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tv   [untitled]    July 19, 2011 10:30am-11:00am PDT

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francisco. the city and county of san francisco could vote on the parcels in the proposed district if the board of supervisors were to approve this resolution, which is before you. a list of the parcels in the proposed renewed district are attached, and they include five parcels that total $12,000, -- $12,747.82, representing about 3.40% of the wages within the district. if you have any questions about the ballots for these parcels or the resolution, i am here to answer your questions. supervisor campos: colleagues, any comments or questions? why don't we open it up to public comment. is there any member of the public who would like to speak on this item?
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please go ahead. thanks for patiently waiting on this item. >> no problem. supervisors, i am the president of the fillmore jazz community but the district, and i am standing to ask that you support the resolution before you. as you know, we are in the process of renewal. we are going through transitions and doing the best we can to make sure to take care of the safety, marketing, and cleaning of the area. a negative vote would basically hinder that process. we want to continue the process of making sure to keep that area safe, make sure to keep that area marketed, and make sure to keep that area clean, so we hope you all will support this legislation, and we are here for any questions. thank you so much. supervisor campos: thank you, sir.
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is there any other member of the public would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, is there -- colleagues, this is an action item. we have a motion. can we take that without objection? >> i believe this item is going as a committee report. supervisor campos: change the motion to committee report, and we can take that without objection. call item three please. >> item 3, resolution of intention to establish the west for the community benefit district and setup a time and place -- establish the west portal community benefit district and set up a time and place for the hearing. supervisor campos: we have been requested to continue this item, but before we take action on that, if there is any public comment, please come forward. >> i appreciate the fact that you are continuing this. you must have 30% to go forward
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to initiate. there were 20 to return their ballots in 2010, and there has been a recent mail out to see if those people -- if their position was changed -- was the same period -- was the same. there have not been any response is, as far as i know, so i am glad you are continuing -- there have not been any responses. supervisor campos: thank you. any other public comment? >> i would like to offer my support of this resolution. i have lived in the neighborhood for 21 years, and i think everyone agrees the neighborhood has gone downhill. about the only improvement i have seen on west portal is that campaign office across from starbucks. this neighborhood in my opinion really needs this improvement.
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the whole district has been going downhill. if you look backwards, near new -- mayor newsom's famous triple play has failed miserably in all three aspects. i urge you to pass this asap. we do not need any further delays. we do not need any more delays on west portal. it is interesting that it will be delayed. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. any other member of the public? seeing none, public comment is closed. if we could have a motion. motion by supervisor farrell. we can take that without objection. is there any other business before the committee? >> no, there is no other matter. supervisor campos: thank you. the meeting is adjourned.
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>> would you like to call the roll? er jsbr we have a quorum. commissioner perrez is an excused absence. >> thank you. second item -- first item is public comment. members may address the commission on items of interest
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that are within the subject matter of jurisdiction. members may address the commission up to three minutes. at the time such item is called. is there anyone here to speak to an item or an issue that is not on today's agenda? seeing none, i am going to go forward because we will lose our quorum. i am going to take the calendar out of order. the place of entertainment -- do you want to take that? >> it is an application at 37 mission. in your folders you will find
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the full application. and original photographs. inside you will find your security plan and a letter of support from the neighbors. we recommend conditional approval of this permit. >> would you like to invite the applicants up to be grilled? >> good evening. i am a business broker with business team and have been representing the clients on the acquisition of their new facility. this is harpreet. her cousin is a general manager. welcome.
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it is your business and your husband is the general manager. >> my cousin. my hearing is not that good. ok, commissioners? >> one question. general manager, where have you general managed before? >> in los angeles. >> you worked at the avalon? >> that is correct. >> at the vanguard i started as a busboy and worked up to management and also here in san francisco. >> what did you do it avalon? >> i was a busboy. and at the vanguard i worked myself to a bartender and then to assistant manager. >> of the bar?
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>> that is correct. >> you did not manage the general facility. >> that is correct. >> have you had experience? >> i have experience in the management field. i have managed a few businesses in my career. i have not run a nightclub. i have learned quite a bit in the last four or five months and have gone through this process and this is something we have been exploring in looking at for the last year-and-a-half. we have been evaluating and looking at and trying to learn the business. with the help of my cousin who has extensive experience has managed and knows from running the bar and the club, i have the management experience. >> have you been to shine when it was opened? >> three times. >> how long did you stay? >> until 1:30 a.m. and we have
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gone. we have thoroughly evaluated and looked at -- >> i have deep concerns for people who have no experience and you will forgive me. you were a busboy and a bartender and you have worked with the bar. i have deep concerns about people who take on the news and decide to manage them and they have zero experience managing the lounge, and nightclub, where there is entertainment, any of that. all the management in the world, this is a different animal. i know -- it is a different animal. it is not like managing any other thing, including a restaurant. that is why i asked you what you did at avalon. and what you did at vanguard. what you did there is not
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experience as managing the business. as managing the floor. you do not have that experience. and that is my concern. >> ok. >> thank you. commissioner? >> welcome. i echo commissioner joseph's concerns about that location. it has been a problematic location in the past and needs to be managed by someone who understands how to deal with troublesome crowds. i live in the immediate area and i have heard from residents who live in the alleys behind you that there have been problems with that location so i look to your neighborhood contacts and i do not see a single letter -- am i missing something? are there letters from actual residence? i'm not talking about businesses. i understand aaa flag is in the
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area and the car wash a couple blocks away and sloan, which is another venue which is in trouble with this commission. are there any actual neighbors that you have talked to? >> i know we talked to the business and he approached so i can let him come in. >> there are no letters here. >> right. >> you have no proof that you have done any outrage to the neighbors. did you get a packet when you came in for your application, giving you some information on how you can go through a free application process where you would get -- contact the neighbors in the area. have you set up a meeting with them and listened to their concerns? you'd make note of what those concerns were and hopefully be able to reflect the solutions to those in your presentation
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before us? >> i am going to let j.p. comment. >> our understanding at working with joselyn and others in the office and the current owners, there was not a problematic situation and we know of no known complaints to the department and have been -- raised any in discussions with the police on the license and entertainment commission license. we were up front in trying to proactively approaching any problems and we declined purchasing a different nightclub because we did uncover problems through jocelyn and the pitpd. we selected shine because of its seemingly good operation and clientele and we have no plans of changing that. jt did solicit feedback giant --
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and contact with residents. i am sure you can imagine there is not a lot of resonance in any area that want to write a letter -- residents in area -- in the area that want to write a letter. if there was a substantial problem, you might see neighbors coming out of the woodwork to say, we do not like that place, we do have a problem with you coming in. i will turn it over to jt to talk about any of his conversations. >> there was one resident who raised a concern about the takeover of shine. adnd what the plans were. that e-mail was cc:'d to ms. kane. i can print out and forward to
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you that i did speak to her in person and she is in support of the business. and i will be willing to forward that to you. >> thank you. where is that email in our package? >> it is in there. they're not paginated. for what it is worth, that person did e-mail us as well and i believe it is a woman. i could not tell from the name. she e-mail this again to say she had met with the owners and felt great about the business and was excited to have it. commissioner meko: this is headlined for community support and i have gone through
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this four times now. >> i would be happy to find it for you now and i will bring it up in a second. >> commissioner meko: thank you. >> commisioner joseph: i think the problem is that getting into a business you do not truly understand on mission street in that area, i have a problem. i think you need to make sure that you have personnel that know how to run your business because ultimately, if you do not do a right, you will be having lots of visits from the inspector grenelli and you will be back before this commission and this is a hefty investment. people who think they -- people who buy clubs are very unusual -- for unusual reasons. i promote the business. i want you to have the club but
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i want you to run it right. i know that everyone says how hard could it be? human beings, your customers, are the issue. they are what makes it difficult and as nice as you are, as bad as you are, or whatever, it becomes an issue and i do not want to end up back here because you do not have the experience. i would hope you would look into finding not just someone to manage the bar but someone who could manage the room. and all the employees and everything else. >> our plan is to continue with the same employees the current owner has at this point. in addition, jt will be managing and i will be a hands-on manager as well. with that plan, i managed the news in the past having to do with personnel. i know not in the club industry
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but other venues. >> commisioner joseph: it is how you deal with your customers if you have an argument. that is a great step. how do you deal with your sound? your security company cannot tell you at what levels to keep the sound so of the bj wants to turn it up, and they decide to take advantage of you, how are you going to know that? >> we understand what is at stake. i have invested a lot of money and time and effort and i have looked into this for the last year and a half for two years. i have studied and evaluated. this was the venue that we were looking for that was not too big, that was going to be over our head, and yet it was big enough for us to get into the field and moving forward.
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i understand there is a lot at stake. we want to do the right thing. >> commisioner joseph: best of luck. >> a couple of questions. jt's thing in the application, with respect to the gentleman from the security company. do you do security at other places or music venues? >> yes. i am ed thistle. i have been in this city since 1996 and i have managed a couple of clubs have worked in, eight or nine different clubs before starting yojimbo. >> you have other clients in the city? >> we are at badlands, the
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starlight lounge, and other facilities. those are the primary nightclubs. >> i had a couple quick questions. the current venue as it exists, has it been troubled recently? >> shine is a small lounge and because of its location and demographic and its programming, we never had problems. we have no history of violence and no -- the only sound complete we had was six years ago. five years ago. even then it was a minor thing that was resolved. >> commissioner cavellini: southern police has requested you install a
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camera. is that the condition that you had? >> i am assuming mr. king did that with the agreement of the conditions. >> president newlin: is there anyone from the public? seeing none, commissioners? >> commisioner joseph: second. >> [roll call vote] >> commisioner joseph >> presid.
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next item, the approval of minutes. which is item 2, review and approve the minutes of june 28. any questions? any public comment? yes, sir, come forward. >> commisioner joseph: can i move to approve? same house, same call? >> president newlin: item three. report of the executive director. if you wanted to go, you're free to do so. report of the executive director?
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>> commisioner joseph: i wanted to update you tha -- the legislation was in front of the planning commission on july 7 which was thursday of last week and they approved it unanimously. with respect to the changing of the planning code which is what they were concerned with and so based on the recommendations of this commission, the small business commission, and the planning commission, and other members of the board of supervisors, some amendments are planned for introduction and discussion at the land use committee on july 18. this is sort of fast track via supervisor mirkarimi's office.
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we expect to see it move out of land use on the 18th and move to the full board for the last two board meetings before recess. that is the information i have gone from the supervisors' office. i wanted to remind you that the commission's bylaws that i give you a copy of as a refresh your because they're interesting to read call for the election of officers every fiscal year and a fiscal year is july 1 through june 30. a nomination for president and vice president is required. i am putting it out there for you to discuss with the members left this evening if you wish. our next two meetings are at the -- july 26 and august 9. we will be doing notification at the august -- the august 23
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meeting will be cancelled due to request by city hall. they will do upgrades in this room. you can put that cancellation in your calendar. august 23. >> president newlin: commissioner joseph it notified may she will not be at the next meeting. how does that work for the commissioners? will you be able to attend that meeting? >> that is my mother's birthday so i will see if we can do something else. president newlin: will be possible to take it as a first items to you can get out of here? >> i am sure we can make it work. anyone else? let's scheduled for august 9. >> commisioner joseph: it is --
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wanted to remind you -- i wanted to remind you of our next summit. from one to four at the main library. based on the agenda that includes promoter registration, the birth of this registration, this new llp permit you discussed and the economic impact study which is still being performed by the comptroller's office, we will have a greater interest in participation from restaurants, cafes, and gallery owners. any help you can do in promoting that someone would be great. happily, there is nothing to report in terms of corrective actions on permits. i will turn it over.
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>> i will keep this report short and sweet. as thihas been reported in the t we have had permanent events happening at stillman. talking to the current management company that is taking control of this building for the last few months -- last few weeks, it appears that the organizers of the event broke into the building through a rear window, held their bed, and left. the manageme-- held their event. we are working with them to help them keep that in force.
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for the summer update that we have seen this summer so far, a drop in violent incidents at permanent venues compared to past years which is a positive thing. we have seen a rise in the number of sound complaints but this is by no means a big deal. it is summer. it is cold and people do open their windows and people have more barbecues. we see a rise in our sound complaints. we have no major problems over the fourth of july weekend. you will see a list of the news that have received notice of violation. you will see one then you received a citation as far as incidents of violence, we have received no reports. that does not mean there were
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not any. it means that as no reports have come away and none were witnessed by may 1 hand or that information -- we do have a few disturbing the peace complaints which were never complaints about particular venues that sfpd responded to and were handled on site at that time. that is all i have. >> thank you. >> commissioner meko: was the nature of the complaint? >they do have a p.o.e.? >> we have yet to find anything on file. there permit i