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tv   [untitled]    April 14, 2013 3:14am-3:44am PDT

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2005sfmta requested for what we were asked and some of the plan changes were completed and such as raised islands and radar sign. unfortunately many of the proposed traffic changes were never implemented. in fact there has been no activity for three years. a serious accident or death are waiting to happen. cars race faster than the posted speed limits and cars are not stopping. we need the project completed. seven years has been too young. supervisor yee we commend you for the first order of business and address traffic safety issues in the district and we ask you to complete the project and as a result we were told that they are considering the different proposals. we appreciate your leadership. it's important to the community
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thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> hello i am marcos wong and i live one block away from an uncontrolled intersection at o shan see and malty drive. malta drive and a major route to 280 and many people have to cross there to reach a bus stop for the 44 line. it's dangerous for three main reasons. one, it's a poorly marked intersection. most drivers are navigating the turns and don't notice the pedestrian warning signs either heading up or down the hill. many drivers also do not see signs because that intersection is poorly lit and sometimes they can't see the pedestrian warning signs. the main problem with that street is that traffic on that street travels at
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excessive speed from portola to glen park. there is a 1 mile stretch and no stop sign and windy road downhill. cars don't yield to the speed limit and yield to pedestrians. i have seen instances pedestrians entered the crosswalk and had to take a step back so they weren't struck. cars that are close to be rear ended by the vehicles and not anticipating the slow down. i recommend there would be a pedestrian controlled led light to basically inform the traffic on that street that there is a pedestrian in the walk way. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. thank you so much for addressing
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pedestrian safety in district 7. it's very relative to the position i hold on the pedestrian safety advisory committee as the vice chair representing senior and disability organizations. noted it was eight years ago former supervisor sean elsbernd said a traffic light was installed at hertz and sigh line and highway 35 so traffic signals have been put on 35 in the past and very relative to senior disability organizations that is near the location of the recreation and rehab center so i assure you it's very needed that further installation of pedestrian and traffic signals must happen on slope boulevard. there is none at the selection of sloat and skyline. there are only stop signs and yields right now, so
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i assure you to carry that out and further i beg the question of how we can insure that more pedestrian collisions and fatalities happen that may lead to lawsuits to the city and county of san francisco because several collisions and fatalities have happened within the last year that involved muni drivers and recology, an organization contracted by the city for traffic so please. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> yes good afternoon. my name is bridgette turner and a native san franciscan and i'm a mother of five so i've actually seen the demographic and the increase of traffic and collisions. i come today as a member of balboa
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terrace home homeowners association and a resident on prop k which was the surcharge created for pedestrian safety. a half billion dollars was created by this proposition. $110 million is currently being pending and i am requesting for that fund when evaluating how to disperse it have pedestrian safety as number one. we know that 60 to 65% of pedestrians have access in the crosswalks and i would like to recommend eliminating crosswalks on the street. i am asking because i think it's quite effective. they use it all over uc davis and daly city as well. it actually when you approach the illumination crosswalks it gives the drivers they're seeing it is crosswalks are illuminated and having them a chance to stop and slow down. sometimes you have a
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car stop but the other car stops because they don't see the pedestrian so the elimination of the crosswalks would give people a heads up prior that and i hope that we look into that as well as other issues. >> thank you. i guess these people left. annie chow. are you here? . [calling speaker names] >> hi supervisors. i am annie chow. i am a district represent for lee land yee and do constituent services for district 7 and eight. you both
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supported the resolution and thank you gies so much for the double fine zone and i have seen a huge out cry from the community for more need for pedestrian safety in d7 from various neighborhood groups, from residents, from the police departments because there are so many thoroughfares going throughout the district so thank you guys so much for holding the hearing and i appreciate all the work you have been doing. >> yeah. that was one person that supporting this, the extension. next up. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is bill casina and asked to come this afternoon by supervisor yee's office to give you a brief overview of our
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involvement with pedestrian safety years for 20 years with sloat boulevard. i want to thank the supervisors for their focus on pedestrian safety for all of district 7 but specifically for sloat boulevard. our organization is comprised of 1100 homes. sloat boulevard is the northern boundary of our homeowners association and on the east and on the south and west by lake merced boulevard so we comprise a large block of homes. we view sloat boulevard as one of the neighborhood streets for us. there are three major schools right off of sloat. there is a major park. there's a shopping center there so it's a heavy traveled area, not just for people transiting through the area but for people living there. i am currently the president of the organization, and we're very concerned about
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safety. 20 years ago with the help of senator cobb at the time we were able to have caltrans look at the area. the traffic engineer said at the time there is nothing wrong with this. now take a look. slope boulevard is one stretch in san francisco that is a mile long with no stop light or controls of any kind. even brotherhood way has lights now. they didn't before. sloat is a speed way period. and tragedyically a lot of the focus is because of the young lady that was killed a few months ago and it was an unnecessary death and what is going on sloat is unnecessary. caltrans came in in 2011-2012 to repave or restripe sloat boulevard thinking this would calm things down. by their own admission,
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their own statistics show that the traffic pattern has been slowed by 2 miles per hour on average. there is no major change. the police department has increased enforcement out there yet there are still issues going on with slope. we have gone to public works. we have worked with them and kate divine and megan and staff and work with the city to get the grant that the city has for improving public safety. >> there is a two minute limit -- no, however, i am very interested in your comments and i want more clarification of what you're suggesting at this point because -- not only because of the accident. my daughter just -- she's flying back to l.a. today and this morning i talked to her and she was a student there and used to
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take the bus and she said "you know dad i remember taking the bus and having to cross the street and it's bad". >> okay. we're working with the city. as recently as yesterday we sat down with the captain who is here today, his lieutenant johnson and one of the sergeants and other members of the community and representatives from senator yee's office and assemblyman tang's office and your office to talk about improvements that are needed. we laud what is going on with the proposed proves on sloat however we feel that one of the intersections that is left in the dust is that is everglade and slope. the improvements suggested there are bowel bolts and there is a stopping there and traveled heavily and we would like to see something
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morn that. it is our understanding there is a meeting in the mayor's office yesterday that was well represented by caltrans public works. mta and your office and supervisor tang's office to talk about various improvements such as a count down pedestrian and on demand light. we would like to see that considered for everglade and slope. in closing i want to remind you this is a neighborhood street and not just a state highway. that is one of the big issues that we've had. the state has been benignly neglectful of slope and we would like to see the city take a more active role if they can and in fact if the state would relinquish that part to the city as a city street i think pedestrian safety would be markedly improved. thank you for your time gentlemen. >> for your comments. >> good afternoon supervisors.
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i am barbara cansini and work with the homeowners in the location and it's the homeowners fed up with cal trans and their attitude and not having interaction with the neighborhood and spending money that could have been better spent. i have been involved in this for a couple of years. i am trying to figure out where the study is and nobody seems to have it how they decided what they were going to do on that street. i would appreciate it supervisor yee if you could get us that information so we can pass it on to the community. another thing i wanted to bring up this fatality of the young girl. it's not the first on slope boulevard and it's difficult for a family to go through this. my course cousin
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was killed from a driver and died from a traumatic brain injury and the families are not the same after that kind of situation. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> hello. i am sharon star and a 20 year resident and to come to today's meeting to volunteer in the library in the tend loin and if you haven't done that i challenge to you do so. it's seven lanes. two right turn lanes. you cross and wait at a small island and five lanes to get cross monterey. you're competing with the on and
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off traffic for the ramps. it's quite frightening. i had a small child. we stopped doing it and started driving into glen park. for a while when i walked by myself with a young dog i would take the intersection. i stopped. i have an old dog and she cannot make it and there is no center refuge or median and basically a curb and 12 inches across. it feels unsafe. it doesn't have high visibility painting and the count down signal is so small if you're the least visually impaired you could see that across the five lanes of traffic and i can't emphasize enough how unsafe this feels everyday when i take this intersection. i don't know about the statistics. i was actually told by the mta that the main problem there was that the light pole gets knocked down but i respectfully submit that
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i don't think that's the main problem with that intersection. thank you. >> thank you sharon. >> i am kate danfort and live at malta drive and use the crosswalk there and it's very dangerous as you heard from a previous resident. it's one way down. cars don't stop for pedestrians. blind curve coming up. cars don't stop for pedestrians. i was almost hit when a driver stopped for me only to create a chain reaction of screeching tires and honking horns behind him. i witnessed an elderly woman to make nine attempts to cross the crosswalk and cars speeded past and conversations with neighbors confirmed that everyone using the crosswalk has concerns about it. i talked to supervisor's
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yee office and suggested we get data from residents and we circulated a flier to share the personal insurances and here are a. >> >> few of the responses that we got from the telephones and conversations. "it's outrageous how dangerous it is. i have a grandson and i have to wait for a wind citizen to stop." number two "every time i use it i am running for my life and i am." number three "and seems like someone only needs to spend five minutes at the intersection to see why it's so dangerous. number one. a car stopped for me and another
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car came and almost hit me. i am concerned i will trip in the middle of the street and it will be all over. we want to make sure something is done about the crosswalk before someone is killed. >> thank you kate. >> hi my name is i don't sonia [inaudible] and a few of the neighbors are here to talk about the crosswalk which is extremely dangerous. i have two kids, a two and four year old. we have forbidin my nandy or family member to take them on the crosswalk and it's not only dangerous for pedestrians but equally dangerous for the cars and i myself have been witness to four accidents in the past one year and there have been cops involved and some serious
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but no one has been seriously injured luckily and i intervened a couple of times and the cars can't see a crosswalk is coming up. it's a pretty serious issue and i am really here to come here to make that urgent plead to do something about that crosswalk whether it's flags or just warning signs. we had a neighbor talk about cars coming downhill at 40 miles per hour. there is no way knowing there is a pedestrian crosswalk coming up and same with the cars coming up from glen park so again i am here today to talk about the seriousness of it and i can see a big serious accident waiting to happen, and i am hoping something can be done. thank you. >> thank you sonia. >> good morning supervisors. my name is mar chelain and i know
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a sof foreat the high school and i am speaking about the unsafe conditions on the boulevard. we tried to cross the boulevard. no cars stopped for us. i turned to my friend and she said "i don't know the cars won't stop. just run across and hope that we don't get hit i guess." four weeks ago my best friend was hit and dragged by a car and she died the next day. there have been countless situations of accidents on slope boulevard. it's a street with no stop lights and people go over the speed limit. cars do not yield for pedestrians to cross even though there are yield signs. there are major bus routes including the 23 that frequently interrupt traffic. at night the street is not well lit. it is very busy street and a very
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dangerous street, a street that fellow students and children from the elementary school must cross everyday. there are too many chances to hit by cars. unfortunately it is not the only street. here in san francisco traffic can be hectic. watching out for pedestrians trying to cross the street is not the driver's top priority and especially slope boulevard that doesn't cars to fully stop. in support of immediate change i hope that pedestrian safety will be a bigger priority because everyone deserves a safe environment because my friend's death could have been prevented. >> hello. i am iian chung and junior at lowell high school. it was a month ago i learned of my friend. i believe the ultimate solution is a stop
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light right in between somewhere around [inaudible] drive because to back it up i have started a petition a month ago on that has 3500 signatures and i believe it's a great solution because on you can -- in the area there are schools and a day care center. it would greatly slow down the traffic and if you ever drive on slope in the mornings it's hectic and no one ever stops for you. now, i did do research on slope just to watch the pedestrians and i noticed many senior citizens are crossing the street and all the drivers saw the signs it is state law to yield to the pedestrians but not one car, not one car stopped, and i would
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like the city to consider the fact to install a traffic light on slope boulevard because this is something that can be prevented. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is sophia lee and i am a junior at lowell high school and i am speaking about pedestrian safety and my best friend was hit by a car less than a block from his house in the area. i understand that meetings are being held to improve the conditions of this street. students are forced to sprint across the street everyday as they get off the 23 bus. every student who crosses slope is someone's best friend, someone's sister or brother, someone's daughter or son and in general when you have kids or not, whether you have been hit by a car yourself or lost love ones being safe on the streets is
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extremely important. now i'm not an expert on pedestrian safety but i do know putting in blinking lights and speed bumps and students wearing reflectors and being aware and install traffic lights can do no harm whatsoever. i wish he didn't have to die for this to come to the forefront of our discussion and i hope something similar won't have to happen again and finalize the protective pressures that are well over due. i would like to see this before i graduate before it's too late again. we are all responsible for letting this go by unzeroed but only the city officials have the authority to make it happen and make it happen soon. it's simple. we all want to be safe and we have to start somewhere and i say we start on slope. >> thank you. is there any more public comments? come on up.
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>> hi. i am elizabeth stamp and the executive director of walk san francisco. i want to thank supervisor yee and mar for holding this hearing and concern to many residents city wide. as we heard from the department of public health about three people a day are hit by cars in san francisco and as we also heard from the city's traffic engineer at mta residents in district 7 bear a disproportionate burden of the injury. more people are killed by cars in district 7 and there is more speeding and as we heard that is closely related. on slope on 19th boulevard, on
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ocean, on monterey we need to fix our streets to tame speeds, calm traffic and prevent more tragedies like we heard that have happened to the student and the retired teacher that was killed on westportal recently. next friday as it happens is walk to workday and i know you're participating and thank you. my understanding is that the mayor will be releasing a new plan for action on pedestrian safety, and that will target the city's most dangerous streets to cut serious and fatal injurys in half. this is a critical action to take. we call on you as the board of the transportation authority to make sure that this plan is actually funded so it just doesn't sit on the shelf but it gets implemented to start systematically fix the streets
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in many of the ways we heard about today to prevent more tragedies because these tragedys are things that that we can prevent and you can help save lives. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello i am phyllis deets and live in the area for 27 years. my property backs up on sunny side park, little pocket park, that the city has renovated. it's a beautiful park. it's a maget for all of the children in the neighborhood. the parents bring them there. it is also a attractive nuisance to use a legal term because it's such a fine park and all the people come there. the problem is there is no stop sign on forester and mangels and anyone wishing to go to the park are at the mercy of the people speeding to get to the light on monterey
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to get to 280 and all of the people coming there trying to make up for lost time. many times people don't stop and i would hate to see someone killed. i would like applaud the kids from lowell high school and it's difficult for them and that issue is important but i want to put this on the radar screen so you're aware of it. thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning supervisors. i am karen franklin. i live on juice avenue and i have come to add my voice to the concerns about pedestrian safety in district 7. i have two children that cross at monterey. there is a stop sign there, but it is worry worrisome that so many people don't stop and do rolling stops and it's not unusual to think that a lot of these
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problems are happening near schools with kids are being kids and drivers just aren't paying attention, but what i wanted to mention today are a few cost savings solutions to the problem as i see it. any tall foliage in the medians to give a sense of smaller space for the drivers will automatically make them go slower. i mean my concern is if we implement lower speed limits do we have the funds to actually enforce it? so if we don't we need to have other items in place that give the illusion that drivers are in a small area and just naturally need to go slower. i also have been thinking about perhaps putting a yellow -- using what we already have in the traffic signals, but perhaps having a flashing y