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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2011 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> [laughter] nice treat. supervisor mar: the morning, everyone. welcome to the regular meeting of the transportation authority finance committee. today i am joined by supervisor farrell, [reads names] i but like to thank [unintelligible] at sfc tv for providing access. >> item #one. approval of -- item number two, approval of minutes of the may 10, 2011 meeting.
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supervisor mar: any corrections? seeing no one, let's open this to public comment. seeing no one, public comment is closed. without objection, madam clerk, please call the third item. >> item #3. recommend award of two-year consultant contracts to nelson\nygaard consulting associates, fehr & peers, and dowling associates, inc., in a combined total not to exceed $400,000, for travel demand management professional services, with an option to extend for one additional year, and authorizing the executive director to negotiate contract terms and conditions. >> good morning, commissioners. item #3 begins on page 7 of your packet. this is a procurement for travel demand management services. the need was driven by a number of servicers, chief among them was the demand management
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project, an inter-agency funding project we have received in partnership with sfmta. this procurements also supported the authority development of strategic long- range countywide planning updates. and other studies that the session is undertaking. emerging at the local and regional level to better manage the transportation system in a time when resources are limited and cooperation with major agencies is critical. for this procurement in april the evaluation panel consisted of representatives appointed by [inaudible] conducted interviews with all of the teams, recommending that awards be put with that the
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three highest ranked teams. the disadvantaged business enterprise school received eight%. we will use and on call approach similar to the one used by the modeling session. it is the most advantage to the authority work program. including numerous sub projects that overlap that required the authority to engage in specialized -- supervisor mar: what was that again? >> travel demand management. initiating and conducting contract negotiations for a complete contracts with the three highest returns. the staff memo details the current process in greater details and i can answer any
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questions. thank you. supervisor mar: with any members of the public like to be heard on this item? [unintelligible] >> supervisors, you just heard an introduction that is very technical in nature. it is about how [unintelligible] and transportation flows. the government's is talking about some company, some contract linked to the southeast center, for example.
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for the last 10 years we have had serious insufficiencies in providing reasonable transportation. not only on the third street corridor, but the proposed 10,500 homes. the other 900 units at hunters view. i would advise whoever wins the contract that we have many full meetings in the community, especially in those areas where people take the routes i have mentioned. and the areas i have mentioned. what happens is that prior to any project being executed, they
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have others that are chosen to do the projects to sometimes do not study the environmental impact reports. and some of the dubious transportation documentation that was provided before. we have to learn to connect the dots. bringing to your attention, especially to the chair, that this documentation is available, again and again in all of the major environmental impact reports the flaw has been the transportation document. i repeat, the flaw has been the transportation document. of which transportation
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management is very critical. i know a lot about this. when i went to the city of san francisco, they put emphasis on quality transportation management. which gives you a lot of statistics. but what i received was from empirical data. thank you very much. supervisor mar: would anyone else from the public like to speak? public comment is closed. mr. malkovich? >> [unintelligible] just a quick note. i cannot emphasize how important this effort is. this is the kind of work that you could summarize by doing more with what we have, doing more with that, it is about connecting all of the resources already in the community that can be used more effectively.
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in this era of shrinking budgets, being able to not only get more by sharing resources, be they owned by community inventions, or services that are already being provided on the health care side, moving through the neighborhood visitors aside, also proving to have an eye to responsible, sustainable climate change results. so, i think that this is the sort of stuff that people go crazy about when resources are not being coordinated. we finally have the support of the region to do that kind of work. the ones that are most underserved, where the resources are otherwise not in. frankly it is also an opportunity to connect to the
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big infrastructure investments that do not get a big rap -- good wrap all the time. you have a community where everyone lives on the trunk line. at the end of the castro shuttle or the parallel line, being in good shape, people farther out have a hard time accessing that service. these are projects that i intend to connect the dots in that way. to provide flexibility in the areas of bayview or hunters point. the more difficult or challenging areas and so on. comparatively speaking, this is not billions of dollars. this is taking the resources in
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the community and organizing them better. this could very well be worth of the research work that would have been through these consultant contracts in collaboration with that the agencies so that we can do more with the services that we have. >> it sounds like -- supervisor mar: it sounds like from public comment that these contracts are very important for the bayview hunters point mobility study. it looks like there were four different firms that responded to the rp and three of them are being chosen. any other comments, colleagues? >> and just about the selection and how you cast your net to find who you are targeting.
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>> we have a broad database of qualified consultants. not necessarily seeking a specific scope of work, interests for specific qualifications on skills and experiences with the finance administration section for the dde requirements to which this procurement is subject. there was a special opportunity to reach out to communities of concern, including posting ethnic language newspapers and targeting those businesses that make sure that the lead firms have members of the team that fulfilled as needed. supervisor cohen: what were the
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results that were yielded to you? >> in terms of? >> businesses that represent communities of interest. >> it was 8% for this contract. a goal that comes from the federal highway administration and studies that have been done to identify certain groups of concerned. i will defer to the director of finance on this question. >> i believe that you are asking -- are you asking how many funds we reached out to? or how we selected which firms? >supervisor cohen: both of those questions. >> we look at both caltrans and
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ubde databases. any consultants or interested parties that would be aware of or interested in these different types of rfq would be a part of our e-mail when it was initiated. so, he also talked about what he described as community-centric. >> i did not mean geographically, but there are specifics. >> groups that you are talking about. >> yes. look at page 10 of your packet. following federal procurement requirements for this procurements, they have defined as a owned by african-americans, native americans, and women, and
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asian pacific americans. supervisor cohen: how many have been awarded this contract? >> i do not have that information in front of me. supervisor cohen: gracious. beyond this. how many? take a guess. >> i am not comfortable answering. i can break it down in terms of requirements. supervisor cohen: i am interested in investigating a piece of the action. >> i can break down which consultants are helping to meet that requirement. and of the percentage of proposals from that contractor and whether they are ubde or local business enterprises. supervisor cohen: let's hear which you have got. >> 10% to 15% of that contract
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for ubde is a women-owned firm based in oakland. ktl lennoz is a disadvantage to this -- disadvantaged business enterprise in the area. a graphic design and marketing firm is also dbde as well and women owned. transportation ltd. is another partnership that is ubde, ddde, and women around. on the switch point planning for nelson niagara, it meets the lbe and women requirements. red hill group and trans-metro are small business enterprises that fit sbde requirements. delling associates fulfills dbe and lbde requirements.
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supervisor cohen: these are people that qualified or people that have received the contract? >> received. and as far as how this will work in terms of awarding actual work, none of these are guaranteed anywhere. it is a matter of work being assigned on a task-order basis. they will need to maintain and week that 8% hiring goal of work being assigned to them with each task order. supervisor cohen: so, who manages the tasks and work orders? >> the authority. supervisor cohen: the authority. my friends over here. i guess my message to the authority is that, you know, i sit here, we pass contracts and have a lot of money. there are a lot of things happening. a lot of changes happening.
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but we have a lot of businesses. women, minorities. i need you to make sure that you are stepping up to the plate and making sure that people are getting a piece of the action. it is deplorable that this is such a straight white male- dominated field. as a city we need to make a commitment, a statement that we are fair and equitable in distribution of opportunities to continue to do work and build up san francisco. particularly when we think about the part of san francisco we are specifically talking about. i do not want to dance around the issue or just part of it to make people feel uncomfortable, but we have a very serious crisis here and we need to do something about it.
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>> i want to let you finish, commissioner, first. supervisor cohen: thank you. whenever you see me on this body will hear me speak of this consistently. when we have opportunities to issue contracts, i want you to talk about the specific outreach. if you have to go into people's places of business and pulled the is out, then that is the type of work that we need to do. >> commissioner -- supervisor cohen: loss for words? >> i just want to say that your comment requires a response from the agency head. you need to hear the most unequivocal commitment to what you just ask for. this is not a new commitment.
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i think we have demonstrated it amply with of the project that we are leading. i attended an event on friday where he recognized women-owned enterprises. it was precisely the goal of encouraging that kind of partnership and relationship between sbde of land and disadvantages' city business departments. at that event i met yolanda jones. who has a company that she started barely a year and a half ago. these contracts are a provision
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of machinery. construction contracts. she impressed me with her tenacity and the way that she conducts herself. a totally viable business. an african-american woman. to me she looked in the last couple of days to explain an e- mail that she got from a couple of other businesses in the bay view. something you are likely familiar with. what -- the other being the dwelling group. we talked about the importance of mentoring and so on. our programs have conditionally been about connecting people. connecting large contractors with small ones, bringing them to the table to make that called col. if you are a contractor with no experience in your portfolio and you talk to a large construction
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firm, we have the ability to bring them together. both of the small and large ones, disadvantaged, they know that they need to be in a good relationship with the issues that sign their contracts. i believe in that seriously and we are going beyond the letter of the lot and we have done it on that contract. as you know, the vast majority of the millions of dollars approved by the authority through your actions passes through money that goes to other departments. the city also has a very ambitious goals as far as local contract in and so on. in these consultant contracts the challenges are a little bit more because we are talking about generally specialized technical services where the issue becomes -- does the
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content of the training, the special knowledge, the technical support work as well that must be designed in recruiting people to field surveys in the street and so on. as mentioned before, we require each task, each task order by task order, complying. otherwise you get to the end, you leave it, and that really a federal law. we do not believe in that. we will leave free opportunity. in the case of apparent missing
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grants, we have to be careful. there are certain things that we cannot do. as i said before, where there is a will, there is a way. my sense is that when the commitment comes from the top, from the board, the contractors know that it is not about playing games. it is about finding the right match. it tasted little extra work to make it happen, but they can happen. supervisor cohen: i agree with you and your opening statement. saying that we needed to reiterate or articulate the commitment. i want to see the commitment. even when i am on transportation authority staff, i do not feed
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-- do not see this commitment that we articulate from week to week. when i speak, i do not necessarily speak -- yes, i am the only african-american on the board, but i am also representative of the asian and api community. san francisco is a diverse city. i am not here to rape you, but to publicly ask you. the next time the two had a staff higher, making sure that we are physically representing all constituencies. those constituencies we are looking to do business with. and not just the constituencies that we have to talk to, educate, and share about trade.
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i wanted to feel that with me you can have a very thoughtful conversations about race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, as it is critical that we direct this in the city when it comes to business. if people do not have a job, families will not be able to stay here. on that note, i will leave. we are only on item #3. we have a full agenda. thank you very much. supervisor mar: i totally support the supervisors' efforts to place high levels of transparency in hiring and contracting. especially given the history of the old boys' network city-wide. not just in san francisco, but in the country.
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i also support an equitable and fair process. you do not need to be defensive. you and others in leadership have tried very hard and i know that is a challenge in the entire industry. i also know that other mechanisms in the past still support the strongest possible efforts to make sure that there is fairness in equity. even for a process like this, do not assume that we know which went through in terms of contractors and sub-contractors that have strong -- i do not think that if we use mbe wbe anymore, making sure that those disadvantaged groups use those terms. maybe we could have a broader
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discussion about how the pa goes through the process of hiring and contracting for the future. >> mr. chairman, i would be happy to do that. i would like to point out the diversity at the transportation authority as being a great source of pride for me. my guiding principle has been confidence and making sure that we have the brightest and most qualified people in every position. with that as a guiding light, i have two who are asian and probably more women on a percentage basis than any other city agencies. we have gay people, a trans gender employee. i do not think we have an african-american right now. yes, of course, my god. see,


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