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tv   [untitled]    May 23, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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oh, my! haa ha ha! ha hha ha! [snortg]
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>> meeting called to order. [roll call] item two. approval of minutes from april 26, 2011 meeting. all in favor? item three. public comment. item four. executive session. >> so moved. all in favor? >> move to reconvene in open session. >> second. >> all in favor?
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any opposed? move not to disclose any of the items discussed in executive session. second. all in favor? many oppose? -- any opposed? >> please be advised that the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers, and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound- producing electronic device. please be advised that a member of the public has up to three minutes to make pertinent public comments on each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter period on any item. item seven a, executive directors report. >> good afternoon, commissioners. thank you for joining us. i have a couple of things on my executive director's report to report on a couple, of change
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dates. the first one is interesting. one of the port's on armed security contractors employees have been selected by the second and scope police department to receive a medal of valor. they changed the ceremony to may 12. that is being given to patrol supervisor ryan jones, who i mentioned as one of our contractors working for cyprus security. you may remember seeing in the news, a man attacked eight older gentleman in the fisherman's wharf area, bringing him to the ground using somekarate expertise. it was ryan jones to help the attacker until the police could respond. so that the san francisco police department is recognizing him with a medal of valor for his efforts that day.
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we are passing out along and for staff will certainly attend the ceremony. we appreciate very much to be able to assist in the matter. may 22 mais national maritime day. it is initiated by congress every year. in honor of this year, the port of san francisco, in conjunction with the san francisco bay marine exchange and maritime association are holding an event in honor of national maritime day. that will be at 4:30 aon saturday. mayor edwin lee will also be naming the day national maritime day in san francisco. this is an annual party that we host and we are proud to be selected to celebrate national maritime day. we hope to see you there.
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next week we will begin our budget process with the board of supervisors. as you know, the board typically hear proposals from the enterprise departments and then the general fund department. enterprise department hearings will begin next week. currently, the pork is noticed as the second apartment. we will proceed in that order, although sometimes supervisor like to take it out of order. our two hearings will be may 18 and may 25. we expect to have a budget analyst report next week. more to follow up on that. pow wow, which i hope everyone knows about now, but it is a national u.s. travel association's conference to get people to certain american cities, to help them on their tourist industry.
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it is back in san francisco on may 25 and may 21. the ferry building and pier 39 will be participating. we are expecting 1200 international tour operators, travel wholesalers and agents from almost 70 countries. as well as 400 domestic and international travel journalists. we hope to engage them in our news crew ship -- new cruise ship area. finally, we are working on our planning and design guidelines for the blue green way, which reported on before. the next community meetings are coming up on may 25. there has been another date change, to june 16, at pier 1.
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these will be community meetings being held. on may 25, our goal is to review revised concept plans for the port blue green way open spaces. project cost, draft prioritization based on available funding. then on june 16, we will review concepts for the blue green way, linking cited for the error and furnishing standards. those will be important steps as we proceed along our planning process. we hope to have a document available by may 20 on our website at sf we hope that you can attend. i think you are going to attend, commissioner brandon? >> we will take a look. >> that concludes my report. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment
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on the executive director's report? >> consent calendar. 8a. request authorization to accept and expend $1,612,357 in 2007 supplemental infrastructure protection program port security grant program funds from the department of homeland security for security improvements at the port of san francisco. 8b. request authorization to accept and expend $7,783,556 in 2009 infrastructure protection program port security grant program funds from the department of homeland security for security improvements at the port of san francisco. 8c. request authorization to advertise for competitive bids for construction contract no. 2749, heron's head park improvement project. 8d. request authorization to execute contract modification with cochran, inc. to retroactively extend the substantial completion date by an additional 150 days, to march 30, 2011, for the installation of a shoreside
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power system for cruise ships at pier 27, contact no. 2722. >> so moved. is there any public comment on the consent calendar? all in favor? resolution 11-27, 11-28, 11-29, 11-30 have been approved. >> 9a. informational presentation on the preliminary design concept for the expansion of the downtown ferry terminal. >> good afternoon, commissioners.
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dan hood. we are here to provide an informational update on the expansion of the downtown ferry terminal and to present ideas for your review for the upcoming public discussion. of how to improve public in circulation spaces around the ferry building. last fall, the port has been working in close partnership with a water bird is the transportation authority, weta, to develop a design for the expansion of three facilities and related passenger improvements. the ports partnership with weta is formalized through a memorandum of understanding authorized by this commission that provides a framework for our joint planning efforts. under a contract with weta, we will provide an update to you and then present new
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ideas for the public spaces surrounding the ferry building. to develop the concept show today, we consulted with the forepaws primary users of the area, and for the office partners, fplp, who controls the bac plaza, golden gate ferries, and the managers of the farmer'' market. we also reached out to other organizations. following today's briefing, we will proceed to design review with the waterfront as an advisory committee and bcdc design group at pier 1. we will awesome the speaking to various citizen committees in the next months.
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it is expected to be complete in the fall of 2012. in the future, the port commission will be asked to approve designs as we proceed towards a permit with bcdc and four option for funding the commission. the commission all asko for direction on how the ferry building should be managed as well as consideration for their maintenance. so in number of policy questions that will follow up. we will present other updates. now i want to introduce my partner. i will be available after the presentation for comments as well. >> it is a pleasure to be here. just to give you a quick update. there are two parts to this presentation, similar to the
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reports you received earlier. one part deals directly with the improvements related to the ferry terminal expansion, and the other part deals with the enhancement of the public spaces and other opportunities in the area. i will go relatively quickly, but certainly, i am available for questions along the way or at the end. the project area extends from pier 1 to pier 14 and on the bay side of the embarcadero and looks at all the improvements in the area. just a little recap. since the freeway came down, there have been a whole series of improvements, so this project builds on the history of what has happened here and the major efforts that the port and city have undertaken. if you look at this orange area, a significant amount of the area
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has already been improved, but there are other improvements that are still needed. one of the major components of those earlier efforts undertaken by the port was the construction of gate b, e, and the breakwater at pier 14. this was the first phase of very building improvement. it was done to meet the needs of the ferry terminal but also to enhance the qualities of the area so that future redevelopment of the ferry building and public spaces could also be undertaken. quickly, the map showing you the improvements that were made at the time, what it looks like today. these were all completed in [inaudible] currently, we have vallejo and
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to broaden at agte b. oakland, alameda, harbor, at gate d. in undertaking the second phase of improvements, we are looking at the build out of potential. facilities at the ferry building area. that would include a new gate a, a new gate f, and a new gate g. one of the things that is shown in this map in darfur orange is areas that have to be reconstructed or filled. in the blue collars, arafat will be demolished. we are also reviewing this with bcdc staff and have undertaken steps to minimize the film, from a cost-effective point of view, but also from a responsible point of view.
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in the future, we are looking at, in the north basin, berkeley and richmond, which could trigger when gate e is constructed. we are looking at converting gate e, the one that held oakland, to its more treasure island service because of its direct route. we will have more space for the amlarger amount of queuing. and to move in alameda and oakland to gate f. g will serve as spare birth and for other things to come along at a later time, particularly in the south bay. one of the and brother improvements we are looking at is we may need to enhance the service to treasure island to
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load vessels without turning around. they go back and forth. they would be quicker and handle more passengers. gate e can be fitted to the new vessels, if the plan warns that improvement. it is already sized where it will serve with the side-loading birth but would also, the balloting. one of the things that we have all looked at here, as we did in phase one, was to make sure the improvements that are being made in hansard, in fact, future renovation and redevelopment opportunities for the agriculture building, the luster morning historic -- remaining -- the last remaining historic building in the area. what we are doing we want to make sure it fits with those improvements. we have a substandard dilapidated conditions,
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according off half of pier 1. we are looking at removal there and improvements to accommodate the new gate a and b, providing circulation directly to these areas and also adequate space for queuing and waiting without obstructing public access to the surrounding buildings and open space resources. thank you. we also have a responsibility at weta to accommodate for emergency response. one of the critical elements in terms of providing the capability to evacuate, if that becomes a necessity, or two and a greater numbers of passengers, if a major element of the transportation system is down, is to make sure we have adequate space on the land size to accommodate that. we have checked carefully.
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we can accommodate that additional responsibility. one of the other aspects is that queuing and whether protection today is not readily available for passengers. you can see people lining up on the vallejo ferry. we think it would be a good idea to create some sort of alamance, a canopy, that would provide a modest amount of protection. it would also create an organizational framework for queuing passengers, so that they are able to line up in a better form. here is a broader view of both gate a and b, with the existing
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pier 1/2 removed. then looking at it from the bay side. let's go to the south side of the ferry building, another area with many substandard conditions. one of the things we have found is the circulation patterns to all of these dategates requiress to look at the filling of the lagoon area so that commuters could traverse the area more readily. this area also serves as an expanded queuing/waiting arad and in the emergency response, but also creates a much better connection between the ferry building and the future potential renovation of the agriculture building. as you can see, in terms of this
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evaluation of emergency response, we need the entire area in order to meet the capacity of the vessel that would be berthed here for evacuation purposes. the other consideration in the improvements for ferry services is we need to make a better connection of the east, not on the ferry building. you can see on this existing side, as gates e and f are widened, we need to improve the promenade, so that we can make further improvements to future gates. a picture of not only expanding that connection, but how on the south side, we can also make better protection, areas for queuing and waiting, and enhance areas for public access as well.
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moving on from the basic functional improvements that are needed for ferry terminal expansion, from the water and land side, are a number of concepts for how we can enhance the area further. the ferry plaza area directly to the east of the building has become a very active and great gathering space for the city as a whole, in fact, for the region. but there are some issues. there are issues that the necessity for servicing this area, which has to continue, needs to be better organized so that we can create a better definition of those areas that will be pedestrian only, those areas that, at times, can be vehicular to provide service requirements. as we have grown in terms of the number of activities in this area, the use of the area for
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public access, a better definition in some cases may be needed. one suggestion is, just as we expanded in phase one, the east promenade, and enhanced it for public access along the bay side of the ferry building, and as the ferry terminal is expanding to the south, there are some improvements that may be needed in the directly adjacent area by dividing where vehicles are and where pedestrians will be. similarly, on the south side of the ferry plaza, we have an unmet opportunity, an area that had not enjoy any kind of a parade in many years. when it is not the farmers markets, it is more dedicated to vehicular access. in addition to that, it does not
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extend and meat coming out to the bayfront, creating a behind area, behind the fplp, bart transition structure. some way to extend that and make a promenade connection has been suggested and has received quite a bit of support in all of our stake holder meetings, to enhance a portion of this area. it could be used for accessing a mixed use space in the center for the kind of service activities that are needed to be existing while maintaining a perimeter access next to golden gate, fplp, ferry building, along the bay that would be for pedestrian purposes. then on weekend days, certainly, both the east ferry
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plaza promenade, and south promenade, would become significant connections that would enhance. these sections are small, but in your materials, it shows settings aside for portions of the edges for public access purposes. some quick sketches for the possibilities of this promenade, the kinds of used to treasure island, your bobwhite island, bringing people to this portion of the ferry plaza. and again, looking to the south, the bay bridge, the opportunity that are created for sitting, of viewing, interpreted information, for the ferry terminal expansion. lastly, as we create this additional space that we need for circulation and for emergency response, we also have the opportunity on other
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occasions to use it for a variety of formal and informal functions, even for a potential expansion of the farmers' market. all of those are still under consideration. also, there are opportunities for creating a more pleasant environment and a more civic- kind of space without losing any of the flexibility for both the functional requirements of very access -- ferry access, and emergency response, as well as other activities. in the end, all of this can become a stepping stone towards future renovation of the agriculture building and the interconnection of that with the rest of the area. thank you. >> thank you. >> i will be glad to answer
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question now or take comments. >> thank you. is there any public comment on this item? commissioners? >> this is for dan. you have a little bit about project funding in the staff report. how much of it is on the staff and how much is on weta? >> the funding would be a combination. weta is looking at a couple of different sources to the fund. i do not know the specific details. the portion they would be responsible for our one related to the functioning of an expanded down down very terminal. where they needed for access, passenger access to the facilities, where they need it for emergency queuing, that type
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of purchase, and also for construction of the those are things that easily fit into funding. the later part of the presentation which showed public access improvements that were beyond the functional requirements of the ferry terminal, we would be looking to other sources of funding. 2005, the port was successful and getting prop k funds to serve the downtown vera terminal. that is one possible source. we would be looking at other options. >> any other questions or comments? >> short comment on the design. personally, i appreciate option 3, with some landscaping added in, just bearing in mind the
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different uses. it changes from day to day, so just maybe something for everyone. that looks at the option that combines everything. there was reference to the bard transition area. what exactly is that? >> bart facilities have a structure in the back that are used to service brt > . but may also have made bids and security concerns about that. and associated agreements. >> thank you. the next step is you will come back in 2012? [laughter]