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tv   [untitled]    July 12, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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valuable -. >> i do not know how that works with the legislative process. does that trigger a review? >> i did ask the same question to the office and they are trying again to move this legislation along so that it is through the board before their races. if there is some way they do not have to but remain within the due process that is required, they will make that amendment at committee and make it clear. i am not super clear on how they do this but if there is to be a waiting period because of some substantive change, we will find out. >> commissioner cavellini: i do not know how that works there. >> commisioner joseph: it may be
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up to the clerk or may be up to the president of the committee or the chair. or maybe the city attorney's requirements depending on what those amendments are. >> commissioner cavellini: it does not mean they will not look into making the legislation were clear and leave our sound inspector with his hands full when he is trying to enforce something that is impossible to enforce. >> commisioner joseph: they took the comments from this commission seriously and they will -- they were intending to make amendments that to be more explicit about how to manage the sound issues related to that permit so that we would have assistance in that regard. as soon as i can get my hands on a revision, you can take a look at it. >> president newlin: item 7, new business for future agenda
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items. anybody? i hereby call the meeting of tuesday, july 12 over. thank you for coming. you get to stick around.
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>> is housed in a spectacular building described by the world renowned architect. it is the san francisco destination for provocative expositions and programs that explore culture, history, art, and ideas. the director of cultural affairs told us more about the mission and to give us a tour of the latest exposition. ♪ >> today we find ourselves of
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the contemporary jewish museum. with me is the director of the museum. >> i am so happy you are here today. >> we're getting close to a milestone for the museum. it is your third anniversary coming up. >> it is. you were here to help cut the ribbon. it has been an extraordinary journey ever since. we welcome hundreds of thousands of people into the building. we welcome school groups, interests -- tourists. >> the addition of the museum to the cultural pantheons of san francisco has been phenomenon. you have fabulous exhibits. there is one i want to talk about, "seeing gertrude stein." >> gertrude stein is a local woman. she was raised in oakland.
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she was an extraordinary individual who helped create -- many people call for the mother of modernism. years ago, i was introduced to someone doing research on her. i thought it would be an extraordinary exposition to take her and understand her at all for complexity. that is what we have on view during the summer of 2011. >> it is full of wonderful drawings, paintings, and sculpture. >> there is incredible art on view. we have photographs. we have sculpture. we have a lot of different things. we have a little something made for her by picasso. there are five different ways of
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looking at her life. it is not in chronological installation. it is looking at how she is portrayed in help artists, painters, and photographers presented her and how she thought about her own style and presentation. many people think she always had short hair. it was not until she was 52 that she cut off all of her hair. the second element is called "domestic stein." alice b. toklas was her lifelong partner. they had several different homes. we know about their home in paris, the famous salon. you get a taste of what their domestic life was like. >> one thing recreated is the fabulous wallpaper. the black-and-white photos do not convey the color. >> in doing a lot of research,
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you discover a little tidbits. with an exhibition, at the find ways to make it come together. we found beautiful photographs of the interior of their home. then we found a tiny scrap of the wallpaper. we saw how blue and vibrant it was. we had a designer recreate the image of the wallpaper. we had it made into wallpaper so we could all experience what it would have been like to be in their home. it is dynamic and fantastic. they seem very monochromatic because you only know them through black-and-white photographs, but they had such a vibrant life. that is what the exhibition is also trying to show. the third one is the art of friendship. picasso and matisse were part of their second family. there were people she admired
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and worked with. we introduced the visitors to her second family in a sense. the fourth story is called celebrity stein. what a lot of people do not know is when she left united states in the early 1900's, she only came back once in 1934. we also have a section of every single first edition book she ever published. >> it is incredible to see all the first edition books. >> it is really impressive to realize not only was she a grand dame of paris, but she had an incredible writing practice. she was a prolific writer. the fifth level really looks at her legacy and how artists continue to be inspired by her image, work, and concept.
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>> this is a compelling reason for people to visit the jewish museum. you also have life and theater. >> we are a non-collecting museum. any time you walk in the building, you will always be treated to a range of very different and wonderful exhibitions. in our first floor exhibition space, we have an exhibition on the work of charlotte sullivan. she was a young artist in berlin. the nazis came into power. her parents sent her to the south of france to live with her grandparents. she put herself in a room for about 18 months and created 1200 small paintings telling her life story through a kind of reflection. it is another example of the way we try to bring a wide range of art and experiences to our
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public. we want them to find something meaningful to them. >> your institution has been in this neighborhood for three years. how do you like the neighborhood? >> this is the best neighborhood. we are the luckiest city in the world to have this kind of cultural district, to have so many museums and cultural institutions. the center of our tourist life is here because this is where the convention center is. people from near and far can be introduced to the richness of the bay area. it is so wonderful and unique. >> the city thanks you for providing such wonderful leadership and vision. >> we're so happy to be part of the city and so honored to be part of "culture wire." >> to learn more about the exhibition and other upcoming events, visit the website.
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thank you for watching "culture
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supervisor mar: the meeting will come to order. good evening, everyone. this is the june 20 land use meeting. it to my right, the vice chair and supervisor wiener. we're also joined by supervisor if campos. >> please turn off all cellular phones and pagers. items acted upon today will appear on the june 28 board of supervisors agenda, unless otherwise stated. supervisor cohen: oh, i see.
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supervisor mar: i would also like to think the staff of sfgtv for televising us today. we have a number of items on our agenda -- eight items -- and i have been urged by my colleague supervisor wiener to move the hearing on the t-line performance so he could hear the action items. could you please call item 1? >> item 1, or is amending the planning could regarding the authorization of historic signs. supervisor campos: thank you for hearing this item, i also want to thank all the members of the audience to are here. just to give you a little context, many of you perhaps have read that in brno heights,
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there was recently discovered of coca-cola sign, and that is a sign that has been in that location for decades. it has been an integral part of the history of the neighborhood, and rightly many people in the neighborhood wanted to preserve the sign in response -- wanted to preserve the signed. in response to that desire, we have draft legislation before you today. in drafting the legislation know, we wanted to take into account that even though we were responding to a specific situation, we also wanted to -- going forward -- address similar situations of similar signs in other parts of the city that have historical, historic significance in a neighborhood and provide a mechanism whereby a supervisor, consulting with the neighborhood, could put a
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process to protect similar signs. the legislation that is before you is legislation that was crafted in close consultation with the attorney's office and the planning department. i want to thank my office, who spent a lot of time working on this. it is legislation that has gone up through review at the planning commission, where we had a very interesting discussion about what the exact terminology is that should be used and what the language should be. we played with language through the process, at times using the words "historic," but one of the concerns correctly pointed out, once you start using that word, there are implications, legal implications that go beyond the intent of the legislation.
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this is just one of those pieces of legislation that sparked a great deal of interest in this neighborhood and other parts of the city, and through the process, we have received a lot of suggestions from the public as to what the right word should be. and the word that we've finally all settled on, and i think it perfectly captures what we're trying to get to, is the word "vintage." what you have before you are amendments to the legislation that i would ask the committee to adopt, andean and men's incorporate some of the discussion that took place in -- amendments incorporate some of the discussion that took place in the planning commission. 1 addition i would make, which is not included in the amended legislation we have, is that the title that currently reads
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historic signs, that the word "historic" be replaced by "vintage." if i can just quickly walk you through what the law should -- what the legislation does, it would amend 608.4 of the planning code to redefine a sign subject to this section as a vintage sign. for a sign to be captured by that section, it has to be located within an historic sign district. this takes away their requirements, and allows us to designate a vintage sign, whether or not it is located in an historic sign district. it also makes it clear if there
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is any attempt to relocate the sign, it would have to go through a conditional use authorization, a process that would go before the planning commission and would require planning commission approval before that happens. it also makes it clear that any alteration of the sign would be considered in abandonment of the authorization and the sign would be considered a new son, which would be subject to the existing requirements -- a new sign, which would be subject to the existing requirements of the code. that is the legislation before you. we believe it will not only addressed the specific issue in vernal heights, but it provides a process -- in bernal heights, but it provides a process for other neighborhoods. i think you for your support. ," thank staff -- i think
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staffer working on this, and all the members of the public, for all the valuable suggestions. thank you. supervisor mar: emery rogers from planning? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i would like to introduce my colleague who has worked on this legislation. >> good afternoon, supervisors. the planning commission heard the legislation on june 2, 2010 and voted unanimously to approve the legislation with modifications. supervisor campos touched on some of the modifications that have been made. when they were not associated with an historic resources -- the also modify proposed legislation to offer three-
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dimensional signs in new locations with authorization, as specified in the ordinance. the section of the planning code does not by itself protect a sign from been obscured or removed by future development projects, particularly when those projects advance planning department goals and plans. we would like to thank supervisor campos for it those modifications. supervisor mar: thank you. si no questions from my colleagues, let's open this up for public comment -- seeing know, questions from my colleagues, let's open this up for public comment. mr. decosta. >> my name is francisco decosta. supervisor campos i would like
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to commend you for this legislation. there are many such signs all over our city that need to be preserved. when you say "vintage," i think about wine. [laughter] the best thing is you are moving forward. of like to see -- and maybe this is for the planning department -- we need to do something to preserve our murals. thank you very much. supervisor mar: is there anyone else from the public who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we move this forward for a positive recommendation without objection? thank you.
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the attorney? >> it has to sit in committee for another meeting. is that correct? and my apologies -- this is for diet coke, not a:. [laughter] supervisor mar: we will continue this for the next meeting? >> you need to approve the amendment first. supervisor mar: without objection, colleagues. we will continue this for our next meeting, which is scheduled for -- >> july 11. supervisor mar: july 11. thank you. colleagues, we're hearing item #2, the hearing on the muni t- line performance at the end of the action item. without objection, colleagues, can we take item #three out of order? >> item #3, ordinance amending
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the zoning map to change 2451 sacramento st.. >> good afternoon, supervisors. the legislation that is before you would be is done a parking lot -- would re-zone a parking lot. it is at the corner of sacramento and fillmore. the yellow area would change to this blue area for the commercial district. it would result in a 400-foot swath on both sides of sacramento st., both sides would be the same, and it would not change the height at all. the lot is in between an
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existing one-story commercial building on fillmore street, and the san francisco housing authority would like to live with us this under-use property. this gives us the opportunity for a mixed-use development in the future that the diversified commercial and residential uses in this area. it would not negatively impact the district, and the re-zoning would equalize the ncd district. the commission recommended approval of the section on february 24 of this year. i am available for questions. supervisor mar: colleagues? seeing no questions, are there any members of the public like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we move this forward with a positive
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recommendation without objection? >> we have the committee report for tomorrow. supervisor mar: ok, can we move this as a committee -- as a committee report with a positive recommendation? thank you. please call item -- actually, should we call items four through six together? >> item four, ordinance amending the san francisco general plan by amending the it's a two-part sub area plan, item five, executive park special use district, item number six, executive park subarea plan area. supervisor mar: thank you. i believe we have a report from planning on items four through six. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i believe we did a presentation
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for you on this item last week, and we had quite a bit of discussion and public comment. this was held over for a week to put on those -- to put on notice the one change by the committee, which is the moving of the potential to our site one block to the east from the original proposal. we have no further information for you. we are here if you love questions -- if you have any questions. supervisor mar: thank you. seeing none questions, we will open it up for public comment. who from the public would like to ask a question? >> good afternoon. espinola jackson. i would hope that you would pass on -- except when i was here at the last meeting, my request at that time was district 1 01 of
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the planning code, when lines were drawn from visitation valley across six lanes of the highway to the bayshore, under highway 101, that claims executive park is part of visitation valley. i said at that time, at executive park is in the bayview. it is in the hills. but also said about the comments that was made for the planning commission -- what i want to do is have that deleted, because there was no -- there was never a hearing in my community concerning the fees in the project, and that my community was made part of. and i ha


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