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tv   [untitled]    July 7, 2012 10:30am-11:00am PDT

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this. president newlin: any other questions? any public comment on the report of the executive director? all right, item number four, police department comments and questions. welcome. >> good evening. my name is michael beale. i'm the commander of the metro division of the san francisco police department. for the past 12 months, i was a commander of investigation. in my new role, i will be overseeing the daily operations of the alcohol licensing unit. i am here to introduce myself and let you know that i will be attending a lot of these meetings. i look forward to working with you all in the future. >> welcome. president newlin: make sure you
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make the note of the new times of the meetings. [laughter] all right. any public comment on the police department questions and comments? no? ok. with the commission's indulgence, since we have a lot of people here that i think would like to get in and get out, we are going to call item 5, hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. we're going to go down to item d. >> before you do that, i am going to recuse myself because the applicant has some connection to my other club. president newlin: ok. you can do whatever you want on your break. you do not need our permission for it.
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duc luu. 550 barneveld st. place of entertainment permit, the extended hours premises permit. >> as you know, this item was extended before. you are considering two permits tonight. propose conditions were circulated a few minutes ago, that were revised earlier today from sfpd. the staff has had no communication of concerns from the public and we have received several letters of support from the public, at least eight members expressing support for the applicant. president newlin: ok. >> are we going to handle this one item here?
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applicants, please come forward. >> president newlin, commissioners, we are here again on 550 barneveld st., which was first heard at the april 10, 2012 meeting. for various media -- for various reasons, we have submitted an amended applications and have been working diligently with inspector van cole, who was running entertainment, and the predecessor for the commander of metro to issue an workout -- basically, there was some concern at bayview station that with the police cuts and the fact that this particular venue was on the edge of the bay view, that if there were any major
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incident, they would have to take all the police out of the bayview. my client had caused some consternation because he has been very successful with his operations, blue ice parties, the grand night club. he had an opportunity to purchase 2 of the 8 largest nightclubs in severance is go and this was an issue. basically, what we would like to do as a company is show our good faith to the sfpd to show that we are on the team and we do want to run a good operations, cooperate with the police because it is important not just for our entertainment venues, but for all entertainment venues. i have owned big clubs in the 1980's and represented a lot of people.
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my client had one security person that used to sit on a stool for 12 hours and never leave that school. that was considered security in 1980. as anybody can tell, this is not 1980 any more. it is tough out there. i tried to tell my clients this. one of the issues we had today had to do with wanding and when to wand. gay parties, at this time, probably do not require wanding. but live events, if you go, you are patted down. it is for your own safety. there are conditions that have been worked on. this is the fifth or sixth draft of our group working with inspector van cole. you should have it. it is 16 conditions. the one of them i had a long conversation with vice chair
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joseph today. because of our relinquishing of our right to operate whenever we wanted after-hours, and this is basically as a show of good faith to the police, let us show what kind of operation we are going to have, let us show what kind of parties we are going to book, and we will come back and talk about it in six months, a review of how we operated and were there any incidents, and then talk about it. i know it is an odd request, coming from me. usually, i do not like to curtail my clients' first amendment rights. in this situation, i think it is the best -- these conditions represent something that is good for the city, good for sfpd, good for my client, good for the entertainment industry. i would request that you not
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pick apart these conditions, because it is pretty well- crafted and agreed to. i have also handed out an amendment to the state's security plan, which is basically the general operations. it brings down to 50 guests the amount of security and takes into consideration some other things that were added. we changed seven days to 30 days on holding the data in a video files. this, i would ask, be put in as part of the permanent file. we did have a long hearing on this one. i will just touch on outreach a little bit. bayview merchants, dog patch merchants did not want to know about us. we have been in contact with bayview basin neighbors. this particular place is about
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2,000 feet from any rapid -- from any residents. the only person impacted is the beverage catering company. i have had extensive conversations on how we can keep people from parking in their parking lots. we have with us today gus bean, who has been a promoter for the last 26 years writ he has owned 550 and is the seller of the business since 1999. he will remain under contract as an operations manager, blocking large-scale events. linda is a co-partner on this operation. she has a double major in finance and accounting. i think she has her head screwed on very straight and she understands the nightclub business. she has been working with horizon since about four years
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ago. again, in the spirit of cooperation, i think this is a good compromise between various scenarios and would request condition on that. actually, i would like them to say a couple of words. >> i just wanted to quickly say that we, obviously, we just came off gay pride weekend. along with myself, the other promoters' in town all said that it was probably the most successful pride in years for dance clubs and parties, which is great. specifically, t a -- at space 550, i threw a large scale even for the gay male community. on saturday, we had poppy, which
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was already -- which was also very successful and incident- free. it was great to see bartender's working hard and making some money. i just want to put that out there. the integral part of my friday night event was that people could dance into the after hours, about 5:00 a.m. the thing about 550, it is obvious that it is more of a destination nightclub. it just does not have heavy foot traffic. for a myriad of different groups, particularly burning man, electronic dance events, and the gay male community, it is a destination club that people would like to stay at and not have to leave at 2:00 a.m. thank you. >> good evening. my name is linda. i think it will be good to have our extended hours granted
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because, from my experience with the brand, people slowly start to trickle out after 2:00 a.m. and it does not really cause a huge chaos outside of the venue. when you stop serving l. paul -- alcohol, people start drinking water, gatorade, red bull, whatever it is and they start trickling out without an issue. when you close at 2:00 a.m. and rush everybody out, that is when the problems start. people get upset or crazy because they do not want the night to end. with this, i think it may actually help in terms of not having trouble. sari. i am a little nervous. thank you. president newlin: any questions?
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>> i have some questions that i just want clarified on your conditions. with regard to condition no. 8, which says security personnel should be trained and able to conduct patron wanding, who is going to train them? >> how about you? [laughter] i think that is important. this particular condition was changed today because there was a condition that says everybody should be wanding. the police were very receptive to this. gay males are not used to being wanded. they do not tend to have fights. in the amended security plan, i talk about this a little more. if you have a concert, you
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should wand them. with any possibility of a weapon coming in w you shouldand them. if its people at sundance who are 45 years old, gay males square dancing, i do not think you need to wand them. or if it is a corporate event, i do not think you need to wand them. more and more, we will see that because of our insurance issues. we will have it available any time it is that kind of event. and we're going to let baby station know exactly what is going on. if they have an issue, we will air on the side of caution. -- err on the side of caution. >> just as long as you do not wand the center of their back and that is the only place. and it does not always detect all weapons.
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no. 11, it says all doors and windows should be closed except in the case of emergency or to permit delivery. are you going to have deliveries at night, just out of curiosity? >> on new year's eve, we made deliveries of alcohol to venues. normally, they will be done in the day. this is more standard conditions from the police and we would be glad to abide by them. the good part about this place is if we do leave the door open, it is not going to really bother the neighbors. >> no. 16, licensee should direct security to have surveillance in addition to deter break-ins. would you mind if we amended that 100 feet beyond the 100 feet that is required?
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so that we have 200 feet minimum? >> i have no problem with that. that is an issue. the one issue i have out there and it has not happen for awhile, the only people coming into the neighborhood are people looking to drive nice cars and come to parties. they think that because there is nobody out there, they would just leave their back on the back seat or leave their laptop stuck between the seats. >> just say yes. thank you. >> no. 5 says you are going to have internal surveillance cameras. can you tell me where each of them is going to be? because if they are on the bartenders, it does not help us at all. where are they going to be? >> the cameras will be right outside each door surrounding the premises as well as inside
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the venue. we have about 30 camera's right now. inside and outside. >> last but not least, although i am going to agree with your item number two, i am going to agree with the deal you made with the inspector, i do want to say that it is highly unusual for us to grant and extended hours permit for one time every 30 days. i want to put it on the record that in no way do i want this to be a president -- a precedent for anyone can ask us to do this for other venues coming for us to extended hours permits in the future. i understand this will be reviewed in six months. that is why it is ok with me along with the deal you made with the police. again, i do not want this to be seen as a precedent for other venues coming to us for after- hours permits.
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>> i just want to echo her comments on number two. it is very hard to find anywhere where you can have afterhours permits. nightlife suffers in the fact that there are a lot of restrictions placed upon it to make it safer. when you have a space that has no history of any problems, it seems to me that to start doing things like this, it could be a problem for other venues. if you are going to agree with it, i would not go against your wishes. it is kind of silly to offer an extended hours permit for one day per month. president newlin: we will open it up to public comment. anybody here? i'm sorry.
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the police department. i am trying to facilitate them. welcome. >> good evening, commissioners and members of the public. my name is lt. robert o. sullivan. the captain regrettably retired last friday and we already miss him. i wanted to thank publicly mr. renne, inspector van cole, bernadette robinson. they worked extensively. having work that they view for the last 15 months during the evening and during the day and having experience, the dynamics of the club at 550 barneveld and things that affect us, trying to
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provide public safety services, it is quite and efficient plan. it is doable. it is quite fair to come back in six months. the idea of the permit was under much discussion in april, but it is fair for us to evaluate whether that condition should be lifted. i will answer your questions if you have any. president newlin: i think you are aware that your father was my training officer when i got out of the academy in 1970 in central park station. he is responsible -- >> i am aware of that now. president newlin: that is the only question i have. >> i will pass that along. president newlin: is there anybody else from the police department that wants to comment about this? seeing none, we will open it up for public comment. are there people from the public here to comment on this?
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no. ok. the matter is before the commission. >> i would like to make a motion to approve the conditional permit based on the 16 conditions negotiated between the applicant and sfpd. president newlin: do we have a second? >> rfq adding -- vice chair joseph: and adding 100 feet behind the 100 feet that is required normally buy our commission. thank you. not yet. president newlin: almost. ok. do we have a second?
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commissioner perez: aye. commissioner hyde: aye. vice chair joseph: aye. commissioner tan: aye. president newlin: aye. the motion passes. we will see you in six months and hopefully everything goes swimmingly. thank you. all right, back into the normal agenda. item 5a. james england, gold star bar, a billiard table permit. 1548 california st.. >> it is a small bar. it is an application for a permit for a pool table, so my introduction is brief. >> i am here in place of james. we are applying for a pool table license.
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the table has been there since before we had the bar for writ the previous owners left it there. we continue to have it. it is a corporate to have a license. -- it is appropriate to have a license. [laughter] president newlin: is there anybody from the police department? >> i have one question. do you have an independent permit? because it says you are the deejay? >> there are two applications pending. this is the first one that they are going forward tonight. your packet probably refers to both. we are getting what we can get approved as possible -- as soon as possible. president newlin: thank you for the clarification.
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commissioners, any other questions? is there anybody from the police department? anybody from the public? ok. the matter is with the commission. do we have a motion? >> i moved to approve. >> second. commissioner perez: aye. commissioner hyde: aye. vice chair joseph: aye. commissioner lee: aye. commissioner tan: aye. president newlin: aye. good luck. ok. item 5b. henry hu, dba milo lounge, 1706 post st., place of entertainment permit. >> it overlooks a section of the
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street that is closed to vehicle traffic. the applicants would like that live music, including deejays as well as karaoke. the staff received no communication of concerns from the public. we have received letters of support from neighboring restaurants, security staff for the japan center mall, and one member of the public. sfpd no. station is recommending the commission denied this permit application based on inspection and calls for service by sfpd and the entertainment commission inspector. more information is detailed in the recommendation you have. the grounds for their recommendation are in 1060.5f4, which say that it is in violation of that section of the
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code. that provides that the security plan must provide for the safety of all persons and property and the orderly dispersal of people. if the commission prefers to issue a permit over the objection of sfpd, they have proposed attaching additional conditions. the security plan provide for more than one security guard and that security staff should be able to manage both of the exits, monitor the perimeter, staff the door, manage patrons as they enter and exit. number two, that they posed a good neighbor policy. number three, due to specific, prior incidents that i will let them detail, install dvr-capable video surveillance indoors and outdoors. president newlin: questions?
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>> on february 13, 2011, you were cited for not having a permit. did you make an effort to get a permit at that time? >> at that time, we received a letter from the previous owner, which we made a check to them. on the paperwork, there was a misunderstanding. we did not come and and we thought we paid. the entertainment carried on until we had to come into the commission. the guideline is not transferable. this time, we submitted application to continue. vice chair joseph: do you have a permit to operate afterhours? >> no, we do not. >> on september 11, 2011, you were cited for operating after- hours. >> yes.
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on that night, we were not doing business. all of the clients were gone. we sat down but we did not lock the door. we were talking over the night and how the business was going on. vice chair joseph: were you drinking alcohol during the meeting? >> yes. vice chair joseph: did you know that was illegal? and you do not operate afterhours, your telling me? >> we know the guidelines right now. we do not. we never do after-hours for business. vice chair joseph: do you feel that one security guard is enough to handle your establishment? >> 1 security at the front door and three other owners who are
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monitoring. if you guys require, we will have additional -- we hire professional security. >> can you tell me a little more about your neighborhood outreach? >> it is a restaurant and bar, which is similar to us with karaoke, a late-night restaurant. >> but have you gone out and talk to the community and the community groups around japan town about their concerns? >> yes. we have a couple of letters from a neighbor. >> i understand you have seen businesses. i am asking about other organizations. there has to be a japan town community organization, as far as i know. >> he is talking about
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neighbors. >> we have not done that yet. president newlin: so you took this location, you took over the japanese ladies space. she had been there for 30 years. >> 40 years. president newlin: and you just took over business? and she did not disclose that the entertainment was not transferable? >> we went through an agent. at the beginning, the agent said to transfer everything, take care all of the paperwork. president newlin: obviously, you are learning as you go. you have an abcd card training? you know about the rules? you know about the rules? >> yes, we do. >> yes, we do.