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tv   [untitled]    July 11, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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supervisor campos: thank president chu for letting this come forward. and all of my colleagues. i want to thank linda young for stepping into a difficult situation. this is the subject of much frustration on the part of the board of supervisors. any time we talk about justice, it is a difficult situation. when i was a deuptputy city attorney, i worked on this contract.
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to be honest, i appreciate the difficult work but i am not confident we are where we need to be. you want to get to a place where there is more clarity. a number of basic things. the budget is one of them. i think it will be hard to stick with a budget if you don't have a full grasp. the target amount of money. and there has to be a provided timeline.
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there has to be an end goal. and specific targets for various tasks. and you need to provide the board with a clear assessment of where each agency is. in terms of their ends where this needs to be done. the finger-pointing is not direct but it talks about what others need to do. my goal is to be in a situation where we have a clear path to follow. and there is no chance to point
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fingers. i don't know if people are doing that intentionally. i don't think we are where we need to be. it was unrealstic to think this would happen so quickly. we have the specific agencies because to the extent we talk about an agency not doing what needs to be done, we can hold them accountable. i also don't think it is fair to expect that this project was going to succeed or not succeed based on the involvement of one agency. this is a monumental task.
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and the sheriff's department did the best anybody could do. how do we get to the path that gets us to an end date. i don't think we are there yet. one thing i would ask the administrator's office is to step back and look at the internal capacity. if you have the needed staff to do what you need to do. the coordinatonion is the key to making this work.
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i do not know if you have the staff to do this, but additional staffing may be required. there may be a need for additional expertise that is brought in. one of the objectives of this project is to make certain that we do not rely on the outside vendors. we have to have a better assessment of this. and we have where each agency is, in regard to the project. and unless those things happen, you'll get a lot of criticism from the supervisors. this is a chance for you to regroup, to augment the work you
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have already done. in terms of the project management, i see many of these projects in my life and these have the capacity to go south very quickly. it is time for us to change course and we are headed in the right direction but i do not think that we are at where we need to be. >> this is well said. i just want asked about how this dovetails with the anticipated obligations on prisoner realignment, in particular. the state has moved forward and what is part of the budget signed by governor brown, we see our responsibilities amplified in anticipation of us being able to manage an infusion of
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populations. can someone help us? we will need the most up-to-date information and they will be able to help us to process the inmates returning to san francisco. >> i cannot speak exclusively for all the other a city partners that will have to deal with this particular issue. but from the court's perspective, this is another element of our case management system. we will have to modify this to meet our obligations. probation is the lead entity but there is an element in the sheriff's department and perhaps he would like to speak on this. >> we understand that there are many moving parts to this, with how we deal with prisoner realignment. this is an example of, are we
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ready in the best way that we can possibly think to be able to handle this responsibility. >> this is a great question. from the sheriff's point of view, we will have many more people coming into our custody, but by the time the first phase in realignment is finished, and we stabilize the jail population, realignment will not only increase the jail population but it will change the nature of the jail population. we will go from being pretrial with people in custody for a short amount of time, for the most part, to a much more sophisticated level of prisoner for us, because the system is finished. having this system available to
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us with the enhanced ability to classify prisoners appropriately, and identify them and move them, we are in very good shape. what will be so critical and i do not know if anyone is here from adult probation, but what will be critical is the exchange of information between the sheriff's department and adult probation. and the reentry and out of jail into adult probation programs. it will be extremely important that the adult probation be up and ready to be hoped. >> this is part of the assembly line process. is anyone here from adult probation? i know that there were not expected as part of the discussion but i will make a public source announcement. we will have a hearing on
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realignment. there has been progress since the last hearing, and we will make certain that adult probation -- that they're here for that. this is not a question of if or when any more. is there anyone else that you would like to bring up? >> i do want to recognize beverley upton, who is from the domestic violence consortium, and the advocacy that you and your coalition partners have made over the years. if there are any comments that you would like to make i would like to give you the chance to make them. i of the advocates have been waiting very patiently for over 10 years for this, and if you would like to comment on this i would like for you to do that. >> thank you, members of the
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public safety committee. i always start with a 2002 article that ran in the chronicle. we talked about the cry for justice. this is in 2002. this is all in your packet. y'all have this article. there have been some lessons learned. when we all stood in shock after the killing in 2000 and mayer brown said that the city is going to implement justice, i think he had all the best intentions but we had no idea what we were in for. we did not know that our systems were not able to integrate, and technology has spent a lot of time in the 1970's and 80's not
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integrating itself. and i don't think anyone at that level in the mayor's office recognized with the challenges would be. has this taken too long? yes. having sat now, as a public representative in the government body for this project, i can see how the leadership of the sheriff's department particularly -- and now, the city administrator's office and before that, at least have really pulled this project forward. but we still have issues. i think that there are real concerns about everyone being at the same pace and the same level. the suggestion from supervisor campos that we have a project
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management model which shows us, that everyone is at this level, so that we can see where the departments are. the sheriff's department is ready to go. probation almost ready to go. and maybe on a monthly basis or every other month, those at that level should be analyzed. it was so sent the way that supervisor campeau's put this up. i also -- it is concerning to me that we have also watched the slow dismantling of the mayor's office of criminal justice. when you look at the original place for this, this was populated by knowledgeable
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staff. when you look at where we have gone to where we are right now, just bringing in paul henderson to help with criminal justice for the mayor's office is a step in the right direction. but if you look at the home of justice and you watch the slow motion dismantling over the last 12 years, you can see that we have -- three mayors, three district attorneys, and i can count three or more of -- when i put fred into the mix we have four police chiefs. a cost of home -- this has not had. there were some real problems but since we have reconvened, especially with the support of the administrator's office and
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the leadership of the sheriff's department, and the ongoing oversight and questioning and challenging from the board of supervisors, we are going in the right direction. if so happy to see the time lines being talked about today. if we could have the police department data in by november, we to get these other estimations to come through, for the six month and the 12 months, the progress reports -- which could be in good shape. >> as we just mentioned, we are talking about prisoner realignment. we were just doing the calendar and we think that this is fiber six sheets. -- police chiefs. there was fong, gaston.
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>> and now, sir. >> i think this happened when fred lau was the chief. we are at five. i think that the community has been one of the most stable forces at this table. you have my commitment that we will remain so. >> would like to go to public comment? there have been some very vocal department heads, and silent partners. we appreciate all the work that has been fostered the guest of the next step. we very much appreciate you being here today. if there is anyone here who would like to add to the conversation, public comment is now open.
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>> i am of san francisco resident and i wanted to attend this meeting on public safety. i want to thank the people who came here today. any discussion of the criminal justice that a base has to include discussions of ongoing misconduct within the san francisco police department, which puts ethical officers at rest. the fact the city attorney has had to throw out 120 cases because of misconduct literally defines a dysfunctional police department where the officers and citizens are made vulnerable. but we, the citizens, our complicity in this if we do not demand reform. i made a difficult decision to foul a complaint about a police
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officer and this is the first time in my life that i have the miss. this was after a lieutenant who had defrauded myself and the city and county of san francisco in a contractual agreement the tinted to harass and intimidate me when i asked for him to meet his legal obligations. i had an additional reason to fear him, after he attacked a man outside the precinct. the enraged officer had removed a suspect from booking. and he had escorted the man from the building. he made him lie in the back of a police car, striking him in the face hands and torso, and told the other officers the man had fallen down and ask for them to call the ambulance. notice the premeditation on the part of the officer and the allies about the injury.
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the officer was reinstated following the incident, and was promoted. and now, the locations of the injuries. we know the implications of head trauma and ask about what happened to the victim. did this result in lasting injuries that led to an early death? we cannot know the answers to this question because of a state law that is 34 years old, the bill of rights act that was aggressively pushed through by some of the most powerful lobbying groups. law-enforcement lobbyists. the only reason the public knows about this is because it made it into the chronicle. in 30 other states, the taxpayer is given partial access to criminal police misconduct.
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california taxpayers are restricted by that. across the country, concerns have grown among liberals and conservatives over the historical broad authority. >> would you like to give your name? >> i would not because i have been harassed by this officer. i'm sorry i could not talk faster. i prepared some remarks >> is there any other public comment? public comment is closed. should we continue this to the call of the chair? >> first of all, i want to thank everyone who was here as part of this presentation. we have had some decent progress
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in recent months. i would like to thank you for your leadership, and i was happy to hear from the police department that we believe that your portion will be connected by the fall, and i appreciate there is a plan to move things forward. i agree with supervisor campeau'os about the department project plan. i was curious as to why we did not receive this today, but i would ask for us to get this as soon as possible based on where things are. i know that we are part of a long line of supervisors that have been asking questions about this for years. all of you are in the audience are responsible for implementing this -- and i would ask you
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about this and i have had conversations with most of the department heads that this is a priority. this is at the end of the line of elected officials and city staffers working on this. i am very concerned about this project. it has been seven months since we knew the leadership of this project would go over to the administrator's office. the conclusion of this hearing is that after a massive budgetary overruns, we do not have any answers on when this project will be completed and what the budget will be. from my perspective, we all share the desire to make certain that this is finished as quickly as possible, and that the public
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safety benefits are soon realized. so whenever i can do, my colleagues were committed to free up the resources and the staff to make certain that this is done as quickly as possible. we will continue this item at the call of the chair for a status update in a few months and we will work with the city administrator's office. >> we will have a hearing on realignment, says -- we will try to coordinate all of the streams of this project, and we will see if we are on track or not. and thank you, president chiu. and thank you for your ongoing commitment.
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we look forward to the next report. we will work this out with president chiu. >> are there other items? >> i want to thank sfgtv for their excellence. the meeting is now adjourned.
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