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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2012 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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angry as other people do. thank you. >> thank you, very much. for your comment. >> any further public comment? >> hearing none, the public comment is now closed. please call line item number two. >> line item two. report and announcements, two a, chief's report discussion, review of recent act tiflts. update on time line of occ policy recommendations regarding dgo 0.05 response in per suit driving and dg, 0.01, use of force and dgo 0.21, language access services for lep persons. >> good, evening, chief how are you? >> my report to my review of recent activities will be pretty previous tonight and then we will make the presentation and have a discussion regarding the policy recommendations. unfortunately last friday night we suffered a homicide in the bay view. an 18-year-old was killed from gunfire. the upside is that homicide
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made that case and an arrest was made. unfortunately, a 17-year-old was the suspect in that homicide. again, the homicide unit and the officers on the street, bay view station et al continue to do a great job making not only clearing these cases but making arrests and sending a message that it is not okay to do violence in san francisco. however we did suffer another one. we had another homicide in the mission, over the weekend and we have a suspect identified in that case. however, not in custody. we are actively seeking him. over the weekend, it was the anniversary of occupy on monday, but activities started on friday. there was to be a bbe-in as it was called near the stadium and it unfolded throughout the weekend throughout golden gate park and ended up at a sleep over in the west end of the park not far from the wind mills. the officers were engaged with
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the folks demonstrating all weekend long, there was a cooperation and an agreement that it would disban on monday and then they would join the larger demonstration that took place in the financial district. that event took place in the early morning and then wound its way all the way through the day and much of it was on television. again, i think that kevin caslin and biel and all of the officers that worked it in the late night did a great job. it did come to a head. at 6:00 when they were going to ceremony yusly burn debt papers and to burn gasolines and it was too much gasoline and so it would have essentially made a bomb and so they talked with the occupiers and kind of explained delicacy of it. >> and it did not prevail.
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they did have a champagne bottle that believed to be a molotov cocktail it had a wik in it. it never deployed the cocktail and that was that. no arrests were made. and no uses of force were recorded. it was largely a peaceful demonstration. with regard to the weekly crime statistics, violent crime continues to be down in the city, 1 percent, however, property crimes and i am in the training this week with other chiefs, is up 8 percent. a lot of that is believed possibly to be related to 8109. and the realignment. and so again, we work with all of our other city partners to try to get a handle on those
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that have been taken advantage of the property crimes. >> we can move on to the policy occ recommendations. >> any questions for the chief? thank you very much. >> good evening, greg mccekrin, here to discuss three of the general orders. i willing covering two of them, 5.05, and 5.01. and as i complete that i will call up the relations to discuss the order. >> before i discuss the two orders, 5.01 and 5.05. to give you a background, the
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written directive unit which falls under my command to the unit that assists with the changes or adoptions of policies and orders and department bulletins. there are a number of general orders that the department has looked at and continue to look at to make policy changes to. and we are working our way through that process. there has been a push to have a number of officers back on the street as our numbers are down and i would like to say that our written directives unit is at the staffing levels that it should be at. but currently we are unable to have it at that because of the need for the officers on the street for public safety. that having been said, deputy chief tomy oka and i conducted interviews today for the written directives unit with the intention of bringing two or three officers into the unit to assist us with not only the
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following revisions to the general orders and updates to the department bulletins but to get us into that process in a quicker manner. and i'm hoping that we will be able to identify those officers and get them into the unit as soon as possible. the ultimate thing that we would like to do, is have some of that turned over to the civilian hires so we can have the officers back on the street. but wait that the hiring standards are in the department, we are just not able to hire the civilian personnel at this time with a reduced rate to have the officers on the street. but that is what our ultimate hope is in the near future. so i will just spend a couple of minutes discussing where we are on department general 5.05 and 5.01. i will start with 5.05 and once i am done with that you can ask any questions that you have.
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5.05, the per suit has been a hot topic, general order for the commission and the department for a long time. there have been a number of drafts that have been written, a number of meetings that have been conducted over periods of time with a lot of changed personnel. i'm happy to say that about 6 months ago, i was able to get together with sam marian from the office of complaints my written directives unit and a couple of the city attorneys where we sat down and went through all of the drafts that we had, came up with what we thought was consolidated, defined productive, useful terms for the general order. >> we went back and forth, probably had upwards of a half a dozen to a dozen meetings. our last meeting was yesterday, where we came to a agreed upon conclusion on what we believe is the final draft for 5.05.
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all of us had a copy of it today. and the responses that i got by e-mail is that everyone is happy with that draft and... >> why don't we have a copy of the draft? >> where is the draft that you are talking about? >> i will be more than happy to e-mail a copy of that draft to you tomorrow. >> what we have been trying to do is come up with what we believe is going to be a draft that we will present to the police officers association for a meet and confer to the presentation of the command staff and to the commission so that we can present everything that is in the general order with the hopes that you will then approve it as a new general order for 5.05. that draft which i will e-mail to all of you first thing in the morning is going to be sent to the police officers association for them to review for a short period of time so that we can have them meet and confer so that we can go on to the presentation of the command
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staff. >> with that i will answer any questions that you have on 5.05. >> i understand that we have (inaudible) issues. but you are asking me to ask you questions about that that i have not seen. i understand that it is in the drafting stage, so stamp draft on it. when you present documents to the commission to look at, it would be helpful to have the document. and i understand that is not just your call. i understand... i'm trying to be understanding. how are we going to ask you questions. there is nothing to ask questions. >> i apologize, that is my fault. not the captain's fault. >> as i said to the captain, i understand that is not your fault. >> i will make sure in the future any time that there is a review of a policy recommendation, that whatever the last most current is,
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asking the commission's patienc e and i will apologize for the captain. >> we don't have a draft of 5.01 or 5.20 or the lep. without having the drafts we can't any coherent questions. so it would be possible to take this item off the calendar for this evening? >> i do want to get an update on where they are. because we want to see the draft and we want to know where are they right now and what is the time line and i was waiting to see if you would give us a time line, you said soon. do you have any sense of the time line for this last that you just talked about the pursuit driving? >> thank you, commissioner, our expectation is that it will be sent to the police officers association with a directive vote for two weeks with a meet and confer if they have any questions it is a presentation to that point to the command
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staff so that each of them can have about a week to look at it. the presentation to them whether there are any questions or changes that they have concerns over can be addressed and it is a final presentation to the commission for adoption. i'm hopeful that that can be within the six week period from now. >> so, two weeks for the poa, one week for the command staff, and then an additional three weeks? >> i would say probably two weeks for the command staff for them to look at it and for us to do a presentation with them and then a couple of weeks to ask to get on the agenda item. >> the touchier issue is the meet and confer with the poa. so hopefully we can get it done in one meeting but sometimes is takes more than one meeting. >> if we... a couple of agenda items from here, we are going to talk about calendaring future items i want to get a sense of when we will calendar it? >> end of october, beginning of november? >> if you would like to schedule it so that it is on the calendar, we will make
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every effort to make that date and we can always move off of that if we can't make it. >> thank you. >> okay, for general order, 5.01. chief tamioka and i met with director hicks and marian on a policy recommendation that occ had for a change to 5.01. we had that meeting a few months back. and in the last couple of days, we received e-mail from the occ with some recommended language. i have not had an opportunity to sit down with the chief although, he has some ideas on some questions for that. that we want to go over with the city attorney, but more importantly than just that one word language. i think that we agree that 5.01 on the use of force has more than just this minor change that needs to be made to it.
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because, they are looking at changing a word, but we are also looking at addressing the entire policy. we don't want to just change one word and not address the other issues. we should be able to address that at least temporarily through a department bulletin that would change language if we decide to agree for a language change and look forward to a complete reversion of 5.01. but we have not sat down and had that discussion at this time. >> dr. hiks, you had a question? >> oh, i asked president mazzucco and members of the commission, i only hope that you can reserve some time for attorney marion to talk about her progress with these three department generals. i understand that there is no discussion this evening, this evening is a time line from the department, but miss marion would also like to make a few
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comments because, in fact, for example, the proposed changes for use of force reporting didn't just appear a couple of days ago in an e-mail before the police department. it has been with them for some time period of time and so i would like for her to have an opportunity to speak about it. >> it is related to it, that is fine. >> and i apologize, i didn't mean to infer that it is the first time that occ has contacted us was three years ago. there was suggested language for the change that we received a few days ago. that was the only thing that i was saying and i apologize if it came out differently. any other questions on 5.01 in >> no. >> mr. chairman? >> yes. captain and chief, i'm reading my agenda more closely and i should do so in the future. i apologize that you are giving us an update on the time line
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not the actual review or review of the actual dgos themselves. i still find that it would have been helpful to actually see what we are talking about. but i understand that we are talking about the time line, not the documents themself and for that i apologize. >> i appreciate it. and i will send you everybody a draft of the current one so you have something to read. >> any more questions on those two? >> this is more of a comment. just since you raised the point that there might be bigger changes, and last week at the commission mentioned that commissioner and myself talked about the office about a couple more changes that we wanted to make as it relates to the firearms discharge board. so we will just keep that in mind because we calendared us to have just a discussion about this on october 24th.
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a discussion about the fire discharge of process, the officer involved shooting process and to discuss any ideas that the commissioners have for addressing, i think that there are two related dgos and this one of those, so just keep in mind the time line, thank you. >> thank you. >> with that i would like to bring up poly up who will discuss general order 5.20. >> thank you, captain. >> thank you. >> sergeant, how are you? >> very good. thanks. >> hi, chief, sir, hi commissioner, i want to give you an update on the access language and the access protocol and the limited english proficiency. >> he was diligent and worked hard to making this a world
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class protocol for the city. i am glad to announce today that since officer haws returned to the field that we have identified and taken on officer chan as our new liason officer. >> this is my third day here recently transferred in to the airport and prior to that in the station valley. so i am glad to be here and forward to working with you >> thank you for the warning because there will be fewer questions from the commissioners >> now i would like to provide you with updates. other than have officer chang jump on board right away. on june 26th. we released 12-132, the bulletin outlined 5.20. and our policy regarding access
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to limited english proficient persons. and with that it was collaboration with a lot of input and it also talked about the requirements when the officers encounter lep persons and this talked about incidents such as domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. the next item that i wanted to let you know about, was that we were having ongoing monthly meetings that included the officer of the complaints and the community-based organizations. but these meetings are a real eye openers for us because we get an input for how it is going and the input that we get is invaluable. miss beverly up ton is very much a part of those meetings and really we... her input is crucial to how we form our policies and so i want to thank them for being here. >> some of the things that we
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are working on based on those meetings is that we are working on a roll call training video for our officers and we are hoping to put together some scenarios for our officers to see that include how to deal with limited english proficient persons and specifically in domestic violence situations and they have identified situations where that has been problematic in the task. >> another issue that was brought up in those type of meetings was or in those meetings was that our police service aids at stations made additional training on limited english professioncy. so we have been in contact with the police academy to look over their training regimne and include diversity into the training slated for the future. >> another item that i wanted to touch on was that we did an audit of the ten district stations and we looked to make sure that our language line
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phones worked and were present at all of the stations and i am glad to report that they are there and they are used very frequently. in addition, we wanted to make sure that the language line signs and the language interpreter signs, are up and visible and very visible when people that need that type of help walk into the stations and know that they can get the help. >> also, we looked into the forms that are presented in our five core languages to make sure that the stations were equipped or had adequate amounts of feedback for the public. so more so, we have language line cards that our officers carry in the field and we had recently, we received a large supply from our vendor and just last month through our written directives unit distributed those language cards basically to every police officer, every unit in this department. so anybody who needs police service, a police officer can provide that card and i have a
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sample of that for you. and they can point to the language that they will need their assistance in and we know through our protocol to call... we know exactly what language they will need the interpretation in and we will use our language line service for that. i don't know... so this is a sample of that card. >> that is just a sample. there is many, many languages listed on that card. consumer signs are also put up at the station and that is what we are talking about audit of the station to make sure that those were available. >> okay. >> moving forward, in may of this year, we requested digital audio recorders and that was approved thanks to the chief and the command staff. the request was sent to our property division, i don't know if that is their name. the person that orders the property for us to use in the street that was given to them. so i called them today to get an update because i have not heard or seen from them.
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unfortunately the person that was in charge of that order was not available to speak to me today. but i will continue to see what is going on with those. but i know that they were approved and on order. only a few more items. currently we are still reviewing our data tracking systems that we do and it is basically our language line numbers. and cat entries that the officers make in the field so that we can make a good count of how many times we have to use our bilingual officers use their skills or when the people need the assistance. >> the area that was problematic was the airport because they work with a different computer system. but we worked with the it system to get a better way to collect information from them. the reports for the city and compliance is due in late december. >> building on that, just today is wednesday. so just monday we went to a language access summit that was put on by the office of civic
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engagement and immigrant affairs and we had a lot there and we were stuck in the meeting all day and so we got to participate in focus groups and we came away from that with a lot of information. additionally we attended the rights meeting on september tenth and also presented our language protocol at that meeting to the people present at that meeting. and answered questions. yesterday we went to a day-long training for language access. it was quite a good training and the reason for the meeting was so that we can properly complete our police department language access report, annual reports for city hall and the office of city engagement. so we came away from that meeting. and we were able to meet the other department heads and i have to say that we are pretty much, not ahead of the curve,
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but right in there. so that is all that i have. >> thank you, sergeant, commissioner chang? >> welcome other questions from the other commissioners too, but i have an interest in this topic. i wanted to thank officer hall as his service, he worked really hard and did that audit where he went around station by station and took pictures as to the language and signage that they have available and the materials that they have to give to the public in different languages explaining that there is access when you work with an officer reporting a job. and i welcome you officer chang and you had to volunteer, and it has a lot of community interaction and i appreciate that you are willing to to do this. >> it is great to know that you went to the language access summit especially on short notice having just started a couple of days ago i was wondering if anyone from the department would be there given
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it was a big summit about the language access across the city. i wanted the police department to be represented there and to participate. i did not realize that until tonight i was wondering on monday if anybody went. i wanted to ask about the training for psas, the police service aids. i remember a few months or even longer, maybe in january or february, we had the members of the domestic violence provider community come in and explain an awful case of a victim waiting for hours to report a dv case at a station and they were not able to do that and we were kind of drilled down as to what the issue was and part of the issue was the police service aids at the station and a lack of understanding of how to make sure that the reports are not taken by them but someone else in the station. it is good to know that it is in the works i am just wondering if there is a time line for it. >> i agree, it is a work in process and thank you for bringing that to our attention, and it is something that we will address. we have talked with the academy and they have... and this is
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just... it is still in progress, so not definitively, but they have blocked off an hour for their training sessions to cover cultural diversity and limited english proficiency. and so our office can participate from that training. so that anticipated to start in january, it is not set in stone, because i think that it is a fluid situation with the academy classes. >> has there been short term training in the meantime when you get a victim walking in wanting to report you do this immediately, step one and step two, so that between now and january when someone does come in, that is addressed immediately. i just don't want to see any more cases like that. even if there is one, it is auful. >> we will make sure that it is taken care of. there was a lot more to that particular case by the way. we do have good protocols on
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the tsas getting a uniformed officer. but i will make sure that that is isolated incident, regardless of however much was added to it. >> and then, i wanted to, thanks chief for approving the digital recorders, that you use to record when you have a conversation with a member of the public in another language to make sure that you have some recordings that you can check for accuracy later and you will not believe how long it has take sxn how many chiefs there have been. four chiefs, it is great to know that this chief has approved that request and those are now on order. these recorders are not very expensive and they will be very useful. >> i wanted to ask about the status of cell phones that is another request that is banned for chiefs to have the cell phone to be used to call the language line in the field. officers do have their own personal cell phones, but if you would like them, the officers who don't have phones or don't have access or don't want to use their own phones. how are we dealing with that?
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>> so the district stations have three phones that the captains can use, however, as far as getting phones to all of the officers, it would be a high-cost item, the service provided would be high also. and we are looking for some device, and some sort of pba phone, what have you. but working with director jeffen to find out what device that would be so that we only spend our money well. >> that makes sense. and i want to say since we have beverly up ton here if we could give her a minute, or two to chime in. because they have been engaging in these monthly meetings and have been connected to the providers. >> great. >> commissioner kingsley. >> thank you for your report, this evening. i appreciate it. something i picked up on as you spoke regarding the academy
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classes that presently there is discussions on whether or not to include an hour of the academy class on cultural diversity and language access. but did i understand that that is some what fluid and that may not happen? and my question is this, we live in such an enormously diverse community that it would seem that cultural diversity and language access would be in a core important component of the academy class and i just wanted to clarify was it just this particular hour with a particular bend? or is there some other portion of the academy class that addresses cultural diversity and language access? >> they will get cultural diversity training and that language access priority training. within the academy classes? >> yes. >> is that a normal part? >> i believe it is. but it is to