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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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>> first on ti -- untie figure 8. the mayor gets a handle on the situation. you can hold onto the ropes. we are going to do it all at once. >> let it go. >> all right. [applause] fax time adopt -- >> tie it up.
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>> the mayor is beautiful o. >> you have got to get your sailing shopchops. good job. >> great job. >> thank you. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen welcome, all you fabulous people. it is pride. [applause] it is pride, ladies and gentlemen. i would like to thank each and everyone of you for attending the flag raising ceremony, and we are excited because we have some special guests. i will be your hostess, and it
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is a pleasure to introduce the mayor of san francisco. please welcome mayor edwin lee. >> happy pride month. [applause] i am so happy to be here, and it is an honor to join this stage with our supervisors and jose. goolet's give a hand to our leader pelosi, the chief of police, mr. henderson from my office, and all the other leaders. thank you 3 much. we have a great reason to be celebratory the whole month, and i want to let you know i expect hundreds of thousands of people to come to our city to enjoy not
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only the great weather but the celebratory events and we have in store, and we are going the right direction. we are doing everything we can to have a city that is recovering common and and we get to shine our san francisco values for the rest of the country for a whole month, if not a whole year. how about that famine? i am not going to give you a whole speech. i am going to leave that to the other politicians. i take great pride in this city. whether it is commissioners or people in the community who work with us, our supervisors and elected officials, i take great pride in working with all of them to make sure this city is a warm, welcoming, servers, and
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equitable city, and this year's theme, a global economy, is all about getting the whole world to pay attention to how the quality would benefit them, so a wonderful team. i want to thank the gay pride committee and all the people. it is wonderful to see you get out of the economic doldrums and into the loves and success in the city. we have suffered many years of setbacks. we have suffered where programs we care about, services have been attractants, and this year and for the next two years i worked hard with supervisors to make sure we had conversation and restored all the funding to the cuts to hiv and aids, and we will continue making that
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commitment, and that should not be an issue here in san francisco. it should never be an issue. we should always talk about how we serve the residents of this city equitably, and that is why we have to make sure we have a strong economic base to make sure that happens, and at the same time we can have a police chief that create the video that helps our use and make sure they know we care about them. a whole police department needs to be praised for their efforts to educate our youth, and in addition to making sure discrimination is not faithere d that we have programs to do that, we are offering our kids jobs so they can make sure they
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get employment, and they can have some of their freedoms as well. we are making sure all of our kids get the jobs they need. we will keep working to make the city better. there is more that needs to be done. we are lucky to live no cuts for health care for human services. we have a lot to do. every time we make an investment, the state or the fed will cut other programs. they cannot figure it out. that is why i need all of you to work with us in our city. celebrate our diversity, but work hard together for all of us.
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i am so glad to see all of the community grand marshals you have in your program today from all walks of life. we have activist attorneys common community activists, artists, former political people all over the map in terms of the discipline that is reflected in community awards. people have done great things, and i want to especially single out someone who has given me a lot of support and a lot of vision for what the city needs, and that is your lifetime achievement community leader you are honoring today with a lifetime achievement award, and that is nearly brown, jr.. thank you for being here. [applause]
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if i may, in light of all the different organizational and community leaders you are honoring as grand marshals, and a big thanks to the board chair and all the other staff who has worked hard to put on a successful gay pride month of activities. i also want to call up and willie brown for this certificate of honor for your lifetime worth of achievements. goo[applause] >> you deserve it. >> i spend about an -- i arrived early. it is on characteristic for me to get any place early, but i got here early because someone
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lied to me, and i went to visit with the mayor. he never said one word about this kind of honor, and i am thankful, and for those of you who have never touched me, i am right up there. [applause] >> we got one more duty. you and i are going to present. we have done this every week. did you have done this four times more than i have, and that is to declare this to be lgbt and gay pride month in san francisco during good -- in san francisco. where is brandon? come on up. you have the two mayors
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presenting you this proclamation, as mayors do. [applause] congratulations on all your great work this month. >> thank you all for being here, so the mayor has talked about what a great celebration this is this week, and i have to say this is one of buckner biggest events, and s me do one of the biggest events, and we have a couple of other celebrations. when we talk about the fabric of the people who have been a part of pride, we have people we would like to honor, so when i
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call your name, come up so we can honor you as well. i would like to start with the gilbert breaker -- gilbert baker pride award for kohlberg baker -- gilbert baker. >> you have to stand up here. [applause] >> thank you. i would like to call up fish of christopher, who is a longtime advocate for lgbt community in uganda. , represent him.
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thank you, reverend. now i would like to bring up aclu representative for northern california, who has long served to protect and expand equal rights for decades. [applause] and the individual community grown marshall award this evening is going to a versatile artist whose career as a choreographer and producer who began in 1981 right here in san francisco. welcome. [applause]
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next i would like to call another community grand marshal, who is a director of community outreach here in san francisco. another community ron marshall, sister romano. \ [applause] she has been 25 years with the sisters. another grand marshal, olga. \ that she is the executive
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director of the chicana and latino commission. morningstar is a folk artist, a veteran, and community builder. the representative is coming up right here. [applause] our final community grand marshal, mr. gary virginia. [applause] he is an activist and 25-year hiv survivor who is also one of the co-founders. [applause] >> who did i miss?
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i got all excited seeing all these people, i forgot brokoke. if you could come join us, brooke oliver. i am like, where is she? is it, this is you. one moment while we pass these out. sister roma, olga, and morning star. thank you, and our final one, gary.
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ladies and gentlemen, this is the pride of san francisco. [applause] mr. brown, they all want a picture with you, too. we do not want you sitting down. if >> thank you so much. this is everyone. for our celebration, we will have a performance by our stand, and i would invite everyone to stay and enjoy the reception i hope to see all of you and now throughout the week as we celebrate san francisco cried.
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-- san francisco pride. one moment. i am sorry. a brief moment. >> it ain't over. it just started. we would love to hear frown some of our city officials. supervisors got wiener, please come up. and whac>> happy pride. they we are not done yet. we have some more program. and i just want to acknowledge our amazing imperial court.
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i just want to say our community is very diverse, and a lot of times we have disagreements, and it can be raucous at times, but there is one time of year when we all come together in june, because we are one who community, and we have to be there for each other, so we will always do that. happy pride, everyone. >> i would like to welcome the treasurer. >> as the treasury tax collector, we bring in the revenue and that is used for aid funding 2 servers communities.
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i am proud of the work we do, but i am particularly proud to been an openly gay elected official. have a great pride. >> you represent, and i would like to welcome supervisor david campos. >> let me say that i am very proud to be here in san francisco, but the thing about the lgbt community is we have to remember it is not just about rights and we are here. we have harvey milk statue you are looking over. he understood we are all connected. we have to fight for the quality of every person but lives in this world. and when it comes to civil rights, it matters to each one
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of us. by supervisor christina olague. >> i am very proud to be living in san francisco. i know this year we will focus on global quality, but i think in order to attain those goals we have to try to achieve those goals locally. we have continued to struggle in making sure this city is open to folks from all kinds of economic are from. -- economic background. a lot of people escaped the midwest or even the central valley to get to san francisco for a place where they can treat
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common and i think it is good we are in a space where we can live openly and honestly. we are not corporate. we are focusing on keeping seniors here. we have to do everything to make sure our young people can stay here if they choose. have a great week. gardnewright last not least, ple welcome dowan. >> i know i am joined by my colleague in bringing greetings from the u.s. house of representatives.
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for many years congresswoman pelosi had fought a year after year to fill the funding but was cut for hiv aids to san francisco. this year nearly and the board of supervisors of to the plate and restore about funding, so thank you to them. i did want to read from her pride statement. during pride month we celebrate how far we have come in the plight or civil rights. we pledge to keep working to assure our nation lives up to the ideal of equality, heritage, and hogape. we passed a hate crime law and made a historic movement in research and prevention.
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president obama made it a policy to no longer defend the shameful events of marriage at. we have all witnessed history last month when the president of the united states spoke out in favor of marriage rights for lgbt couples. goowe look forward to the day wn all are treated equally in the eyes of the law, but more must be done. we must keep up the search for the end to discrimination in the workplace, schools, the government, and our lives. we must protect all americans, regardless of sexual orientation. give we work for liberty and progress for lgbt americans and all americans. thank you.
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happy pride. >> thank you very much. at this white, san francisco pride could not say enough thank you -- at this point, san francisco pride could not say enough for this person. we always want to recognize him. he is gilbert baker. we would like to thank thehim fr designing the first rainbow flag, and it is an international phenomenon with millions of people everywhere embracing it as the visibility action, and as a recipient of the founders award, he will always be serving as our honorary mistress of ceremonies at this celebration, but gilbert is amazing. congratulations. we would like to honor you.
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good >> thank you. 1978 was such a wonderful year. we have been gay community center where we made the first rainbow flag, and the gay ban, and gay koretz, -- chorus, it was a magnificent expression of cultural power. and harvey milk was alive. jimmy carter was in the white house saying human rights are absolute and changing our policies in a war in south america. it was a thrilling time. go all the right messages were happening from all the right people. everything was going great, and we all laugh saying, and reagan will never be president. our work is not done, and it is
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going to be harder than ever. 1978 was pivotal. willie brown in 1974 was the first person to change the law so we could become citizens and not criminals. all of that will go away if we do not stand and fight for the liberty, liberation, and freedom and we have. our enemies will fight just to the death, so our work is not done. it is like a rainbow. you cannot see the beginning. you cannot see the end.
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>> happy pride. then it is a real pleasure and an honor of being here. gwe will be targeting many communications. the messages peace and safety for everyone. happy pride. thank you. >> we would like to call to the podium the chief. [applause] >> thank you very much.
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i know it is a little bit of a sad time. he brought the video to me, and then it happened. anti-bullying. it is only right she was honored on the floor by senator leno, and sunday will be the last parade, and she will leave a legacy and it will carry on. >> i would like to bring to the podium two special folks who will be working hard this weekend making this happen.
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>> some of you guys already started celebrating. i also want to thank the mayor's office and everyone who made this happen. we thank you for your help. we appreciate it. also, a special thanks. i also want to express my gratitude to the board members for all their work. please give a hand to all of them, and thank you to our grand marshal.