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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2012 2:48pm-3:18pm PST

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cohen: there are a number of changes. adding a two-year term for john ram, director of the planning department and bob muscat and a four year term for the director of prominent -- public finance. in addition, a clause has been included to stipulate these appointees will be effective once the resolution creating oversight board is adopted and signed. also as a mentioned earlier, we are under a limited time from by which the city needs to form this board. additionally, all the members that the mayor has selected are exceptionally qualified and fully vetted. given the short time frame and the technical nature of the
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board and the board's obligation i am comfortable with these appointees that they will be able to make decisions necessary to keep the project moving forward. additionally, with the inclusion of staggering terms, we will be able to ensure that there is ample opportunity to include representation from the affected communities. thank you. that is it from b president chiu:. -- that is it from me. president chiu: is there a second? why don't we have discussion on the amendments? can we take this without objection? without objection, that shall be the case. supervisor campos: let me begin by thanking supervisor cohen and her staff for all the work they have done on this item which is a very important and significant item. i also want to thank the mayor's office for all the work that
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they have done. i see malcolm young who is here and i had a couple of questions i raised at the rules committee. not so much with respect to the underlying resolution, because as was noted during that meeting, our hands are tied in terms of what we can do and even the time when we have to follow. we want to take action. we want to make sure that the affordable housing assets are transferred. the concern had to do more with the oversight body and the makeup of that body. and between the time of that meeting and this meeting, i have had an opportunity to speak to a number of members of the community who have been working on this and who are impacted by this. i think that the changes that have been introduced by supervisor cohen are very good changes that address those concerns.
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i appreciate the response of this with which the supervisor cohen's office approach this as well as the mayor's office. i think that what we have before us is something that strikes the right balance and i will be supporting the amendments. i know that beside supervisor cohen, a number of colleagues including supervisor olague have spent time thinking about this. i want to thank them. the last thing i would say though is that it is important that this board of supervisors continued to be watchful as we go forward. one of the things i like about the amendments, especially with the inclusion of term limits and staggered terms is it allows us to look back and see how things are going. the redevelopment agency played an important role in the lives of so many communities and i think the four individuals the
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mayor has appointed are individuals who bring a very unique expertise. i know that they will go out of their way to reach out to the community where that is needed. we need to be mindful that i know we will continue to be involved. i want to thank everyone involved in the mayor's office and supervisor cohen's office and i will be happy to support this. >> i wanted to thank supervisor cohen and her staff. it was a challenging -- there were a lot of concerns raised by the public at the various committees. i felt they handled it very sensitively. i went to reassure the public this is not the be all, and all of this discussion. there will be ongoing discussion and we welcome any of your concerns at any time. also, thank you to mr. young
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from the mayor's office. thank you. president chiu: colleagues, are there any additional discussions? i understand from the deputy city attorney there might be one last technical amendments we might need to make. unless it is resolved in the next minute, i suggest we move on to the next item and come back to this when the matter is resolved with supervisor cohen. >> item 26, from the budget and finance committee. an ordinance appropriating $4.40 million consisting of fund balance and interest earnings of the sale of the watermark land and condominiums to be used for the development of the wharf. replacing 614,000 on controllers reserve pending receipt of the projected interest earnings. president chiu: on item 26, this is another item having to do with the america's cup which we have to defer until after a
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decision is made on the eir appeal. i suggest we put this off until later on in the meeting. we have called 25 and 34. why don't we go back to that. supervisor cohen: there has been a change we need to go back and recall the book. i would like to make a motion. president chiu: is there an amendment we can make on the amendment we have adopted? we have not taken a vote on the underlying measure but we did amend it. supervisor cohen: i would vote to amend. president chiu: the second document that was amended. everyone has received this? could i have a motion to rescind by supervisor cohen, is there a second? seconded by supervisor campos. could we resent the last i without affection -- rescind the
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last item without objection? supervisor cohen is making the motion to amend as the city attorney has advised. could i have a second? could we take that second motion to amend without objection? that shall be the case. unless there is any further discussion, on item 25, can we take this same house, same call? on the item as amended? without objection, the resolution is adopted as amended. on item 34, if we could do same house, same call on that item as amended. without objection, that shall be the case. thank you. why don't we go to item 27? >> an ordinance amending the administrative code to reflect changes in job classifications. president chiu: can we take this same house, same call? this is passed on the first
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reading. item 28. >> amending the official sidewalk and with of mason street starting at the southwest corner, continuing 30 feet. president chiu: same house, same call? this item is passed on the first reading. we will skip over the 4:00 p.m. special odoorder and go to item. >> this was forwarded as a committee report. a motion appointing supervisor mar as an alternate member to the san francisco local agency formation commission. president chiu: could i have a motion to execute supervisor mar? we can do that without objection, that shall be the case. we can take a roll call on this motion. >> aggressive campus, aye. president chu, aye. supervisor chiu, aye,
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supervisor of aggolague, aye, supervisor avalos, aye. president chiu: the motion is approved. we have voted on item 34 and 35 i understand was continued at committee so we do not have it in front of us. but go to roll call. >> supervisor campos, your first for introductions. supervisor. -- avalos. supervisor mar. supervisor mar: thank you. the first item is a sad in memoriam. i have been asked to join and i hope my colleagues would
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consider joining us as a full board. president chiu: if we could do that. walter johnson was a longtime san francisco labor leader and known for his sense of humor and caring nature as well as his strong advocacy on behalf of working people of san francisco. he passed away this past thursday in san francisco at 87 years old. i viewed him as a strong friend of mine. i met him in the 1980's as he had led working people in san francisco with a strong voice in our city. i loved his dry sense of humor, that is how i would describe it. and learned a great deal from him. walter was the youngest of four boys, was born in armenia, north dakota in 1934. he was drafted into the u.s. army in 1943. he served as a combat engineer in the 20th armored division in
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france, austria, and germany. his parents moved to san francisco to help in the war effort and walter join them after being honorably discharged. he fell in love with the city and the city -- the feeling was mutual. he was an ice-cream maker when he accepted a position at sears roebuck selling appliances and televisions. i am assuming it is the geary and the sonics years. he became active in the union. he spent more than 50 years as a san francisco union leader. he retired at the age of 80 in 2004. i think our current secretary- treasurer of the labor council and many brothers and sisters of the labor movement are honored with his -- honoring his memory at grace cathedral this weekend. he earned a reputation as a fierce but friendly fighter for
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workers' rights. he was respected for his ability to help settle disputes. when the council got involved in bart negotiations shuttling back and forth between the unions and management, he in ado his union work, he served on several non-profit boards. i also wanted to thank his longtime colleague, alexis gonzales that worked so closely with walter over the years for making sure that we have been informed about the wishes of his family and the labor movement. they had three children, then moved to south san francisco in 1955 where they became active in the lutheran church. he dedicated his life to social justice and never stopped fighting. he could be heard saying, out on the street, keeping the beat, singing along.
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his son, his parents and brothers, walter is survived by his sudon, daughter, daughter- in-law, and ryan pearce and taylor johnson. donations are requested to our redeemers lutheran church. from the feelings during the church ceremony, during the bagpipes played, it was an awesome feeling of the labor movement and many communities coming out to remember the great stories of walter johnson. i was going to ask if any of my colleagues wanted to make comments about walter johnson.
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supervisor olague: i wanted to also mention i worked with mr. johnson, a regular member we will miss his sense of humor. he did great work for the labor movement. thank you for remembering him. supervisor mar: i have the number of other items. the development impact the report of december 1 shows that bc the's program that was instituted last year has resulted in a majority of fees that they are responsible for including, the market in the batavia affordable housing feet, the market and octavia infrastructure impact fees.
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and the affordable housing inclusionary program. the program gives developers the option to defer payment of development impact collected by the department of building inspection before the certificate of first occupancy is issued. the 2010-2011 developers have deferred a total of $14,673,651 in fee payments. the impact on the infrastructure and affordable housing programs is potentially great, so i am calling for a hearing at the land use committee. i am introducing legislation that extends andrea authorizes a our food security task force to extend to january 2015.
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it increases the number of members from 12 to 15 and changes the organizations from which members are appointed. the food security task force was established in 2005 by support of supervisors and was charged with creating a citywide plan for food security. including the utilization and demand for federal food programs. community-based organizations and the targeting of their populations. even when there is assumptions that there is no hunger or food and security, it exists throughout san francisco. hopefully this ordinance and reauthorization will help improve our efforts to provide food access for all of our communities. i am also introducing an ordinance that will make it subject to the city of the form
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of retail control, before miller retail bank ordinance. i know that the supervisor and others have worked on this issue. formula of retail stores are considered conditional uses. it also allows residents and neighborhoods more controlled with a voice over the development communities. they nearly exclude banks and other financial service entities that are not specifically listed in the form of a retail law. we will allow residents to decide whether or not they wish to allow additional formal retail branches to be made. and finally, we urge support for the research act.
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now, at 87 cents, by $1 a pack. it discourages smoking encouraging more quitting. it provides $600 million a year for other smoking-related research. with so many sentences go and california families continuing to suffer, there is an urgency sponsored by the coalition as well as public health groups like the american cancer society, the american heart association, the campaign for about 03 kids, the live strong foundation, in the east end of the cancer organization. i hope you join me in helping discourage smoking and save lives. supervisor olague: as i mentioned earlier, i am calling
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for a hearing to receive updates from the office of economic and work-force development. on the progress of the octavia boulevard project, and the ancillary project, and the central freeway access parcels. i would also like to close at this meeting in memory of michael jury, also known as coffee picasso was a true talent. he was a songwriter, musician, and former educator. his ensembles had over 900 gays in the past two years performing at notable jazz clubs and restaurants over downtown and the fillmore district. through his passion in unique sound, it became a local treasure in the heart of the district, and especially at the
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shiva lounge and other jazz clubs in district 5. although this is a great loss to the community, he will always be remembered as a truthful servant in the spirit of music. we send our condolences to his wife, son, and extended family. supervisor farrell: first of all, i like to adjourn in memory of elaine mchewin. she was born and raised the wife of a late construction company executive. she is most well known as being instrumental in the growth of the san francisco museum of modern art. she became a trustee in to serve as board president from 89 to 95. among other events, she over
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straw long-term strategic plans for the third street location. she is survived by two daughters and will be sorely missed by a number of people in the city. i would like to adjourn the meeting in memory of someone who passed away, a lifelong resident of san francisco and a graduate of st. paul's high-school. she was a cherished wife of someone who passed away in 1996 and is survived by her brothers. she is a loving mother of three children. they were known to us as the president of the police officers association. she is also survived by seven grandchildren, many of whom i grew up with. supervisor kim: thank you.
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i have three things to submit today. first, i am introducing an ordinance title of the save san francisco civil rights ordinance. i want to thank the supervisors for co-sponsoring this with me today. i have been working with the coalition for safe sentences go, a group that includes aclu, an organizing center, of the council of america and islamic relations, and many other community leaders and individuals here and our city. these organizations know very well the purpose of protecting the civil rights and liberties of all of our residents, combating racial profiling. what we got to see on the board of supervisors last year, they
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have experienced higher levels of racial profiling and they want the board to engage in that kind of work. knowing that the police officers do not engage in surveillance or infiltration without cause. this is a result of the tireless work of the coalition, engaging in an extensive process over the last several years, holding a major hearing. and coming out with a comprehensive report endorsed by the board last year. the stated and made clear that decriminalization of their identity and the guilt by association becoming the standard for policing and national security strategy. and over the last seven months with our office in the city attorney coming forward with this ordinance. since 9/11, intelligence
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gathering has drastically weakened and are far below standards we have here locally and under the california constitution. the purpose of the legislation is to restore local control under the framework under which our representatives that are under the budget work in partnership with the fbi. and also to increase transparency with fbi intelligence gathering. i want to make it clear that this is not an attack of any of the practices that the public safety officers are making. i strongly believe in support our partnership in doing this type of work. really, it is to insure protections that we prioritize and believe it is fairly basic, the requirement of reasonable suspicion before we do any type of investigation of criminal activity. and we don't base it on ethnic
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identification or religious practice as some of the members of the community have been experiencing the last couple of years. it codifies the previous practice at framework from up until 2007. the follow local and state laws regarding the right to privacy. i believe this will enhance the work around counter-terrorism and public safety because it increases the trust of the community members that work with public safety in reporting in cooperating around many of the actual criminal activities that might be going on in the city. we want to thank the community for all of their work, our office is sponsoring this because many members of the arabs of asian and the muslim community worship in the district and on many small businesses. i have heard over the past year, many stories of what some people
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have been feeling. and in my past work, i strongly believe in protecting the the civil liberties with the highest measures possible. i am also introducing a substitute legislation that i originally introduced october 4, the campaign and governmental conduct code. it is around public financing based around the discussions we have been engaged in since july. a substantive ordinance that came out of the ethics commission monday night that i am supportive of. mimicking the suggestions we have from ethics commissioners, a round what they would like to see strengthening the public financing laws. an unfortunate ruling by the u.s. supreme court of arizona's public financing scheme.
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this measure will do a number of things that i already introduced. it will be more in line with what we have seen spending to be. this ceiling has always been raised because of the number of expenditure dollars that have been put into the race. it is not the highest level or the lowest level, but an average of what we have seen in the district. we took away the trigger for disbursements of original public kinetin funds that was originally what the u.s. supreme court found unconstitutional, burdening the first amendment rights of the independent expenditure dollars. we did also raise the qualifications of what they would need to meet for public financing. it is now $10,000 for the board of supervisors and remains a $50,000 for may or zero candidates.
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$15,000 a supervisor incumbents. we took away some of the criticisms we heard, the 4: 1 dispersant. that match will no longer be part of the scheme. we also want to delay dispersants, but you won't actually receive the public financing dollars until after the filing deadline. if you decide to continue to stay in the race and accept public financing dollars, you know who your opponents are. we also asked to the advance the filing date to june. making it clear what the race is going to look like. something i think any credible candidate can make a decision by. i believe those are most of the
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additions that have been made. last, i am making a hearing request today, examining how the city can improve access to shelters. as many of you know, the office has been engaging in what shelter reform means for her service providers. i had the pleasure of serving as active mayor as many of you know, and we thought very carefully about what that would mean. i decided to take the opportunity to highlight some of the issues going on in the district. after talking with a lot of different folks, we decided that i would go through the shelter reservation process and stay in a shelter. i went to the mission neighborhood resource center and waited in line and put my name and.