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tv   [untitled]    February 21, 2012 10:48am-11:18am PST

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company at the door and in the the second mass of one of those italian and a thing as a year ago last april as on your show firestone morganite and is threatening in the math three weeks ago and i bought a love that and then printed out a copy of the plum a wish list and it was well worth the wait continues to
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miscalling now in his son sean moon and betty ladies in maybe this is that one this the one everyone and the reason that picked it is as a big jewelry in a letter sent to the salon and pendant and this is so bowls over the top unless it and like them rings unlike gemini and as well me and pull this off in my compiled a diamonds moon the object of this entire top of
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this is nothing but diamonds and sell but that year joel and those are big big deal, not once has a little bit of a puff to it will of the dimension that this has in this is lovely there's myograph and put the beads down and drink and put the beads away and ring unease over this and indeed some and then not our be its and 40841 is yet a number on this so we need me to be parodied myograph show and i'm so excited and on and now
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it is on shawn and looks gorgeous purple and and that he had been mardi gras today and am and
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remind and yes does wonderful small to large stones and and of this screen diamond 4093644 under for under dollars and the noise and it is when diamonds this ring is not some foreign dollars and thank you chukkers policy in a couple days and oakland where we have serta coming up for a perfect nicely. hist whom
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welcome in every one and so excited for you to be aired today if we are here to really give you a solution had to sleep last night? had it easy for the last week last month gillespie years and if he had in getting good restorative sleep you know how it is affecting your life everything from your ability to get things done to your patience in metabolism and he can look it up on line about the effects of lack of sleep and now you can do something about it because there's a company that's been out there for over 74 years and cause serta earn and set out in near mattresses and you may get moving will be an
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elderly the smith freshen the factory boom we'll be called on him with another room and bring it in the new made serta and the nine operated warranty in them and some the awards given to senna boom cissus and tibet's and me get a place for a and annulus of the palatine on the pillow talk as a more plush and a split
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queen that is a box spring and the press and the value pays of a more firm and the top of that.
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almost nine years as some work with the serta company of chicago beverly perhaps appeal the as a liaison here it's how you decide if he approaches a new mattress for a third of a life that sets up other two-thirds of real-life first of all will dedicate the power to you'll to make you feel confident of course and i find out what's inside the bags there's a difference here between the hilltop and the euro top adding that may be the first question that people might want to touch on this and that it can start thinking about the bad before leaving go to any of this technology
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they both have the same technology the top and middle reason i'm doing to balance as of the hilltop beverly on euro top he can have your style event that connie is sitting on is called the distinction super kelli top all comfort layers are lifted don't think set this converts if yours doesn't that can be a lawyer with the up tossing and turning its 11 more kashi the measurement is 13 in. it's going to their top seller of this event's the other bed is called
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the dashing hero top the same flash nests because of the you're a top style those layers are pushed to higher more compact the stitching pushes those then again is not hard snuffer and it's 1 in. shorter to like a love it more compact feel now that you know kind of which one that might be going towards its get down to some basic questions connie know when it's time to replace your mattress that some new information we are a nation of sleep deprived people if you're one of those people that has the top to see problems
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sending this and people don't give enough sleep if you wear those people is the question to make up the morning when of back pain to toss and turn at night over 40 percent of people and he still felt higher if it check in yourself perfect time to evaluate it is not even halfway point of the day get back pain of your bed is that is not normal he oftentimes say i was a light sleeper something is waking you up your body craves sleep it builds and repairs itself all use the center are not
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sleeping something is doing that to you if it's a bet that is too hard building pressure in your head and shoulders area where talk about different things done to i feel good about your purchase and now we're taking care of you in the long run but for many nights this has a boring team that is amazing 10 year 94 rated so glad to prop them up when people say watch the show we getting the best piece of my menu by match us in terms of 40 wilsie of full coverage for nt and there is no better warranty then and on for zero rated one that the thing that you redness the the differences are
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as canadian hunter% your money back of a problem under warranty the other ones of give you a partial replacement how long ago in debts after five years half the value can meet the need to the doctors it said tenure pro rated other thing i love telling you lacerta not to sonneteers tells a lot of them more about that its award winning and selected to represent a big foundation as well the three things that would give me a complete nervous and confidence to be the warranty consumer digest and the national see foundations consumers
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digest was given to us again as the best value for the race we did not enter contests they were in did penance a look at mattresses here is one in your serta compare apples to apples less than 3% and mattresses great thing nino and gas with an eyelash you think done that for you and the national sleep foundation of self to develop and ensure they clashed with top five see problems which are tossing and turning back pain temperature fluctuations give apart and that moves around and you feel that motion and all those problems in bills in your people we went to
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work with the national sleep foundation is a lot of big companies out there a chill is you'll whereas in with a bass and the only ones that did national sleep foundation their dedicated help increase the awareness they have 900 clinical research on the country in based in washington d.c. we went to work at it just all of them were very proud of serta having all those accolades in the thing that i really love and what impressed me about my serta i am from your some
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mattresses and a factory in a warehouse it was signed an open it was terrible this is when love your mattress is made to order is not even made jets order more material its place that is really key some minds down on the morning talk show reason why i say this so great and even in the retail world does so wonderful choice you want it custom made seven days and get call set the
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delivery here is that happens we will come your home on a window of time that works for you when u.s. will get rid of it for them over to another room and then bringing in new that they have to get out for down the matches that you're getting for the literally be well over a thousand to learn dollars nothing is missing the delaware house these we sold thousands of them by car shopnbc has a savings and deal if you're
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sitting at home the majority of people then the majority of our customers are perennial only by match just by going into the store lying down on eds by from matches to match as china figure out it had confused i know it's comparable to lie down on it is it getting give me all the alignments all the science i know that i need for my body and an expert on sleep but sir that is in terms of helping customers at home lowell to call the firmness which means their surface comforts the not too soft term interior and years of research for your
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accounts over 100 lbs. your heaviest parts in a wake up tossing and turning when touching is a dashing year atop it's a tiny bit more compounds compared to the distinction to of the software snap because something is different at hilltop as an like this give you a little more air flow to love him or hoof same lapis and touching this year into you're a top design what is inside all the different layers allen to invite to win make that call your sleep your help we
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have not talked about as fire blocker that helps regulate body temperature running into all that just a moment and i encourage you give us a call but the rest of american know about your sleep and not hurt his teammates for the rest of you who are tossing needed replacement their guest column for you're adults to and get them a panic the sleeper pick up the phone call and order a dish that's going to be coming to you hundred $25 you get the ball chair for this great blankets the gas industry body pays take you say you want to get this with clean say get the regular queen item
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number before 02717 it's a super peloton that crisis to 799 it's one very 37 team that spent the panama if you wanted get the bureau top of the dashing here the item numbers before 013361 his $16 from two and a shopnbc credit card spread out over to halt months let's talk technology this is a were ruining what is inside you can see a
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price is amazing with this research at a price is part of the story you're buying it because of the body that your getting if you go your computer search engine inside prices well overtop hundred 39 and over $2,000 and often give you memory phone in both of these bags which normally outlast this is a fabric on top of each of these bands which was invented for the space program if it works its of professional athletes clothing what it does israel and the bad and as such a temperature and its reading you it's treating me you could
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get hotter it's gone up whole that he away when you slaps you wake up if deals like it's hot and polls in view of partnered best chili into this one it's can work for both of you of some of its chilled in releases the heat even with the match just haven't the sheets you need to cover added that the matches on if you really want to work out and outlast this and all last matches have your $50 so it all the benefits it will