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tv   [untitled]    April 21, 2013 7:14pm-7:44pm PDT

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this is a very, very high priority in the neighborhood. i think it would be a very positive thing. the neighborhood has already raised $500,000 to help with the build out. once the acquisition is complete. ~ and i am very, very optimistic that we'll be able to get this done and move forward and have a wonderful plaza at 4 24th street. i look forward to moving this forward and the rest i'll submit. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. my apologies, supervisor mar. supervisor yee. >> it is with heavy hearty would like to adjourn today's meeting in memory of becky lee. becky was tragically killed by a car last week while walking through the sunnyside neighborhood where she lived and worked.
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this is the third vic telemundo -- victim of traffic fatality, so it's very difficult. becky worked at sunny said elementary school where she was treasured by students and staff alike. this is where i over the years while i was visiting sunnyside elementary school that i had been able to get to know becky. so, she's a very nice woman that i could see why the students and the staff loved her. becky leaves behind her husband and two sons and two daughters in law. i would like to extend my heart felt sympathy to becky's family and friends. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor yee. supervisor campos asked to be re-referred. >> thank you very much, madam clerk. i just wanted to add to the comments by supervisor mar with
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respect to carlos ramirez. it is really hard to imagine the mission without carlos around. he truly was a beloved fixture for the arts, for the poetry community in the mission, and, you know, he was a really sweet person. i always enjoyed having conversations with him. he was prone to bursting into song spontaneously and has been translating the poetry of lang aston hughes into song. he will always be remembered for his work as a substitute teacher in our schools where his bright smile, his love of storytelling and, of course, the notorious long white beard earned them the nickname of santa claus. so, carlos ramirez will be missed and our condolances to his family. but thank you, carlos, for your contributions to our community. >> thank you, supervisor
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campos. mr. president, that concludes roll call for introductions. >> thank you, madam clerk. ladies and gentlemen, why don't we now go to general public comment. >> the comment may comment generally for items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including items without reference to committee calendar. please note that public comment is not allowed on those items which have already been subject to public comment by a board committee and pursuant to board rule 4.22, please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors and not to the audience. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. and if you would like a document to be displayed on the overhead projector, please clearly state such to sfgtv and then remove the document when the screen should return to live coverage of the meeting. >> thank you. let's hear from our first speaker.
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[speaking in nayedth i have language] ~ native language] ladies and gentlemen, my name abdullah miguel and i am here to support our president obama
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and apbi and [speaker not understood] to get the criminal who killed that mass yesterday in boston. ladies and gentlemen, i have three matches, [speaker not understood] matches to my supervisor kim. kim, you have another three ladies working with you. you're going to be the leader in this time to show me how you can collect money from 49ers and the giants and [speaker not understood]. to give our lovely people who has been -- died in boston yesterday. second message, i would like to give each one of you, supervisor, you must agree with
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me that if you see the newspaper talk about the people has been killed, chinese, english, [speaker not understood], any language, i'm sorry, now, i ask all of you to have [speaker not understood] which you have, but show me your [speaker not understood] when you support this lovely lady who needs to be equally [speaker not understood] to have discrimination from any lady she work in this city. we can't live without them. they give us hard time, but we can't live without them. then is our time to support them and support kim from now on with london and the other two lovely supervisor to make some money to give the boston victim people who have lost their own child and who lost any one of their own family.
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god bless you, and god bless you, kim. i know you can do that. you have courage to do that. >> thank you very much. next speaker. good afternoon, supervisors. stop the corporate rape of all public library. don't give money to the friends of the library. don't accept money from the friends of the library. most of my presentations are about current problems in the library, but the long history of graft and abuse is of the essence. tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, april 18, will be san francisco disaster day. it is the 107th anniversary of the great earthquake and fire and the 17th anniversary of the public private partnerships of the new main library. for 30 years they intentionally degraded library service in san francisco to ex tort the city [speaker not understood]. there were three separate distinguished city librarians who were let go because they couldn't stomach is. the a civil grand jury found claims to induce the bond issue
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for the new main library constituted fraud. the citizens were told that the old library didn't have enough room for books and we ended up with less space for books than we had before. the new main library was designed to raise money for the friends [speaker not understood] found to be a disfunctional planning disaster. the friends were allowed to continue raising money without a renewal agreement from the city to prevent any public discussion or accountability for that crime. the branch library improvement program was only half finished when it was supposed to be complete to allow the friends more time to raise money for themselves. now the friends have provided to the library only a tiny sliver of the money that they actually raised. they are still protected from accountability. when members of the board of supervisors praise the people who rip us off, you are supporting a civic graph
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stretching kickback over several decades because the objective was the money itself. david chiu having me arrested does not solve societies problems and the lies always cost more than the money. >> thank you. next speaker. i'd like the graphic to remain on until i remove it from the overhead. ray harte [speaker not understood] san francisco open government. again i am discussing a referral from the sunshine ordinance task force to the board of supervisors regarding city library luis herrera. for more than 20 months herrera has withheld public documents in his care and custody, documents which were fully disclosable under the sunshine ordinance and the california public records act. he has directed other city employees to participate in this unlawful action.
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herrera has acted knowingly and willfully to conceal public records which he had a legal obligation to produce. herrera wants to conceal the fact that he and the san francisco public library commission have been lying to the public regarding their knowledge of the financial dealings between the library and the private group known as the friends. at the same time herrera has been accepting monthly payments from the friends which he has failed to report as required by law to any city agency. he has for years presented deceptive information to the public regarding tens of millions of dollars. the best i can figure right now it's somewhere between 50 and 60 million since 2000. and those funds were raised in the name of the citizens of san francisco.
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i have been dealing with mr. herrera and his constant effort to abrogate and censor public comment. he has been found on four occasion to have done so by the sunshine ordinance task force, both the prior task force and your replace task force. and i have no problem at all calling luis herrera city librarian a con artist. >> thank you very much. next speaker. [speaker not understood] executive director of library users association. the library is planning a reduction in fines for so-called media, that is, cds and dvds, from $1 a day to 10 cents a day. and while that particular step is a step in the direction that
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we have advocated for a long time, the library overall has policies that are all over the map and in many cases are contrary to patron -- good patron service and patron interests. library users association has advocated for not only lower fines, but a no-fine policy. not a rip-off policy, but a no fines. fines are a regressive tax on the poorest of san francisco citizens. let me tell you, recently i ran into a san francisco resident and citizen who hasn't been to a library in more than 7 years. and that's because this person lost a borrowed videotape. the bill for the replacement was more than this person could afford to pay and there was no
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payment plan offered, no reduction offered, and no alternative to payment. or some way to work it out, for example, by volunteering to help the library or the public in some way. seven years of no library use because of one lost video. the point of the story is that fines and fees are a huge barrier to library use and the library in part recognizes that by giving kids free fines and seniors half off the usual adult 10 cents a fine. but those barriers should be removed entirely and that's something that you can [inaudible]. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. if you could please speak on the microphone.
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that's on the overhead. thank you. hi, my name is neil dahani. i sit on the board of san francisco beautiful and also the neighborhood association noe valley. i also work with several of the neighborhood associations to propose to the board that we complete the job of undergrounding all the utility overhead lines in this city well before my lifetime, which i don't have very long. so, the next 20 years -- before 20 years are up. as you can see, this is just one block within my neighborhood. on the left it shows 28th street. on the right it is duncan. next to each other, one is underground, one isn't. and we have this throughout the entire city. we would like to see all of the city's overhead lines undergrounded so we can leave a legacy much beyond our lifetimes.
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several major cities have already done this. san diego has already got a task force with the force of law to make this happen. san jose is doing it. london, berlin, pares, all the major cities have done this. so, i'd like to urge the board of supervisors to have a plan to make this happen and happen quickly. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. my name is eugene gordon, jr. redress conditions reflect environment review. dictionary tends to provide dictionary -- dictatorial [speaker not understood]. we the people have addressed so many times.
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[speaker not understood] education, schooling, work is based upon capital currency [speaker not understood]. monopoly capitalist, imperialist, racialist, [speaker not understood], surrounding planet earth sovereign nations with military basins defending its interests. witness 77 6 victory of african-american negro slave owners, declaration of independence, [speaker not understood] amendment of the constitution, fortification of the nation. this is such a timing for heart beat cloaked, environment review with this media entertainment, advertising industry, supernatural in party, opposition, an aura of fascist language, inflections, market speculation, 2013 pitch, who's who, mental health,
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george washington, and thomas jefferson, african negro slave owners, presidents, [speaker not understood] democracy dictatorship. 17 76, 2013, this reading given two minutes. >> thank you very much. before the next speaker, we have a 3:30 special commendation, and i'd like to acknowledge deputy sheriffs. thank you, everyone. i'd like to acknowledge our colleagues supervisors farrell and breed with a special commendation they want to jointly offer. supervisor farrell.
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>> thank you. colleague, supervisor breen and i have the distinct honor of recognizing the basketball team from sacred heart prep. we're switching roles here. i get to honor the ladies basketball team first. girls, why don't you come on up to the microphone here. (applause) >> well, colleagues, it's a great honor for me to recognize this team. to the sacred heart team, it's a little awkward for me as a st. ignatius graduate. i still haven't brought the team in front of me. a freshman football coach
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reminded me when we were playing sacred heart, remember for the rest of the high school, you're not going to like the kids from the peninsula, but you'll be best of friends. i hope you guys continue to have that as well. colleagues, the reason i get the chance to honor the girls basketball team today is because they were not only wcal khan, but the division 3 california champions and state runners up in the basketball season. so, congratulations, girls. (applause) >> a few more parts about them i get to read. they were 25 and 7 overall. they won the doherty valley classic to begin with. you beat si five times this year? oh, boy. [laughter] >> including [speaker not understood]. >> i was trying to get away with one there, i think. they outscored their opponents by 17.7 points per game in the norcal championship and again
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had many titles as a born and raised san franciscan, as a member of this board of supervisors, having a city team accomplish all of those things is a really incredible accomplishment. i really want to congratulate you girls. i want to also in particular congratulate coach russell -- where is coach russell? coach russell is a first year coach this year. so, another huge honor and a huge congratulations to you for what you did with your team the first year. i know what a accomplishment that is to bring all the girls together on a team together like that and all those honors are really well deserved. congratulations. and i want to name each one of you if i'm going to butcher these names i'm sorry, but you all deserved to be named here. so, thank you. kaihla, ashley, giana, [speaker not understood], ayana, angela, kassana, [speaker not understood], and jerias enery
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uke. -- enriquez. and special mention for [speaker not understood] for winning team honors. >> wow. (applause) >> so, again, girls, really an honor to bring you in front of us today. congrats on an incredible season. on behalf of our city government and board of supervisors, we want to let you know how very proud we are. look forward to having an equal season next year, and bouncing the record with my wild cats. [laughter] >> so, congratulations. >> thank you. (applause)
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>> congratulations to sacred heart's women's basketball team. now on to the men. supervisor breed. >> all right, thank you, supervisor farrell. and it's my honor to honor the boys basketball team. so, fellas, come on up. (applause)
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>> i am honor today be here with my -- i'll wait till you guys come on up. come on. you guys are tall, huh? some super stars, all right. i'm supervisor london breed and i'm here today to honor the sacred heart cathedral boys basketball team. i went to gallileo so you don't have anything to worry about. today they are being honored for their hard work and dedication that took them to this year's division 3 state's championship after winning the northern california championship against american canyon high school. you guys can play, huh? the san francisco examiner's coach of the year, mr. darrell barbon, thank you for being here, led them to sacramento where for the second year in a row they competed for the state title in boys basketball.
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these players are great example of what can be accomplished when hard work and teamwork come together in our communities. the only high school in california to send two teams to the state championship is yet another example of sacred heart cathedral's positive i pact on district 5 [speaker not understood] which it has continued to be since its founding in 1952. i grew up just down the street from this school and are you guys still running around the park up the hill, that really, really steep hill, no? coach, you're letting them sleep on the job? [laughter] >> but i'm just really so happy today that you all are here because you are the future. and coming together in a team, you think, well, you know, it's not a big deal. it's what i love to do. but it's really amazing to be able to demonstrate this kind of teamwork which can lead you to some major accomplishments. so, today we're honoring you because of your hard work, your commitment, your dedication,
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and hopefully your good grades because you need good grades to play basketball. but again, i'm just honored to be here with you today and to honor you and congratulate you on your hard work. so, thank you so much. (applause) >> thank you. [multiple voices]
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>> 1, 2, 3. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor breed. give it up for sacred heart. thank you so much. (applause) >> and with that, why don't we go back to general public comment. let's hear from our next speaker, please. good afternoon, president chiu and supervisors. for history it's too bad not boston. but here's four-time winner of the boston marathon, last to win [speaker not understood] a couple years ago. bill rogers for a time, four-time new york marathon winner. the sheriff wrote a book. the sheriff wrote a book, isn't
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that great? sheriff taylor from mayberry rfd, andy griffith's book, andy taylor from mayberry. one of his many books. too bad he died. i'm sorry to hear that. also who died, annette funachello. in 1998. i met her in a supermarket in stones town. it's no longer there. ♪ hey there city georgy girl swinging down the street for equal pay and city hall will hear you today you're always window shopping and never stopping to buy and you're gonna get equal pay and that you're going to try to get it for you
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city georgy girl you're living all the things that you can be and we're gonna have equal pay we're gonna be free wake up city hall you're gonna have it all city hall equal pay for all thanks. >> thank you. next speaker. thank you. i hate to bring it back to the [speaker not understood] portion, but i do want to dedicate these couple minutes to my brother carlos [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood]. i mean at s.f. state 40 years ago or more. my mother is a librarian. my daughter is a librarian. i'm standing here in between
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the poet [speaker not understood]. as long as i have my library card. but i'm here to talk about [speaker not understood]. one more time around the sun. here i am 18 yards down the line. about 8-1/2 years ago i was up by alamo park. [speaker not understood]. wow, what a great place in the open lake, the mother of all open lakes right there under that newly golden crusted dome on city hall. i ran down, i ran into then -- representing north beach, [speaker not understood]. i said, aaron, i've got an idea. i