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tv   [untitled]    April 15, 2011 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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area until 10:00, where others may be until 11:00. does that make sense? i sort of have put two things out there, in terms of the directions that you can give me in terms of talking to the legislative sponsor. commissioner yee riley: turning to read into yellow? >> this is how it currently is.
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and what about keeping it in areas where this is permitted? taking a look at the map, i wanted to see what that would look like for our neighborhood commercial corridors. as i said, there are some discussions happening due to concerns, and the legislative said these were the most expeditious way to go and address these concerns, which is to leave it with being permitted with areas where it is currently permitted with conditional use in other areas. in the areas that are yellow. again, for north beach, that maintains what they currently are right now with conditional use. but when you're talking about the ocean avenue, our mission,
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you know, the lower 24, outer sunset, where there are cafes that are really looking forward to having this, there was one café that incurred an ada lawsuit. and i think about the commercial corridors where they're struggling. so i wanted to look and see. if we change the legislation from what we originally intended to look at just what is currently permitted. did i answer your question, commissioner riley? commissioner yee riley: sort of. that is going to be kind of
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expensive. president o'brien: commissioner clyde? commissioner clyde: where you need a c.u., since that is a different thing than limits in live performance, that is why we want to go with the option to allow -- north beach has an embarrassment of issues. there is so much going on. it is an issue, allowing flexibility within that very dense community. it is an issue. but the fact is, there is a lot of it now, and much of it happens later and into the evening. we are trying to get these permits to bridge the gap before 8:00 or the 5:00 to 10:00.
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it would be helpful if we could get those permits in north beach, but it would be extremely valuable to get this to the outlying areas where, again, there are very low impact so i would definitely support the wider options. we are looking at the whole thing, not just a couple of neighborhoods. and this is technical. this has to do with limitations. one is compliance with new ways violations under article 29. basically, if a neighbor complains, you have to turn it down, you have to turn it down. doors and windows closed. i think this is a little too vague, and i think if we're going through the permit process that it should be consistent with police coat -- code.
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>> of of background. they're going to be required to go out and test. this could be an issue. and that could increase the application fee. if it turns out that their issues down the road with this, then we may have to improvise it. >> i have a permit for an outdoor event, in one of the conditions -- would that be an option against no audible noise
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outside? >> well, right now, those kinds of conditions would be not necessarily in the legislation, but it is something the administratively, it is better administratively for the director to apply those positions that would fit under this guideline. commissioner clyde: ok, i will take the recommendation of the department. president o'brien: commissioner dooley? commissioner dooley: i prefer the broader citywide. i know in north beach, i personally think it is a little
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over the top that everything requires a c.u. if you have a small restaurant, in you when one person playing a guitar, you have to have a c.u. with that caveat going into it with this 10:00 p.m. limit, because it makes it harder to protest it. even with the noise, the things that janet talked about, it is still considered acceptable to have moderate noise up to that our, -- hour, so, once again, i would prefer that it be broader. president o'brien: ok, anybody else?
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are we talking about -- does the project sponsor -- where neighborhood organizations would not be able to opt out of this? if we made it citywide without the conditional use provision at all? >> the commission has had discussions around this. this is what they would like.
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let me rephrase this. well clearly hear from the commission of this point in time is that you want to make it citywide, and that is the first priority, making it easy, make it citywide. if there are greater concerns, then our commission, instead of moving -- we could do neighborhood by neighborhood, which could happen in the western soma area, or like the north beach area, you could never have a permit for a limited life performance after 10:00. that is kind of what i am hearing at this stage.
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commissioner adams: for the different neighborhoods. commissioner: who would be the arbiter for that? >> -- it commissioner adams: i have talked to people who want to this. people are leaving the inner sunset to go to other parts of the city, and it would be really nice for them to stay, so -- president o'brien: it was my understanding -- i was surprised when i saw that.
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when we were having this discussion, the example given to me was a little restaurant, a small venue, would like to have someone playing at a piano bar for the ambiance. poetry reading was an example. all of the examples in my head were applicable to 10:00 p.m., and really did not think there was anything that was going to go beyond that. i was surprised to read that. maybe thatbut that to me by sur. the way to go is city-wide until 10:00. you know, we can monitor the situation and bring a proposal backing year.
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it is for not exceeding noise requirements. >> if the legislative sponsor is ok with somehow, neighborhoods are -- and just knowing -- i know what i need to communicate on behalf of the commission. if it turns out valley will get what the commission would like to make sure is in the legislation while the entertainment commission may want to continue to have -- i am sure what the commission's intent of this legislation is maintained. we can work with a legislative sponsor to be able to figure out the after 10:00. that might still be in the
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legislation but i don't necessarily have control over that period what the commission and the core component of what is important is maintaining. >> i can buy that. how do we organize that? the was a possible action item. do we vote on it or not? >> it was listed as a possible action item to provide flexibility if it is necessary. >> lead to open up for public comment and there is no public comment. if there is no other comment, we will move to the next item. >> commissioners, i will run
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through the directors' report. >> item number 12, directors report for the office of small business and the assistance center for legislative matters and the opportunity to make announcements. >> my apologies for that we're averaging about 3.5%. we'll be tracking that in relationship to the fact that we are now closed one day for walk- in services we will give you more information on small business week.
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the legislative and policy matters to update on ada. between the last meeting in this one, working with supervisor chu's office. in to conduct -- and to conduct three workshops in three different sections of the city. and we are working with the state bar to help provide information on the legal interpretation and discussions. as i noted to our new small business policy advocate, the
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primer at the department of justice does not have plans to translate the new booklet into spanish or chinese. we found this to be a very effective tool when we are talking with the businesses -- the americans with disabilities act, and these are complex laws. and it helps to have these materials to be able to articulate these laws and have individuals be able to read it and understand it. another thing, there are numerous things with the legislation to ban smoking
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inside the establishment's. we are contacting the legislative sponsors office to get more specificity to make sure that hiif it is going to impact, this is going to be a big issue. they will be sitting on the commission that will be hearing it very shortly. it will be heard on wednesday. we have sent a letter on behalf of the department because we did not have time to have the commission hear it. but commenting on what the worst of the commission.
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>> this new ordinance at the meeting, they need to out reached every merchant organization they're doing out
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reach now. i did suggest that they need to talk to the other merchant organizations. it will affect a lot. if you are smoking in front of a bar, you will be in violation. >> i am concerned, if it is banned at the statewide, it will be eliminated.
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just confirmed, the annual consolidated licenced project, the annual consolidated -- the annual license consolidated project. i will be soliciting your help in the next two months, but mostly the may and beginning part of june will be when we need to get this completed. i need to make sure that we get adequate out -- and have businesses understand and get their feedback. what that fiscal impact will be for businesses that has some sort of capital and means this
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will probably be a benefit if there are multiple locations. it will be a benefit for them receiving the department of public health. it might be a little bit of an issue. we will do our region and provide feedback, so i will be sending you information and samples. it will be great to have you talked to merchants that you know. i will be working on an out reach plan as well, however you can assist with that, it will be greatly appreciated. just a quick run through on legislation that the commission has heard, the payroll expense
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tax exclusion for the central market street and tenderloin area passed on its first reading last week. the self-service restaurant retail coffee stores and video stores, that is currently at planning. they are definitely taking the comments and recommendations under advisement. they're looking at it closely and seeing if there are other opportunities with it as well in terms of cleanup. there is a 6-week-old on this to do an economic analysis. the urban agriculture it passed and the fillmore neighbohorhood has passed. we have not been able to get confirmation about someone from the police department doing presentations, but i have been
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doing my district station logs. i noticed in the park district newsletters that they have been enforcing in have been writing citations. >> be former park station person is handling that. she will be happy to come and make a presentation in front of us. she is going right now to the different march and organizations. -- merchant organizations. supervisor mirkarimi's plastic bags, we'll hear this in mya. -- may. there is an economic analysis due in may. no be a negative declaration under ceqa on it. the ordinance is sitl -- still
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scheduled in committee. and then on march 24, i spoke at a panel for biz tech day. my role was to talk about how government affects trans. -- trends. april 26, we have a tentative press conference scheduled with mayor lee. on mission on valenti street. this is currently the last revolving loan fund that is being administered because it is the final revolving loan fund. here is the list that we have for last month. the $800,000 have been distributed, and there will be a
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bit of a pause as the loan fund starts replenishing itself. that is exciting news. i will be sending you more details. that concludes my report unless you have questions. president o'brien: no public comment, next item. >> item 13, legislative committee report. >> we did not meet this month because we did not have any legislation. we have no report. >> item 14, permitting committee report. president o'brien: most of what i was going to discuss has already been covered. limited live entertainment, it
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has been discussed this evening. the director has discussed already the update on the permit fees and go consolidation project. the only part i would add to its is that maybe this was already mentioned, but we are seeing if the tax and treasurer's office will allow for installment payments. for cash flow purposes. but the feedback so far is that there might be legal reasons that that can't go forward. we will keep checking into that and report back to the full commission. also reviewing the list of priorities, programs, and projects. in may, the committee will have a report for the permit fees. in the report will be an ongoing
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topic that we will investigate, it has been moved to legislation to follow that and make recommendations on it. commissioner atoms will advise from time to time because he is more familiar with than any of the other commissioners. a lot of that has been covered this evening. thanks. >> item 15, the average report. >> commissioners, i will just cover a couple of items that have not been covered previously. the first is the vacancy project. the language of the full building vacant legislation has been sent to the controller's office to see of that language will satisfy the proper 26 requirements. and then, we had a very interesting presentation by
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tracy parker with the -- miss parker gave us a an overview of the truancy project. right now, we are looking at the program which is in your packet. it is the mayor's -- let me give you the information about that. president o'brien: the inside flap. >> got it. >> the mayor's youth employment program. that program is looking for 20 used to play some small businesses. -- youth to place in small businesses. myep is a really great intenship.
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they are doing out reached to the small business community, particularly through retail. that is their target. they're looking for the merchant corridors that are interested in hiring a youth. any sector that is looking for a paid intern. you have a free person for the length of the project. there is an application that comes from the youth force program. they are the fiscal sponsor. youth employment is probably the most difficult. the youth are job-ready. they are insured . again, thi