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tv   [untitled]    August 15, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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it was really well done. i had time doing elder abuse in the d.a.'s office. it is important. i like the way you noted these are vulnerable individuals, and gave officers tools to look for. my sense from the community is that our seniors are getting ripped off. i do not have the data supports. but it is at high rates. i am glad the department is responding, building cases that will stand up in court. that is all i wanted to say. vice president marshall: anything else? commissioner chan: i have a question. i am being reminded by the policy recommendations about the ideas that we put off about driving and use of force. i am wondering if we have that on our calendar.
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it is 2 your department general orders that are almost ready. september 12? thank you. vice president marshall: i thing next week, we have another disciplinary case. is that correct? i just wanted to make sure. we will take public comment on the items 2 a, b, c, and d. none? all right. if you want to say something tonight, you better. >> sorry for my tardiness. it has been a rough week. tough. i read all the papers today, all
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this stuff about under reporting the asian and latino crimes. i read the article of one4 the officers -- i do not want to get into it. my facebook page has like 400 >> . you know something? -- by 400 clicks. you know something? there is always somebody in the group that wants to start it up. there is somebody on the inside. have some fun with it. you have a good day. vice president marshall: further public comment? hearing none, of public comment is closed. let us call, out of order, item number four. >> public comment on all matters pertaining to closed session, including public comment on the choice to hold the item in
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closed session. vice president marshall: any public comment? hearing none, item five. >> whether to hold a closed session, and whether to assert attorney-client privilege. vice president marshall: commissioners, my thought was to get the item in closed session out of the way. the attorneys can leave. you can leave. then we will come back to pick item three. -- to take item three. without objection, we will move into closed session. clear the room. thank you.
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