the park and those without dogs? i would also like the hearing to address the additional resources that are set recreations might have to expend if these items go through. in addition, the hearing will address whether we should adopt legislation to require permits for commercial dockers who bring large numbers of dogs into our city parks and whether we need to be regulating this commercial activity.
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this request is directed to primarily to the animal care and control and secondarily to the puc and to ports. >> we would like to think media services for their assistance. >> colleagues, i'm calling for a hearing specific year relating to our city's debt structure and in particular, our certificates of participation. i am sure that everyone would agree that the financial problems have been part of our largest issues and something we will have to grapple with in the upcoming few years. for those who are on full clear with certificates of participation, these are
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basically nonvoter approve debts that we have on the books here in city hall. in digging into the issue, i have to say it shocked me that we had over $1.3 million in nonvoter approve the debt on the books and i understand in many instances it makes sense. when we releasing a building, it makes more sense. what concerns me is when we use these instruments to find what should be routine maintenance operations such as filling the pot holes, dealing with our streets. this really masks the true cost of city government and what i've heard time and time again on the campaign trail kicks that can down the road and burns our future taxpayers. we need to take a hard look at that. if you in crude all of those that have been authorized, we
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have over hundred million dollars in street maintenance and repairs alone that had been nonvoter approved and that is costing us over $5 million a year when they're finally issued. the dollars we could be using to find other social structure projects, economic development and san francisco. i am asking our city attorney's office from the city attorney's office, the board and the mayor to discuss our overall debt structure and in particular, the legal basis for which we issued -- in san francisco and a comparative study against other large mr. toddies in california and have the issue the debt. and have a true policy discussion about the future, especially these last few years that have been highlighted and the board has a responsibility to look out for the financial
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future of san francisco. i look forward to having that dialogue and working with my colleagues. >> i want to add onto a few things that were said. thank you for introducing the -- for ms. marks. supervisor wiener, thank you for your leadership on the dog issue, especially with golden gate and the national recreation area. for many of us, this is simply a matter of our back yards we are talking about, not just some obscure place far away. >> i am following up on the
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hearing that we held yesterday in this city operations committee. first of all, i would like to thank the committee members for their indulgence in what was a long and thorough hearing. and the point of us have in that hearing about the recycling center and the status on how of the recreation and parks department has been treating this matter, it was all done through the prism of the commission and the recreation of the recreation and parks department. there had never been a hearing in city hall. for a service such as the recycling center, two have been provided in a community way that has served so many parts of san francisco for well over 30
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years. i thought it was a slipshod manner in the way in which parks and recreation have committed the termination of lease. by us have in that hearing, there are a couple of things that we learned that i think help motivate the resolution that i am putting in. in asking the mayor and the city departments cease on their termination of the lease and do their best if in fact they decide to proceed, to do everything they could to help relocate. a paltry effort had been applied in order to seek a relocation. yet, when any nonconforming use like waste water or water irrigation treatment plant and that -- would like to put in the park which is ultimately
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nonconforming use, logic prevailed to suggest that it be placed in golden gate park and city efforts had been routed to look for an alternative location. this is one footnote that i wanted people to appreciate about what we are losing here, of the 6,000 tons of recyclables that the -- takes in, if we were to eliminate them, the department of the environment said it would take 27 then the machines in order to replace this point is often volume of what people can feedback. keep in mind what these that the machines look like. you go and take your recyclables, whether you are using your shopping cart, standing in line, are going to a particular the grocery store or
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those who would like to take your car and you want to unload what is in your trunk or cargo space, you have to feed that machine. of the plan as unfeasible and does not line up between the bureaucracies that decided that they had a plan in tow by losing hank recycling. frankly, i do not even think the stores, and think that they are going to sign on to this 27 vending machine replacement substitute idea and loss of the recycling center realize that they could very well have lines behind the block, and they could be candidates, and they get tired of standing up with their shopping carts -- lines are down the block ready to be able to
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manage that the jugular boomerang effect. that was not well thought out. we recognize the fears this seesaw back and forth between neighborhoods. at the same time, the question of the purpose of the value of the recycling center cannot be dismissed or discount and in the way that it did, i thank the supervisors who co-sponsored this resolution. i realize we do not have statutory reached over the rec and park's decision. i think that is a defect of the charter. the charter should give the board of supervisors the ability to listen to appeals by rec and park, but they are one of two commissions where we do not have that. in this case, it would be wrong to remain silent, submitting a
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resolution in light of what i think is a serious mistake. the rest i will submit. thank you. supervisor campos: i want to thank supervisor wiener for calling for a hearing on the proposal by ggnra. as a caretaker of a bulldog named winston, i appreciate the fact that if the changes go through, it will mean that certain parts will not be available to many pets in the city. the second item that i wanted to talk about is something that i know supervisor mirkarimi has been working on for quite some time, and that is the issue of community policing. over the last few years, he has taken a leadership role in pushing community policing throughout the city. as part of that process, we have an item where there will be a joint hearing of the police commission and of the border
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supervisors' public safety committee, but the objective is not simply to have a discussion about the issue of community policing but to actually come up with a working definition of community policing. i'm proud of the fact that a supervisor mirkarimi and myself will be working with the city attorney's office and stakeholders to come up with a definition of community policing that could be codified so there is some basic uniformity city- wide i interns of what community policing looks like, and i'm proud of that work. the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor mar. supervisor mar: thank you. i also wanted to echo my colleagues in banking supervisor wiener for calling for the hearing. i know that the policy would also impact the northern part of ocean beach and people with
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dogs, but also residents that love the space without dogs. i think there is going to be a good debate with the hearing, and i look forward to for dissipating as well. i also wanted to thank supervisor kim for the in memoriam for my friend. i am introducing today a resolution for a request for a hearing in the aftermath of the tragic death of a runner at the finish line of a marathon in golden gate park. the race organizers were roddy co-productions, and i think that should be a wake-up call for much safer athletic events, especially in golden gate park. i was saddened to hear about the collapse and death of peter hoss
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after running the kaiser marathon. the only ambulances available had been diverted to care for another runner and novak were available. it took city response personnel 22 minutes or six times longer than average to get to his location to provide assistance. -- no back ups were available. no one who work for the organizer assisted him. the hearing i'm requesting will exploit the adequacy of current minimum response personnel requirements. i would also like for our city departments to review responsibilities and requirements for athletic event organizers to provide maps, routes, and other information to the public and the emergency response personnel regarding street closures in the park and coordination with other agencies responsible for the flow of the traffic and to provide for safety, such as the mta. the rest i will submit.
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thank you. supervisor avalos: just a few items for introduction. calling on a hearing on the status of the implementation of the local hire ordnance. also, an ordinance appropriating funds from the general fund to replace the non-resident fee at the botanical gardens that would be heard as soon as possible. hopefully in budget and finance. i have a couple of in memoriams. levio cunti passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his family. he was born in italy on september 3, 1930, and came to the united states in 1958. he worked as a mason, but his fashion once his family and friends. he was enthusiastic about
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cooking and feeding as many people as he could gather together for a meal. he enjoyed his involvement with the crocker amazon by she ball club where he served as president and cook many a meal for the players. he is survived by his wife, his daughter, and son-in-law, his son and daughter-in-law, and daughter and son-in-law, and his greatest joy, his grandchildren. this request will be sent to the 5 g ball corp. where his great friends will see him. also, another in memoriam for john ross. you may remember john ross from a commendation we had done for him a couple of years ago. he was a great san francisco and
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mexico-based activist. he died at the age of 72 in mexico. few have lived such a full life as john ross. he was born in new york city, a red diaper baby. as a young teenager, he recited poetry with jazz luminaries in new york city. he was the first person in the united states who did time as a conscientious objector to the vietnam war. he served two years in the federal penitentiary in terminal island, california in long beach. in the 1960's, he was a tense right activists. in the 1970's, he discovered journalism. he may find work looking at many local and world events. he was the first person to break into -- to report on the shining path in peru. he offered critical stories about the shining path.
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he also in 1967 haven't for the board of supervisors, and he had been removed from the ballot in that year because he had been a war resister and had done time. he was not allowed to run. john ross was also drawn to a lot of action around the world, as i mentioned. in 1985, he reported on the mexico city earthquake and the drama and trauma that had cost to the tens of thousands of people in mexico. he made mexico his home away from home, away from san francisco, where much of the demonstrations that have been around mexico city happen. he reported on the elections of carlos salinas and indeed they calderon, but most of all, he is known on his work on the zapatista uprising in 1994 -- carlos salinas and the need a
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calderon -- philippe de -- fil ipe calderon. he served as a human shield before the u.s. invasion of rack and the protector of palestinian homes against israeli settlements in the occupied territories. john ross and his writings continued to the 11th hour, publishing novels and historical accounts as late as last year. in 2009, the board of supervisors honored john ross, declaring may 12 john ross day and urging the department of elections to give back his filing fee. although john ross in his serve again in a little boy refused the board's honor. he did ask for his filing fee with interest, and he did accept a framed handmade t-shirt made by native graphics. he is survived by his sister, two daughters and grandchild. there will be a memorial event for john ross on february 26