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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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and the many richmond district residents and people throughout the city who have supported this. >> president chiu: supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: as a public service announcement i want to bring attention that i am the board appointee to the san francisco retirement board. i will continue to carry your wishes on this board but i wanted to manage the expectations that this is a nonbinding resolution; a statement of this body asking and urging the retirement board, of which there are six other members to take this under consideration and also want to know is that there is a very thoughtful, but fairly long and drawnout process, the divestment process to begin this process. and i will be making an appointment to talk with each of you to talk about the divestment process
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and to make myself available to you and answer questions that you may have on how we can begin to move this particular policy . agenda forward as you know there are other discussions that we are doing with, , not only talking about divestment from fossil fuels but also talking about -- it escapes me -- thank you, gun control. manufacturing gun control. and the predatory lending institutions of san francisco that have been identified as predatory lenders. i want to make sure that we are on the same page on that. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. supervisor tank. >> this would be the largest investment effort of the sentences for retirement system that it will be taken to date.
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583 million in public holdings; that means we will have to go imprudently reinvest all of the securities which it does come with risk. while it does make me uneasy i do realize that the retirement board does have our fiduciary responsibility in that language has been amended to the resolution, that they would be looking out for the retirees' funds and interest. without i'm comfortable supporting this resolution. >> president chiu: supervisor farrell. >> supervisor farrell: thank you supervisor avalos and president chiu, i made amendments. a primary concern is the investment returns coming out of the retirement system specifically given that we depend so much on our city budget as employer but also as employees of the city and county of san francisco.
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those 7.5% annualized returns come to fruition. i realize that my amendments were duplicated so i will make a motion to remove referrer the result loss, line 23 and page 3, and ending on lne 22 page 4. colleagues i have that notion. >> president chiu: second by supervisor avalos. supervisor avalos. motion to amend? >> supervisor avalos: i want to thank supervisor farrell for his flexibility.i thought he was helpful to get together on the same page. >> president chiu: can we take without objection? supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee:
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. i want to make sure thank you authors of this resolution is important for us as an entity, the citizen from cisco to make a statement about the climate issues. and i think this is a good statement. in addition, after very comfortable with the way this is written. it was thoughtful. thank you very much. >> president chiu: supervisor campos. >> supervisor campos: i want to echo my colleagues and thank supervisor avalos; i'm confident that with our representative on the retirement board the body will be able to make sure that there is prudent and responsible investment of these assets going forward. i want to note that,
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i am supporting this resolution. one of the things is that we will be divesting from companies like shell oil the same company that we have a contract to provide 100 percent renewable energy for san francisco residents' energy needs. this is consistent with the goal of clean power itself ,. is with environmental challenges that we have divestment of these assets is really about using the power of money in this case, half 1 billion dollars of public investmentto change corporate behavior and while it is the case right now we have to enter into this contract with shell oil, the idea behind clean power itself is to make sure that we become independent when it comes to our energy needs.
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that is the goal. that is the objective. it would be ironic for us to continue to invest. throughout our retirement system in fossil fuels, when we are trying to address environmental challenges that we face. i am proud to support this initiative as i continue to support clean power itself and thank supervisor avalos for his leadership. >> supervisor cohen: two things i want to offer, first i think there is a quick typo on first page, second line. freudian slip? we will work to get the cleanup. >> president chiu: supervisor
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avalos has offered an amendment. gvl (gavel)>> supervisor cohen: the other thing is is that i also want to acknowledge that we have a tremendous staff. he himself is making himself available , to anyone who has questions about the resolution the process of the investment; i want to stress to you that this is definitely a process that can take somewhere approximately six months, it took us that long to divest from south africa. i wonder manages partitions. thank you. >> president chiu: supervisor kim
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>> supervisor kim: i want to thank the sponsors for bringing this to the board. i have since read a lot of the data and a lot of the supporting documents as to why it may be fairly limited. in terms of its impact. i am happy to support this today. i think it is really important, more than just making a statement, that would make a statement with our dollars. in many ways that is the more in portland way to show what our political principles are. i am not saying that we don't support these companies, the ones that manufacture guns or increase fossil fuel into the environment. i'm happy to support this today but i do think there was a lot of thoughtfulness that went on to this. this of course was the resolution and look forward to hearing from the retirement fund to see how we can divest
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over the next five years hopefully of course if it takes longer i think that is reasonable. but i think that it is a good goal for us to have and it is important statement for the city of san francisco to make. >> president chiu: supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos: i want to thank for their great work on this, a lot of the effort in doing research came from their work and perhaps the word ordinance came from that too. i want to thank my legislative aide jeremy pollock as well appreciate his work. thank you colleagues for your support. >> president chiu: i want to add also my thanks to the sponsor of this legislation and with that colleagues do we need a roll call, or can we take this same house and call. this resolution is passed.
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thank you to all the activists here. why do we go to our 2:30 special commendations. we have a couple today. i want to first recognize our district 11 collect supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos: thank you. i would like to call up beth rubenstein who is here. it is really -- i haven't done a lot of accommodations with the board, two of the past in a couple of weeks. beth rubenstein is executive director or outgoing executive director of out of sight youth arts program, a great program.
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the been around for 10 years. she is one of the cofounders of the organization. she comes with an architect and youth development background and has put her heart and soul into the work of this organization.. and people and see them is really active, change agents in the neighborhood that actually do work and understand better what the neighborhoods are like and what the assets are and how to apply the skills into arts programming or community programming truly make a difference in the neighborhood and out of sight youth art has been like that -- district 11 residents see out of sight is a real resource.
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your work has made a huge difference in our neighborhoods, and it has been exceptional and i appreciate all of that effort. and you know we have also had a great working relationship with my staff and you, and you done a lot of german to work as well and helping community organizations come together the excelsior, oh my, incredible difference, and what the involvement of the city is in the neighborhoods. that is something i have been trying to work for for many years and get people working together. your work has been instrumental in that and i want to say thank you, and offer a commendation. i wish you all the best in your future endeavors, not retirement because you would do all of these great things come forward. i want to say thank you so much. apl (applause)thank you so much
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supervisor avalos. i'm not sure what my next that in my journey is but i feel i can would definitely be working in excelsior oh my, and the city of san francisco; my background is educator and architect. i believe in the potential of everyone. i work hard with our youth and adults that we work with and the staff and faculty, the best just to live up to their own potential. for us at out of sight, working to figure out what they care about and how to articulate it. the pieces, myself as an architect, i believe in community.
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out of sight is about building communities. i feel really honored to be working with all of you. thank you so much. apl (applause)>> supervisor avalos: i thought i knew so much about my district when i became a supervisor and then i found you, wow, you just changed everything. thank you. >> couldn't have done the work without you. apl (applause)>> president chiu:
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thank you supervisor avalos. i have the honor of making the next presentation. i often don't make proclamations either this individual has been at the center of our city's history in the city's chinese-american history. i would like to invite laura li to come up to the podium. for those of you who have not heard, she has been embedded in the history of our city and particular the city of the struggles of the chinese-american community. she came to seven cisco 1949 as a young immigrant;
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she graduated from galileo high school. she joined the chinese-american democratic youth league, at progressive organization within the chinese american community. i know it is hard for us to appreciate this today but at that time, chinese-american organizations were subjected to surveillance and harassment of the federal government, by the fbi as well elements of the chinese american community. laura has been and was a heroine in furthering these causes in the fight. ever since those days she has continued to engage in progressive causes and community service. she has been involved in significant groundbreaking research into chinese-american history. as an aside, she supported her late husband mark li, after whom the chinatown branch library is named. laura's name also adorns the heart of research and learning.
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i wonder -- i want to thank laura for generously donating time money and materials, to the chinese historical society, seven cisco public library, and so many other organizations. i happen to hold in my hands a chapter of an anthology called chinese-american history and perspective called born lucky. we are lucky to have benefit from your civil rights advocacy documentation of chinese-american history for serving as an advisor to the friends of roots program, program every year that sends another generation of future chinese-american leaders to find your roots.
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the saturday laura is going to be honored this incredible network of chinese-american leaders on the occasion of the gala. and because of that i want to present a proclamation that hopefully we will adopt later his program today to declare april 27th, 2013, as laura li day in san francisco. on behalf of the constituents that ever-present in chinatown, you have been an amazing blessing and thank you for everything that you have done. apl (applause)>> i feel lucky to have you in the city. i want to thank you for supporting richmond
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district residents and for supporting so many community-based organizations from caa to the chinese progressive, organization inspiring young people in our communities. i also want to acknowledge that on saturday, i know a number of us will be there to cheer on laura li day, but thank you so much for your great contributions to our city. >> thank you, thank you. my english education is very limited so i don't know how to make a speech. i want to thank you everybody, and thank you for laura li on april 27th. thank you, thank you. >> president chiu: thank you laura. i would like to acknowledge a judge from across the east bay,
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and after him, al chang -- >> thank you mr. president. my name is steve oyang (sounds like), i'm here as a volunteer advisor two friends of roots. as you have mentioned we run a one-year program for young adult chinese-americans. we taken back to china and research their genealogy, and put it into the greater flow of chinese and chinese-american history. i had the pleasure last year to go back to china twice, once with the group of 20 somethings in the heat of july, and then in october, the roots program, when it is not quite as hot and humid.
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it's been a very rewarding endeavor for me. allowing to combined my interest in history , and my interest within people a lot more fun than being a lawyer. thank you for honoring laura li, she has been deeply involved in the community since her days in galileo high school. she was involved in progressive causes which was a risk at that time; the community was split over politics and mainland china, it was the mccarthy era, there was fbi surveillance and suspicion raised in those days and through it all laura and her colleagues were steadfast in maintaining their activities and progressive movement. but me say that i do conduct the roots program on chinese history geography and the
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community. we try to allow them to understand the greater history of china and the us. is very complicated -- sometimes difficult relationship. we also try to teach about the chinese-american community. our hope is that this better understanding will encourage roots of disciplines to stay involved in the community. laura's lifelong work serves as a model for our participants; she supports scholarship and preservation of chinese-american history. she connects immigrants with the american-born generation, and she has been involved in many, many organizations. for me also say that our program is not limited to so-called pure chinese. there is no such thing as a pure chinese person. we are proud to say that we have many mixed race kids; african-american chinese, gay chinese, straight chinese,
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and close to my heart, chino latino community, a program focused on roots in asia but reaches many corners of our community. we want to encourage committee service along the lines of what laura has provided an approximate or to you that our program members, many of whom are here today are involved in the community as teachers, social workers, school counselors entrepreneurs, involved in politics, medicine, the law, the arts and many other endeavors. thank you again for honoring laura li today. apl (applause)>> president chiu: thank you stephen. anything you want to say? >> honorable president david chiu, distinguished members of the board of supervisors. good to see so many familiar faces here; it's been decades since i appeared before a public body
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such as this i am a little rusty. i just came back from china a few days ago; while i was there i found out our mayor was there actually. he was just visiting his father's ancestral village. we believe, when you know yourself, we know your roots you build your character. and building character is the foundation of creating strong communities; and strong communities is what gives us a strong country. the greatest gift that we give to our children are wings and roots; wings to soar to the skies and roots to return to. we do this work not just for chinese americans but if americans of all races. we are so blessed that laura is in our lives, sharing her husband the late historian mark li,
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we are also guided by the chinese principle of when drinking water remember the source. always remember where we come from, important in america where we come from many parts of the world. lastly i would like to quote chairman mao. he said that women hold up half the sky. laura, you hold up more than half the sky for us. thank you for recognizing laura. good luck to each and every one of you. it's a tough work that you do. thank you. apl (applause)>> president chiu: one of the college that would like to say a few words. i would like to acknowledge supervisor norman yee. >> supervisor yee: generally i don't want to butt into people's resolutions but laura is a special i had to say something. the dictates of contributions
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that she has made to our community is second to none. i know that most of the leaders in our chinese-american community consider her a giant. i want to say that and thank you very much for recognizing her. apl (applause)>> president chiu:
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and i had to do some of the interns here today, laura's children. she has hundreds of them, back there. thank you very much. apl (applause) >> thank you. good to see all of you here and thank you for those who remember that when we drink water, remember the source. without the presentations for the afternoon are completed. i understand that we have to go back to item 15, already called. supervisor kim? >> supervisor kim: i like to take a motion to rescind the vote so we can rehear the item. my apologies to not keep up my apologies to not keep up with the 130285 [public works code - waiver of temporary street
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agenda. >> this allows is the establishment of project areas within the isd. after conversations with members, , our district and others we want to make one amendment to the resolution. i handed out copies to all members of the board. it is just a whereas clause and i will be to the record: whereas the city policy for the use of city infrastructure is unique to the portal seven cisco and does not establish a precedent for the use of infrastructure elsewhere in the city and county because this
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concern cannot because isd plans are going on in other parts of the city. we did make some amendments to the actual guidelines. that does not have to be voted by the board but i thought it would be good to acknowledge . what some of those changes were for several unwanted numbers the amendments made per hour budget and save analyst at budget committee which acknowledge that we will also look of the next fiscal impact of the proposed project areas on the city's general fund so not just looking at the economic benefit it also looking at the actual impact to the general fund. we are also making three other amendments to the guidelines. one restates the board of supervisors will review project specific and infrastructure fi