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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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i know resources are low. i know what it is costing to have that team put together. i wanted to express my appreciation from the community. thank you. >> if you do not speak english, you can still come forward and speak. the interpreter will interpret for us. please come forward. we want to hear what you have to say. >> [speaking a foreign language] >> good evening. i am one of the pda members in the visitation valley. >> [speaking a foreign language]
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>> i would like to express my appreciation for the last year and a half. there have been many meetings that enhance our understanding and communication with the police. there are also more policemen stationed around the library and some of the schoolyards. recently, this summer, we had several cases of homicides. the news has now reached us in a proper way. it created a lot of panic on the part of the residents.
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we understand that the police are under pressure and have a lot of work to do, but we also would like to be informed properly, with the proper information, so that we can be at ease with the situation. moreover, for example, tonight's meeting, we did not learn from any kind of poster or announcement, but from mrs.
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chen. we'd like to see more of this going on, that we get public notification for any kind of activities. >> thank you. next speaker? come forward. please. mr. henderson is here from the mayor's office. would you like to add a few thoughts on behalf of the mayor? thank you. >> first of all, i am really excited that you guys are holding the meeting here. this is a really big deal. sorry. my sister act went to this school, elementary school.
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i actually, in an act of violence on myself, broke my arm right in that playground, on my roller skates, in the seventh grade. i know the school well. this is where i grew up. it really makes me excited. we go to these meetings all the time and we talk about stuff. it really makes me excited to see it here in my neighborhood, and to see so many people from my community here at the meeting, and not just a monolithic slice of san francisco. i looked up at the audience and see faces that really reflects this neighborhood. i think it is really important that we have meetings like this, and that people are able to come and ask questions and get their answers, and hear what law enforcement is doing, and hear from the police commission. i think that is hugely important. to see so many agencies out there is a big deal. i see the district attorney's
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office. i see commissioner:'s office and housing authority. i think it is great that everybody is here. i welcome all of you tonight. i am glad so many of you are choosing to participate tonight. i loudly applaud the police commission for having their meeting here. i think stuff like this makes the work that we do more accessible to the community. it really does make a measure of difference. i hope all of you that are here go back and talk to your friends, your neighbors, and your families about the things being discussed tonight, and that that makes a difference and helps make law enforcement more accessible to all the communities. it is for all the communities. i know i said i just had a minute, and then i got on a roll. thank you all for being here. >> after the spate of violence
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and homicides, mr. henderson and i were talking, and i suggested that we come out here, and he supported that. thank him for his efforts. he works behind the scenes with the mayor on criminal justice, and he takes a great interest in this. next speaker? >> based upon my education and training, the sister gets as long as she wants. >> in catholic education. we always have the last word. i just want to say, on behalf of the dorchester charity, who have been in this community for a least 40 years -- we have one sister that has been in and out of here for 30 years. she always has said that the police department are our great partners in providing alternate and excellent safety for all of us in the neighborhood.
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she also said, and i think you all should know, that she certainly has seen a decrease, over the years, in crime. it is a much safer neighborhood. i think all your efforts as the commission, and the people working at a single side -- at ingleside, the efforts have been greatly appreciated. i think he people had a good foundation, and you build on the foundation of all the new people. thank you very much. there has been a great improvement in safety in this neighborhood. a sister who has been here at least 30 years has seen that development. but so thank you for what you do, and we pray for you.
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>> if you have a free moment, will you tell us a little bit about what the housing authority is doing? >> good evening, and thank you for having me. we'll talk a little bit about what we are doing. some of the things we are doing -- we are in constant contact with the chief and the commander to increase the visibility and presence of officers within the boundaries of this community. other things we are doing is improving the lighting, talking to the chief about the installation of cameras, and those cameras, so we are clear, would be simply to watch the entrances and exits. it would not be to spy on residence or to see into what
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residents are doing. recently, a look at some information about cameras for the olympics. it is a witness that cannot be intimidated. whenever there is an issue, we cannot get people to speak up and tell us what is going on. we think cameras are a way to do that. they are not easily intimidated. that is something we are thinking of doing. we are also thinking of having town hall meetings to talk about public safety, about personal safety, how to report crimes, how to use the anonymous tip line, and things of that nature. we are also talking about other public safety strategies, which could include activities surrounding done buybacks. we have to get to these guns. the most recent homicide is a 19 year-old. there is no reason someone should not live past 19. to the extent that we have the
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ability and the capacity, we are going to try to do it. we are analyzing the use of cameras. we are thinking of piloting them at sunnydale. we think it is a great strategy. as you heard earlier, we are increasing the presence within the community. we are also talking about other public safety strategies. we are improving the lighting and the physical plants, making sure the lawns and areas where folks can hide and create a "nest are not available to them. -- and create naughtiness are not available to them. we are trying to make sure we can avoid this sort of pattern in the future. >> any further public comment? go ahead.
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[inaudible] >> we do not have -- i do not have a track of how many folks are not english-speaking. we do have a sense of the demographics of our housing population. in most instances, they mirror the population of the city and county of san francisco. generally speaking, we are seeing an increase in our asian population. we are seeing some decrease in our african american population. generally speaking, we are seeing a the concentration = -- a deconcentration in all the housing complexes. in the bayview, we are seeing a mixture of demographics that is
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different from the traditional mix. in chinatown, we are seeing a mixture. in visitation valley, we are seeing a difference. we are seeing a change in the overall demographics, but i do not have the specifics. but i will try to get that to you. >> would you mind asking your questions at the microphone? people are watching this on television. >> i can repeat it. what process do we have for translation to other languages, particularly asian languages? we have a responsibility to translate all our activities into the five primary languages of our demographics. in most instances, that translation is available. we also have a translation, as
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you have translation here, when needed at our meetings. on our website, where most of our information is placed -- since we are on television, that is at there is a google button where you can translate into any language you choose. >> this is more a comment than anything else. this is the police commission. i was hoping there was a mechanism for that kind of thing to move along outside of the community meeting, and i was hoping that is possible. >> you can reach me. i have a regular e-mail address. you can find it on our web site as well, or you can call me
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directly. please leave a message. i am not always sitting at my desk, and i am sometimes out and about, but if you engage us, we will get back to you. i answer my own phone. >> any further public comment? if not, we will move on to comments and questions. public comment is now close. commissioners, the you have any questions for the acting captain? >> yes. goocommissioner kingsley: >> god evening. thank you for your presentation. i wonder if you could tell us about other violent crime aside from homicide, give us a bit of updates in terms of comparative
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numbers and perhaps also property crimes. >> i will start with bicycle paths. they have decreased significantly within the last month. -- bicycle patthefts. they have decrease significantly within the last month. i think now part of is the process of registering bicycles and educating the public on how not to be a victim when this crime occurs. i do not have any -- there was
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114 bicycles recovered, and pictures of those are on our web site. citizens are encouraged to look at the website and see if they can identify and reclaim. the only significant increase we were discussing was stolen cars. there are a lot more stolen cars are occurring in visitation valley and more cars being stolen and recovered, and what we have is every morning at 10:00 we meet with capt. mahoney, and combined with the crimes in the district, and if you see the color coding on the left indicates a car that was stolen, and the corresponding column on the right shows us where the car was stolen and
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where it was recovered. we provide this so they have a road map of where they should be patrolling and looking for cars being stolen and recovered. capt. mo'nique also has the sheets where robberies are broken down by district -- capt. mahoney also has been broken down by district. in the month of july we have three robbery arrests, so that is how we analyzed our data, but overall, the crime is down. violent crime is down and property crime except for stolen cars. >> thank you very much. mr. henderson? >> this is internal information the capt. used for crime analysis. i am not sure how he distributes
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it, but we use it to get the officers focused on where they need to patrol. >> two folks from the community spoke about cameras tonight. can you tell us what your thoughts are and just in general what you have been getting from the residencts and business owners from the community regarding these cameras? >> i have not spoken with residents in this community about cameras. there is a concern about tracking and a brother, but mr. alvarez points out the cameras provide information for police officers, where many times members of the community are fearful of their safety or they do not want to provide that
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information in fear of retaliation, so i think cameras are a good idea in general. they provide a snapshot and provide the officers for information that can lead to possible suspects. >> is it your sense there is a strong desire on the part of the community to have these cameras at entrances? 5 i have not spoken to the residents of about fact -- about that, but i would imagine it would help the community to address the issues. >> just one more question. i know a number of youth in the city are able to take care of -- take part in the jobs programs this summer. is that something that has been
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availed into this community, and are there large numbers of youth involved in getting jobs? >> i am not sure of the numbers, but there are members of that have been given opportunities, and that have been taking advantage of the opportunities, but i do not know the numbers. good >> thank you very much. >> thank you, lieutenant. i have a couple of questions you may or may not have. we are trying to pieces -- to appease the horrific circumstances that happened here, and you are the experts, but certainly we are charged with having an impact on the community. my question is the know how many minors there are?
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if not, you can get it to me later. >> i do not. i just have information from the planning commission on the demographics, which it does not specifically address sunnyvale. >> the reason i ask, as president mazu go -- mazzucco pointed out, information will help people know what is going on and understand their concerns are being met, so with this 46- day run of homicides, can you break down the status of investigations? are they opened investigations? are there any charges' cases? >> cheese? >> some of the suspects and some
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of luvictims of the homicides. we believe all the homicides started back in march. it all started with one gang in sunnyvale. all of the cases are being actively worked during good -- actively work. they may never be solved through testimony because the anecdotal information close when the victim of another homicide was a suspect in a prior homicide. >> thank you for your presentation and for being the
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acting captain. i want to ask about the program. i want to see if it is active in the housing development. >> i did not catch that. >> the ambassadors program, is it active within the sunnyvale development? >> i have seen some of the ambassadors on leland. >> on ingleside, or only bayview. i want to ask about the partnership. i was interested when you mentioned the partnership. i understood most of them are nonprofits in waws. what happened with these types of shootings and we are seeing
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with the housing development? >> i imagine they are still here, but the boys and girls club, and they were the point of contact for the jobs program, and we also met with them. they are very hands-on. when we were discussing midnight basketball, it was their feeling the and we took their counsel, and we appreciate them having their finger on the pull us the way they do, -- on the polls the way they do and being able to get young people jobs so they do not get involved in the cycle of violence. >> some of this violence started
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in march and has continued back- and-forth between various gang members. do they try to get involved in trying to deal with this, or are they focused on other aspects? >> the folks involved in deadly violence are involved in the deadly violence, and that is what they do. it was and a bit of an anomaly and that all people were involved in the same dagang. when it comes to having different gangs, we did do interactions and get in to stop any retaliation from what we thought would be opposite saying -- gang, until it proves to all be from one gang. >> i am not sure we knew it was
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violence from the same gang. do we feel like it has calmed down for good, temporarily, or might it flare up again? 5 i would say it has definitely calms down temporarily, and one would hope that is a long time, but that is why we work as hard as we do. >> there was discussion about cameras in response to residents and being afraid to come forward. i want to explore that more and figure out if there are any instances where witnesses have come forward, or is it the case that everyone that lives in sunnyvale does not want to come forward because they are afraid for any reason? >> we have had information from informants that tell us the story, but no one is willing to
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come forward and testify and subject themselves to being touted -- outed as the people who told the story. good >> is that the case for people throughout san francisco. >> i think a lot of people when they are faced with a gang violence in close communities, everybody knows each other, so to ask someone to come forwa or else be relocated for the rest of their lives on the off chance we would be able to make the case of a single one-on-one, they do not, so cameras would be objective, things like tyson's grade readers, certainly if the police see what happens. get a lot of our cases are made
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objectively and without testimony when we make them, and it is better than many years in the past. i think if is 7 total in district 6 that an arrest has been made. if you do violent crime in san francisco, you are being arrested and working with the d.a.'s office to make sure you aren' prosecuted. >> of the homicides, have there been any arrests a? >> i do not believe searo. i could discuss that if you would like. >> i would also like to talk about suggestions to community members about how the community
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is responding to this recent slate of violence. i understand everything is on the table and there are a lot of ideas out there. >> i will refer to the lieutenant for the rest of the community, but i can tell you from my time and working for the mayor's office there has not been one agency who has not rallied around this thing and the leadership of the mayor calls for pretty much every single commissioner. and the level of gun violence is too much for san francisco. we are doing everything we can to scramble to get back to them, and i will refer. >> can you repeat that question? >> i want to ask about suggestions to community members about how to address the violence we have seen this summer.