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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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>> gvl
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(gavel)>> president chiu: good afternoon welcome to the board of supervisors board meeting. take the roll. >> supervisor campos: present >> president chiu: present >> supervisor cohen: present
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>> supervisor kim: present m1 >> supervisor mar:present >> could you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. we pledge allegiance to the flag pl3 of the united states of america, pl4 and to the republicpl5 for which it stands. indivisible,pl6 one nation, under god,pl7 with liberty and justicepl8 for all. >> president chiu: collies we have our march 19th, 2013 board minutes. could we have a motion to approve. second by farrell. minutes approved. madam clerk clerk you have any communications?
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>> no communications. >> the mayor may address the board for five minutes. follow-up questions are in order as long as the entire discussion does not exceed five minutes per supervisor. >> president chiu: thank you madam clerk, we want to welcome back mr. mayor back to the board chamber. >> mayor lee: good afternoon supervisors and members of the public. i would like to begin my remarks by mentioning of course the tragic and unspeakable events that occurred in boston last week. our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those who were lost and those who have been injured. events like this are devastating and painful as all of us know. it shows us what the cities all about. i could not help but be struck by the people of boston. the first responders and the city's leadership.
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boston is truly resilient and a model and inspiration to all of us, and to our nation. as a city that hosts many large events and gatherings i want to assure our resident that we take public safety very seriously at all of our events, whether our own marathon, or greater rates like the pride parade coming up for the summer's america's cup. or the neighborhood street fair. comprehensive and robust security plans are in place and we are constantly reviewing them especially when events like last week's unfold. i want to repeat our police chief construction last week that if we see something we need to say something. we need to keep our city that much safer when we work in partnership with our residents. at all selected take this opportunity to acknowledge that we have begun our annual budget process. thank your supervisor farrell for your work;
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i know that we have a lot of work ahead of us, i also want to thank supervisors mar and tank, and cohen and avalos for cohosting our recent town hall meetings. it is an important part of this process. i am looking forward to working collaboratively with all of you to develop a thoughtful and sponsor budget this year. and finally i want to take this opportunity to cheer on the golden state warriors are as they face the denver nuggets, game 2 playoffs. without let's go on to the questions that we have today. >> president chiu: go warriors. supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: thank you for your hard work and for routing for our sports team as well. as a longtime immigrant activist myself,
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this is a question for the language equality according to census, 40% of seven siskins are foreign-born and city residents speak more than 28 different language is. our city land which access ordinance has been in effect since 2009 after many immunity organizations . advocated for it the ordinance make sure that various needs of the diverse language population are served yet i and others are aware from feedback that our city departments still struggle to meet the san francisco's diverse needs. i particularly concern of the first responders and tier 1 the pardons of whether they are in compliance. i would like to know what your offices doing
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that the requirements of the language ordinance are fully met in the spirit of language equality in our city. >> mayor lee: thank you supervisor you and i agree on the importance of making sure that all of our communications is a city especially those of the first respondents meet the language each of our communities. the language axis ordinance is one of the strongest ordinance is in the nation. 43% residents speak a language other than english at home. that is why in 2009 as i served as city administrator the office of civic engagement and immigrant rights was established to assist economic vulnerable immigrant and english speaking residents and ensure compliance with a language access ordinance. san francisco
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is one of the first cities in the nation to link line which access to city engagement, immigration integration and meaningful participation. ,in order to take part in the census , operate with police and fire testify at board and commission hearings we must be inclusive and ensure that our residents with little or knowing this can participate in their city government and interact with any city agency. yes, there are still challenges and i agree that some department struggle to meet language needs of our city's diverse needs. we have made it difficult progress over the past three and half years and i want to leverage those achievements. first the community ambassadors programs which launched to provide residence in our streets from assistance with bilingual ambassadors who speak eight differently languages. the land which services department
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provides translation services and make sure that the public regardless of what language they speak a meaningfully participate. we also provide ongoing training and resource resources. and we have trained all city departments, language liaisons and provided community grants to service providers and partner closely with the language access network and other community-based organizations. we are also developing a community interpreter certification training program that we hope to launch later this year. this will provide opportunities for job skills development and help meet the needs of businesses, schools and the community in our city. finally i think that we should recognize some of the major departments, the department of emergency management, san francisco public utilities
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commission, the police department and the dept. of pub. health to name a few and many others who have significantly increase their efforts to better reach our diverse residence by printing translation notices and announcements, conducting outreach and education and supporting community-based events. , we are working hard to make sure we meet and exceed the requirements of the line which axis ordinance and i want to thank you for your question supervisor. >> president chiu: esther mayor i will provide the next question. my office is recently implemented san francisco first pilot program in participatory budget, it is a direct democratic process in which residents decide how to spend a portion of the public budget which leads to better and fairer decision to make government more accountable and builds community in our neighborhoods and increase public confidence in how our city works. with the partnership of comptrollers office and community groups my office
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, successfully manage the process to collect ideas from residents went to implement projects and a week of voting locations around my district. this year my hope is that we can expand the participatory pilot project beyond the modest 100,000 dollar, which represent less than 1/70,000th of our budget. would you join me in making seven cisco participatory budget leader in the united states. >> mayor lee: thank you for ensuring that people have an opportunity to participate in the budget process. since day one my office is work collaboratively with all the supervisors to promote and facilitate greater involvement in our budget. we can be more than 25 public townhall meetings. we conduct online engagement efforts for the public and employees and met with countless stakeholders and advocates in san francisco in the public process.
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as i indicated with supervisors avalos, cohen and tank, we participated in committee meetings, to share priorities ideas and concerns with department heads, . supervisors and with my last year the city budget a supervisor was allocated 100,000 dollars for district-based project a total of 1.1 million. i am very interested in hearing from all of you about the impact that those funds in the process that your authors used to determine your priorities. i know that you in particular supervisor chiu took an innovative approach to ensure that those funds are spent in a way that your district residents desire. i also know that each of the other supervisors started to indicate to me that they also enjoyed this process and want to improve on it as well. i think that both your willingness to try something new as well as your keen attention to collecting enacting on community feedback is admirable.
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i also understand from you that experience was productive and effective. you work together with the district goal from 50 essential projects to 8 actionable projects. these are project with community support, prove to be feasible and were most needed. your approach shows the possibility of harnessing committee input to design and implement budget priorities and i look forward to hearing more from the participatory budgeting process in the district and from each other district and i'm always interested in you and innovative ways to ensure the government is more effective and to engage more of our community members in decisions that affect our lives. thank you. >> president chiu: final question will be provided by supervisor avalos, district 12. >> supervisor avalos: there is a small part around randolph, lobos, --
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that has experienced a high level of gun violence and homicide mostly affecting african-american young adult males. we have actually had a large committee response to try to get the city to be more involved with the neighborhood. last november we had a town hall meeting attended by various departments, police department, public health, jpd most of the departments that have responsibility with their and it was a successful, meeting a lot of residents were there and the department said they wanted to step up efforts in the neighborhood and we were working with -- in your office to make that happen. recently there was another shooting that happened , at the rec center in the playground and we met about that you and i and we talked about creating a plan specific to the neighborhood specific to serving the african-american community and focused on jobs . and helping the neighborhood i know that you had committed to help with that and i want to hear a status on where we are
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at. >> mayor lee: thank you supervisor for your important question and the focus on safety. united meet in late february to talk about the root causes and plan for prevention strategies in the neighborhood, in this particular neighborhood. the date is striking. in 2012 there were 10 homicides, compared to 2 homicides in 2011. if the city we are working hard to ensure that appropriate services and resources are provided to this neighborhood. we are making great efforts provide better alternatives for youth and young adults we do this by offering case management services and targeted job opportunities. dept. of children and youth and families provides funding forbes alterable agencies in the 9411 zip code. 13 percent reside in the --
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the dept. of children youth and families recently issued a request for proposals and services for 2013 through 2016. as part of this process, dcyf is committed to funding agencies that serve youth and young adults, and encouraging groups like united players to provide management services to high risk and high at risk youth. the department of public works will increase its outreach to recruit youth to apply for the summer youth program. and as you know -- is committed to working in partnership with the mayors office in your office and violence prevention agencies to ensure that opportunities have the greatest impact possible. the recreation and parks dept. will be offering summer employment opportunities directly to at least 8 youth and young adults.
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in addition waiver shall be offered to families in need of financial support. we also have a strong emphasis on wraparound case management and resources for those who need an elevated level of service. the juvenile probation the partners collaborating with the superior court of california, ,the public defenders office in the center for juvenile criminal justice to provide comprehensive reentry case planning and aftercare services for youth returning to the community from out of home placement. the services will continue to be available for juveniles residing his district 11. jdp and community-based agencies will also host camp david in the third year, august. will also open the community assessment service center which offers wraparound services to adult probation clients and the
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-- will also open the summer of this year. these examples show the progress that we've made in focusing and directing resources to the -- neighborhood and i will be presenting with a final violence prevention plan in the next few weeks. thanks supervisor. >> president chiu: that concludes our formal policy discussions for today. thank you mr. mayor. with that madam clerk, why don't we go to the consent agenda, items 2-9 a routine, if the member object items may be removed and considered separately. >> president chiu: on the consent agenda -- >> supervisor breed, aye >> supervisor campos:aye >> president chiu:aye
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>> supervisor cohen:aye >> supervisor farrell:aye >> supervisor kim:aye >> supervisor mar:aye >> tang, aye >> supervisor wiener:aye >> supervisor yee:aye >> supervisor avalos:aye >> there are 11 ayes. >> president chiu: the resolutions adopted next.item >> can we do this item same call. this item is passed. >> -- to revise registration fees for inspecting agricultural projects. >> president chiu: this ordinance is passed on the first read. next item. >> revise registration fees for inspecting
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and testing weighing and measuring devices provided by state law in making environmental findings. >> same house same call. this is passed on the first read. >> -- establishing the funds for the department of public health, for violation of solid waste laws. >> president chiu: same house and call. >> item 14 is a resolution designating those agencies qualify to be dissipated and those agencies anticipating in the funding drive for officers and employees in the county of san francisco. >> president chiu: same house and call. >> item 15, guidelines for the establishment and use of the finance industry for project area and lands. >> president chiu: same house and call.
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>> item 16 is a resolution approving a contract amendment for a transit center road and services to increase and not exceed an amount of approximately 3.3 million to 5.4 million. >> president chiu: supervisor kim, that you want to speak to this item? no. same house and call this resolution is adopted. >> item 17 is a resolution urging city colleges -- >> president chiu: supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: my staff are currently working on a number of amendments suggestions made by my colleague so i asked
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for more time to present these, they are being printed right now. >> president chiu: if we could do for this later on on the agenda let's go to item 18. >> a resolution urging the retirement board of the employees retirement system to divest from public traded fossil fuel companies. >> president chiu: supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos: i forgot to press the button. i want to thank my cosponsors, supervisor mar and supervisor breed, and thank supervisor farrell for allowing the resolution to go from the committed to full board of supervisors. when it comes to climate change it is easy to get lost in the minutia of silence. the consensus is that
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if global warming exceeded two degrees celsius it would have catastrophic consequences. people and nation have agreed not to go over that amount, of temperature increase, we have already raised the temperature by .8 degrees celsius which has caused more damage than scientists expected . the arctic sea ice decline by a third, acidity of the oceans is increased by 30 percent, 2012 was the hottest year in recorded history. hurricane sandy brought attention to how warming is causing more severe storms. we can burn no more than 565 gigatons of carbon dioxide. fossil fuel corporations currently have approximately 2800 gigatons in their reserves. we have to keep them in the ground. we are currently using about 31
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gigatons of carbon a year and at our current pace we will burn through our 565 limit in 16 years. that esting from fossil fuel is not only the moral thing to do, is fiscally responsible. will be restricted from extracting and burning the reserves and the stock rises will plummet. last week the guardian in uk post this story about growing evidence of the the tensile carbon double caused by overvaluation of fossil fuel companies ; and the risk of climate change in future carbon regulations. in addition to thesbc h beck report cited in our resolution the garden article document similar warnings from citibank , standard & poor's, and the bank of england. also last week cal personnel earned an a grade