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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PST

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been having developing this site. she focused on the port. never once in her comments did she say anything about the 6,000 residential units directly across the street and the thousands upon thousands of residents that are stake holders that have moved into this neighborhood, taken and put their money at risk in this neighborhood. that is an important element. that is why there is cac. i just want to make sure this body acknowledges that, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, i'm karin woods, an alternate to pier 30, 32cac and water front activist many years. i'm not here to talk about whether or not the arena should be on 30, 32. i want to join katy and other members of the cac to talk about the process.
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the conceptual framework informed the fiscal feasibility study, which will in turn inform the term sheet. what we were hoping was that we could slow the process down enough so we could ask the questions we've got, we have a lot, before we get too deeply into a fixed program so we could ask the questions before the city spends a lot, or the warriors spend a lot of money on the eir and entitlement process. we appreciate the fact the scoping meeting has been moved to mid-january and the port approved moving the term sheets to later on. the issue is to give the
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cac the opportunity to address the actually issues not on a nimby and cheerleader basis but on the fact of the deal. we will appreciate your help getting there, thank you. >> thank you. may call a few more names. ramon hernandez, rosenthal, rhene, tony. >> i'm ron miguel i'm a member of the piers 30, 32 cac. i agree and disagree with our chair, katy, who has by the way been doing a very excellent job under sometimes exasperating circumstances. the cac has been nothing other than a public information office up to this point. i have talked to katy and others. i think there is pretty much agreement we should start operating as the cac,
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particularly by january. i firmly believe we will. to get to the fiscal feasibility study perhaps because of my background with the planning commission and before i have a better idea why that was put in place by your then colleague on the board meetings aaron peskin. it was a test in effect to see whether the project would fly. pretty much in more formal words the way harvey rose put it, i have read the fiscal feasibility study and looked at harvey rose's comments, someone i respect very much and serves very well. i did not sign the letter that went to you because do i believe you should approve this resolution today and pass it on to the
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full board for its action. i believe the eir has to commence that the work on the term sheet and eir will by its very process in the city answer the questions that are still before us so i urge you to move forward on the resolution. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, adrian simi, field representative with carpenter's local 22. one billion, that's got to get your attention, including 120 million for infrastructure that you tell me does san francisco have that. we have a privately funded developer that is willing to take a risk and spend that money. now what is that for local 22. we can broad en it to what is in it for san francisco.
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supervisor avalos, 25% local hire. 50% of those will be apprentices directly here from san francisco. i don't know if there are apprentices but we are over loaded and billed with apprentices and preap presentations. this will provide 2,600 construction jobs over a three-year period. three-quarters of the time some of these apprentices can spend on that job will complete their apprenticeship. that is three-quarters of the time needed in a four-year apprenticeship they can possibly work on that single job alone. that is pension, health fund and future, security for their families and a way to stay in san francisco. i'm confident by your vote because i think this is the way to go. i think you are all progressive enough to know
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this is bringing jobs to san francisco. it is keeping folks, residents in san francisco. put san francisco back to work. bring warriors back home where they belong. i'm old enough to remember them playing at the cow palace that, is where i first saw them. they need to be back in san francisco, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello, supervisors. thanks for having me today. my name is ryan row. i'm a san francisco resident. i'm also a graduate of san francisco state university. while in school i had the opportunity to be an intern with the golden state warriors. that was an opportunity i'm thankful for. i think it's helped me in my career. being able to stay here in san francisco. i think having the warriors in the city will bring those types of similar opportunities to students and kids and families that
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i was able to have and make it more important to have internships with the teams and move their careers along. i think the warriors should be in san francisco as well. i think the opportunity is there for students will be more visible and easily achieved if the warriors are here in san francisco, thank you. >> thank you. madam chair, members of the committee, my name sal lex rosenthal. i'm here with the california music and culture association. as i believe you know, cmac is california's only trade association representing that life interest. we are industry representatives, nightclub owner, artists, fans dedicated to enrichment and preservation of music and culture in california. a 6,000 to 17,000 seat venue will certainly fill a
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critical void. cmac is hoping this will augment the burgeoning night life and restaurant scene with an influx of new visitors. we also look forward to working with the warriors to make sure their venue is self managed and local talent and promoters are able to take advantage of proposed new facility. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> madam chair and members, i'm with the san francisco travel association. we couldn't be more supportive of this effort to bring a world class sports and entertainment arena to san francisco. as you know, tourism is a major industry in san francisco, bringing in 8.5 billion supports 41,700 jobs and contributes 426 million to the city budget. this would create thousands of more jobs and generate hundreds of millions more dollars in new economic
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growth, particularly in the tourism and hospitality sector. one of the largest gaps san francisco has in meeting needs of convention planners is lack of large indoor facility that can accommodate 16,000 or more people. we know and this project would give us that. we know if it is built it will be used. we surveyed the largest clients and found 80% felt it would add value to san francisco as a convention center. almost half said they are already ready to use that for anything ranging from general sessions to concerts. we know this would allow us the opportunity to host marquee events such as the democratic national convention or republican convention bringing in 15 million to 21 million, sporting events such as an
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nba, all star or something along those lines. we also know these type of visitors are big spenders and contribute more than your average visitor. they stay longer, 3.9 nights as opposed to 3.4. they spend more. 336 as opposed to 175. they support our hotel industry, 63% staying in local hotels compared to 50%. for those reasons we hope you will allow this to move forward. >> thank you. belfry, robert goodwin, akcarian and anthony favor. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm part of the clc member. we be having like three meetings already. i think warriors. the architects have been
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doing a nice presentation. they want to accommodate citizens, the needs for the arena. so they tried to do whatever they can. i think it is a good project. the way they have been doing is try to accommodate residents around there. to me i'm part of the clc. they doing a great job. warriors try to accommodate to work it out. san francisco is there. even to see what the needs for traffic. i feel confident there will be a great project. i tip my hat as a member. now speaking on behalf of laborers. i represent over 4,000
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members here. you can see everybody standing up in support of the project. we really need this project to keep going and get all the members back to work and san francisco back to work. i urge you to support this project. >> thank you. next speaker, please. [applause] >> if i can ask folks to hold their applause. next speaker. >> my name is robert goodwin. i would like to thank the supervisors for the opportunity to speak on behalf of this project. i'm a long-time warrior fan. go back to days of frank's ownership. joe being mayor, remember games at civic center, cow palace. over the years i have seen
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warriors evolve. i want you to know this is by far the best ownership i have seen. this franchise will continue to get better and i think it will bring championships to the area. san francisco has the opportunity to get the warriors back. it is where they belong in the bay area. site on piers 30 and 32 are ideally situated for fan base. i know they will have no problems selling out to 17,000 seats, probably for all 66 years of the lease. really advocating you act favorably on this and manage the process. the project can be completed by 2017, the stated goal. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. henry canillo, president of
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the san francisco market association. we have two choices. allow the piers to stay the way they are, don't do nothing, they fall apart and lose what we have, including the park that brings income or invest in rehabilitation piers and creating what will be a beautiful venue. i visualize a cultural hub with a building and arena that will become a landmark. we look forward to this th* going forward and urge you to approve this. thank you. >> thank you very much. pier, ignacio, joshua. >> okay. i'm anthony faber, a resident of soma. i looked at the pictures today. looks pretty nice but i'm worried about what's happened with the cac. they are supposed to be an advisory committee.
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you don't have to listen but you should at least give them enough information that they can give constructive and intelligent advice. that apparently hasn't happened. so i hope you will be, you know, bringing the cic into the loop and keep it in the loop. if we don't have a voice on this, i don't know, there are a lot of people who want this. we may not be listened to anyway. if you aren't going to listen to us websinger will oppose it. if you work with us, this might be a nice thing for the neighborhood. there is definite potential. we have to know what is going on. you guys didn't get the cac rolling fast enough so they could come and actually discuss it and take a vote
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and decide whether to go on. i hope that would be remedied in the future, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, thank you for hearing me. i support the building at warrior stadium today. i personally signed on to a commitment that labor, the community and everyone else has supported to ensure the stadium gets build. with all respect to the neighbors, where the construction will be going forward as san francisco natives as a resident who will live here, die here build on the warrior stadium i'm hoping you will support the project. thank you. >> if there are folks or member s f the public in the over flow room. i think there are a few seats that have opened up. if you would like to come over and be able to make a public comment please do make your way over.
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next speaker, please. >> thank you, supervisor. i'm very interested this this project. i hope it will be continuing. look forward for the golden state warriors to come over to san francisco. bringing more revenue from the city and for the hotel -- i work as a hotel district. i know how will be coming great project for golden state warriors, plus the event that we are going to have in the city especially like fleet weeks is going to be bringing lot of money to the city. it will be great. i'm looking for work for that project. i appreciate that. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, ignacio castillo, part of labors
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261 in san francisco. as business manager hernandez stated we are here in support of this project. this is great not only creating construction jobs but also permanent jobs. we are looking forward for the board of supervisors to approve what is in front of you today and we are in full support, thank you. >> thank you. >> afternoon, supervisors. i'm peter, resident of rin con hill the last ten years. when i studied structured finance at mit when i was doing my mba, you have to consider the costs. the impact will it have on our neighborhood, those are real costs to the city and
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residents. yet all the study is pushed off . this feasibility study is only focusing on the the revenue and economic benefits but not getting into thoses issues. thank you, supervisor avalos for bringing up the number. at the first cac meeting mr. welch said up to 300 so it is very interesting now all of a sudden sit down 205. that is i believe still their aim. again as enterprise they have to maximum their revenue, that is their goal. when you start talking about the parking impacts or traffic impacts studied later, these are different, where only 50 are regular events. the others are one-time where people will come in. the san francisco chronicle published an article in
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summer about parking of giants fans, how they circle around, looking for spots to avoid the $40 traffic fees. this neighborhood around that venue is very different. bunch of small streets. anyway, i'm surely come to more meetings and address this but please consider this, thank you. >> thank you. i do not have any other speaker cards. if you have not had a chance to speak but would like to, line up and we will hear your comments. good afternoon, joshua arsay with bright line. i want to make sure chair chu and supervisor kim you are aware this morning something historic happened with respect to this. this is the first time private project has agreed to follow mandatory local hiring. this is historic. i say that because there is a lot of excitement.
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one of us on the community side in working with laborers, carpenters and other trades and warriors folks are excited about is the project is fiscally feasible. we needed to know that before we did that. the thing is one of the unsung community heros to get us to do that is abu, from bay view hunter's point. what is historic is abu has pushed to advance community opportunity, particularly in southeast sector bay view hunter's point. abu stepped up and signed onto a historic letter of commitment to do local hiring, work with labor, community, the warriors, the developer, the contractor and i think we got what we need as far as fiscal feasibility. i hear some kind of concern to get more informations or more research. that's going to happen. this is a long process. this is day one. do i not want to see a delay face supervisors because there is such incredible momentum to take
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local hiring, come together with community groups that sign the letter of commitment with the mayor, with our labor partners and with the warriors and folks doing this web core and hunt that are building it. i just actually didn't realize the delay was a possibility. it kind of maybe blunted enthusiasm. the way to pick up on it is don't delay, move it forward and get this done, thanks. >> thank you, next speaker. >> who will we. acu. >> thank you. >> i'm james bryant. i'm from the western region. let me just start by saying there is no way we are going to delay this matter. absolutely no way. ladies and gentlemen, let me make this clear. we had a vote last week. we elected a president that said we are going to
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produce more jobs, all right. this is a mandate for not only the country but san francisco. this is our opportunity, ladies and gentlemen, to make it really clear as you just heard from the community, a community that has unemployment at rates of 20% or more, this is their opportunity. this is their chance. this is san francisco's chance. let me tell you about chances. san francisco has had the warriors once. lost them once. this time we are going to get them and keep them for good. ladies and gentlemen, this is the most important dynamic. we in the last five years have turned into a city that has become the ultimate city in success
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for athletic teams, for activities. san francisco -- i have been here 35 years in my life. i have never seen san francisco as developed as forward as it is. not only economically but socially. as we said, if you had been there at our press conference you would have seen the melting pot that san francisco has. i ask you today to commit yourself to moving this community. commit yourself to saying no way to anybody delay. thank you. >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you, supervisors, dennis mckinsey from consulting and education. i have been writing educational proposals over 25 years and teach in the san francisco public high schools for the last 11 years. i provided city and warriors and port commission and number of theserer officials, the mayor in my proposal to
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include a high school class room facility within this arena. today i provided second readings an updated letter which i provided the port commission yesterday. i will provide the mayor and other supervisors later. here to speak on behalf of the students and young people in our city and this country, the updated proposal that i share deals with potential benefits by creating a cross cultural sports and education program as part of my proposal. there are numerous high schools and college stage not just around san francisco but my proposal deals with providing access for government agencies and educational institutions from mexico, central america, guatemala, south america and canada. in other words, visitors cannot be tourists but come here to learn as
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educational and career guidance program. as well as our students developing that same knowledge and inter national respect to other countries. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for this opportunity. gail cahil. my husband and i live at 88 king street, two blocks from this projkt. i want to thank you and especially supervisor kim for getting the city to commit to moving that scoping meeting to january. i urge you, i applaud every effort you can make to put a little more time in the process for citizens of the neighborhood to be reheard. i would applaud any of you in city government that this will be place thered a residential neighborhood and perhaps the most highly dense residential neighborhood in san francisco that. is an important factor. our concerns about quality of life, i trust they will be heard. i cannot thank you for
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giving us this breathing room. i think you have an opportunity to give the cac a week. they will meet on the 20th to meet pierce snoheda. they can come back with concerns they have highlighted. they can have a multipurpose meeting and i think it will be well worth everyone's time. i believe the best legislation in general and best projects in general come when there is a full, fair interplay of ideas from people. lots of smart people in the room. things get made better when that happens so thank you for doing what you have done today. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker. hugh hester. i know you will vote this down but i ask you between now and tuesday to get a full schedule on one sheet or two sheets or three
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sheets of paper. chronological what are you committing to. the conceptual framework has a bunch of dates. they are acting as though these are hard dates. the eir is to be -- this is, for all intents and purposes, 2013. they are going to do the entire eir by 2014 and get it through the port, through the planning commission, through bcdc, through you all. you have multiple votes you have the take and rezone the sites. i have a clue to how complicated this schedule is and how compressed this is but force the port to tell you on your record what the schedule is. i was involved in the giants negotiations, which
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went on for two ballots and eir process and public discussion the better part of two years at the end. they limited the number of events. the giants, which are san francisco, which won the world series, have a severe limit on number of events. you are going to blast it out for this area. you will blast out when this area has had n nor mouse numbers of residents. what you are committing to in the eir that is before you is no other location works no other events work. that is implicit in what you have before you. get that all in writing. thank you. >> thank you. >> hi, betty. i'm a resident of san francisco. i'm also