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tv   [untitled]    August 6, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> good afternoon and welcome to the rules committee for july
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28th. we would like to thank the staff at who record all of our meetings. >> the items on our board that recommended will go to the full board. >> can you please call item number 1. >> hearing to appoint members to the citizens advisory committee for central market street and tenderloin. there are seven seats and 12 applicants. >> i will be calling you in the order that you are listed in your agenda. could you please talk about your
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experience and background and what you can bring to the committee. the first and then that i have is gregory jarasitis. >> good afternoon. >> thank you for a having me here. i work for -- and we are a community-based program. we provide clinical -- for people with chronic and persistent mental illness. most are strongly with substance-abuse issues. our goal is for people to be independent in the community while managing their mental
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health and staying out of jail and the hospital. i have been working at citywide. i have been working at this company for 11 years. for the past four years, i helped create and oversee our employment program. we are employment specialists and our goal is to find mentally ill offenders. this population is really the only compound -- these are individuals that have no or little work history or a huge time gaps. we approach our work in a dual function. there are some specialists and job developers. we are addressing all of the
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needs of these individuals. we want to make these the most successful applicants that we can. we see the small businesses. my interest is high because it is important to someone who can speak to both mental health issues. >> do you have any thoughts in terms of how to bring residents in district 6 into the growing job market? >> one of the most important
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things as education. these are many people in the central market and tenderloin. people are freight and people do not know what their strengths are. with education, we can change people's perspective. the ongoing support, they can succeed. >> thank you. >> honor application, the only put seat two, presumably seat three is an option. -- on your application. >> ok. thank you very much. next we have felice denia.
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>> my office is in central market. my dance company is there. i frequent the cafes and restaurants in the area and i have been working very hard on working on ongoing opportunities. we have people strolling through. the central market residents will stop using that plaza. over 50 arts and community
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organizations. as a director of my own dance company, i am well aware that there is a job of printing jobs in the arts. this is a great place that employs all. the crime and violence has made it difficult to stay open. the area must grow. it is very important to me as an artist and employment -- and a new employer. we must dramatically increase the living wage jobs. we had an opportunity to build
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a small retail sector. we have to create a community working professionals and low income families would like to enjoy their time. the u.n. plaza is major in the process. this is essential to do this if we will address the issue of gentrification and build the local economy and therefore living wage jobs at the same time. the arts have the capacity to reclaim these public spaces. in addition, i have privately raised $20,000 in last six months which will allow us to launch a monthly difference shows.
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thank you for your time. >> >> how long have you been working in the mid market area? >> about 10 years. >> you have answered my questions. thank you. >> next, we have steve suzuki. >> good afternoon, members of the board. i've the executive director of asian neighborhood design. we are a nonprofit that has been located in the market street area probably for about the
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past 10 to 12 years. you provide technical, architectural services to many organizations. we also have a workforce of permit. i will speak to those two programs that we have. our component has been involved in the redevelopment agency and the city for the past 10 years or so on the improvement program. previously mentioned, some of the businesses are located on six street which is a very critical area. we are involved with pearls burgers and miss saigon. more than just providing the architectural services, this is action understanding the roots of what is going on in the neighborhood. the san francisco police department's substation is one of our projects and was
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mentioned before, we talked a lot with steve about the importance of that and stabilizing and providing a presence along sixth street. i think the economics of business development and making sure that people have the opportunity to participate as critical to any of happen along the market street corridor, the other program we have had, there is one that focuses on south the market and the pressure we had a contract with the stabilization fund that provided training for 15 residents to get placed on the construction job. construction is not the easiest job to be placed on and that is not the only equation in the work force. this did give us an obscenity to have a special compensation.
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what i would bring is the linkage between community based organizations, which we have linkages with, both residences and organizations. with their employment training program, we have a lot of experience with employers. we know that this is probably the most critical element of the job training the equation. any jobs coming in to the area, we want to make sure the dialogue is there and we know we can deliver. >> i have a question. i was really glad that you pledged this design and that you work in job creation development in district 6. it is great to see that you could be a voice on the committee to create more jobs. as committee member, your
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position could be a beneficiary of the agreements with companies coming in, so i'm curious as to your thoughts around that. i know this is not in construction, so that might be the difference. >> i'm assuming i would recuse myself. i think my main purpose is to make sure that the discussion and the topic items, i would not be part of any decision that my organization would benefit from. and look to make sure that these elements are brought to the discussion. >> i would like to have your expertise. you know the district very well. i wanted to make sure that you are ok with that. andy does do a lot of workforce development. >> thank you. are there any other questions?
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next we had brad paul. >> thank you, members of the committee. i am applying for the seat that has to do with housing and displacement issues. i have lived in san francisco for 37 years. from 1975 until 1981, but i list in the national trust office. i did a research project on the world of residential hotels and also worked at passing the city from the ordinance. i followed that with the director of the north of market and that is when i became familiar with this neighborhood
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and the south the market intersection. this is a 600 member organization, 21 elected board members whose job is to preserve and enhance the tenderloin for the people who live and work there. we rezoned the neighborhood and beginning the process of buying housing to make it permanent affordable which is probably one of the most successful strategies. i took a year off to beat a fellow with a graduate school at harvard. i came back and i went to work for the deputy mayor of housing in neighborhoods. for 92 until 2000, i was a consultant and i worked on the task force plan to revitalize the tenderloin. i also worked on the bloomingdale's project. from 2000 until 2008, i was a senior program officer at the
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junior fund and i find it and number of groups to work on housing, attended, and displacement issues. finally, i am a consultant working with the mayor's office of economic workforce development. i'm trying to transform the mid market area into an arts and cultural district. i will stop off there and see if anyone has any questions. i look forward to serving as a resource to the group. >> are there any questions? thank you. >> next we have mara blitzer. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i work at tenderloin development neighborhood corporation. we have an active member of the
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tenderloin community for more than 30 years. we manage more than 30 buildings in the area which includes about 3000 apartments and more than 100,000 square feet of commercial retail space. our tenants include a wide range of small businesses and we understand small business needs and challenges. we're developing a grocery store that we think would tremendously benefit the neighborhood. the tenderloin is the only neighborhood in san francisco without a full service for free store. we're focusing a mickey more healthy foods available. i have 13 years of community development experience. i have been developing a former ymca site at the corner of golden gate and leavenworth.
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i look forward to the up and to to participate on the board and represent -- >> i had a question. when the sea was created, commercial real estate, this amount of twitter. -- when this seat was created. this came out of twitter. i'm wondering if you can talk about -- you explain your work at the lower end of the leasing. can you talk about your knowledge and experience of commercial leasing? >> i mention that we own about 100,000 feet of commercial real estate which amounts to more than 30 tenants over more than 20 buildings. >> that's great. there could be more of that size, hopefully.
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>> we do think that this is applicable. we work with leasing and a leasing agent. i have a master's in real-estate development which covers the basics. >> thank you. >> something we're interested in as well of the this is about how best to have companies coming into partner with our neighborhoods. they have jobs with the city and they're keeping in mind what they are moving to. we would like to attract grocery stores and more retail. can you talk specifically about mid market? >> one of the earlier options, i think that education is important. some of the tremendous assets people fail to remember is the access to transportation. that makes it very attractive for the commercial tenants coming in. we have lots of ways to get
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here and we need to get over their perceptions and attract new companies to come here. >> thank you very much. next we have antony favor -- faber. is he here? ok, then we have jesus perez. >> could afternoon, supervisors. -- good afternoon, supervisors. i have been a resident of the area for the past seven years. i have been working with homeless families.
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i work with 30 or 40 immigrants, mostly chinese. i have been working in these communities for the past 15 years. fowe would like to help shelter the users know about their rights. later, i found a group that works with families to demand the city to get more affordable housing. as a person who has lived and worked in the neighborhood for the past 15 years, i think our to make a good candidate for the seat because i have been there as the neighborhood has changed. i know about what is going on
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with the residence. i have an important point of view. >> can you talk about some of your hopes with companies moving into mid market in terms of what ideas you have and how they can work with the south of market neighborhood? >> i have been working in south of market for the past 15 years. i have seen an lot of changes and i think bringing out the voices of the residence, -- >> what do you see as some of the needs? >> jobs, housing.
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>> thank you. >> next we have tension -- kevin montreuil. linda pierce is not able to make it. i believe she asked me to make a statement on her behalf. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i was requested by my friend to read her statement. if you can allow me. please consider my nomination to the central market citizens advisory committee. i have been a resident of the tenderloin neighborhood district since 2006. i am committed to the growth of this committee and for the approval of the quality of life
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for all the residents. i welcome a paternity to make recommendations to the mayor, board of supervisors, and the city administrator and mitigate the effects of development. most of the economic development increases local employment and the resources contributed to the community and sustainability. of course, stabilizing and protecting small businesses in and around the central market street and tenderloin area is a party for the vitality of this committee. for the past six years, i've served the tenderloin neighborhoods and i also participated in the census. please consider my nomination to this very important committee which will monitor the improvement of the expense to make sure that the communities are not adversely impacted. thank you for your
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consideration. >> thank you. since >> i have -- i have lived in district 6 -- 5 i did not make that up. i just picked it up. i have lived in the district since 78 with a few years in the castro and one year and oregon. i am retired from the california department of justice as a paralegal. my main qualifications is my interest in the area and my interest in urbana be in general.
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i have been attending the project committee and the central market partnerships for the last several months. i am a member of plan see. the people are trying to get a grocery store there in the tenderloin. i was disappointed that the original one decided not to rebuild their. that was very sad. in the midmarket, i am hopeful that the city plays can get their funding together to help the crescent heights break ground in august, as i have been told they would. i am thrilled that the twitter thing was approved. i am hoping that trinity -- i see that there during the second phase. i am glad about that. of the international hostel at seventh and market can get something going, besides just having those ugly old plywood-
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covered -- well, the plywood- covered windows, i think that is terrible. there's something that we should be able to do to show that something nice is going to be coming year. i am routing for passion cafe. i am sorry they are having trouble. i am glad that pearl is opening at the corner. my excitement about market street stretches back to the 1960's when i was a high-school student in a saratoga and i sent away for the market street plan. that is the plan we're all living with today, the one we build the park system with. the large sidewalks and the beautiful sycamore trees or whatever they are and the wonderful middle-class people walking up and down market street and the architect's drawing. that is not my vision of market street. but i think that after world war ii, the country decided that we
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were going to go in the direction of heading toward the suburbs. i think that has hurt cities. i think it has hurt midmarket and the tenderloin, in general. i hope that if i can do anything to turn that around, i would be interested in doing that. supervisor kim: thank you. can you talk about some ideas or thoughts you have on how some of these that are coming into the area can work with the neighborhoods, and not just bringing jobs that kind of enhance the current needs of the neighborhood as well? >> well, i do not know the company's that are coming into the area. supervisor kim: well, for one, it twitter. which will be the first agreement we will be working on. >> i do not know how that is going to -- i mean, these people that work at twitter, they do not necessarily live in tenderloin. supervisor kim: right, but ways that twitter can partner with
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the neighborhood to address existing needs in the neighborhood, whether it is the jobs are other resources like local purchasing. >> i think that by bringing in companies like twitter or any number of other companies, that is going to increase local small businesses. cafes and any number of other businesses, and that is going to help the area. supervisor kim: but in advising on and let the community benefit agreement, what are some of your thoughts? >> my feeling is that the biggest community benefit is that it will have that space filled. >supervisor kim: no, not something that is being filled, but something that you would like to see for the neighborhood. >> well, i know that there have been lists of various things