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tv   [untitled]    July 2, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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for intercity students, and only reason it is paid is because i have quite a few students who would not be able to participate. for the sake of equity, california pacific medical center stepped up to help pay for the internships. california medical center allows the students to understand the diversity house of place in the work health-care field and the working environment by teaching the kids ideal's like cultural contentmpetence. i am very grateful for the support they have given. >> thank you. >> i am a certified rehab nurse.
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i work of the center for 25 years before they close it. since then, i have been working at an outpatient center. i am here to talk about the broken promises on a peninsula. community education has been cut, metabolic programs, a cardiac rehab is being considered, pharmacy, outpatient sites, of congestive heart so your, narrow psychology, fitness center, but they were able to open a small center adjacent to the new hospital. in august, 2009, are acute center received notice that our
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unit would soon close your eg. they would close the only unit in the county if you're a goo. there was no reason they had to keep open vicos it was for service those. -- because it was for services. patients flocked to travel to the campus region would have to travel to the campus, because they opened a center with very few specialty rehab nurse those. a lesser skilled nursing-based focus research was launched.
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it made it difficult to receive the care they deserve they have no access to the bathrooms, no showers, no air conditioning, nor did it meet any of the regulations. gthey announced a plan to sell the area of the house the focus rehab program. that is due to close in august of 2012. good an outside company would take over and there is no clear whether it would continue. in 2013 they will preserve
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promise to keep the emergency room open. a facility would be run by an outside company, even the distribution. i urge you to consider these cuts and please remember the beautiful hospital rooms do not matter one bit when patience cannot access the care they need. >> good evening, supervisors. good i am vice president of quality and safety, and i would
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like to address 3 4/8 and must come for consideration. the patient is the key focus of why we should build a new hospital. i would respectfully of the they have a fair deal to do community investment we need in san francisco. all the people in the room sunday will be patient, -- when they will be patience, and i think it is important to think what kind of care we will be provided, so i think focusing on safe care is important.
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one should not focus on injury or further damage while in hospital. it provides the latest the equipment or standards. good the second point is an effective and efficient care. they will be able to deliver in a safe fashion. if it makes it difficult to deliver appropriate care by giving patients from one area to the next. good it is difficult to provide
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timely and official care. good -- timely and efficient care. i think it is important to the of the new hospital for people who are coping with matters while a patient is care. nobody wants to be in an environment where care is on saves. -- unsafe. i think the development agreement represents a fair deal for good care and an important investment for our communities. >> good evening. git is a true privileged to live in the city of san francisco.
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part of that is to have responsibility to make things better for tomorrow. access is tremendously better with the current spread to multiple campuses. we want to join city hall and be in the center of a geographical ly. the second thing is community involvement. so much has been said geithnthat cpmc does not do its part. cpmc couples with our department and provides free service not only for rent but for medical provisions. it is a tremendous service to the community. of efficiency is why i am standing here.
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we are not sufficient the way we practice medicine now. i have the ace plan. thank you for listening. >> my name is delores' mickey \ agee. i've provide services and resources for seniors 80 plus years old. i am in support of the medical center because we develop three years ago of breast cancer support groups in the neighborhood. we do not have a health care clinic in our community.
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the next one year a serious -- near us is st. luke's. i made one phone call to the breast cancer support very dark, and the only thing they ask is to give us a date, because i wanted to know why they were providing the breast cancer support to the community and they were not providing the breast cancer support to the omi, so that was one phone call but was provided, and they have been supporting us for the last three years, and we plan to expand in our community, so when you make the decision, i would like you to remember you are
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making decisions on when it comes to the health of the elderly. >> good afternoon, members of the board of supervisors. i am here to support cpmc. there is a lot of things they have done the public is not aware of. in the past years they allocated funds to specialty care. i am a member of the consortium. gcpmc awarded funds to provide specialty care's common and we serve about 7000 patients. 81% of those patients has
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insurance, so i am really supported a large number in need. i am here to express appreciation to the mayor and his staff for negotiating on behalf of community clinics, and i think they have done an excellent johjob for community care. they came up with a unique approach to reuter there is not one that can meet all the needs required for the 10,000 lives, so they have a lot of funds -- alotted funds so we can contract to provide a level of service to the population, so they have
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done a lot. they made contributions to our capital project. good eveninthere's a lot of thiy have done. >> i am going to call a few more names. [list of names] next speaker. good >> my name is his stylgise. i've brought a map. if we lose st. luke's and thrilled another hospital downtown -- and killed another hospital downtown, we will be more unrepresented i.
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i am in district 11, only 10 minutes from st. luke's hospital, both cathedral hill is about 20- to 30 minutes in a perfect trafford, which is rarely the case. it does not have a fully equipped er. every emergency visit must be referred to another hospital in the system company so someone who is referred after a 10 minute drive must get back on the road for another half-hour to reuter this means care could come later. this is not good for the health of the south and southeast
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neighborhoods. many reports show that underserved, and uninsured patient stays sufficient barriers to act as special the karen -- a specialty care. not an awfuenough take from pros who rely on inefficient services and patient interaction. cpmc can stop these problems by building a full capacity hospital. >> let's go to the next speaker. goo>> good afternoon, superviso.
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my name is gary brown. i am from district 10. i lived in the area since 1969. gooit was overcrowded, so they t me to st. luke's where these nuns were ouat. it was strange, but it was nice. i have a daughter born in 1987 during you. i have seen a change were my wife has gone on with pancreatic cancer. we went back to st. luke's, and they could not do the job in
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february, but they sent her to ralph k. davis. she stayed there zero weeks. they charged us money and transferred her to california pacific. they charge more money for transferring her your yo. what i am trying to say is i think we should keep st. luke's open because of the time it takes to get to the other hospital could be time to savor life, -- to save a life, and i would like to support of workers
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because they do not have a contract to close it down. good >> i am going to call a few more names. [list of names] next speaker. >> my name is emily. i am a nurse, and i am in support of rebuilding. i am here on behalf of the patients who have complained how small it is and lack of privacy, and for all the patients who have waited for a private room, thanks for your time. >> i am a pediatrician
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specializing in the care of newborns. our babies get to spend between two weeks and 100 days in rooms they share with between 5 and 18 patients. private rooms where babies can be cared for with lights and people around them tey need is amazing rather than where people have to react to all the people they need. in the new program, the babies will have the space they need with the capabiliyty of having
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the mother with them while she rests, where she can be there with family members to support her and live with the infant. the opportunity to have the facilities they deserve is one i look forward to. >> good evening, supervisors. i am from the asian resources center. it is a center for survivors of domestic violence.
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this is a community service outlet. i am here to support them for all the support they have given us. i am one of the lead organizers for the chinatown community health fair, and we have been a supporter for 17 years. as a service provider and most recently as a sponsor, so they have given a lot. they sponsor the event, and they provide 8 hours every year,
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providing free diabetes screening for the uninsured. >> next speaker. >> thank you, members, for hearing me today. i am founder and executive director. we help women access screening services at low cost and without barriers. we have in place with partners. for the past 11 years, we have had a successful partnership
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wtih st. luke's hospital. our program has helped hundreds of low income women get screening services and treatment without financial burdens or other conflicts. i am here to let you know st. luke's hospital is very important, and we support plans as it relates to st. luke's hospital. >> thank you for hearing me today. i have been in construction for
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35 years. i support the plan. i am in support for several reasons. i believe in life safety. i have done seismic retrofits. it is not a place you want to be in. these new hospitals will meet requirements for the future. these provide state-of-the art healthcare. they will provide hospitals you can feel safe in. these projects also provide
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jobs for the many who will be here long after they have been completed. i support this project. thank you. >> [list of names] next speaker. >> thank you for the excellent presentations you allowed and the good questions about how to make this the best deal for san francisco. i am not an employee.
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i do not use one of the services they provide. i am looking out for the good of san francisco. i object to setting up a system that will allow them to escape the housing requirement. is it good for an earthquake situation. trying to go uphill with roads blocked is going to be ridiculous. these rooms may suggest there may be other agendas, like importing patients who can pay
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for high quality care. do not thank you for your good questions. >> thank you members of the board of supervisors for hearing this important item today. i am a project engineer for the general contractor for cpmc. i have been before you before to speak about jobs and work force development, but today i am here to speak to you on a personal level. my parents moved from el salvador in 1981. they wanted the best place for me and my sister to grow up but the best place also to work and raise a family. san francisco has been our home for the past 30 years, and i hope it will be our home for
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many years to come. my parents had just retired, and i am happy to say that they are in good health, but as everybody knows, older people need hospitals. they need health care. i support cpmc's rebuild plant, because as a san francisco resident, i want the best health care possible for my family and for myself. as a resident who lives and works in san francisco, i believe i deserve the best health care, and cpmc provides that, and i also believe i deserve a state of the art clinic. we as a community can afford to have unsafe hospitals or bad health care in this city. we also cannot afford to lose the jobs this project will create because we deserve better. i support cpmc and believe strongly in the infrastructure
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in our working men and women need this project. let's get this done. and for the record, let's remember the story about the abuse and the golden egg. do not kill this abuse. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you. miss? >> good evening, supervisors. i am the president of a nonprofit organization that advocates for small business and also the working in the bayview. cpmc's plan to build state-of- the-art hospitals, they actually also inject money into our local economy. it helps to increase the job opportunities where everyone is in a downturn economy. the money also becomes a tax multiplier for the city,